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Monday, October 26, 2009
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- On the yacht, Omar is reading. Carly emerges and lets him know the patient is sleeping. She must leave and make contact with Bo.
He agrees to get her back to the pier, but what is the matter? Carly
is a tad preoccupied with the fact that Bo has moved on with his life and is now the police commissioner. Omar thinks the last thing she needs is someone so high ranking in law enforcement. She, however, is sure Bo would not have let his position go to his head. She also
has an old friend who can help her make contact and glances at a newspaper article with the name Justin Kiriakis. She covers her head with a dark scarf. Omar offers to take her anywhere in the world, where no one knows her. Her husband had many men in his employ. Carly thinks she should not hide, then admits who knows how long her life will be if she does not!
- Jus helps Hope carry out more bags and boxes. Enter Bo. Hope
had assumed he was at work. Bo grimaces. "Obviously." He forces
a “Good to see you” to Justin. The commiss makes a snide remark about taking sides. Hope asks Justin to give them a minute. He does. Hope insists he is just helping with her move. She informs him Doug and Julie are taking a cruise and she would rather not be there alone soooo ... Bo would rather she stay home. He does not understand why she is tearing Ciara's family apart and he will not allow her to
do it! She warns him not to give her orders. Justin comes back and walks out with a few big boxes. Bo laments Hope did not ask for his help in moving. He feels cornered, as she has taken away what he cares about and gets mad when he does not act the way she feels
he should. He turns away and wonders where she is going. "Victor invited us to stay with him for a while." Bo now turns back around. "Please tell me you're joking!" She is not. Perhaps Ciara will like it and his father does dote on her. Bo gets exasperated. "My father is
a career criminal!"  He goes on to make a snide remark about Justin, who appears in the doorway, then walks out again. Bo implores her not to move into Victor's place. They can start fresh with a brand new house. She says that she loves the house. Bo complains there is nothing he can do. Hope asks him to give it time. He already did and he was all alone! Hope accuses him of just wanting to be right and points out their house safety was compromised because of  how he handled the kidnappers. Exit Hope. Once she gets to the Kiriakis mansion with Justin, she wonders if she is making a mistake.
- At Java Cafe, Sami remembers giving Nicole the big money. She had to do it and it will kill EJ. She alludes to the fact he deserves it. Elvis saunters by and wonders what poor sap she is thinking aloud about now. And where is bff Nicole? Sami replies she is busy today. She shakes everything out of her purse and EJ notes she is strapped for cash. He would like to treat her. Sami finds a few dollars and
says they do not have to pretend they are happy to see each other. He is happy to see her, as he wishes to discuss Johnny. They sit together and he asks her to think carefully before aligning herself
with Nicole, given they do share Johnny, Furthermore, he has lost two daughtas and does not want his son to watch his parents tear each other apart. Johnny should bear witness to two parents who have respect for one another. Sami thinks he has his nerve. Why, Sydney is his daughter in every way. He threw her away! She now exclaims she is thinking of him when she speaks these things. He hurts himself even more than  he hurts other so how can he be so stupid! Why do he, Sydney and Nicole have to hurt? Nicole loved him and now she is gone! Elvis blinks. What does she mean? Sami checks the time, to make certain it is too late for him to stop her
He frowns. What is she talking about? She accuses him of not seeing things from the perspective of others. Nicole did not wish to go thru the miscarriage alone, though she was afraid he would kick her out
if he learned of it. Ironic that he did! She now drops a bomb. Nicole has fled the country with Syd, to protect their daughter. Elvis says she could not have left the country, for she has no money. He now deduces Sami played Thelma to her Louise and gave her all of her money. Sami is sure it was the right thing to do, as that teenager
who wants to raise Syd could not even be trusted to raise a dog!
EJ scoffs Nicole could never pull it off. She will end up in handcuffs. Sami berates him for not caring what would happen to Syd in such a scenario, and calls him a lonely, pigheaded man. His answer is that Nicole is no innocent victim. Sami says Nicole still loves him and if not for Chad, she would have stayed. He could have been happy if he had a different last name. She thanks him for the coffee and stands up. Elvis states she is wrong and sighs once she has departed.
- On the plane, Nicole tells Stefano it is too late. He warns she will regret disobeying his order to return. Nicole smirks she is finally out of his jurisdiction! He matter-of-factly points out she is NEVER out of his jurisdiction. The flight attendant's voice is heard stating the length of the flight and the phoenix chuckles. "Rio.How predictable!" Nicole claims that is not her final destination and abruptly ends the call. Stefano now places a call of his own, laughing while he dials
that it is a pity she will never make it to Rio. Still on board, Nicole happily tells Syd they will go to the beach in Rio. All of a sudden,
an announcement comes on that the plane is returning to the gate to drop off a passenger. Stefano calls Nicole again and gloats if she needs help with her luggage, someone at the gate is DYING to help her! Nicole's face falls.
- Ari and Brady bask in the afterglow. She is all smiles now. He teases this keeping a secret thing has adventure to it, then perceives her seriousness. She would rather just think about him and they start kissing again. Afterwards, they giggle. She wishes she could block
out the whole world. Brady replies that is fine. She laments life is not simple, except when they are together. She likes that he is not angry or judgmental. He jokes he is different at a Cubs game,then becomes serious. He wishes she could be happy all the time. What they have
is great and he hopes that soon there will be no secret between them. She looks wistful, then they kiss again. He soon expresses his belief that she should share her secret. Her phone rings and she says she must take the call. She pauses to think of the risk involved in telling Brady the truth. An image of being arrested flashes before her eyes. Then it is back to reality. Brady suggests she turn the phone off and assures her everything will be alright. She does not think so, but  decides to take his advice and stick to nonverbal communication. They do just that. Brady later senses she almost told him her secret tonight. One day she will realize how she can trust him.
- Nicole marches into the hospital room of the triumphant phoenix and slams the door. She wishes he were dead! He wants to know where Sydney is. In the daycare. How did he do it? He makes a
joke about air miles and smiles his precious granddaughter is back. He accuses Nicole of letting EJ kick her out. She snaps EJ is too DiMera. The phoenix intends to deal with that, as Sydney is his daughter! Nicole fears Sami will get the baby and points out she
did what she did to let him have his child, who Sami wanted to keep from him. Stefano does not want to discuss what might happen to Nicole. His stress level is supposed to be kept down. All he wanted was to have Sydney back. "You are insignificant. All that matters is the baby!" Why did she get on the plane anyway? She updates him on Chad suing. He quips he is not the father of that child and if EJ finds out he is the bio father ... Nicole worries how it would affect her. The phoenix interupts. He already told her she does not matter period! Nicole looks miffed and gets rude. If he tells EJ what he knows, she will tell what she knows and his reaction towards his fatha will give him a major heart attack! Enter concerned Dr. Lexie, who demands to know what is going on. Nicole exclaims she has been pushed too far! Outside Stefano's room, Lexie suggests Nicole leave. Maybe she needs some rest. Nicole quietly vows she will not rest and neither will he! Moments later, Stefano is not surprised to see her back in his room, She is like the brave men at the Alamo. "Dead but brave." Nicole points out she has nothing to lose and
could therefore be dangerous. Imagine how mad EJ would be if he knew Stefano was involved the whole time! If he finds out Syd is
his child, Stefano will lose EJ and Syd and then Sami will not let him near Giovanni. Nicole swears on her daughter's life that unless he helps her, he will die a miserable, lonely old man ... The phoenix purses his lips in thought. He then patiently explains that those who threaten him regret it. She disagrees as she has ammo - his family. She comes attached to Sydney and adds if he tries to ignore that
fact, she will tell EJ he knew about the baby switch all along, so he will lose his whole family! Elvis now opens the door, his face stony.
- Back at home, Sami flips thru a magazine and hopes her friend is doing well. She cannot believe she misses Nicole!
- Carly walks on the pier and recalls meeting young Bo years ago. If only she could call him but that would be too direct! Thus, it is up to Justin to arrange their contact. She makes for the Kiriakis mansion, pausing in front of one of her least favorite places, to remember how she ended things with Victor years back. She silently braces herself and knocks. Henderson walks to the door with his phone, explaining to the caller that Justin is not at home. Carly overhears and does not bother to wait for him to open the door. "Bo, here I come!" On the way, she stops at the cemetery and flashes back to being buried
alive! She shudders and continues on her way.
- Chez Bo, it is very dark. Carly breaks the glass above the door
and soon enters. Bo observes. He tackles the hooded figure, police style, and growls the intruder has made a big mistake. Carly catches her breath as Commissioner Bo yanks her hair, her hands behind
her back. "Sorry to drop in on you like this!" she says as casually as she can muster.

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"Bo just wants this whole thing to be over with, but it's not,
it's far from over," Hope tells Justin.
Carly faces Bo. "I came here because my life is in danger!"
"Are you gonna tell him or am I?" Stefano asks nervous Nicole, as
EJ solemnly watches.
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