Days of Our Lives Summary November 20, 2009
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Friday, November 20, 2009 
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At DiMera mansion, replay of Elvis realizing fatha is responsible for Mateo's twisted story. He turns around and there sits our phoenix! He
has heard his messages and looks serious. EJ accuses him of ordering
the hit on Rafe, then making him take the fall. The phoenix must have been angered that he stopped the hit. Stefano pours himself a drink and chuckles that Mateo is wishy-washy. He will do as he is told and by tomorrow Elvis will be exonerated, no worries. He raises his glass. "Salut." Elvis stares at him darkly, his eyes filled with doubt. Samantha could use the charges against him in Sydney's custody hearing. Stefano drawls he will buy the judge. EJ wants to know why he wanted Rafe gone. "Insects annoy me," says the phoenix with a wave of the hand.
EJ persists. Why? Stefano airily says Rafael is no threat. EJ recalls the papers in Rafe's hand that indicated DNA evidence. And he knows that fatha knows. The DNA evidence showed that Samantha was Sydney's mother. Nicole switched babies. Stefano feigns surprise. How could she think she would get away with something so outrageous! Good thing
she is in jail! Elvis asks him to look at him and say he was not involved. Stefano points out he was in seclusion the whole time. The important thing is that Sydney will soon be back with the family. Elvis goes on.
He also finds it suspicious that the phoenix had contact with Mateo
during his so-called seclusion And if the hit on Rafe had succeeded, then no one else would have learned about the baby switch. "You knew her secret," the heir apparent now deduces. "And you knew from day one!" Stefano clears his throat. He claims he is as shocked as his son. Elvis remarks he has been protective of Nicole. He also remembers that fatha changed his mind about telling him something important after he became angry with Samantha. He was protective toward Nicole, fed up with Samantha, and feared Rafe would expose something - the secret. Thus, he must have known from day one! Stefano diverts his gaze. He did not know about the baby switch! EJ insists he is lying. Stefano insist he would never hurt him. Elvis thinks he sounds like Nicole now. Stefano exclaims Samantha would never have told him he had a daughter, so is what Nicole did so terrible?! Elvis' eyes flicker.
- At the Brady pub, Rafe updates Ari that Sami has been reunited with daughter Sydney. Mission accomplished! Ari heartily congratulates him. He adds Nicole is under arrest. Ari is relieved that Sydney is where she belongs. Rafe thinks Nicole is where she belongs, too, behind bars, and will stay there a long time! Sami is spending time with Syd and Caroline at present. Ari and Rafe now discuss EJ saving him from the hitman's bullet. Someone reads a newspaper at a table nearby and listens. They soon see it is their little sis Gabriella, who was sent there by mom to
keep an eye on her siblings! Mama Hernandez has not heard from them. Rafe and Ari learn that Gaby is on winter break. She chides them for not calling their mother for a while. They have a family discussion, during which Rafe reminds his little sis to go easy on Ari about her past. She agrees. Rafe promises they will visit mom soon but Gaby plans to stay in town at least a few days regardless. Peoccupied Ari is less than thrilled! Rafe takes Ari aside and points out their little sis told them their mom is visiting grandma. He does not want Gaby staying alone. Does Caroline
not have a room available? Ari grudgingly admits she does. Gaby happily walks up and promises she will not be a problem.
- At Nicole's jail cell, Brady informs her that Chloe texted him the news. Nicole is surprised he seems to be so forgiving about what she did. He understands the pain she was feeling. Nicole laments everyone hates her. Brady promises her they will overcome. She is remorseful she did not
try and build a life with him. Brady is sympathetic as she acted out of love. He continues to talk of the illegal adoption and Nicole realizes he does not yet know the full story! He assumes the only charge is illegal adoption. Was there another reason she was arrested? The felonista regains her composure. Did the cops say anything to him, she wonders? Brady now suspects there might be  something she is not telling him.
She complains about the lack of compassion from the police. Brady asks how he can help. She plays on his pity and he agrees to post her bail. He does just that, arranges for her to be set up at a motel, and promises to cover her finances. Nicole hopes he will later understand that anything she did was out of her love for EJ and the baby. He states he is her
friend and nothing will change that. He must now head off, while her paperwork is being processed. Once alone, Nicole thinks to herself that he might think differently in the future!
- At the hospital, replay of Steph dreaming of kissing Dr. Nathan. She blinks back to reality and announces he is making a huge mistake! He asks what she means. She recalls seeing him kiss Mel and then covers
by saying her ankle was wrapped too tightly. He will redo it and would like to know what she really has on her mind. When they get back to work and she is on her feet, he tries to find out what she meant. She is evasive. He notes the distance between them but before they can talk,
he is paged away. Stephanie soon hears there has been a bus accident
and ER docs are required. She suggests Nathan so the nurse pages him. When Nathan later complains about his long work night, she asks about his date with Mel. He must cancel and will call now. Steph regrets doing it, but quietly assures herself that Melanie just doesn't deserve him!
- In Maggie's kitchen, sleazy Marc recounts how Mel left him in the middle of the night. He grabs her and declares he wants what he came for! His money! Enter Phil, who wonders what is going on. Marc says
to leave as they have "bizinez." Phil does the math and realizes the creep is someone from Mel's past whom she owes money. The prodigal son discovers he is owed 10 thousand dollars, and promptly hands him his watch, which, Marc is quick to point out, is only half the value. He changes his tune once he hears the Kiriakis name, hugs Mel and Phil, says gracias and bonsoir, and scurries away. Mel thanks Phil. She owes him, He agrees and he knows exactly how she can repay him! She gets sarcastic. The bedroom? Phil is more interested in hearing about her
con. Mel admits she had told him she could get him an Arabian horse
for ten grand. They drink coke together and Phil has a good chuckle.  How many more Marcs from her past are out there? Ring ring! Tis Dr. Nathan, cancelling his date with Mel, as he must be in ER all night. Phil soon grins and wonders what the good doc would think of all the scams she pulled in Europe! He realizes Mel wants to keep that a secret. The prodigal son teases she was a scam artist, and should not care what
others think! Things would be better if she were honest with herself. Their faces are close. Mel gets a dreamy look in her eye and starts to
kiss him!
- At the hospital, Stephanie has agreed to stay and help out. Nathan thinks that is very nice of her ...
- Rafe assures Gaby he is glad to have her in Salem. Gaby learns Ari
has a new guy in her life - and hopes she won't get hurt again ...
- Brady drops by the pub and tells Ari that he posted Nicole’s bail. Ari
is flabbergasted . He paid her bail after everything she did ...?!
- At the jail, Nicole signs for her things and quietly vows to find her
baby and do what she must ...
- Meanwhile, at DiMera mansion. Elvis is distraught that Stefano lied to him. The phoenix exclaims he could not let him run to that Brady b*tch and tell her the truth, and he knew he would cos he still loves her! Elvis appears to snap. He loves him but ...He tightens his hands around his throat and proceeds to choke the life out of his beloved fatha, muttering like a madman. "Damn, damn, damn ...!"

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Come on, EJ didn't have anything to do with trying to kill Rafe.

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Mia sees Nicole outside. "Why are you here? Why are you out of jail?"

Brady looks shocked. "Oh my God, what have I done!"