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Monday, November 30, 2009 
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- At the pub, Rafe is on his phone talking about Nicole. Ari lectures
Gaby for believing a stranger. She now realizes Nicole was even hiding on the pier when she was there! Rafe returns, having finished his call,
and wonders where Sami is. He wants to work on the timeline of what went down with the now remorseful Gaby. He is later joined by Roman and they talk, cop style. They decide Nicole would have gone to a big city. Rafe is not of the opinion she planned this in advance. Roman agrees. The way Rafe sees it, Nicole can con anyone anyplace anytime.
- Sami knocks at DiMera mansion. EJ opens the door, disheveled and unshaven. She shows him the bracelet and he is miffed she did not tell him sooner, then apologizes. She brings him up to speed on the Gaby story. The police have been informed. They both admit they have had little sleep. Sami announces they must set aside their problems and work together to find Sydney. He asks how. She joins him in the living room and asks for honesty. "Is Stefano behind this?" No. Sami is curious whether EJ is moving out. He admits he is staying here in case Nicole calls. He then corrects himself. He is staying there, as it is the last place he saw Sydney. They both blame themselves for what has happened. Sami suggests they try and figure out who Nicole might approach for help. Elvis already gave Roman her address book. Sami thinks of Fay,
then gets distracted when she spies the beautiful Sydney photo album
EJ had been looking at. "She's got a fiery temper and a killer smile,
she's just like you," he says gently. Sami looks at him with tears in her eyes.
- Brady walks outside and leaves a voice mail for Nicole. He wishes he could get Sami her baby back!
- In Cleveland, Nicole opens her door to mama Fay. Family hug! She is thrilled to meet her granddaughter, but deduces Nicki is in big trouble.
Did the DiMeras turn on her? Are they after her? Yes, and she needs help! Fay wants to know what she needs. To get outta the country!
She implies EJ tried to isolate her - to justify why she was estranged
from mama Fay all that time. He was controlling and hurt her! Fay buys her sob story and is moved she took it to protect her daughter. Nicole adds she had a dream she was a little girl again and it was so awful remembering the hell her father put her thru. She would not want Syd
to end up the same way all because she did nothing. "Like I did,"
finishes the now guilt-ridden Fay. She declares perhaps this will be her second chance ... Fay later returns with everything on Nicole's list, including  1200 in cash (all her money), a disposable cell phone, and
baby carriage. She would like to keep helping but Nicole claims it would not be safe. Fay must return to work and kisses Sydney goodbye. Nicole thanks her for being a good mother. They exchange I love you's and embrace.
- At the hospital, Phil and Steph plan a board presentation. They are getting along and he notes they have moved on. Stephanie laments she
is still single."Not for long," he says knowingly. She insists Nath and Mel are happy together and she respects that. Phil recalls kissing Mel and states that Nathan does not appreciate Melanie the way she really is. He thinks Nath is the guy for Steph! She attempts to change the subject.
Phil has an idea. How about they help each other? They can speed up
the inevitable. Steph does not think even Mel would do such a thing!
Phil chuckles he doubts she has changed and unlike Nathan, he likes Melanie the way she is!
- Nath and Mel talk shop at Java Café.He thanks her for dropping in last night. She smiles she just wanted to be near him and teases him about Stephanie falling into his arms. She went gaga! Nathan explains she just fainted. He assures Mel she has nothing to worry about and she flashes back to kissing Phil, only to confesses it is not Stephanie she is worried about. Time to be honest. She has good news and bad news. The good news is she is over Phillip, but the bad news is she kissed him! The righteous young doctor does not take it well. She wonders if she just ruined things and tells him the Marc story, how Phil bailed her out, after which she kissed him on impulse. She adds she told Phil to leave her alone. Nath wonders if that is what she really wants. She says it is and they kiss on it.
- Back at the pub, Ari tries to talk Gaby out of leaving. Along comes Brady, who sides with Ari. Exit mad Gaby. At another table, Roman informs Rafe they have extended the Amber alert to Ohio and Illinois. Will comes along and overhears Rafe mention Sami and EJ trying to work together for their missing child. Will approaches, and this is the
first he has heard of Sydney being missing! Roman informs Will there could be a kid who was at the pier and saw something. Will agrees to
see what he can do and leaves. Rafe and Roman proceed ro discuss Nicole's family. Roman has already spoken to Brandon, Nicole's brother and Sami's ex-husband, and he has no idea where she could be. That leaves the mother and sister. Rafe soon has news. He has convinced the FBI to get on the case now! He adds he thinks Sami and EJ have spent enough time together and saunters off to interrupt them ...
- Brady and Ari go for a walk outside the pub. He is sorry for his overreaction. She appears pleased but points out they have other concerns at present. She updates him that Gaby found the drugs, He reassures her that she will know the truth soon. They agree to take one day at a time. Ari now realizes her phone is dead and she wishes to call Rafe. Brady gives her his phone and she is stunned to see he made six calls to Nicole since last night! Ari exclaims she got him to post her bail, so who knows what she might get him to do next! Brady is dismayed byt her lack of confidence. Ari is once again not sure they stand a chance together ...
- Will and Gaby are both at Java Café, where she puts up flyers. Will thanks her, as that is his little sister. Gaby introduces herself. Will calls her the one who let Nicole get away!
- At DiMera mansion. Elvis sits close to Sami as she laments over Syd and also regrets keeping Grace from him. She starts to break down so
he gently tells her they will get their daughter back. "Together."  He is sitting close, one hand on her hand, the other hand on her back. Enter Rafe, who clears his throat. EJ and Sami uncomfortably stand up. Rafe has nothing concrete to report and mentions to EJ that his younger sister accidentally helped Nicole. EJ understands. She was duped. Rafe thinks Sami needs her rest. EJ asks her if she would like to take Sydney's
photo album with her. She replies he should keep it and exits with Rafe.
- Rafe takes Sami home and she thanks him for being there for her, as always. He promises he will get her Sydney back. They hug and she whispers she is so glad to have him. Poor EJ, says she. All alone, with only his book of pictures. Rafe says nothing, though his eyes are filled with concern ...
- Back at the mansion, Master DiMera is sitting alone with his book of pictures when he receives a call from an unknown number. "EJ," says Nicole uncertainly. He calmly asks her where she is ...

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