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Thursday, October 1, 2009
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- Stefano proposes a toast to marriage. Kate adds to that - to her new family. Stefano wonders where Nicole is. She went upstairs
to check on Sydney. Elvis is not sure what is taking her so long.
- Nicole arranges to meet Brady at Pier 40. Just when she ends the call, Elvis appears and he would like to know who she was talking to! She lies it was Sydney's pediatrician who has just prescribed rash medication which she was about to go pick up. Elvis smoothly states she is not going anywhere! She insists the pharmacist will only give it to her. Fine, says he, But first she will have to toast his father's marriage. She agrees and they go back in the living room. Stefano is delighted and toasts to his wife and family. Kate quips
he is repeating himself so he makes the next toast to Sydney the angel. Elvis frowns. Stefano goes on to toast Lexie, Theo, and Giovanni. "They are always here in my heart. Salut." They drink champagne and Nicole hastily excuses herself. Kate wonders if she is running away from her or from EJ!
- Once the newlyweds are alone, Stefano feeds his bride the cake she made. She will take only one bite and does so reluctantly. Later, Stefano and EJ are alone. EJ reminds him he has married
the mother of the fellow responsible for Tonys death.The phoenix talks of love. Elvis asks how he can trust Kate. "That is not your concern," retorts Stefano. EJ points out they do biz in the house and she is not discreet. Stefano says then they will not discuss business in the halls! He drinks some more champagne and admits he is tired.  EJ is concerned that he looks pale. Stefano bellows he is not an old man and proceeds to go upstairs, as Kate walks in.
He will see her upstairs soon.
- At Kiriakis mansion, Phil is searching for a memory stick from Titan. Vic wants to discuss his mother's marriage. Phil snaps she
is a psycho who is out of his life and thoughts and walks out, only
to run into Steph. She has heard about Kate and is there to offer sympathy. She blurts out it was not a good idea to breakup with him, then stops. She will always have a place for him in her heart. He will always regret cheating with Mel. Vic comes along and
quips he seems to be the only one who is glad they broke up! He hands Phil the stick, which he found in the library, tells Steph to feel free not to stay too long,and departs. Steph gets sanctimonious and says he has returned to a career in crime. They agree it is his life and she storms off. Victor later returns as Phil works on his computer. Vic refers to Steph as a woman who wants to change him. Phil grins he knows a woman who accepts him the way he is and would not want to change him!
- Nath is excitedly talking to Dr. Carver on the phone. He soon
has news for Mel that they have been reinstated at the hospital.
Mel jumps and they hug. Their eyes lock and then they pull apart uncomfortably. His shift starts in an hour. She remarks they won't see each other with such busy schedules. Nath suggests they go
out one night. Mel asks "Like a date?" He smiles she can call it what she wants. Maggie overhears and looks concerned. She
enters and congratulates them on being reinstated. She then sends Mel down to the basement to pick up Halloween decorations. The redhead wants to talk to Nathan. A date with Mel would be a huge mistake! Nath claims they are only friends and he is not looking for anything serious. He gets defensive when Mag alludes to the fact that she cares more for Philip. He loses it. She is sorry. Nath does not like to hear he cannot compete with Philip Kiriakis! Maggie thinks he is way better than that arrogant boy, yet Mel is drawn to him and he has feelings for her. Maggie adds she knows about the video. Why should he settle for someone who does not appreciate him? She implores him not to borrow trouble. Nath stammers and then states he sees the real Mel, unlike Philip. She is funny and beautiful and ...Mel comes upstairs and wonders if they were talking about her. Nath heads off to get ready for work. Mel gives Maggie the box and accuses her of talking behind her back. Maggie states she is protective of Nathan. Mel assumes it is because of the sex tape. Maggie replies it is because she suspects Mel still cares
for Philip. She asks her to let Nathan go, for both their sakes. Mel later admits to Nath what Maggie said. He states he makes his own decisions, so how about a real date? Mel smiles and accepts. Then it's off to work ...
- Later on, at the hospital, Steph congratulates Dr. Nath on his reinstatement. When he thanks her and walks off, the
devil with
the blue dress on
(Steph) watches and smiles.
- Meanwhile, Phil arrives at Maggie's place, looking for Mel, who
is not there. Maggie warns him if he hurts Mel, he will answer to her!
- Back at the mansion, EJ sends thug Marco out on a task. Kate wants to know who he is once he has left.What does he do around there? He does not look like someone who trims the roses! Elvis chuckles that as a DiMera wife, she must learn to keep her eyes closed and her mouth shut. She hits back by bringing up the thick tension between EJ and his own wifey. He suggests she mind her own business. They exchange words. Before she goes upstairs to hubby, Elvis warns her that whatever Stefano made disappear, he can easily make reappear!
- At Pier 40, Nicole chews out Brady for his screw-up. And what did he mean that the secret is out? He informs her Ari knows she had a miscarriage, though she is not aware of the fact that it was when she was recently pregnant. Nicole laments EJ is suspicious. But she has a plan ... Brady is stunned she told EJ that he had a relapse! Did she not consider the impact this could have on his life if anyone gets wind of it? He refuses to lie about his sobriety. She begs. He could say he just had a slip. He warns his grandfather would fire his a*s ... Marco has just arrived and listens and records as Nicole announces that she will lose her little girl if EJ discovers the truth! Marco pumps up the volume. Nicole tells Brady this is her only hope. He must make up for his colossal blunder. She needs him to be the friend he was when she had a miscarriage the only time she could be pregnant. Marco smirks, hidden behind a crate, and continues to record. They discuss her deceit. Nicole laments her daughter will be traumatized if she is taken away from her.
- Back at the mansion, Marco later plays the recording to EJ. He listens to Nicole asking Brady to be the friend he was when she
had her miscarriage the only time she could be pregnant. Elvis'
face is filled with shock and awe!
- Meanwhile, at the pier, Nicole cries to Brady that she never thought she could love anyone as much as her daughter and EJ. Makes up for her wretched childhood. Maybe loving them means she is not such a bad person. Brady gets intense. He will not lie for her, but he will do it for Sydney. She is grateful and hugs him. He
is her best friend! Nicole kisses him on the cheek, whispers she does not know what she would do without him, and departs.Brady sighs wistfully.
- At the mansion, Elvis listens to the recording about Nicole's miscarriage again and again. He flashes back to her pregnancy, when she claimed  Dr. Baker said they should not make love. In addition, she had only agreed to ever be examined by Baker. His mouth is a tight line of rage, as a few lone tears trickle down his
betrayed face ...
- At the pub, Mel waltzes in and notes Brady looks down. He sighs he has to do a favor for a friend, which means she may hear some unsavory things about him. She concludes that it was a favor for Nicole. "You're still in love with her aren't you?"
- Nicole returns home to the mansion. EJ slowly places the tape
in a drawer and stands up. Nicole cheerfully flounces in and remarks he seems tense. He admits he found out something he needs time to digest. She nervously asks what. He replies she will know soon enough and coldly walks out of the room  ...!

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"A slooow death. It's better than you deserve!" Meredith
taunts Rafe.
"You're lying to me about something. What are you hiding?"
Sami says to Mia.
Elvis faces Nicole, his voice getting louder with each word. "I am sorry that I ever believed a word out of your LYING MOUTH!"