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Thursday, November 19, 2009

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- At DiMera mansion, Elvis angrily talks on the phone, trying to reach a judge, then gets mad at the cop in his home. "Do you have any idea what you've done!" barks the young master. Roman arrives on scene in time to stop him from taking off and going to get his daughta back from Samantha. Elvis pours himself a drink. Roman gets a call. The hitman is now claiming EJ hired him! Abe and the D.A. arrive. Elvis suspects Roman is doing this so Samantha can keep the baby. The D.A. asks him if he would like a lawyer present for the questioning.
EJ accuses him of grandstanding. Abe intervenes when the D.A.
wants him cuffed. EJ accuses Commander Roman of helping set it up so his daughter will have the upper hand in a custody suit and takes another drink. The D.A. soon says he will review things and will be
in touch. He exits with Roman.  Abe discusses with EJ. He thinks
the hitman's claim might be related to his family situation. EJ now
gets a call about a scenario he had a judge set up, giving him the right to speak with the hitman who has pointed the finger at him. EJ and Abe head for the jail together. Mayor Abe is clearly apprehensive ...
- Chez Arianna, Brady the sleuth finds a key word in deleted files about shipments - and it is Greek. He realizes his grandfather was the one responsible for the drug trade in Salem! Ari points out the file is old and it shows the operation was sold, with Vic well compensated
in a Cayman account. Someone new is the drug dealer in town!
- Chez Maggie, Steph and Maggie are planning the rooftop garden for the hospital. Nathan pops by, and suggests a play area for long term care kids. He agrees to help and then is off to work, having dropped by to pick up some of his things. Steph tells Maggie he is such a great guy, she hopes he will not get hurt. Mel likes Nath and yet ... Maggie finishes that Mel likes Phillip more. She knows. Stephanie stands up
to get going and stumbles a bit because of her heel, then rushes off.
- Melanie visits Phillip at the house of Kiriakis and asks him to stop hounding her with those endless messages! Phil grins. Mel calls him conceited and wants him to stay out of her life. He points out that
she could have said that on the phone but must have wanted some face time! He is convinced she wants him in her life as much as he wants her. She denies it and states she is with Nathan now. "Sure
you are," drawls the prodigal son. Exit flustered Mel.
- Mia visits Nicole in the slammer. Nicole tries to enlist her help to
get their little girl back, but Mia sees right thru her as she now knows the truth. "My baby is dead," she cries. And she will never ever get to see her again because of Nicole! Furthermore, Syd belongs to Sami. Grace is dead. "She died because of you!" the woeful teen laments. She promised her she would give her a nice life and then traded her away. She never cared about Grace! Nicole insists she did care. She had no choice, as Sami did not even want EJ's baby. She knew Sami would give Grace a wonderful life. How was she supposed to know that Sami would let Grace die! Nicole catches herself. She tried to do everything she could for Grace. Mia sobs she never knew Grace was hers. "You took that from me! What kind of monster are you!"Nicole looks remorseful. Mia recalls loving Grace more than Syd and not knowing why, all because she believed Nicole's lies. She is also upset that Nicole made her lie. "The lies just kept coming!" She threw her life away for her baby, but it was not her baby! She now regrets
giving Nicole her baby and concludes she hates her! She hopes the cold heartless beeeeech rots in jail forever. Nicole reminds her she supported her emotionally, financially, and even delivered her baby. She gave her several thousands of dollars and Mia walked away so if she does not like what happened, she should take a good look in the mirror! She insists her intentions were good. She spared Mia a terrible loss. Mia laments she feels it now and does she not realize what she did to her! Nicole sadly admits she does. She knows what it feels like to lose a baby. First she lost EJ's baby, then Sydney, but she still feels she is Sydney's mother. Nicole starts to cry she may never see Syd again. Mia calls her sick. Al she ever thinks about is herself, not the little babies and what she did to them. "I just hope you burn in hell
for what you did forever!" declares the teen as she turns to leave.
- At the pub, Caroline sees Victor at his table and one learns he sent her flowers daily when she had the flu recently.She brings up Stefano marrying Kate. Vic states he and Kate have been thru for years and there is only one woman for him! Caroline now patiently explains that Shawn was the only man in her life. He understands but had hoped...  Caroline informs him that she cannot accept him due to his seedy line of work. She gently suggests he move on. The Greek tycoon looks down. His luck goes from bad to worse when back at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady confronts him about his involvement in the drug
trade. He shows him his notes and accuses him of selling the drug
biz. Who was the buyer? Vic says these stories must be Arianna's doing. Brady suspects he is out for himself and warns he will wind
up alone. He snatches back the notes and storms out. The Greek tycoon sighs.
- Brady returns to Ari. He ad no luck with Victor but will continue to dig until he learns who the new boss is. Ari goes downstairs to do some paperwork after they kiss. She will bring coffee soon. Once she is gone, Brady turns on his phone and receives a most unusual text message. "Nicole has been arrested?" he says in disbelief.
- At the hospital, Mel stops by to see Dr. Nathan. She updates him about Phil's persistent messages. He already knows. He'd overheard him leaving one and says it is up to her which guy she chooses. Mel charmingly says she wishes to be honest. "I'm torn,"she admits. Nath thinks her honesty is a good sign and he is willing to fight for her! She smiles and they kiss. Sweet Stephanie sadly watches in the doorway. Steph later talks to Nathan and starts to trip as she walks away so he catches her in his arms! Steph and her sprained ankle are soon resting on a hospital bed with Dr. Nathan attending. He hopes she was not trying to get away from him. No, and she thinks he is a terrific guy. Nath murmurs had he known, things would have been different. He kisses her passionately. Steph blinks back to reality. The reality is there was no kiss, just Dr. Nathan helping her. She blurts out that he
is making a mistake!
- Phil is at Java Cafe, when Maggie comes along looking for Mia,
who is not there. The redhead brings up the changes in Melanie, who is in a good place with her grandson Nathan and she would appreciate it if he would butt out. Phil drawls perhaps she is not in a good place with Nath after all. Maggie must now take a call from Mickey, who is in Chicago ...
- Elvis visits hitman Mateo at his cell as Abe watches. Elvis smoothly summons him closer. "Why did you change your story?" He knows
he is lying! Who made him do it? Mateo says he does not answer to him. Elvis suddenly pulls his face up against the bars like a thug, demanding answers. Abe quickly stops him and wonders what has gotten into him! Elvis alludes to his belief that Commander Roman Brady is responsible for this situation and departs.
- Mel opens Maggie's door to a blast from her partying past! Tis
Marc, a sleazy French guy who came thousands of miles to see her, uninvited. Mel is mortified. The sleaze closes the distance between them and he will not take no for an answer ...!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Elvis contacts fatha on his phone and
soon realizes he must have been the one who made Mateo accuse him. "Damn you!" he rages.
- Meanwhile, in her cell, Nicole laments she may never get out of there and perhaps that is what she deserves. Up saunters Brady.
"I'm here to help you." A smile spreads across the felonista's face ,,,

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"Then you'll have more than enough time to tell me what's really
on your mind," Nath informs Steph.
"Why couldn't I have tried to build a life with you." Nicole whispers
to Brady.
Elvis glares at Stefano. "I think it's time you and I got to the truth, don't you!"
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