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Tuesday, November 24, 2009 
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- Diva Vivian joins Victor at Java Café and he makes a comment about things getting worse. Why is she in Salem? Business. He brings up her arch enemy, Carly, who killed her nephew. Madame plays innocent and the Greek tycoon gives her a knowing look. She pretends she will let bygones be bygones. Vic can see right thru her. She wants Carly to be punished out in the open! He suggests she hurry as time is not on her side. Clever Viv deduces that Victor must want Carly away from Bo so he will get back with his daughter-in-law. She is certain Bo did not listen to Victor's advice to throw Carly out, and suggests a third party talk
some sense into him. How about Kate? Vic quips that traitor is now married to Stefano. Viv says how sad. He thinks it is comical. She coyly smiles she is on his side, always, and places her hand on his, alluding to their past.The Greek tycoon raises a brow sardonically and cackles there is nothing substantial from their past for them to build on. She suggests they start with their mutual hatred of one Carly Manning!
- Chez Bo, Carly stares at a document and declares today she gets in touch with her past. Bo helps her with her coat, tells her to be careful, and then she is off. Carly ends up at Maggie's. The friendly redhead is baking. Maggie asks how long she is staying in Salem. Carly beams she
is staying indefinitely and she will be needing her help! Maggie soon agrees to recommend her to the hospital for a doctoring post, talented medicine woman that she be. Carly is grateful. Maggie must take a call and walks out for a moment.
- At the pub, Hope has a meeting with Mayor Abe. She announces she wants a new job. Abe surmises she does not wish to work with Bo.
Hope points out there was the kidnapping issue, and then Carly came to town. She and Ciara are staying with Victor. Abe wants to make one thing clear. As long as she is at the Kiriakis mansion, she is not hirable! She whispers it means a lot to her and Ciara to stay at the mansion. Abe states Carly was exonerated, so why is she still staying with Bo? Hope replies that is a good question!
- At the Cheatin Heart, EJ criticizes Ari for not telling him Rafe was in town when he was trying to prove Syd was his daughta. She is sorry his wife turned out to be a psychopath. He chuckles and adds she is behind bars, where she deserves to be. Elvis is then stunned to learn Nicole made bail and his eyes widen in horror! He hastily excuses himself and steps aside to place a call. Exit Ari.
- Chez Sami, Rafe and Sami admire sleeping Syd. They pick up their phones, each having received a text that Nicole is out on bail! Sami is a wreck, but Rafe assures her Nicole will not get near Syd. Ring ring! Tis
EJ for Sami. He suggests they keep an eye on their daughta. He will see about having Nicole put back in prison with more charges. He also
wants Sami to come to DiMera mansion for a custody discussion. She thinks she should not bring sleeping Syd, but he persists. He coolly reminds her that when it comes to his kids, he fights for what is his!
Sami soon packs Syd's bag, annoyed. Rafe will accompany her and
states he has got her back. If Elvis pushes, they will push harder.
- Brady exclaims to Nicole at the pier that he does not even know who she is! Nicole points out Sami would not have told EJ about his child
and she did it all for him. Brady drawls now she has nobody and she
has lost him too! He wonders what on earth is wrong with her and more importantly, what is wrong with him for loving the likes of someone like her! He says he LOVED her, past tense. She claims love never dies and moans if he thinks about it, he will understand. Brady advises her to
think carefully as he intends to revoke her bail. He believes she should apologize to those she hurt, coldly states she should do the right thing, and storms off.
- At the grave of Grace, Chad and Mia sadly place flowers. Chad promises they will get thru it together. Along comes Will. He has heard the news, that Grace was theirs. "I'm sorry," says he. "I never should have judged you." Chad gives them a moment. Will regrets he was
mean, while Mia regrets she lied, and all for nothing, as Sydney was never hers. She laments she lost everything, including him. Will says she can call him when she is ready. Chad comes back. Mia kneels down and says goodbye to Grace. Later on, Chad sees Will at the pub and thanks him for helping Mia get to know Grace. He was also hoping Will could tell him about her. Will agrees. He also gives him a pic of Grace. Chad gets choked up. Will offers to email him more pics. Chad appreciates it, thanks him again, and woefully walks out. Will sighs.
- Ari heads back to her place and hides her stash under some towels on the bureau. Knock knock! Tis Gaby, eager to discuss her new fella.
What is he like? Ari tells it like it is. Funny, handsome, smart, and he loves someone else! Gaby thinks she should find another guy, but big sis explains life is complicated. She would like to be alone. Gaby goes to her own room across the hall. When she comes back to borrow something. Ari has left to find Brady. The teen picks up a few towels, only to find the drugs!
- Sami, Syd, and Rafe join Elvis at DiMera mansion. Sami puts her down. Rafe and EJ talk Nicole. Rafe assumes she will stay away. Elvis remarks Sydney must be comfortable in his presence. Matter of fact, he feels it would be best if she lived with him! Sami gets mad. In this house
of horrors?! Rafe must step out to take a call from Gaby, who needs to see him pronto. She is worried about Arianna and summons him to the pub. Rafe returns to Sami and Elvis bickering. He must check in with
his sister, who is having some sort of emergency, says he will call Sami later, gives her a kiss, and heads out. Elvis informs Samantha he plans
to move out as he no longer wishes to live under Stefano's roof. Fatha knew about the baby switch and said nothing. He announces he will never be like him. And he does not want his children to see Stefano DiMera ever again!
- At the house of Kiriakis, Brady gets off the phone from revoking Nicole's bail. Ari arrives and notes he is still mad at her. He snaps she kept the truth from him. Ari exclaims he first raced off to help Nicole as he loved her and it upsets her he still loves her, after all that! He admits
it is true. A part of him hates Nicole, though another part of him loves her. Ari sadly thanks him for his honesty and departs, leaving tormented Brady alone with his complex thoughts ...
- Chez Maggie, Mia returns and laments to Carly, who is still there, that the woman she thought was raising her daughter switched babies. Her baby is dead. Carly hugs the crying teen, who clutches her tightly. Carly is sorry her mom is not close to her, but Mia points out she has Maggie. She hopes to see Carly again soon and heads upstairs. Maggie comes back. Carly has one more favor. Does she by any chance have an extra room she could rent?
- Hope drops off Ciara to visit with Bo. She bitterly brings up Carly's schedule and is about to leave when she spies Carly's bag on the table.
Bo is now upstairs with Ciara so she decides to open it in the hopes of discovering what Carly is really hiding. She stops, but then goes ahead and opens the bag. Bo comes down and would like to know what she is doing.
- Rafe is shocked when Gaby shows him the bag of drugs in Ari's
room. "Looks like our sister's dealing again ..."
- Nicole is outside the DiMera front door, ready to knock,  when she hears Elvis and Sami arguing about where Sydney should live.She walks around to the side of the house and quietly observes. EJ suggests he and Sami take their heated discussion to the next room so as not to wake sleeping Syd. They do just that, leaving Sydney asleep in her playpen, unaware of what lurks outside. Nicole stares at the lone baby through
the glass doors, and it is clear she will not be able to resist the temptation etched upon her face ..!

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