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Wednesday, October 14, 2009
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- Replay of Mia asking Nicole what she thinks Chad would say if
he found out her rehab counselor adopted a baby. Enter Chad, who asks Nicole if she adopted a baby. He calls Nicole on lying that Mia was ever in rehab. She tells him to mind his own business - but he wants answers pronto and he is not leaving until he gets them. He looks at Mia and demands to know why Nicole's adopting a baby needs to be a secret, and why is it upsetting her! Mia gets sheepish. Nicole tries to get rid of him. Chadman accuses Nicole of upsetting Mia and butting into her life. And was she the one that came up with the lame rehab story? Mia admits it was her idea but denies she told Nicole of her own baby. Chad declares if she only got back with him to shut him up, he is not interested. Nicole tells him off. Mia now confesses she only got back with Chad cos she knew Nicole would not like him asking questions about the baby. Chad is even more suspicious! Nicole thinks it is not his concern, as he abandoned Mia. Chad does not believe Mia would have given away their baby girl without someone advising her to do so. Mia starts to come clean. Nicole tries to stop her. Chad deduces Mia was pregnant and her parents kicked her out. Then she met Nicole ... Chad finally does
the math and asks Mia if she gave THIS woman their baby! Mia cannot lie anymore. "He knows," she informs Nicole She is sorry
and faces Chad. "Yes, Nicole adopted our baby. She's married to
EJ DiMera and they have our baby Sydney." Nicole flashes back to her infamous baby switch, of which Mia is totally unaware. Chad wants to see his daughter now. Nicole quietly explains they do not understand. Sydney is not Mia's baby. Chad wants a DNA test done today to prove it. Nicole says Syd is not theirs. Mia assumes she means she is adopted. Chad calls himself the baby's father. Nicole calls him the irresponsible sex partner. He wants his baby! Nicole repeats Syd is not his but if miraculously she was handed to him, what would he do? Drop out of school and try to find a job in this economy, only to move into a cramped apartment with Mia and the baby? If so, then he is even more pathetic than she thought! He points out he would have taken responsibility had he known. Mia begs him to back off. Nicole tries a nicer approach and says he is young, with a world of possibilities ahead of him. Chad angrily refuses to move on without his daughter and, much to their dismay, storms off.
- Brady and EJ face off at the pier. "You're a real son of a b*tch," Elvis seethes, adding he knows he was aware of everything and helped Nicole live the lie. Brady retorts he would do it again in a heartbeat! Elvis glares daggers at him and accuses him of trying to make a fool of him. He has lost his family because of him! Brady snaps he himself is to blame. Elvis wants to know why he helped
her lie. Brady loves her so why did he want her to stay with EJ? Brady defends Nicole. She loves EJ! Elvis, however, still blames
her for lying and wonders why Brady, who loved and must have wanted Nicole, helped her lie to him. Brady clarifies. He helped her as a friend. Is that hard for a selfish bastard like him to comprehend? EJ claims that is noble for such a tramp who is morally vacant!
Brady now accuses him of punishing not only Nicole, but also an innocent baby. He denies it. Brady says at least now Syd will have
a chance to find a decent dad. He yells EJ does not deserve to have
a daughter like Sydney and he does not deserve a happy family!
- Sami is still at Grace's grave. She misses her. Anytime she is sad and lonely, she knows she can come here to find comfort and peace. She now talks Rafe. She wants him to be happy, wherever in the world he is. She then tells Grace to be in peace, look after Rafe for her, and departs.
- Down at the pier, jogging Sami later runs into jogging Brady. They discuss the Nicole fiasco. Sami is not surprised EJ threw her out. Brady explains she felt she had to lie. Sami understands, but she knows from personal experience that EJ does not forgive and forget. She is surprised, however, that good guy Brady got dragged into
such a deception. What happened?
- Meanwhile, on the yacht ..."His heart's stopped!" Carly laments as she tries to save Rafe with cpr, as they have no medical equipment. "Come on!" she encourages the unconscious patient. They get a weak heartbeat as he slowly starts to come out of hypothermia.
Carly realizes he also took a blow to the head and warns they simply must get him to a hospital! He needs all the help he can get and unless she comes up with something soon, it might be too late! She needs warm water. Rafe dreams of the time Sami sponged him
down at the safehouse and mutters "Sami." Carly gets closer and
asks him his name. Rafe moves his head slightly, his eyes still closed. A crewman brings the warm water she requested. Once alone, Carly exclaims she does not want him to die. All of a sudden, Lawrence appears and proceeds to taunt her for murdering him. She tells him
to go to hell and she is glad she did him first. He was either going to kill her or someone she loved very much! She insists she has no regrets. Lawrence's apparition warns his people will find and punish her! He then vanishes. Carly regains her composure and holds the warm compress on Rafe. Rafe hallucinates that Carly is Samantha
for a moment. "Sam," he weakly whispers. Carly asks if that is his name. Omar soon arrives and Carly says the patient's heart rate has improved, though the fever is higher. She is also concerned that their communications may have been picked up. How about dropping him off at the nearest port where she might also disappear. Later, Carly
is alone with sleeping Rafe. The crewman suddenly returns and pulls a gun on her! Carly freezes ...
- Dan enters his apartment and takes off his jacket. Chloe appears in a purple dress. "Hey you!" He grins and they kiss and kiss. A baby is heard crying. Tis Sydney, whom she is watching for Nicole. Daniel thinks Syd is cute, but Chloe is sexy! He notes Syd looks unhappy. Later, he has changed her diaper. Chloe smiles that Syd likes Dan. He chuckles he has a way with women. Chloe adds he will make a terrific dad. Daniel becomes distracted. He soon suggests he make them an omelet, Chloe points out the fridge is empty. Dan thinks
they should go out and take Syd. Chloe feels the pub would be best as they have highchairs. She refers to the kids they too will have
and Dan gets solemn, Chloe notices and wonders does he not want children? He points out she just got out of the hospital, so they should discuss it another time. She states she wants a family. He replies she will make a terrific mother. "Just not right away," she finishes for him, awaiting his response. He wants them to take it slow. First they must make sure she has made a full recovery Chloe wonders if there is anything off with her recovery. No. She asks if getting pregnant after cancer could hurt her. He says no. They can discuss having children when the time is right ...He promises he will never lie to her, and gives her a kiss. He then admits he loves her so much, sometimes it scares him! Chloe thinks he should not be so overprotective. The lovebirds  now decide to go out for steak. All
of a sudden, frantic knocking heard at the door. Tis Nicole, who exclaims she needs her daughter now!
- Elvis returns to DiMera mansion all alone and stares at Sydney's picture, remembering the time he told her a fairytale, and that her daddy was a white knight. Her little smile used to light up his life.
He blinks and frowns unhappily, fighting back the tears. Ding dong! Harold the butler is nowhere to be seen. Elvis opens the door to Chad, who cuts to the chase. "Where is Sydney?" Elvis stares at
the stranger. "Who are you?" Chad stares right back. "I'm her
father ...!

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"I lied to you both about my little girl," Mia admits to Will.
"EJ wants us to come home!" Nicole hopefully tells Chloe.
"What more do you want?" exasperated Bo asks unhappy Hope. "What more is there?"
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