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Friday October 10, 2008 
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Nicole is at the Brady pub waiting for her takeout. Sami saunters up and mentions Nicole's boozing, but Nicole is now drinking club soda. Sami is waiting for a table and must sit in the only empty seat, beside her adversary Nicole. Nicole notices she has gained weight. Sami calls her a witch. They trade barbs. Sami stands up and walks away ...
- Outside, Roman walks with Marlena and she mentions she is going thru with the divorce. She is unhappy about the whole situation. She
is giving it one last attempt, with EJ's help. Roman and Marlena are headed for the pub to meet Sami. Marlena is worried. Sami must be
in some sort of trouble. Later, the three are seated at a table in the
pub. Why did she summon them there? Sami cannot bring herself to
tell them she is pregnant again and nervously changes the subject to Trent's murder. Marlena senses she has changed her mind about confiding in them. Sami says the less she tells them, the better. They ask if she is in trouble. Yes, she is and needs their advice. What if she knows something she should tell someone she loves but it might hurt someone else she loves? They have no idea what she is talking about. Marlena replies she does not believe in keeping secrets. Sami goes on. What if the truth could destroy an innocent life? She prepares to tell them and swears them to secrecy. They do not want to promise any secrecy at all, given her past. She states this is different. They wonder if there is a problem with Johnny, and Stefano's influence. No, it isn't about Johnny. Sami does not tell them more but decides they have helped her. She will tell the person her news after all! Exit Sami, leaving behind her baffled parents.
- At DiMera mansion, John drinks and recalls his last conversation
with Marlena, when she asked him to have hospital tests run. Enter
EJ, who has a seat. John growls at him to go away. No can do. He promised Marlena he would have a chat with him. Marlena still loves him. His blackouts and headaches sound serious. That is why she wants him to get tests. John does not want to lose her, though he is stubborn about one thing. No doctors!  He asks EJ to buy him time as his attorney. EJ, however, is there as family. John feels a doc could
not cure what he has. If he is dying, then so be it. He will do so on his
own terms. EJ thinks he is being foolish. Tests could be the first step toward getting his memory back. John says no. EJ calls him a shell, a machine and Marlena is going thru pain because of it. Eerie music is heard. John believes the old John is gone for good.. EJ will not back down. John explodes. "I said no!" Exit EJ. John sits down and picks
up the ornate telephone. He slowly places a call. "I need to see you." Later, Nicole comes over, as he requested. He needs a friend who would give him an honest answer. Does he seem like someone who is incapable of normal human emotion? Nicole says he is just in control and misunderstood, like her. He s a good guy. He says no, he has
given her bad advice. She needs to tell Elvis about the baby now!
- At the park, Lexie is in hysterics and fears Theo was taken. Lacey says what happened. She had turned away and then he vanished. Abe prepares to call his cop contacts and comb the area. Lexie is panicked and lashes out at Lacey. Abe tries to clam her down. A cop walks up, having found Theo's hat lying near the road. There was no sign of an accident and they do not believe Theo was hit. The search continues.
- At the hospital, Dan has summoned Chelsea. Kate must return asap. Her life could depend on it! What does he mean? All Dan can divulge is that she was in for tests and he wants to run more tests. They need to run these other tests soon. All of a sudden, Theo greets Chelsea!
- At the park, Lexie's cell rings. It is Dr. Dan, informing her that Theo is well and at the hospital. Lexie and Abe are overjoyed. At the hospital, Chelsea asks Theo why he came there by himself. To see her? Theo nods. He later promises not to run off again. Lexie and Abe show up and a happy reunion follows. Abe and Lexie return to the
park with Theo. Abe lectures him for running off and the three get ice cream. Theo, they marvel, has formed a bond with Chelsea. In fact,
he communicates more with her than his parents.
- Dr. Dan and Chelsea talk. He praises her for her connection with autistic Theo. Dan also wants to be friends with her again. Chelsea feels it is not possible. She reminds him of what happened. She cannot be friends with someone she does not trust. Dan misses her. Chelsea advises him to move on and walks out ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, John argues that EJ could help or at least has the right to know the truth. Nicole disagrees. John insists. EJ is nothing like Stefano. Perhaps it is not too late for them. EJ appears in the doorway. "Not too late for what?" John asks Nicole if she will tell him or if he should. Nicole stands up. It's not important. John insists it is. Meanwhile, Sami quietly enters the mansion thru the front door and resolves to tell EJ her news. However, just as she walks up, she sees the scene. John and EJ are standing with Nicole, who blurts out to a stunned EJ that she is having his baby!

Thursday October 9, 2008


At the station, Max, Steph, and Mel are together. Steph fears Bo will arrest Max. Max states at least his arrest would ensure freedom for Caroline! Bo returns and sits down to attend to his paperwork. Max
is free to go. The D.A. feels the case against Caroline is stronger. Three witnesses can confirm that Robbins was alive when Max left
his hotel room that night. As Max and Bo talk, Melanie sneakily slips Trent's stolen wallet into Steph’s shiny black handbag nearby! Mad Max tells busy Bo he does not want Caroline to go down. Bo assures him there are plenty of other suspects. Bo later apologizes for having had to bring his brother in. Max and Steph are free to go. However,
Bo wants Mel to stay behind to speak with her about the murder.
And she might need a lawyer present. She claims she does not require a lawyer and smiles. Bo asks her to step into the office. He believes she is a prime suspect. She denies killing her father. Bo questions her on her anger. She points out Trent had international enemies. He had
a gambling problem and owed a lot of people money. They should focus on his real enemies, like Claude. Bo says they already are. She
is now free to go but Bo warns that one day she is going to slip up and he will be there! Mysterious music is heard as Mel silently walks out
of his office. Bo shuts the door, his face solemn ...
- Max and Steph return to the pub, where Caroline is up and working. She is displeased Bo hauled him into the station. Max is worried about her. Caroline is confident her sons will find the real killer. She soon
has a call from her lawyer. Max praises Stephanie for standing by him. She goes into the kitchen, leaving her shiny black handbag on the counter. Later on, the handbag winds up on the floor and Max finds Trent's wallet inside!
- At Chez Rouge, Phil runs into Nicole and joins her. She asks where
his southern belle is. He explains they are over. Nicole wants to know if he still loves Chloe. He says they are good friends. Nicole doesn't buy his friends only claim. She has noticed their chemistry. Phil feels Chloe is better off with Lucas now. Nicole says she is not. Lucas is
self-centered and he lives on that island with outdoor showers. Chloe
is not happy, she thinks. Phil changes the subject. He would like to know more about Nicole's dead husband. She wishes he had been killed before Victor found out she was still married! Phil asks who
she thinks might have done it. Certainly not Caroline Brady. Phil
thinks they must have evidence. No way did she do it, Nicole insists. She would put her money on whoever has Trent's wallet. When
Nicole steps away from the table, Phil hastily places a call to Bo. He might have a tip on the murder case. He will come down to tell him.
- Kate is in her hospital room, impatient. She removes her oxygen and starts to feebly walk out but Dr. Dan intervenes. She has a coughing fit. He helps her back to bed and puts back her oxygen. When will she get the biopsy results? If she does not have much time, she would rather spend it elsewhere and wants to be released. Dan steps out to ask the lab the status of her test results. Once he is gone, Kate gets dressed. Dan comes back. No results just yet. Coughing Kate walks out of the hospital, against his wishes.
- In his jail cell, Nick feels like his head is going to explode. Enter Hope, who has a seat. She is there as a friend. He admits he got
drunk, stupid, behind the wheel, and it will never happen again. Can
he go now? Nope. It is not quite that simple. Hope informs him he
will be fined and will need counseling. Nick now worries he will be suspended from the faculty if word gets out. Hope raises her voice. She is furious.  She lost her son to a drunk driver - Chelsea. Just then Chelsea walks up and agrees. She will have to live with that her whole life. Nick becomes remorseful. Hope gives them some privacy. Chels asks why he drank and drove. He cannot answer and his head hurts. He blames himself for Trent's murder. The only reason he came to town was cos of Nick's project. Chelsea wants to know what is really bothering Nick. What happened to his hand, too? Melanie is near his cell and listens as Nick changes the subject. He blames himself for Trent. Chelsea sits beside him. He should think on the bright side.
He helped Max meet his sister. Maybe now Mel will have a shot at a better life all cos of him. Melanie steps out of the shadows. "Those
are my thoughts exactly!" A cop arrives and informs the now quiet Chelsea and smiling Mel that their visit is over. Alone again, Nick laments about what he has done ...
- Abe and Lexie take cute little Theo to the park. He keeps calling his toy giraffe a zoo. Lacey the sitter arrives on scene to watch him. Abe and Lexie cheerfully head off for a meeting. They will be back in an hour. They meet Scott at Chez Rouge. He has brought Evan, who has been brought on board to run Abe's mayoral campaign. The mayor slinks up. So the rumor is true. Abe is running for his job! Yes indeed, Abe says. He extends his hand to the mayor. The mayor then tells Abe's team they are all betting on the wrong horse. He warns them
of the scrutiny of public life. The Carver family is far from perfect!
He adds they will need good luck. Exit Mayor Marino. The gloves are now off, Evan announces. Abe is ready.
- Back at the station. Hope and Bo discuss Nick and also Trent's murder. Bo suspects Melanie ... Phil soon enters. He sees Mel in
the hall. Have they questioned her? Bo is intrigued. Phil says she had asked him to help find her father's killer. He felt sorry for her. Bo is keen to learn his tip. Phil seems to have changed his mind and starts talking about making a financial contribution to improve Titan's image. How about a contribution plan for the families of fallen officers? Bo and Hope are baffled. He then walks out, takes Mel aside, and tells
her they need to talk. He knows for a fact that she has Trent's wallet.
- At the park, sitter Lacey chats on the phone and fails to notice when Theo runs off. When Abe and Lexie return, the sitter is in a tizzy. "Theo is gone ...!" she cries.

Wednesday October 8, 2008


It is a sunny day in Salem, though not everyone is happy ...
- Lucas returns to the cabin. He assures angry Sami he did not tell EJ her secret but she sure should. Lucas recalls how she made him miss the early years with Will. Sami says the situation is different. Lucas advises her to grow up and take responsibility. And if she wants to be with EJ, she should trust him. Sami confesses it is only because she does not trust Stefano that she has doubts. Thus, she needs to keep
her secret. Lucas disagrees and storms off. He sheepishly comes back for his phone and finds Sami with their now awake daughter. They
are both sorry. Lucas was just concerned about her. Sami admits she fears how EJ will react if she tells him her news. Lucas suggests she talk to someone close to her. Yes, she agrees. Her parents.
- Max and Steph wake up. He thanks her for helping get his mind off the bad stuff. The worst is over, Steph says. His ma made bail. Later they are dressed and Max notices a nasty headline about his mother. Steph wonders if they should do some of their own investigating.Max
is against it. Let the police handle it. His reaction is too extreme. Steph suspects he is protecting someone - Melanie.
- At the police station, Bo paces in Roman's office, anxious for the trace on the fibers. They discuss Trent's murder.  Roman suspects Nicole, while Bo has Melanie at the top of his list. In fact, Mel is at
the top of his radar. They hear a commotion and walk out of the office, only to see a drunk, arrested Nick! He was picked up for DUI. Nickster slurs that life sucks, plus it is cos of him that Trent Robbins
is dead! It is his fault! "Cuff me! Read me my rights!" Nick hiccups. Bo probes him about his Robbins statement. They sit him down.
Nick explains it must be his fault cos Trent would never have come
to town had it not been for his prototype. He ends his lengthy story by mentioning Melanie. Bo and Roman later discuss. Roman thinks they need to keep an open mind and brings up Willow Stark. Bo reminds him Willow had hit her head so Nick was not cuplable. Bo is doubtful of Nick’s guilt in Trent's murder, but Roman considers him a suspect. Meanwhile, Maggie arrives to pick up Nick and she is livid. She has seen too many people destroyed by alcohol! She tells him off. Nick is taken down to be booked. Maggie walks off to call lawyer Mickey.
Bo and Roman discuss their mother. Caroline is probably already up and about, making pancakes. Bo reminds Roman they will be called in to testify for her trial. Enter the mayor. He wants to hear about their mother! Roman reminds Mayor Marino he has been brought up to
date already. The mayor tells them he approves of how they are handling the case. He glances at the suspects list on the board and smugly notices another family member - Max Brady - is on it. He then departs. Bo and Roman are perplexed by his behaviour. Roman decides  they need a warrant, to prove the fibers on Trent's body do not match anything found at Max's home. Only then can he be cleared. Bo calls the judge and puts a rush on it.
- Meanwhile, Max is still disagreeing with Steph about Melanie. He is offended she is trashing his sis. Steph calls her lying and manipulative. He cuts her off and denies he is covering for her. Steph seems to think Mel is guilty. Max thinks she needs to cut her a break. Moments later, Bo and Roman arrive with a search warrant. The room is searched. Max's bloodied shirt is found and Roman demands to know whose blood is on it. Max admits he had an alteration with Trent a few nights earlier. Max is taken downtown!
- Mel is at the scene of the crime in the cemetery. She starts to remember meeting Trent the night of his murder. She was upset, he was his usual smooth self. He had wanted her to help him out with his seedy loan shark. He owed a lot of money. She cried and he criticized her morals. He felt she owed him. She screamed she did not owe him. He then demanded she go with him so she pulled a knife and warned him not to come near her or else! He told her to put it down. She got hysterical. He taunted her. She asked him to promise to stop gambling and trying to sell her services. He promised. She called him a liar. He smoothly urged her to put the knife down. "Let's go home." Mel retorted she had no home, now Max was her home. Trent implied
Max was a loser. Mel recounted how her long lost brother Max had approached her at the cafe in France. And he was the lucky one as he did not have to grow up with Trent Robbins as a father! She snaps out of her flashback and looks down at the blood stain on Shawn Brady's plaque. Moments later, she continues to remember the disagreement she had with Trent that fateful night, when she was holding the knife. She tried to walk away. He grabbed her by the arm and she yelled at him to let go of her. They struggled. She dropped the knife and reached for it ... Mel blinks back to reality and appears to be dazed. She cannot seem to remember everything ...
- Maggie visits a slowly sobering up Nick at his jail cell. Why did he
go on a drinking binge? Nick replies it has been a hellish week.He was at the Cheatin Heart when he saw Dr. Jonas and how he wanted to punch him! He drank tequila shots instead. Maggie realizes it is about Chelsea. Nick admits he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend. Maggie points out she has seen Nick with Melanie lately too, and is curious about their relationship ...
- Cops Roman and Bo haul Max into Roman's office at the station. They berate him for his stupidity and for not telling them the truth. Roman wants a word alone. Exit Bo. Roman orders Max to tell all and start at the top. Soon the lab report arrives. The fibers on Trent were from Max's shirt and the blood stain on Max's shirt was confirmed as Trent's blood. A double match!
- Dazed Mel is still standing in the cemetery when her cell phone rings. It is Stephanie. She needs her to get down to the station asap. The
cops are questioning her brother about Trent's murder. Mel  later
walks into the station, where Stephanie criticizes her for making her brother look bad and using him. Mel accuses her of being creepily possessive and calls her pathetic. Steph says she loves Max because
he is always nice and generous. They look through the window as Roman and Bo question him. Mel is fed up with Steph implying she
is the killer and calls her a b*tch. Roman asks Steph to step in. Mel listens at the door. Max tells Bo and Roman how he punched Trent after he tried to convince Mel to sleep with his creepy pal to settle his debts. Bo now beaks the bad news. Unless something turns up, Max
is just about all they have got by way of evidence! Mel quietly walks away form the door, toward her handbag. She opens it, looks at Trent's wallet, and appears to slyly consider her options ...

Tuesday October 7, 2008


At DiMera mansion, John and Marlena continue their very long kiss. She pulls back and gasps she wants him to sign the divorce papers since he refuses to get the help he needs. He retorts he is fine. What does he have to do to change her mind about the divorce? Get the medical tests to find out what is wrong with him, Blondie replies. John flat out refuses. They are both in torment. He tries to change her mind. She tries to change his. She wants him to be the man she once knew. He does not want to lose her but cannot go to the hospital after what Stefano did to him. He has been nicer. Is it not enough? No, she wants the old John back. He will not sign the papers, he knows how she feels and he feels the same way about her. Teary-eyed Marlena begs him to see a doctor and walks out. John is frustrated.
- At Chez Rouge, Lucas asks about EJ talking to Sami. He realizes he does not yet know as Sami hasn't told him and quickly covers up. EJ wants to know what Lucas knows about Sami wanting to meet him there. Lucas feels he is not the one to tell him, Sami is. He pretends he does not know what exactly her news is. EJ is suspicious Enter Nicole, who intends to soon tell EJ her news! She walks on up and tells Lucas to get lost. He does just that. Nicole asks why EJ ignored her message. He is cool and distant. She wishes to talk in private. He is busy. She is still hostile about him leaving their date for Sami. EJ replies he is at Chez Rouge to meet someone. Nicole insists he listen to her. She has life altering news. He tries to brush her off. She is not leaving until she tells him her news. They get a table. He assures her his leaving the night before was not planned. Sami fainted and was taken to hospital. Nicole realizes it is Sami he is meeting at Chez Rouge. She is upset. Sami cannot be a part of their lives. He replies it is impossible as he cares about his son and Sami is his boy's mother. Nicole is too self-absorbed to understand! EJ stops her from leaving. She says he humiliated her by walking out on her the night before. She gives him
an ultimatum. Either her or Samantha! Who has his heart? He cares about both. Exit teary-eyed Nicole, without telling him her news.
- At the cozy cabin, Sami is dismayed to find a Phoenix stamp on Johnny's rattle. Oh no. How will she ever protect her kids from evil Stefano? She falls asleep on the sofa and dreams about Johnny
growing up to be a cigar smoking young Stefano clone who doesn't even like his sister! He talks mean to his mother. Stefano tells her to get lost and Johnny boasts Stefano will convince his professors to give him straight As. And it gets worse. Johnny becomes a mobster who kills someone! Sami screams no and wakes up as Lucas rushes in. What is the matter? Sami tells Lucas she must find a way to protect
her children from Stefano. She tells him about her nightmare. Lucas suggests she relax. She fears Stefano also knows she is pregnant again! Lucas states she really needs to tell EJ she is pregnant with his child. Sami reminds him everything was ruined when EJ was discovered to be Johnny's father. So she will not tell EJ he is the father of her baby! She will keep her new baby away from the DiMeras. Lucas still feels EJ has a right to know. If she will not tell EJ, he sure will! Exit Lucas. Sam rushes after him ...
- Back at the mansion, cheery Stefano has a brandy and tells John
how he took his grandson for a stroll. John is distracted. The phoenix wonders if his foul mood is due to Marlena. He advises his brother  to stay away from Marlena, for she will destroy his life!  He was once in love with her and she turned on him. John has heard Stefano was obsessed. Stefano suggests he sign the divorce papers. John wonders how he knows about those? "I know everything, John." John picks up said papers. All of a sudden he falls down and has a seizure. Stefano looks down at him as he convulses on the floor and leaves. John
wakes up and crawls on the floor until Nicole arrives. His headaches are worse. He agrees to make an appointment to have himself checked out tomorrow. Feeling a bit better, he asks why she is there. Their deal is off, she says, as she no longer wants EJ to be a part of her life or
her baby's. John is now on his feet and reminds her it is tough to raise a child alone, not to mention she has no income. He can help and would like to. Nicole thanks him but does not want his money, just
his friendship. That would mean a lot to her.
- Back at Chez Rouge, Marlena runs into EJ and sits at his table. No, she has not seen Samantha, but she needs his help. EJ appears to be
all ears. Marlena fills him in on John’s seizures and unusual brain scan. He now refuses more tests. What if it is life threatening? She asks EJ
to convince John. This is his chance to do something good and it
would also mean something to Sami. Ok. He agrees to give it a shot ...

Monday October 6, 2008


At the pub, Phil leaves Morgan a voice mail apologizing again and wishing her the best. Max is working. Steph asks where Caroline is. Upstairs, asleep, having made bail. Enter Melanie, who overhears. They think she looks disappointed. Stephanie wonders if she thinks Caroline is guilty. Phil steps up, now off his cell.. No way. Mel was
so convinced of Caroline's innocence, she asked him to help find the real killer! He felt sorry for her. Steph gets nasty. Max asks if he agreed. Nope, Phil replies, he is no detective, but if he finds anything he will let them know. He is soo hot, Mel later moans. Max wants a word and takes Mel outside. Still at the pub, Phil runs into Chelsea, who hits him on the head for hurting Morgan. He didn't realize he still had feelings for Chloe and he is sorry about her friend. He asks how Chels and Kate are. He knows all about her and Dan. He also wants her to go easy on Kate. She is sick. Chelsea gets teary-eyed about being so mean to her. Is she gonna die? Phil tells her to stay positive. Kate is a fighter. Chelsea feels sorry that she was such a b*tch. Phil says Kate wants to be left alone but promises to keep her up to date. He leaves to make a phone call. Steph asks Chels if she is ok. No, her grandma is unwell. She sniffles and laments Phil will not tell her more. Steph suggests she ask Dan. Good idea. Chelsea leaves a message for Dr. Dan to call her asap ...
- Outside, Max warns Mel to stay away from the dangerous Kiriakis family, especially Phillip the player, who has shady business dealings. The last guy who got caught up in his world ended up in prison. Mel laments he thinks she belongs in jail. Max denies it. He is just glad she has to stay in town as he worries about her. He wants her to make good choices. Phil walks out and asks to talk to Mel. Max grudgingly leaves. Phil knows he must have warned her about him. But Mel is undeterred. Phil tells her he did some checking for her. He came up with some bad stuff on Trent she would not want to know about.
Mel states she is not surprised and is glad he is dead.
- Kayla enters the pub and asks Max how things are. He is more optimistic about Melanie. Meanwhile, stiill outside, Mel tells Phil she feels guilty for wishing her father would die. She seems to think by wishing it, she willed his death. Phil tries to make her feel better. She accidentally drops items out of her handbag. Phil picks up Trent's wallet and hands it to her, without realizing what it was. Mel hastily puts everything back in her bag and departs.
- Jogging EJ calls home on his cell. Is Samantha up? No. In fact, she never came home all night! At the mansion, Stefano reads to Johnny about how to deal with enemies. John walks up, pours himself some OJ, and says he must be desperate, recruiting soldiers so young! He adds Stefano should give up his fight for the empire but then starts to see blurry again. He blinks. Stefano asks about his headaches. John complains about the construction. Stefano states he needs medical attention. New John heads off for champagne. The phoenix chuckles, knowing fully well he is about to get worse regardless. Enter mad EJ. Where is Samantha? He picks up his son and looks at his father accusingly. He returns after putting Johnny down. Stefano insists he had nothing to do with Samantha's disappearance and perhaps EJ is overreacting. EJ has a meeting and the nanny needs the afternoon off. Stefano will watch Johnny. EJ is unsure and is still worried about Samantha. He reluctantly agrees and heads off to Chez Rouge for
his meeting.
- Sami cuddles up to Lucas, asleep in his bed, dreams he is EJ, and starts to kiss him  She then wakes up and  wonders what else they might have done in their sleep! Lucas assures her nothing happened. They just kissed in their sleep. She passed out on the bed so he put
his shirt on her, to make her comfortable. She loves EJ, he loves Chloe, end of story. She needs to tell EJ she is pregnant. She replies she has to figure out stuff. Lucas teases her she is starting to show anyway! Later they are both dressed. Lucas takes Aly for a walk. Sami's phone rings. It is anxious EJ. Sami says she texted him last
night. He did not get the message. Where is she? Sami does not say
but she needs to talk to him.
- At the hospital, Marlena is on her cell with Mickey, who is preparing her divorce papers. Kayla overhears. She is divorcing John when he is in such bad medical shape?  Marlena is firm. Kayla understands. She went through something bad with Steve and then they finally got their miracle. Marlena feels there is no miracle. She must move on with her own life. Kayla is concerned. Marlena is at her wit's end. Kayla suggests she stand by her man and help him get the care he needs.
Kay then tells Marlena her idea. If she hits him with divorce papers as leverage, he might agree to get medical attention. Marlena is uncertain.
- Meanwhile, new John is on the phone, talking to a board member about something he found in the DiMera books about his brother. He
is popping pills while talking.
- Stefano takes Johnny for a stroll in the cemetery. His phone rings.
He is dismayed. "John Black is a liar!" he complains to his contact.
John is calling all the board members, to get a new CEO! As it turns out, Sami is in the vicinity, on her way to church to pray. She storms up and snaps at Stefano for being with her son. He points out Elvis needed him to babysit. Sami is still mad. The phoenix reminds her he will be important in the life of his grandson. Sami looks nervous. Her cell rings. It is EJ. Where is she now? She berates him for letting Stefano watch Johnny. He had no choice. Sami fears Stefano might run off with him one day. Still unshaven EJ wants her to come to
Chez Rouge. The convo ends. Stefano tells her he believes she and Elvis belong together and he hopes that soon they will bless him with more heirs. She nervously walks off with Johnny. Stefano's thoughts return to John. He will let him call his little board meeting ...
- The DiMera doorbell rings. Snarky John opens the door. Marlena wants to come in. She enters and he asks why she is there. She would like him to sign the divorce papers. Unless he gets some medical help,
there is no point anymore. John disagrees and grabs and kisses her!
- Lucas enters Chez Rouge, where Sami is a no show (she now fears Stefano knows she is pregnant). Lucas walks up to EJ to offer him his best and asks him if he is cool with the situation, but EJ has no idea what he is talking about ...!
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