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Friday November 14, 2008 
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Nicole bumps into EJ, all dolled up with her coat on, at DiMera mansion. He asks if she is going somewhere in a hurry. Pre-natal check-up. He tags along. Later Dr. Dan is with Nicole and EJ in a hospital examination room She has felt the baby kicking. Dan believes all seems well. She lies down on the table and they get to ready to
hear the baby's heartbeat. It's all good.  Dan tells them the next appointment will be an ultrasound. EJ and Nicole smile. She would
be happy to know if the baby is a boy or girl. EJ tells Dan he would rather wait until the baby is born, however. They can pick out two
little names. Nicole agrees to wait.  EJ's cell rings, He leaves to take
the call. Nicole then asks Dr. Dan about sex. Is it okay? Totally fine. Enter EJ. Dan departs. Her next appointment will be in a month. EJ follows Dan outside. He has a question about sex. Is it safe ...?
- At the witness protection apartment, Rafe hands Sami a cup of coffee. She thanks him for not talking to his boss. He gets quiet.
She wonders why. He did talk to his boss last night about her. Sami explodes. Rafe explains. He did not tell her secret, he was checking
up on her, to make sure she was telling the truth. Sami yells and yells some more. She will stop talking to him. He wishes! He still has one more thing to tell her. Nicole is outta jail on bail and living at the DiMeras. Sami yells she will call her mom and hyperventilates. Rafe informs her Nicole is no longer the number one suspect. Sami yells. What if the cops are wrong and her son is living with a murderer?
She yells some more. EJ is under Nicole's influence. Rafe wonders
if Nicole is innocent. Sami later rants and does dishes. But Rafe believes he now knows what is going on. Sami is in love with EJ!
- At the pub, Chloe fiddles in her purse for cash to pay her bill. Brady walks up. "This should cover it." He points out he has been clean for
a year now. She congratulates him but why is he in Salem? Brady states he came back to see her. She doubts it. He was trying to be
nice. He does want to sort out what happened to their marriage. It is
a shame how it ended. He has guilt for failing to make her happy.
He asks her forgiveness for treating her badly. She feels she is also
to blame, for putting her operatic ambition first and letting him self-destruct. But he blames himself for that addiction. He is himself
again, though he lost the one person who meant the most to him.
She wishes she could have helped him. They both accept responsibility. She takes his hand. They officially forgive each other and hug. He asks if she is happy with Lucas. She says they get along well. How is his dad? Brady finds it hard. When Chloe mentions John and Nicole are friends, as she and Nicole also are, he is surprised. A
lot has changed.
Chloe later drops by the hospital. Dan praises her for helping Kate.
Their eyes lock. He is then paged by the trauma center and walks off after praising her again. Chloe looks after the doc as he leaves ...
- At Horton house, Nick watches in the doorway as Mel nervously closes her purse. Eerie music is heard. Nick approaches. What was
she looking at? She replies she was just daydreaming. Maggie wants him to call her. She says she has a headache. Nick hands her the
purse. He knows something is bothering her. What is it? She yells
she is living with an insane person and shows him the note with the matching paper. She thought he was her friend. He is, he insists! Mel accuses him of terrorizing her. He admits he wrote the note, as he
was trying to protect her. Mel says she knows he thinks he is in love with her. Max told her. Was he scaring her so she would love him?
No, he did it to protect her! Mel screams up a storm. Nick claims he saw what happened the night her father was murdered. She wants the truth. Did he kill Trent? Nick has another murderous flashback and looks ominous. "No, you did." He says he saw it all. Mel sobs. Tell
her now! Nick then spins his yarn. He saw her stab Trent and then
she must have fainted cos she fell and hit her head. Mel is horrified. What kind of person is she? She must go to the police. Nick stops her. They need to keep her outta jail. They are leaving Salem right now!
- At the police station, Bo and Hope discuss needing to figure out who the tall guy is, the one Nicole saw at the cemetery in the distance, the night of Trentís murder. Hope finds out Ray the caretaker was there, and did not tell the truth about being there as it was his night off and
he was stealing headstones for big money. Bo puts out an APB. They find him at the bar. Bo plays hardball. Hope wants to know if anyone was at the cemetery the night Trent was murdered. Yup. They show him pics and he identifies Mel as well as Nick! Thatís him alright. The man he saw at the cemetery!
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole and EJ start to make out. He goes upstairs. She will soon meet him in the bedroom. Ding dong. She answers the door. It is Brady!
- Back at Horton house, Nick warns Mel he perceived that Hope and Bo now consider her a prime suspect again. He does not know how well he would do with the cops. They must leave now. It is their only choice. She agrees and races upstairs to pack. Within minutes, they
will both flee ...

Thursday November 13, 2008


- At the park, Lexie asks Theo what he would like to do. He throws
his toy truck and gets upset. Lexie tries to clam him down and says they will go home. Here comes Chelsea. She tells Lexie to stop, and Theo runs to her. Chelsea sings the farmer in the dell. Theo settles down. Chelsea takes him back to Lexie. They all sit on the bench. Chelsea just recently learned kids with autism respond to music.
Lexie thanks her. Theo is lucky to have her. Chelsea loves working with him. Lexie tries to play with Theo. He yells no no no no no! Chelsea takes over and Theo is fine. She points out it is because she
is not his mom. She will spend some time with him if Lexie likes.
Lexie feels down but smiles and agrees. Theo ignores her and goes
off to the swings with playmate Chelsea.
- At Horton house, Nick sees Maggie, who is back from the green convention. Mickey is in NYC. Maggie wants to know why Melanie
is still there. Mel is listening outside the door! Maggie thought she would only be there a day or two. Nick explains she has been thru so much. Enter Mel, who exclaims how welcome she feels. Nick leaves
to run an errand. Once outside, he has a convo on his cell with a
nurse and he is mad that she will not help him get a refill on his meds! Still in the house, Maggie notes Mel is wearing a ring from Nick. Mel says it is a friendship ring and means much as she has no friends. Maggie tells her about Willow, who also had few friends and took advantage of Nick. She fell, hit her head and died, but not before 
Nick got burned. Mel says she will never hurt Nick. Maggie replies
if she does, she will answer to her!
- There is a knock on Blondie's door. Enter John, who announces he has hired a P.I. to find the mayor's assassin. And then no more
witness protection for poor Sami. The dude he hired is on his way there. Marlena blinks. He is coming over now? Another knock sounds at the door. John assumes it is the P.I. and opens it. Tis Brady! Marlena rushes up and hugs him! John appears aloof. Brady is glad to see him. John retorts nothing has changed since they spoke on the telephone and gives him the brush off. Marlena reminds John that his son is now home! Marlena has a seat with Brady, who tells her he went from rehab to working on a farm in Vienna. The manual labor gave him a chance to think. Marlena asks John to join them. The
pawn suspiciously approaches and sits in a chair. Clean-cut Brady is there to make amends. His knows his addiction hurt a lot of people. John suddenly announces he must leave and departs. Brady is disappointed. He would have hoped for some improvement, though
he should be grateful he is alive. Marlena informs him that John
seems to be ill. She fills him in on the seizures, abnormal results, and the fact that John's fear of docs and what they might find has led him to refuse treatment. Brady also learns of the divorce. He does not
want Marlena to give up on his dad. Blondie says she never will.
Brady offers to help. Marlena invites him to stay with her. There is a knock on the door. John is back. He has his contact on the case. He remarks Brady is still there. Brady looks him in the eye. Yup and
John had better get used to it, as he plans to stick around. Whatever, says the pawn. Marlena suggests they spend some time together. John answers his plate is full and leaves again. Brady notes he is a stranger to him. Marlena promises that will change and understands how hard this must be, but Brady is her family too. And one day John will look at him and see part of himself and then he will be back. Family hug!
- At the hospital, Max approaches Kayla. He is sorry. She was right. He hurt people by finding his sister. Kayla says she was originally ambivalent as she did not want him to get hurt. Max declares it is
time for him to move on in life and love.
Meanwhile, Nick approaches a doc for a refill on his pain killer meds. The doc reluctantly prescribes a small amount. Nick runs into Kayla, who wonders if he is alright. When she sees the prescription in his hand, she remarks that such meds can be addictive quickly. Nick claims he only takes them once in a while. Kayla looks concerned. Eerie music is heard as Nick walks off ...
- Lexie is now at the pub. She sits with Kayla and baby Joe and
admits Theo would rather be with anyone but her. He must feel her impatience. Perhaps she is not a good mother. Kayla offers up her encouragement. Lexie is a great mom. They all need help sometimes. And Theo certainly feels her love. Lexie thanks her for the talk. Mission accomplished.
- Back at the park, Max sees sister Melanie on a bench and sits with her. He explains that Nick has admited he is in love with her. Mel is surprised. Max notices her new bling and doubts it when she calls it a friendship ring. She should give back the ring and stop leading him on. Does she love Nick? No answer. Max warns Mel not to hurt him as she flounces off. Chelsea and Theo later approach Max. She thanks him for being a good friend the previous night. He asks after Kate.
No visitors just yet. They then talk Melanie. Max sees where it is headed. Yes, Chels agrees, and it is a shame they cannot prevent her from breaking poor Nick's heart. Chelsea feels responsible for hurting him first but hopes he will have luck. Max thinks he is gonna need it...
- At the Horton house, Nick is annoyed when Maggie explains how
she has put Mel on notice. Maggie steps away to take a call on her
cell. When she returns, Nick has just finished popping some pills and drops the bottle, Maggie picks it up. What is he doing with these addictive things?! He hurt that shoulder a long time ago. She accuses him of being addicted to these meds already when he was arrested
for drunk driving. Nick throws it in her face that she was an addict, too. He then apologizes. Maggie implores him to take care of himself and exits, Nick mutters he and Mel are leaving, they are taking a trip. Mel has just returned and overhears Nick. They are taking a trip?
Yes, how about Green Mountain Lodge? Mel is not interested.
Nick gets offended and walks outside. Mel beats herself up for alienating her only friend. Nick's cell, which he left behind, rings.
Mel picks it up. It is Maggie, who wants him to return her call asap. Mel will write down the message in case she doesn't see him. After getting off the phone, she takes a notepad out of a drawer and recognizes the paper. She now compares it against the threatening
note she received. It is a match! "Nick," she whispers, her pretty
eyes filled with confusion ...

Wednesday November 12, 2008


Heroine Blondie is in the park at night. A hand on her shoulder makes her gasp and turn around. It is John, who murmurs she is tense. Marlena says he is lucky she did not use her mace. John asks how
Eric was. He would have picked her up at the airport. Turns out she has been back all day. John has received the final divorce papers in
the mail. Is this what she wants? Marlena replies it is just how it has
to be. John looks hurt and starts to leave. Marlena stops him. They should not feel awkward. She asks how he is feeling. Has he seen a doctor? No, doctors cannot help him. No one can. She reminds him that years ago when he was Stefano's pawn he said the same thing,
but then he finally let her in. She implores him to let her help him again. All of a sudden, the former pawn collapses! He eventually comes to. She asks what he was thinking just before that happened.
He will not discuss this with her but insists on seeing Blondie home. She does not want to go home just yet so they sit on a bench and talk. He notes she seems different. John is surprised to hear that Sami has gone into witness protection. Marlena wishes she could do something for her. John, man of action that he is, announces that he has an idea!
- At the Cheatin Heart, Phil meets Chelsea, who panics that something is wrong with Kate. Phil assures her Kate is hanging in. Dan kicked
the visitors out as her condition is now fragile. Her reaction to the chemo has made her weak. Chelsea is teary-eyed. Phil says they have to be strong.
Meanwhile, the pub is closed, but that has not stopped Stephanie from showing up to see Max. He has work to do. She is there to return his shirt. Max remembers her wearing it. "Please don't do this." He does not want the shirt. She does not either and claims that despite the pain of their breakup, now she is stronger. Max hopes they can be friends. She does, too - someday. Exit Steph.
- Back at the Cheatin Heart, Phil reminds Chelsea they should be positive for Kate. Exit Chelsea. Phil glumly walks outside and runs
into Stephanie. She sees he needs her and offers to buy him a drink. They get their own table. She has soda, he has a beer, and smoothly offers her an internship at Titan again. Steph is intrigued. How can
she say no? Phil shakes her hand. Welcome to Titan. She will learn
all kinds of stuff from him ...
Back at the pub, Chelsea cries on Max's shoulder. Max reassures her. Kate is strong. She appreciates his company and tea. How are he and Steph? They are officially through. She is sorry. So is he. She recalls how jealous she used to be of Steph and Max. They talk about their past. Chelsea accidentally spills tea on the old shirt, which Max now calls an old rag.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole has just had a bubble bath. She and EJ lounge in the luxurious living room. How about a date, the young master wonders? She doesn't think they should go on a date. EJ asks why she is distant. Nicole does not want anything to go wrong. Last time they made a date, the mayor was killed. EJ is exasperated about her hot and cold pattern. Plus, he does not know much about her. She thinks that might be a good thing! EJ suggests a non-date. They will talk about anything but themselves. He makes her a kitty cosmo. She sips it and feels the baby kick. EJ then feels it, too. They happily discuss. Nicole wants her baby to have the childhood she never had.
EJ promises her she will not go to jail. They are about to kiss until Johnny starts to cry. EJ soon returns from getting him to sleep and lets Nicole know how elated he is to be involved in their baby's life from the beginning. He flatters her. They hug and are about to kiss when EJ's cell phone rings. A client with a messy divorce. As soon as the
call is over, he and Nicole pick up where they left off and start kissing. They then sit on the sofa together, in a blissful embrace ...
- At the witness protection apartment, desperate Sami diverts Rafe
with a sudden cramp. He hangs up before speaking to his superior
and then starts to dial  911. Sami insists she is now fine. The baby kicks. She starts to cry because she is alone to experience her baby's first kick. Rafe is not sure what to do but he is suspicious of her sudden cramp. She puts his hand on her stomach to feel the baby kicking. He is uncomfortable. She teases him for overreacting due to her pregnancy. Rafe states he just wanted to protect the kid. Sami retorts so does she, which is why she is there, stuck with the likes of him! She misses her kids. She tells him a bit about Stefano's sinister history against her family. And now she is concerned that Nicole the murderess might be at the mansion with her son. Still, she cannot go home. Rafe would like to know her plan. EJ will find out she is pregnant sooner or later. Will Sami be the one to tell him, or will he? He thinks part of her is dying for EJ to know she is having the baby! Sami denies it. She all but dares him to make the call to his superior. She then begs him to reconsider. He agrees to sleep on it. Sami heads to bed. Rafe later calls her name, realizes she is fast asleep, and whips out his cell phone to make a call ...

Tuesday November 11, 2008


At the witness protection apartment, Rafe is curious why Sami is wearing his oversized shirt, which is not even baggy on her and it suddenly dawns on him that she is pregnant. He chides her for not telling anyone. Sami looks sheepish but then quickly denies it. Rafe wants to know why she did not tell anyone. She admits she told her dad. Rafe is exasperated that she has lied about it all this time. Sami gets mad. He wants the truth. She pretends her dad told her not to
tell the feds but Rafe is no fool. He will call Roman. Sami is miffed
at "Agent Broken Record." She then changes her tune and promises
to come clean if he doesn't call Roman. In fact, no one knows she is pregnant. Rafe is upset that the entire operation has therefore been compromised. Sami starts to cry. The father and his family might destroy her child's future. Rafe now understands why she has kept it
a secret, though he feels she has been irresponsible. Sami states the father is the notorious, depraved EJ DiMera!
Rafe brings her pickles and a hot drink. Sami goes on. Stefano is evil. Rafe respects why she did not tell EJ but he must call his superior, as there is now an unborn child to consider. He is sorry, but he has no choice. The truth has to come out and in a few hours, Roman will
know as well ....
- At Nicole's prison cell, Nicole is happy to have EJ on her side. EJ realizes that for whoever who did kill Trent, the nightmare is about to begin. Nicole states all she cares about is standing before her now.
Bo and Hope saunter up. Nicole can be released on bail, though the charges have not presently been dropped. EJ will see to her bail. They later return to the mansion, where EJ is attentive towards Nicole, who cannot forget that he originally did not think she was innocent. He
turns on the charm and tells her not to use his initial confusion against him. Nicole, however, has decided it is time for her to say goodbye.
He is stunned and tries to stop her. She has made her decision. EJ discusses. What about all her emotional declarations? Did she not
mean it? Nicole sighs. She wanted him to want her and then he suspected her of murder. He reminds her they have already had this conversation and seemed to be connecting. She always senses his ambivalence despite his lovely words. He eventually disappears emotionally every time. EJ admits he is not the most demonstrative fellow. Nicole cuts him off. She sees how he wonders how he got mixed up with the likes of her. He confides in her that he was thinking of them getting married. Nicole is uncertain. EJ whispers they can
have a wonderful life as a family. Nicole hesitates because of Sami. Can he really let go of her? Yes, he can. They start to kiss ...
- Replay of Nick's flashback (see previous summary). Nick blinks and comes back to reality. Mel asks what he was thinking about. Nothing. She reminds him that close friends don't keep secrets. Eerie music is heard. Nick was thinking about how rough she has had it. His voice monotone, he adds he would do anything for her. There are two more presents. A ring with her birthstone. A friendship ring. Nick says they are friends forever. Mel gets quiet and uncomfortable. She thinks he
is being too kind. He believes she is amazing and would do so much more for her. He then adds that he already has! He has gone against friends to defend her. She feels bad. There is a knock at the door. It
is Hope. She needs to speak with Nick privately. Mel goes for a walk. Hope is sorry she crashed the party. She is checking up on Nick, who now defends Melanie when he hears the suspicion in Hope's voice.
Mel didn't do it! Hope points out the charges against Nicole are not likely to stick ...
- At the hospital, Dan has summoned Phil and Lucas, followed by Chloe. Kate has become anemic as a side effect. Kate has asked to
see them. They wonder why and go to the sleeping Kate's bedside.
Dr. Dan informs them that now is a critical time. Phil wants him to stop the chemo. They go outside her room. Dan says it is not Phil's decision to make. Lucas sides with Dan. Dan refuses to give up on Kate. This is her only chance. Lucas wonders if they should slow it down, however. Dan will do nothing without Kate's consent and
heads off. Lucas and Phil storm away. Elegant Chloe enters Kate's room and sits down. She gives Kate a pep talk. She knows what it takes to win and urges her to fight like the dickens! Her sons need
her. Kate whispers her thanks as Chloe leaves the room.
- At the park, Phil and Melanie run into each other. She calls him a bastard and says he deserves whatever is upsetting him. He lets her know he has found out his mother is dying. Melanie had forgotten.
She is sorry and hopes they are wrong. She rushes away. Meanwhile, back in the Horton kitchen, Hope realizes that Nick knows something about Trent's murder. Nick denies it. Hope says her instincts about people like Melanie are dead on. Nick angrily defends her. Mel is now at the door. Obviously she has missed something. Exit Hope. Nick
tells Mel she was just fishing for info. Mel is dismayed. Nick claims
he was not listening to Hope, as he knows the real truth. He flashes back to stabbing Trent and then turns to Mel. He knows in his heart she did not do the deed.
- Back in Kate's room, both her sons are concerned about her continuing the chemo. Kate is now awake and tells them she has to
do the chemo. She now thinks she can beat the cancer. The boys rally behind her. Dan walks up to Chloe in the hall and thanks her for
talking to Kate.
- Meanwhile, back at the police station. Hope worries to Bo that her cousin Nick's involvement with Melanie will only lead to disaster ...!

Monday November 10, 2008


At Horton house, Nick lights the candles on a birthday cake for Mel. They chat in the kitchen. Mel had a weird feeling that the guy who called her at the Cheatin Heart was watching her when she was there. Nick quietly remembers it was him. Mel thinks the guy likes to scare her. No, Nick says, she shouldnít think that. Mel states if she ever found out who it was, she would kill him! She then smiles neurotically and blows out the candles. Nick asks what she wished for. Maybe he could make it come true. He cannot because what she wished for was to find out who killed her father. Nick advises her to move on and
stop obsessing about it. Eerie music is heard. Mel says she might wonder for the rest of her life if she killed Trent. She admits she still misses him regardless. Nick gives her a birthday present. It is a snow globe of Marseilles. Nick later happily tells her his new data can be
re-submitted for their project. Mel wonders why he always includes her. Nick takes her hand. He would do anything for her. More eerie music is heard. Another gift follows. A beautiful frame. She gives him
a kiss and goes to her room to get the picture she wants to put in it. Nick pulls out a photo of himself and Mel together, which he had evidently hoped to put in the frame. Mel later puts a picture of herself and Trent in the frame. Nick is perplexed. Mel wishes to remember what was good about him. Nick vows if there is anything she ever wants, he will try to get it for her ...
- At the police station, Bo and Hope listen to the recording of Nicole talking. Bo wonders. Suddenly she remembers there was some tall, mysterious man in the shadows? Still, he has the feeling she is telling the truth. Hope points out the man was in the distance. Bo blames himself for not pushing harder. But why did Nicole not say anything early on, unless she really does know who the guy was and plans to take care of it herself. He later tells Hope the D.A. wants the murder case wrapped up fast. He has doubts about the new job. Hope thinks he will be good for the department. Bo realizes Nicole has still not
said anything to clear Melanie, so she remains a suspect at the top of the list. Hope remarks that whoever Nicole saw was not there by accident. She believes he was somehow linked to Nicole or Melanie.
- At Nicole's cell, replay of her accusing EJ of helping Stefano to set her up. He is offended. She accuses him of inviting her to stay at the mansion as part of the plan. That was how they got the bead from her dress! EJ insists he is not trying to take the baby away. She hisses he has done such a thing before! EJ attempts to keep the conversation calm. What he saw her do earlier scared him. Nicole gets paranoid he will use that in the custody case. EJ repeats he is on her side. He
needs her to trust him, yet she replies that would be the worst thing she could do! He understands why she does not trust him. Nicole explains she is scared due to her pregnancy. EJ reminds her that them trusting each other is best for their child. Perhaps they are both known as untrustworthy people, though they need to come together and trust one another. He never tried to take Johnny away from his mother. He would never take a child away from his mother. Ok, Nicole starts to trust him with that, but does he trust her that she has been telling the truth about Trent'ís murder? He now believes her. But Trent almost drove her to it. EJ may not trust her about everything, though he does trust her to do right by heir child and that is the only kind of trust they need now. They agree to trust. She hopes he will get her out of there.
- At the witness protection apartment, nekid Sami screams up a storm as Rafe watches a Bulls game and refuses to hand back her clothes.
He now has a guarantee that she will not go anywhere!  Sami opens
the door and sticks her head out. When she gets outta there, she is going to report him. He does not care as her complaint will not carry much weight. Sami pretends to cry. Rafe doesnít budge. Sami slams the door in a huff. She hopes she never sees another hitman as long
as she lives! It is soon halftime. Sami repeats she will report him. She hates men who gloat. He retorts he hates licorice. Sami acknowledges he wins. Now can she have her clothes? Rafe chomps on chips. The game is about to start again. Sami starts to sing and bang on the wall
to annoy him. Rafe turns up the television. When the game is over, Sami laughs that his team lost the game and he lost his bet. She says she is tired. He is tired too and it is time to go to bed. Sami, clad in the shower curtain, makes more noise but Rafe drowns it out with his earphones and falls asleep on the sofa. Sami sneaks out and gets dressed. Rafe rises and wants to know what she is doing with her bag.
- Back in the Horton kitchen, Melanie would like a piece of cake.
Nick gets the knife and flashes back to the night of the murder. He remembers coming upon Trent hovering over unconscious Melanie in the cemetery. Sinister Trent crouched down near helpless Mel. That was when Nick grabbed the big knife and stabbed him in the back!

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