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Friday October 17, 2008 
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- Lucas enters Sami's exam room. She is in tears. Lucas asks if she
had an abortion. The doc and nurse leave. Sami exclaims she would never do that!  She has come to a decision. And she needs to talk to someone before she tells EJ. Lucas agrees to keep her secret for now. They hug and walk out together.
Meanwhile, Chloe has rushed into the clinic, pretending Sami summoned her. The staff say she cannot see her. Chloe waits until they are distracted and goes toward the examination room. Once
Sami and Lucas have exited, she has a peek at Sami's file. A nurse walks up. Chloe pretends to be a pharmaceutical rep, awaiting the doctor. The nurse leaves. Chloe reads on ... Chloe later returns home to the cabin and smacks Lucas across the face for getting Sami pregnant! Lucas is dismayed she must have followed him. Chloe yells they are through. Lucas blurts out the baby is not even his! He did not want to betray Sami's trust and that was why he didn't tell her. Chloe does not like them having secrets. She then realizes the father must
be EJ! Lucas replies Sami will tell him the news today ...
- At the pub, Caroline is setting up for an annual luncheon. Enter Stephanie and Max, who tell her she will soon be in the clear. She listens intently. They tell her about Trentís wallet. It only has both
their fingerprints. Caroline is baffled. Steph says someone planted it in her purse. Enter sarcastic Mel on cue. Caroline gives the three some privacy and heads off to attend to the twins. Mel starts to leave. Steph stops her. Oh no, she is not going anywhere! Steph grabs her by the arm. Max calls her off, but Mel owes them an explanation about how Trent's wallet ended up in Steph's purse. Max accuses her. Mel plays dumb. Steph accuses her louder. Mel grins sarcastically and suggests they get the wallet dusted for prints. Silence. She does the math and smugly asks if their prints were found on it, certainly not hers were on it, so she wants an apology. Steph grabs her and tosses her across the table like a ragdoll!  Hair is pulled! Max breaks it up. Steph agrees to give him 30 minutes with his sis, to get to the truth. She exits. Max asks Mel what she is thinking. Mel remembers the last time someone got physical her like that was ...  "Our father," Max concludes. Mel finally confesses she put the wallet in Steph's purse but claims she did so for Caroline. Max thinks she was protecting herself. He needs her
to be honest. Mel says she has been a brat and he has been too nice.
In addition, she doesn't think he can handle the truth cos she sure can't! Did she kill their father? "Maybe I did," she laments.
- At DiMera mansion, Lexie walks in on Stefano's celebration with Nicole and a subdued EJ. EJ takes Nicole elsewhere. Stefano tells his daughter the good news. Lexie is there about Theo. She is stern. He needs his grandpa to do something important for him. The mayor put up the wacko sitter to trashing her and Abe and now it is all over the internet. The mayor has claimed that she and Abe are unfit parents
and even brought up her past affairs! Stefano is stunned. He listens as Lexie complains that the mayor dragged Theo into it. He assures her the mayor will ... back down. Lexie knows about his association with the seedy mayor and unless Stefano ends it, he will not be seeing Theo! She departs. Alone, Stefano rages that the mayor is a bastard ...
Later, Mayor Marino smugly toasts an associate at the bar as his competitor's campaign is DOA. Not so says Lexie, catching the
corrupt politician off guard! She reminds him Stefano is a major contributor of his and she has tremendous influence with him! Exit Lexie. Marino calls Stefano on his cell. The phoenix was expecting
his call. He tells him they are thru, he warned him his family was off limits! The mayor claims it is politics. Stefano disagrees. Now it is about family and he is therefore severing all ties with him!
- Elsewhere at the mansion, EJ shows Nicole the guest room he would like to be the baby's room, next to her suite. Nicole is happy and feels welcome. EJ makes it known that he does not want their child compromised. For a moment he thought she was compromising their child to ingratiate herself with Stefano! (as we reported yesterday, EJ only agreed to let her tell Stefano she was pregnant as he was being an impossible host). EJ accuses her of trying to bond with the phoenix.
He wants her to keep her distance from his obsessive papa who only desires to perpetuate his legacy. He has been thru this with Samantha already. Nicole gets snarky that he mentions Samiís name in every conversation. EJ replies he has guilt and sadness for Johnny as he and Sami could not be a family. Nicole insists he can have everything with her. She wants to be a good mother. She smiles. They are both getting a second chance but he must let go of his past with Sami for it to
work. Nicole walks away ...
- Sami arrives at the park to pick up the twins from Caroline. Little Johnny plays with his truck, while Aly is asleep. Caroline goes off to get Johnny a balloon. Sami talks to her toddler about his new sibling. She hasn't told his daddy yet because she is scared of Stefano. She must do the right thing. She hopes the baby she is carrying will understand that she did the best she could. She has decided she has
to tell the truth - now!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Stefano informs Nicole lunch is ready to
be served. EJ wants a moment alone. She wants to go out for air. He stops her and assures her he will be there for their child. How can he convince her that the most important thing is his child's future? Nicole is uncertain about their future. She lays her cards on the table. Sometimes EJ acts like he wants to be with her, but then seems more interested in Sami. EJ reminds her she had pushed him away. She says that was Trent's fault and he will never be a problem for her again!
She then returns the convo to them and their baby. There is time to
see if there is more between them than just the baby. She kisses him. He smiles and starts to kiss her back. They proceed to make out, not realizing someone is at the front door. It is Sami, who rings the doorbell. She has forgotten her keys. They hear the doorbell but continue making out on the sofa regardless. Sami walks around to the side glass doors and looks in, shocked by the scene of passion she sees! Seconds later, Mayor Marino shows up at the front door and bangs angrily on it. He demands that Stefano let him in.  A gunman in
a black leather jacket suddenly approaches and shoots him twice. The mayor collapses. The gunman crouches down and checks for a pulse, to make sure his target is dead. Just then Sami walks around the corner, only to find herself face to face with the mayorís assassin!

Thursday October 16, 2008


It is morning in Salem ...
Nicole gets home from a prenatal workout. EJ is at her hotel room door. He smiles and states he is picking her up for their date. Nicole
is pleasantly surprised. EJ invites her to Chicago, to go to her fav restaurant and then go out for a special day. He alludes to the fact
that he is trying to move on from what he had chased after (i.e. Sami), which was not meant to be. He is full of charm. Nicole leaves the
room to get changed. EJ sits. There is a knock at the door. It is the hotel, handing an eviction notice for Nicole. EJ opens it. He soon has her items packed. Nicole walks in, confused. EJ tells her she is being booted out of the hotel for an unpaid bill. He has ordered food. Nicole helps herself and blames Victor. She will be homeless! EJ  suggests both she and Pookie come and stay with him! He has gallantly settled her bill. Nicole is uncertain she should impose. EJ brings up all the rooms available at the mansion. Her moving in is what he wants. Nicole wonders about Sami. EJ replies they are thru and he plans to take care of her and their baby. She can count on him. Nicole agrees. She hugs EJ and thanks him. But what about Stefano? He still does
not want the phoenix to know about the baby. He will handle it. The happy pair head off to the dog groomer to pick up Pookie.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano grandly sits reading the newspaper, muttering about Abe's mistake. Enter John, who announces it is over. He has won! Stefano asks him to repeat. John does. Stefano has won everything. John is giving up control of the DiMera empire effective immediately and by week's end, he will be out of the mansion, too! Stefano considers. John wonders if he is pleased. Yes, he is. The phoenix stands up and pats John on the arm. A wise decision. But
why the sudden change of heart? John pleasantly replies it is what Blondie wants.
- Chloe meets with Marlena in her office, for advice with Lucas. Blondie is not sure she can help. Lucas is part of her family. Chloe
just wants to know if she is overreacting. She does not want to be a fool again. Marlena asks what the problem is. Chloe thinks Lucas is cheating on her! Sami has moved in to the cabin and Lucas and her looked very cozy together. Marlena seems a little surprised but says she has no information and if she did, she could not tell her. Chloe should take it up with Lucas. Chloe agrees and thanx the doc for her help. Exit Chloe. Enter John, with something big to tell Marlena. He
is a changed man, for real. He admits EJ was right. He needs to take action and not lose her for good. So he gave up control of the DiMera empire - for her. Marlena's eyes sparkle. She does not know what to say. He says he did it because he loves her. He starts to leave. He has packing to do, to move out of DiMera mansion. Marlena tells him she is proud. Perhaps they could go for coffee and a talk, but he is in a hurry to move out. Before closing the door behind himself, John casually adds he signed the divorce papers. The ball is in her court ...
- At the cabin, Sami sits before the fireplace. She is a bit down that Lucas is leaving for a meeting. She tells Lucas she informed EJ they were pretty much thru without saying she was pregnant. Lucas has
had it! From now on she is on her own. Sami disagrees. Lucas points out she cannot hide her condition for long. Sami says she can go away. She wants her baby to be protected from Stefano. Lucas has faith in EJ, that he would protect his new child from Stefano. Sami thinks
only she can do it. Lucas is against her lying. And when Stefano and
EJ find out, boy will they be mad. Sami comes up with a scheme.
How about pretending Lucas is the father? No way in hell, he retorts.  Sami protests she wants to give her baby a normal life. Lucas claims she is being unfair. Sami cries but Lucas says he will not do it. He criticizes her for laying a guilt trip on him. Sami says she knows he
just fears losing his sex kitten Chloe. Lucas replies she is out of line. Sami never does the right thing! Sami asks him to stay. Lucas is mad and he will not be a part of the scenario. He storms out. Sami now appears desperate. What will she do? She opens the yellow pages and encircles an address. It is the only way. She picks up the telephone receiver, still in tears ...
Lucas later returns to an empty cabin. He calls Sami's cell and leaves an apologetic voicemail. He understands she is stressed out. He spies the opened yellow pages and sees she has encircled Brookfield clinic, which offers family planning as well as abortions. He assumes she is having an abortion and rushes out!
- Meanwhile, Sami is led into a consultation room at the clinic. She is anxious and in a hurry. The nurse goes to fetch the doctor. The doc comes in. Is she ready? Yes, she is. She is soon lying down, with the doctor getting ready. Moments later, Lucas arrives at the clinic. Is
Sami there? He pretends he is her husband and he must see her! Just then Chloe calls his cell and hears the receptionist answer the clinic phone. What is Lucas doing at Brookfield Clinic? She overhears the nurse say he may see his wife now! Chloe is stunned. Lucas gets off the phone fast and rushes into the examination room, where Sami
sits in a huddle, teary-eyed ...
- Nicole and EJ arrive at DiMera mansion. Stefano walks out to see what all the commotion is about and is shocked to hear she is moving in! Shock turns to anger. He decides who comes and goes! He calls Nicole a boarder, Pookie a mutt. Nicole thinks they should tell him.
EJ agrees. Nicole turns to the phoenix, who demands to know what is going on. "We are having a baby," Nicole says. Stefano smiles like a
cheshire cat. Another heir! He fawns over Nicole and assigns her the suite overlooking the pool. And he will have the cook attend to her every need. She is now a member of the family! Nicole feels a strong kick. EJ puts his hand on her stomach and does not feel anything.
But Stefano feels it. A hell raiser, he chuckles. EJ appears distracted. Stefano proposes a toast. To the next generation of DiMeras. "The Dynasty continues!" the godfather gloats.

Wednesday October 15, 2008


Kate talks biz with Chris on the phone by the Kiriakis pool. Dan
walks up in his swimsuit. Kate's interest is piqued. Dan soon dries himself off. He is pleased she is feeling better, Kate sits down and
says she might have made a little progress with Chelsea, though she
did not tell her about the biopsy. She is optimistic. Dan gets quiet and Kate wonders if he has already seen the results. Not yet. He is just worried and wants her to be prepared. He sits down opposite her.
Now Kate would rather enjoy the beautiful day. They lock eyes.
Kate suggests they share a bottle of wine. Dan agrees. His cell rings.
It is the lab. The test results were inconclusive. Kate happily asks if that means she does not have cancer. Not yet. They are now standing. Kate wants him to know that having him there today helped her. He
is glad. Kate believes that facing one's mortality makes one see things more clearly and appreciate those who matter. The distance between them is closed and they start to kiss passionately. After their lovefest, they lie nekid together by the pool. He is there for her, and she appreciates this beautiful day. They kiss again ...
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole informs EJ she will be moving in. The mansion is first class! EJ has a drink and thinks aloud. It must be
about the money, that must be why she wanted this pregnancy.
Nicole sarcastically agrees. She is clearly offended. Elvis stops her from leaving. He is sorry and blames his nerves. Nicole's concern is
the baby. EJ felt she might have planned the whole thing. Nicole repeats this is her miracle. EJ brings up her history. He does not want what she had with Victor. Nicole asks if EJ wishes to marry her. EJ is hypothetical only, he is still trying to process the fact that they are having a baby, marriage is the last thing on his mind. He adds that Nicole moving in there would be too complicated. And then there is Stefano. Nicole wonders where the phoenix is. Perhaps he would be more enthusiastic and she should tell him her good news. EJ is against it. Nicole has had enough and departs. EJ places a call on his cell ...
- At the cabin, Sami is wearing a baggy shirt to look less pregnant. Lucas doesn't think it will work. Enter Chloe, who hears EJ's name
and says he will know exactly what is going on. Chloe wrongly assumes Sami has gained weight from snacking. Sami goes along and then gives Lucas and Chloe their privacy, hobbling out with her bags
of new baggy clothes. Chloe wants to know when she is leaving.
Lucas is blunt. She is gonna be staying with them for a while! Diva Chloe is mad. Lucas says he is just helping her out. Chloe fumes. She likes playing house with him and Aly sometimes but what about her? The smelly little cabin has gotten too crowded. Diva Chloe waltzes
out. Lucas can call her when Sami is no longer there!
Sami's cell rings. It is EJ. He announces he is on his way to the island, to spend some time with his son. Sami is in a tizzy. Lucas has to go into town. He leaves as EJ arrives, much to Sami's dismay. She tries
to make small talk. Johnny is napping. EJ should go home. He claims he needs a friend to talk to and sits down. The situation is a disaster with Nicole. Sami is teary-eyed and congratulates him. Will he marry her? Sami says she thinks it is fate he and Nicole belong together. EJ doubts she means that. In fact, he always thought that he and Sami ... His voice trails off. Sami states she is tired. EJ gets the hint and leaves. Once alone, Sami starts to cry. She later looks after Johnny and cries that to protect the ones we love, we must make tough choices.
- Chloe shows up on Nicole's doorstep. She sits down and sees the baby ultrasound results. Is it a scam? Nicole says it is a miracle and
EJ has been proven as the papa. She confesses EJ accused her of plotting after the DiMera fortune so she walked out. Chloe walked out too cos of Sami taking up residence with Lucas. There is a knock on the door. It is Lucas, there to apologize to Chloe. EJ is behind him.
He needs to make an apology, too! Lucas tells Chloe he is sorry. They kiss. He assures her she is his future. Meanwhile, Nicole holds a shaking Pookie and asks EJ what changed his mind. He replies he came to his senses and now appears to be pleased. He was confused
at first. He would like to be a part of her and their child's life. How about that date they keep talking about?
- At the Brady pub, Abraham reads anonymous internet gossip and complains to Evan, who warns him the mayor knows about Lexie's past affairs and is about to make them public!
- At the park are Lexie and Theo, who gets excited when Chelsea arrives for their play date. Chels tells Lexie she just wanted to strangle that sitter ranting on tv! Lex says it was the mayor's doing but she is done with the campaign anyway. They sit on a bench and discuss. Chels tries to encourage her. Abe is so strong and dependable. They talk relationships. Chels claims she and Dan are over. Just seeing him makes her feel awful. Lexie advises her to forgive him. She agrees to try and let go of her anger. Then it is off to the swings with Theo! A cameraman with an online news site walks up to Lexie and asks about her affairs with Tek and Brandon, the camera filming in her face! Chels and Theo head over to support Lexie. So does angry Abe.
Lexie looks straight into the camera and has her say. She refuses to comment on her past but will say something about her future. This campaign is about the issues, not their personal pasts or their son's autism. She stands proudly next to her husband and it seems she is in the race after all! Later on at the pub, proud Abe asks what changed her mind. Chelsea helped, Lexie admits ...
- At  DiMera mansion, Stefano is playing chess as the nervous mayor complains Abe has announced his candidacy for mayor. Stefano
retorts Abe is family. The mayor reminds him he won't be able to
buy Abe the way he has bought him! He wants his support. More.
But what will Stefano get in return? The phoenix laughs at how threatened the mayor feels and agrees to help him defeat Abe, on
one condition. He must leave daughter Lexie and grandson Theo out
of the dirty campaigning. It seems he is unaware that the mayor has already broken the terms of their agreement ...!

Tuesday October 14, 2008


Nick is drinking at the pub. Mel walks down the stairs and wonders why he is drinking. He just had a fender bender behind the wheel. Morning drinking does not seem to be him. What is the matter?
"I think you know," Nick replies. Mel blames herself. Nickster replies it's not her fault. She gives him some friendly advice. He should stay away from her. Nick then charms her. She thinks he is cute. He has
a sexy smile and he is too nice for her. They sit at a table. Nick thinks she is beautiful, smart, funny, awesome. He doesn't take a bullet for just anyone! Mel impulsivey reaches over and kisses him.
- Bo pays Kayla a visit at the hospital while there on police business. He sees Nicole and EJ walk by and says there goes a suspect! EJ and Nicole are there for a paternity test. Nicole is disappointed in EJ's reaction and blames Sami. Bo walks up and asks Nicole who might have murdered her ex-husband. She did try to kill another husband in the past. Nicole gets catty. Bo says he will be watching her and saunters off. EJ apologizes for demanding the test but he needs to know for sure. She states she is not Sami. He states they are a lot alike! Nicole is miffed. They soon meet with Kayla, who sends Nicole in. EJ's cell rings. Kayla walks in and asks Nicole if Stefano knows she is carrying EJ's baby! She then does the ultrasound as EJ enters. The baby is fine. EJ wants the paternity test. Kayla assures them it is safe, just some of the mother's blood needs to be drawn for DNA testing. Exit Kayla. Nicole holds a picture of her baby. She wants EJ to know he can trust the mother of his child. Later Kayla hands them the test results. Nicole then asks EJ if he wants her to do it on her own or will they be in it together to raise their baby? It is up to him.
- At the cabin, shirtless Lucas comes out for coffee. Sami sits him down and tells him her shocking news. EJ got both her and Nicole pregnant! Lucas chuckles. Sami is livid. Lucas thinks it could be good news. Perhaps Stefano will focus on Nicole's DiMera heir. He realizes that Sami has not told EJ about her baby. She says now she won't. Lucas disagrees. She must tell him the truth. And what did her folks say? No answer. Lucas lectures her for not telling them or the baby's father. She will lose EJ to Nicole. Sami retorts she would sacrifice her feelings to make sure she not raise another DiMera baby. How can
she hide it, Lucas says. Sami refuses to face reality and wants Lucas
to respect her wishes and keep her secret! They later continue their discussion. Sami begs him not to tell anyone. He reluctantly agrees but he will not keep it for long. Exit the now suited Lucas. Sami suddenly get an idea. Perhaps there is another way ...!
- Up in Max's room, Stephanie places a call to Bo. He is not in. She has Trent's wallet in her hand and is fully dressed. Enter Max, who would like to know where she is going with that wallet! To the police. No way, says Max! She is sorry she accused him, but he needs to stop protecting Mel. She hands him the wallet. It is evidence and they therefore have to turn it into the police today. Max does not wish to
rat out his sister. Steph insists, as Mel is at least hiding something.
Max says he will destroy it. Steph protests. That wallet could be the only thing that could clear his mother! Max sees the light. She is his number one priority. He and Steph head over to Bo at the station and Max hands him the wallet. Bo demands to know how they came by it. Steph says she thinks Mel planted it in her purse, likely yesterday at
the station. Bo says the wallet was missing when they found the body. He leaves to get it dusted for prints. When he returns, he says they have implicated themselves. Only their prints were found!
- At the park, Lexie and Theo meet with Lacey the sitter. Lexie fires her. She is stunned. Lexie points out she should not have turned her back. No, she cannot give her a second chance. Lacey begs and then blames Theo for running off. She needs the money, her student loans are maxed out. Abe walks up and hands her her final check. Mad Lacey storms off and places a call to Mayor Marino's office.
He meets her for the dirt she claims to have on the Carver family.
- Elegant Abe and Lexie arrive at Chez Rouge with little Theo, to kick off his mayoral campaign! Maggie takes the lad for cookies. Balloons abound. Photographers take pics as the future mayoral first couple
talk. Abe is confident with Lex by his side. He confers with his campaign manager Evan as Lexie chats with Maggie. Buttons are handed out. Evan takes the mike to introduce honorable Abe as a mayoral candidate. Meanwhile, Mayor Marino watches the live broadcast from his office. Lexie spies Lacey in the crowd. Abe takes
to the podium and declares his candidacy for mayor of Salem. Wacko Lacey rushes up and starts trashing him and Lexie. She rants to the press that she is their fired sitter. She spent more time with autistic Theo than them! Lexie retorts she is lying. Abe points out she is disgruntled. Lacey lies that Abe had eyes for her. Maggie wants her
out of the restaurant. Lacey adds that Theo is not disciplined and throws temper tantrums. The mayor applauds in his office while watching the scene unfold on tv. Evan orders Lacey to leave. She shrieks on like a madwoman. Abe Carver is not the mayor they want! The press gathers around her. Later, Abe blames Marino for the incident and vows to fight him. Lexie, however, says she cannot go thru with it as she cannot bear to hear lies about her little boy. She takes Theo by the hand and walks away ...

Monday October 13, 2008


Max is in his room, looking at Trent's wallet. Enter Stephanie. Max
is fuming. He tells her he found Trent's wallet in her purse! Steph is confused. Max wants an explanation. How did it get in her purse? She says it was not there before. She recalls putting down her purse at the police station, when Mel was there! Max defends his sis. She would never do that!  Steph loves Max and cannot bear to see him used and duped. She feels sorry for Melanie but she uses people and lies. Look at her history! Max admits she has problems and maybe she did put
the wallet in Stephís purse. Steph points out if she did, she must have taken it from Trent. She thinks Melanie is the killer! Max shouts he knows for a fact she did not kill Trent. Eerie music is heard as Steph retorts the only way he would know that is if he killed Trent himself...
- Phil and Mel are at the cemetery and he wants answers. Why did
she have Trent's wallet? He gave it to her. Phil doubts it. She took it and he will tell Bo if she does not come clean. Mel exclaims he gave it to her right there, in the cemetery. Phil demands to know when. "The night he was murdered," Mel replies. Phil wants to know more. Mel tells him about their creepy convo. Trent wanted her to help him with his Claude debt. Phil is horrified. Mel says her answer was no. Then what? Mel flashes back to when she had the knife but claims she just told him she never wanted to see him again and left. Phil doubts it was like that and starts to leave to tell Bo. Mel stops him and admits there
is more. She then admits she pulled a knife but she did not kill him. Phil accuses her of playing him. Time to tell the truth! Mel remembers how they both reached for the knife. Did she kill Trent? Melanie turns to Phillip, her young face filled with torment. "I donít know."
- Marlena receives a delivery of documents at the hospital. The state will need both her and John's signatures for the divorce. Cue John, who now  walks up. "Blondie?" Why has she not returned his messages? He brings up Elvis. She admits she asked him to talk to
him. John laments Elvis referred to him as though he were heartless.
Is that what she thinks of him? Blondie admits she now sees him as
a stranger. He insists she should not give up on him. He has tried to bring honor to the DiMera family name. Marlena admits it is not enough as the man she fell in love with had been a humanitarian. John is trying. She needs to listen! He says Nicole is pregnant and Elvis is the father. That proves someone trusts him. In addition, he gave her advice! John advised her to tell EJ about it. Marlena smiles. He did
the right thing. John smiles too. Would she like to grab a bite to eat?
- Replay of Sami entering DiMera mansion as Nicole tells EJ she is pregnant. He is speechless. Sami does not show herself and continues to listen. John gives the pair privacy. Nicole would like to hear his reaction. He is stunned and wants to know why she never told him sooner. Nicole says she did not want to feel like a fool. She criticizes him for his stiff upper lip. Is he not excited? Sami storms in and accuses Nicole of lying. She calls her names. EJ steps in. This is between him and Nicole. And why was she spying on them? Sami warns EJ he should not believe Nicole, as she cannot have children.
EJ is curious. Sami repeats. Nicole cannot have children. EJ asks if it
is true. Yes, Nicole says, but she recently saw a doctor who informed her she is pregnant and there is some medical explanation. She is convinced it is a miracle. Sami taunts her. Nicole feels the baby kick and shows her stomach. Sami is shocked. EJ asks Samantha to leave. She does, thinking "That bastard got both of us pregnant!" 
Nicole tells EJ she feels fragile and hopes he does not feel pressure.
EJ crouches down to see her stomach. They later sit and discuss the situation. Elvis is a tad overwhelmed. Nicole is grateful and feels the universe is giving her s second chance. EJ takes her hand. Nicole repeats the baby is a miracle - their miracle. EJ says she has certainly given him a lot to think about. Nicole is unsure. Is he happy? He sighs. Yes, he is. Nicole is relieved. EJ then drops a bomb. He will need proof that the child is his ...
- Diva Kate is fashion shopping. Mad Chelsea shows up. She does not believe Kate's health crisis. Chels thinks Danís message was a ploy to get them together and says after today, she does not wish to see her again! Dan text messages Kate. Kate puts her cell away and tells her granddaughter about her cough and the tests. Meanwhile, she is trying to enjoy herself. Chelsea feels bad and sniffs she has been selfish and insensitive. All she can think about is Kate and Dan together. Kate thinks they should talk about it. Chelsea refuses. Kate says she has
had it with Chelseaís resentment though she herself has been forgiven numerous times! Chels needs to deal with the fact that people make mistakes. And what she and Dan did was not wrong! Chelsea wishes she could get over it, yet cannot, and leaves.
- At the hospital, Sami rushes up to John and Marlena and gasps she needs to talk to Marlena! John will call Blondie later. He walks off. Marlena tells Sami to calm down. Sami tells her about Nicole. She already knows. Marlena wonders why Sami is so upset. Sami believes Nicole is after EJ's money. Marlena points out it is so tough having a DiMera heir and Stefano will make her life difficult. In fact, until he is somewhere else, there will be no peace in Salem. Marlena adds she is just happy it is not Sami who is pregnant ...!
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