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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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- On Bo's doorstep, Vivian coos she is there to see Carly and takes
her hand. Losing Lawrence was such a terrible tragedy, she says not so sincerely. How does she get through each day, taunts Madame! Carly says she is hurting her. Madame releases her hand and sweetly apologizes. They can catch up and laugh and cry and discuss how Lawrence died! She ignores Carly's request that she leave now and waltzes inside. The women exchange catty barbs and Carly admits
she cannot stand her. Viv takes a seat. She is sorry for trying to have her killed. Carly smiles well, what is a little burial between friends! Madame hopes to bury the hatchet. "With me holding it, right...!" finishes Carly. Madame asks after Hope. Carly explains she is staying with Victor, who might wish to bury the hatchet with her as well - right in her forehead! Viv taunts the neighbors must thick Carly is a home wrecker. Carly sarcastically says she is in mourning. Viv says she looks peaked. Perhaps she ought to go somewhere. Carly assures her she is staying put!
- Replay of Justin hugging Hope and assuring her she will always
have him. "Well, that's good to know, Hope!" declares Bo, oozing sarcasm. She will always have her boy Justin, it appears! Is he on retainer? Hope whispers he is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Bo is suspicious of cuz Justin, who informs him he is acting like a
jerk. Hope agrees. Bo came to tell her that ... Hope whispers she already knows from Justin that Carly was exonerated. Bo thinks they will be able to work things out, but he bets Justin did not put it that way. And why was she crying? Maybe Justin set that up to console her! He thinks Justin wants to be around his drop dead gorgeous
wife, who now accuses him of playing her. She whispers things are complex with the Alamains and this Carly exoneration could be a setup. She now wants to know Carly's secret, and says nothing has changed when Bo says he cannot tell the secret, as that would be up
to Carly. Bo reminds her she was the one who moved out. Carly is
not the problem. Hope, he feels, does not want him to be himself anymore. He has not changed! Maybe he does sometimes say the wrong thing but if his love is not enough, he is sorry! Exit Bo. Hope smiles rather sarcastically. Justin returns and she tells him she is glad she made her point, though it upsets her when he walks away. Justin thinks that is because she loves him so much. They now talk Carly. Hope wonders just who is out to get her. Moments later. Justin opens the door, only to be served with divorce papers from Adrianne! Hope is sorry. Justin tries to put on a brave face, though he admits he is in pain. Hope places a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Friends do not have to hide how they feel in front of each other.
- Back at Bo's house, Madame charmingly suggests she and Carly do lunch. Bo arrives, so Viv smiles and hastily bids the pair adieu. Carly is still baffled by the visit. Bo thinks it is now dangerous for Carly to remain in town, though she insists she needs to remain and he knows why!
- At Java Cafe, Madame pours some booze into the bad coffee and commends flunky Gus on having distracted the guard outside Bo's house. She is dismayed that Carly has managed to wrap Bo Brady around her finger. However, she is certain she will not leave town ...
- At the pub, Mia cries as it dawns on her that the deceased Grace
was her baby. "My baby is dead," she sobs, clutching Maggie. Chloe watches with sympathy. Maggie tells the crying teen they cannot be sure and asks Chloe for clarification. Chloe explains she only just found out about the baby switch. Mia cries she could feel Grace was hers when she looked up at her. Maggie is not sure Nicole has told the truth and heads off to call Roman for verification. Chloe tells Mia she is sorry. Mia recalls how Nicole gave her the chance to hold Grace
and say goodbye when she was dying, likely to ease her conscience.
It all makes sense now, except her motivation. Chloe informs her that EJ DiMera is Sydney's biological father and Sami Brady her mother. Maggie returns and confirms it is true. Mia cries she trusted Nicole
and that was why she gave her her baby. She has lost everything!
And she made her lie! Maggie tells her Nicole has been arrested, Mia thanks her for her kindness, but there is something she must now do on her own ...
- At the pier, the cops read Nicole her rights and Elvis tells them to keep her away from the baby when Sami and Rafe arrive on scene. Elvis smiles very lovingly at Sydney. "She's my daughta." Sami adds "She's our daughter." He laments he should have known and now regrets kicking his own daughta out of his house. Sami tried to talk him out of it. She says she didn't know at the time that she belonged to them. Elvis tells Sydney he is sorry and touches her face. Sami smiles the baby understands. EJ is mad. Nicole is to blame and she will pay. Sami suggests he look at poor Nicole, as she is evidently already paying! Elvis holds his daughter and complains that Nicole allowed him to kick his own child out of the house. He also reminds Sami she kept his children from him but she points out there is no
time for that kind of talk at the present. Elvis announces it is time to go home. Not yet, says Sami. They loathe Nicole, but they must respect that Sydney loves her and deserves this ... He reluctantly lets Sami have the baby, and she allows Nicole to hold her for the last time. Nicole starts to thank her. Sami cuts her off and warns her not
to talk to her. Nicole sadly tells Syd she just wanted her to be with
her daddy and tells Sami she did not want anyone to get hurt. Then it is over and Nicole is carted off, calling out to Sydney that she loves her so much. Sami would now like to take Syd home. "Her home is with ME," declares Elvis. Sami and Rafe give him a look. Sami and
EJ start to argue. Rafe intervenes. He understands EJ and Sami have much to discuss. And they need to figure out where Syd needs to go, it is true, though this is not really the place to do that.
- Nicole is locked in a jail cell and told the charges will be adding up, starting with baby trafficking. Nicole calls Chloe and asks her to bail her out as she must go to Sydney. "How could you do it Nicole!" exclaims Chloe and no she will not bail her out! Nicole insists she did not mean to hurt anyone, she just wanted EJ to have his child ... CLICK!
- At DiMera mansion, Sami has put Sydney to bed but that does not mean ... Elvis interrupts. He will forever be grateful toward Rafe for finding out he has a daughta. Rafe points out he saved his life so they are even. He thinks he should leave, but Sami disagrees, as he will be a part of her kids' life. Elvis says he understands. Sami talks about new beginnings. Elvis smiles when she mentions working things out together. He talks Johnny and he is glad his kids also have Sami's genes. He hopes they can come together and raise their kids. Sami thinks they should realize that when they disagree, it is because they both want what is best for Sydney. The baby starts to make a sound and EJ explains that sound means she wants her mother. Sami picks her up and all is well. EJ suggests she spend the night with Sami, though he does not want her to think he is setting a precedent. Ding dong! Tis the cops, who want to take Elvis DiMera down to the station for a little chat concerning the hit on Rafe. The mood changes. EJ bitterly accuses Sami of stalling him until her father's boys got there. She denies it. EJ now states Sydney must stay put! Rafe
ushers Sami out with baby Sydney before the situation can escalate, and says they must let the police do their job ...
- In jail, Nicole has a visitor. She excitedly assumes it is Chloe, but soon finds herself face to face with Mia, the girl whose life she has ruined! Their eyes lock ...

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"My baby is dead because of you!" Mia accuses Nicole.
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