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Friday, October 2, 2009
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- At the Cheatin Heart, Nicole and Brady meet. She admits her
talk with EJ did not go well, and he may have learned something. She assumes he does not know the truth, however, and brings up their agreement. What will he say when EJ confronts him? Brady will say he was high on coke when he called and addressed what
he thought to be Nicole about his secret being out. Nicole is sure things will then be fine and back to normal. He disagrees with her version of normal. He snaps EJ might figure it out one day. She is tired of his tired predictions. If he finds out the truth, she will be doomed. Brady wonders if she will keep this up forever. She
moans and reminds him to stick to the plan.
- At DiMera mansion, Elvis is on his phone barking orders at Marco. He must know every move his wife has made, everywhere she has gone! He has been drinking and proceeds to listen to the recording again of Nicole lamenting about her miscarriage. He drinks and thinks. Ring ring. Tis Marco. Elvis is all ears. "Are you sure? Thank you." Now he looks even madder! Brady and Nicole soon arrive and she tells Brady to follow her in. He does. Elvis is toying with his glass. Nicole declares Brady will now explain the Paris phone call. Silence. Brady appears to sense something is off. Nicole looks anxious. Brady suggests he come back another time. Nicole insists he remain and tell EJ the truth. Elvis stands up,
bottle in one hand, glass in the other. "I'd like to know the truth,"
he drawls, every word dripping with sarcasm. Brady apologizes
and tells his tale of using again. Elvis interrupts and tells him to go home. Brady says Nicole would do anything for Elvis, who replies he is well aware of that. Brady saunters out. Nicole repeats the secret was Brady's addiction. Elvis turns toward her, his face filled with rage. He is sorry - sorry he ever believed a word out of her poisonous, lying mouth! Nicole appears stunned. He is scaring her. He glares and then hands her a box. She opens it, only to find pregnancy padding! Nicole is mortified. Eerie music is heard. Elvis announces he realizes she must have gotten rid of hers, as it was incriminating evidence. But this one was from the same store! There is one for every different stage of pregnancy. How utterly convenient! He knows she was wearing one and shouts "Cat got your tongue? Where are your lies now?!" Nicole admits she bought the padding because ... because a lot of women buy these things,
to help choose future maternity clothes. He becomes sarcastic
about that making sense. Why was she so emotional back then?
She claims she was hormonal when pregnant. "Were you ... pregnant?" he muses. She wonders why he would ask her that. He is glad she brought it up and plays the recording of her discussing her MISCARRIAGE with Brady. Elvis' hand is shaking as he holds the recorder and they hear her voice stating that was the one and only time she could be pregnant. Nicole diverts her gaze,then looks back at her husband, her eyes filled with tears of dread. He bitterly starts to play it again but Nicole shoves the recorder to the floor. She is mad he listened to her conversation as it was not about his baby. Yes, she had a miscarriage, though that was a few years ago. Elvis shakes his head. Nicole insists she did not lose their baby,
she is upstairs. Elvis reminds her the taped conversation revealed that she had lost HIS baby, so just who is that baby lying upstairs, sleeping sweetly without a care in the world?  "Tell me the truth about Sydney!" Nicole stares at him thru her tears. Master DiMera exclaims it all makes horrible sense now! He accuses her of having the miscarriage when she was at Baker's clinic and came home upset. He wants her to tell him. "That was he night that you had a miscarriage. That was the night that you lost our child!" Nicole
meets his angry gaze and sadly turns her face away.
- Roman enters Brady pub, where Ari is hard at work. Meredith's story checks out. She was fired in Florida and is back in town to rent out the home of her deceased parents. Ari laments about Rafe leaving so suddenly and the appearance of Emily's sister. Roman suggests he may have just wanted to get outta town, promises to
call if he has more, and departs.
- Sami is sitting at her computer. She looks at a pic of herself and Rafe on her phone and slams it down Then she surfs the net for
job openings. She goes back to Rafe's email, reads it, and slams
her laptop shut. Knock knock. Tis Mia, there to pick up her chem notebook. Will has already gone to school and Sami patiently explains she has not seen it. Mia starts to leave. Sami stops her, adding Will filled her in on what transpired between them. Mia quips he seems to tell her everything! Sami points out he only told her as he was upset for Mia. He knows his mom would never tell anyone the secret. Mia says it is too late for them anyway, as she has reconciled with Chad. Sami asks what is going on. Will had
said she hated Chad. Mia claims him finding out about the baby made them closer. Sami asks what she is hiding. Mia sadly says
she is back with Chad and nothing can change that. Exit Mia.
- Rafe slowly wakes up with blurred vision as Meredith builds her wall around him. He gasps what is she doing? "Making sure you never see the light of day again!" He is going to experience a slow, painful death. Maybe she could not save Emily from him, but she can save Sami. She brings up Sami losing her baby. Rafe gasps the baby is still alive and closes his eyes. Meredith wonders what he is talking about. "Sami's baby ..." He opens his eyes and gasps it was not her baby, her baby is still alive. Meredith assumes that he is delirious. He closes his eyes again. Her phone rings. She lets it go
to voice mail, as it is Arianna. Ari leaves a message. She will be coming by her parents' place to see her ...
Meredith calls her back and says now is a bad time. Ari insists. Rafe makes a sound. Meredith says it will have to wait. Ari replies she will be right there. Rafe weakly calls out. Meredith ends the call. Now what will she do? She decides he just got a lucky break as she can no longer finish what she started.
- At the pier, Chad wants to talk to Will. Will is not interested. He suspects Chadman thinks he will be able to get back together with Mia but it ain't gonna happen. Chad grins and shares the news. "Dude, it already has." Will doubts it. Mia hates him, as a result of how he dumped and ignored her. Chad insists they worked it out. The baby is a deep bond. Will calls Chad a moron if he thinks she cares for him and walks away. Chadman places a call to Mia. He would like to meet her at the pier during lunch. "We need to talk."
- Roman is at the Cheatin Heart shooting pool. Enter Sami. She has a job interview at a spa down the street. Roman's contact was a
no show, so how about they catch up? They sit at a table and he asks about the job. She smiles it is entry level, but she hopes to work her way up. Papa Roman is pleased to see her new initiative. She tells him of Rafe's email. Roman remarks Ari received one too and she too asked him to look into Meredith Hudson, who is back in town. Sami starts to talk about it and then reminds herself she should accept this and move on. Roman praises her for being resilient. He is always there for her. They hug. "Knock 'em dead," he grins as she waltzes off for the job interview. Once alone, Roman gets a serious look on his face and sighs.
- At the pub, Brady wants a word with Ari before she leaves. He brings up yesterday and hopes she has not told anyone else about the miscarriage. No, and she promises she will not, She should not judge him and understands why he is helping Nicole. She sadly states she hopes everything works out and departs. Moments later, disheveled Sami enters, having just gotten thru her interview at the dog spa. She defended herself against a teacup poodle, who ended up in the pool. Brady chuckles she evidently did not get the job.
He suggests she run a daycare centre from home. Sami is there to see Caroline. Brady brings up Rafe. Would she like him to use his resources to try and find him? Sami is not sure he wants to be found right now. Brady has a gut feeling about it.He can get things done. Being a Kiriakis has its perks. Sami thinks she should accept his email message, but thanks Brady for the offer.
- Ari enters Meredith's home and soon finds the room with the
half completed wall, though Rafe and Meredith are nowhere to be seen. She wonders what was going on there ...
- Meanwhile, Meredith drags Rafe to the waterfront and drops
him in the river.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole cries she did not lose their baby. She gave birth and there she was, their miracle, their beautiful little girl. EJ must know in his heart that Sydney is his daughter. Elvis admits that every fiber in his being tells him that Sydney is his,
"but that's impossible, isn't it, because our daughter is dead!"
Nicole sobs.
- Somewhere in the East, a couple argues at home and there is the sound of a man slapping a woman. She calls him a monster. He
calls her a b*tch. "Stop it!" she cries. All of a sudden, we see the couple as the woman - Carly - stabs the man - Lawrence Alamain!

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