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Monday, November 23, 2009 
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At the Brady pub. Ari realizes that Brady is unaware of Nicole's
misdeeds and quickly enlightens him. "Nicole switched the babies ... Grace was Mia's child, and Sydney is Sami and EJ's!" He is stunned
to hear the whole sordid story. How could Nicole let him do that to his own sister, let alone anyone! Ari admits Rafe told her a while back. Brady wishes she would have told him right away. She reminds him
he too kept the secret of Nicole's miscarriage. Yes, he did, and due to that, Nicole stole Sami's baby. He is filled with guilt that he fell for her ploy. Ari suspects he fell for it because on some level, he is still in love with her. Ring ring! Tis Troy so she must take the call. Brady gets annoyed, says for all he knows she might still be conning him, just like Nicole did, and storms off. Ari promises Troy she will be there in 5.
- Nicole walks along the pier, deciding she cannot live without Sydney. "I'm coming, my angel," she mutters, only to run into Chad. He is still bitter about not being Syd's father and asks where Sydney is now.
Along comes Mia, dismayed Nic is out of jail. Chad is surprised. What
is going on? Mia was looking for him, to tell him of Nicole's lies. She updates him on how Nicole convinced her to pretend there were other guys, when it was not true. But the reason the DNA did not match was that Nicole switched babies. Sadly, their little girl died and is in heaven now ...
- Chez Sami, Roman, Caroline, Rafe, Sami and the kids excitedly await Will. When he enters, Sami hugs him and he notes there is a party. Sami is all smiles. During an unseen scene, Sami updates him. He is overcome to learn that Sydney is his sister and hugs mama Sami. "You must be so happy." She is indeed. They will always love and miss Grace but can now celebrate their blessing, Sydney. Caroline thanks Rafe for bringing her back to the family. Roman informs Sami the hitman has implicated EJ. She thinks EJ is innocent, but Roman is not so sure. Rafe takes Ally and Johnny to the other room to watch TV. Will is overwhelmed. He is also thinking about Mia and how alone she must be feeling. Sami would eventually like to thank Mia for allowing them to have the precious gift
of Grace in their lives.Will laments they are no longer on speaking terms and he said awful things to her, which he clearly regrets. Perhaps he should just focus on having Sydney back. Rafe and Sami later happily discuss how this Thanksgiving will be very different than the last. No safehouse! Sami happily talks of Caroline's stuffing and the love of the Brady clan, which includes some non Bradys as well, who are lucky. Rafe agrees. Sami promises Sydney the Brady love will always warm
her heart. The happy chatter continues. Sami hopes Will is going to
make things right with Mia. He will try. She wishes that she were as forgiving. She will never forgive Nicole. Unbeknownst to the group, Nicole now stands outside the door and takes a deep breath. She is determined to see Sydney. She stands aside and watches Will walk out.
- At DiMera mansion, replay of EJ losing it and proceeding to choke the life out of Stefano. "I'm your father," gasps the horrified phoenix. "You mean nothing to me!" rages Elvis the attacker. Kate enters and stops
him. EJ bellows he would have had him dead if not for the interruption! Kate helps Stefano to a chair. He catches his breath and Kate demands
to know what happened. EJ retorts fatha destroys people's lives and he will not lay another hand on him before he leaves, but make no mistake. "You are dead to me!" He spits on the ground and turns away. The phoenix laments he once said those same words to Anthony and to his regret, they then became a reality. Elvis later drinks and drinks and continues to blast his fatha. "You are responsible for this whole course
of events!" Stefano suggests he take responsibility for his own mistakes. Elvis drawls he will and he plans to reconcile those. Ominous music is heard. He places his hands on his hips. "I'm leaving. Immediately!" He will find another home and family, without him and he will be back to pack later. Exit EJ. Kate reassurues Stefano with an embrace. The
couple play chess together and diva Kate tells him EJ will come around. Stefano cannot believe how he spoke to him. Kate can identify as her children have said the same to her, not understanding why she did the things she did. "A parent's first instinct is to protect, and no one has
done more for his family than you." She praises him for his devotion. Stefano kisses her hand and thanks her for knowing what he needed to hear. She assures him it is the truth.
- Mel and Phil get hot and heavy in Maggie's kitchen. He wants to know how she feels and tries to continue when she pulls away. Mel slaps him and admits she is confused, though she does admit her attraction for
him. She thinks they are both screwed up and sadly suggests he leave
her alone. She walks out as Phil watches after her with a twinkle in his eye.
- At the hospital, Dr. Nathan asks Stephanie if she would be willing to give blood. She agrees and he promises to follow up with her later. Mel eventually shows up at the hospital to help and finds out where Dr. Horton is. Steph is in a room, having just given blood. Nath is with her. She stands up to adjust the thermostat and then literally falls on Nath's lap just as Mel enters! Nath points out she was just giving blood and heads out to check on other patients. Once he is gone, Mel wonders
what happened to Steph's ankle. She twisted it and Nathan wrapped it
for her. "Rough time?" asks Mel "Not really," replies Steph as the two occasional rivals sit together uncomfortably. Mel gives her some food as she looks a tad pale. She states life sure is unpredictable as Nath had to cancel their date due to work. Steph asks what she has decided about
her love life. Is she still conflicted? Mel states Nathan is the only guy for her. Steph casts her a bemused look.
- At Java Cafe, an irate Victor leaves another impatient message for Brady, pointing out he is his employer.  He hopes he will come to his senses soon! Enter chipper Phil. Vic makes a snide remark about him spending his time on useless women. And did he close that deal? Not
yet. Vic suspects he was busy trying to seduce Melanie and implies she
is a brainless vixen. The prodigal son defends her. Vic, however, thinks he only wants one thing from Melanie and once he gets his fill, he will drop her like a bad habit! Phil drawls he now gets it. Papa Vic only favored Melanie when there was a chance of him reconciling with Stephanie, but now that Steph is out of the picture, Vic considers her no more than a classless lowlife. He just cannot seem to win! He has had enough of the mockery. He thinks Vic dislikes Melanie cos he really wants him to end up a bitter old man. "Just like you!" The Greek tycoon sighs, then calls him an insolent basta*d and colossal screw-up. Phil drawls he must have a damn good reason if he is such a screw up and storms off. Madame Vivian now approaches, having overheard the heated exchange from a table nearby. "Hello, Victor," she purrs. "Is
this seat taken?" She sits down and flashes a charming smile.
-Mia and Chad sadly visit the grave of Grace. Mama Mia is sorry for everything. Chad gives her a hug as the teens mourn in silence together.
- Outside the Cheatin Heart, Ari sends a nervous text message, warning that Nicole is outta jail! Back at Sami's, Caroline and Roman leave with Ally and Johnny. Rafe and Sami return inside as Nicole lurks in the hall. They admire Sydney, who is happy as a clam. Rafe gets her to say
mama and Sami is much moved. Outside, Nicole reaches for the door handle, until Brady comes behind her, grabbing her by the shoulders. "How did I know I'd find you here!"
- In the Cheatin Heart, Troy shoves more stash into Ari's purse. She is
in a hurry to leave but Troy insists she sit down. He disapproves of her attitude. They have a new boss and she had better be more productive and not blow it for them. Ari agrees. Exit Troy. Up saunters Elvis just
as she is about to walk out. He looks at her darkly.
- Outside Sami's apartment, Brady warns Nicole she will not get near Sami or the baby and she is coming with him! Much to her dismay, he hastily leads her away ...

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