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Tuesday, November 17, 2009
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- Chez Sami, replay of Sami and Nicole arguing when Rafe enters
with baby Sydney. Sami stares at her child. So does Nicole. Sami
cries tears of joy. Nicole steps forward as she wants her baby. Rafe reminds her she belongs to Sami and promptly hands her to mama Sami, who is overjoyed. Nicole cries tears of pain. Sami coos at her beautiful little girl. "She's mine," sobs Nicole. Rafe stops her from getting near the pair. "That's enough," he says firmly. He adds he
has called the police, who are on their way.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Hope helps Ciara color. She is not a happy camper. "I want to go home, mommy ... I want to stay there, why can't we, why can't we stay with daddy!" Hope assures her they are still a family. Ciara is not so sure about that. Hope gives her a hug.
- Chez Bo, he gets off the phone and tells Carly that Justin wishes to meet them at the police station. It is good, albeit complicated news concerning the Lawrence case.
- Meanwhile, Justin is at the station, musing why Carly lied to them! Carly and Bo soon race in, only to hear that the "real killer" has confessed! Carly, now a free woman, blinks in confusion. Bo later gives his take on the situation. Someone is playing with Carly's mind and her life!
- At Java Cafe, Gus tells Madame the deed is done. "Excellent!" says she. Someone has done her bidding, just as she desired. Viv cackles
at Gus' lack of understanding and enlightens him. She intends to make Carly pay right here in Salem, where she cemented her union with Lawrence to begin with. What happens next, wonders Gus. "Next,
the fun begins!" laughs Madame.
- At DiMera mansion, Chloe mysteriously tells EJ that he will find the answers he seeks at Sami's place, then rushes off.
- At the Brady pub. Mia uncomfortably tells Will hello. He asks about the paternity results. She informs him Chad is not the father. He says she must be glad about that, then states he should get back to his studying. Mia sadly walks outside and runs into Maggie, She cannot dine with her at the pub tonight as Will is there and he hates her! Maggie gives her a hug. Will is just hurt and the redhead is certain he will eventually understand that Mia did what she did for her baby to have a good life. The teen appears glum. Maggie now wonders if
there is more to this story. Mia gets teary-eyed. Yes, there is more,
yet she cannot tell a soul!
- Chloe soon enters the pub and asks Will for Lucas' phone number
in rehab. He thinks she has her nerve! Chloe says it is about info concerning his mom, and Lucas will want to be there for her, she is certain. She now suggests Will go to his mom cos the news is life altering!
- Crying Nicole grabs her purse and runs down Sami's hall, where she bumps into EJ, who asks what is wrong. Rafe stands in the doorway watching and suggests she tell him before the cops do. Nicole breaks away from Elvis and takes off in tears. He follows.
- Back inside, Sami cuddles her baby, who is happy on her lap, gurgling. Sami says she always warmed her heart! Rafe is emotional that Grace somehow brought Sydney back to her. Sami agrees, but points out it is really thanks to him she has her daughter now. She praises him for never giving up. He replies he would never give up,
if only to see her smile! And just like Grace, Sydney reminds him of Sami, she is part of her. "She can be part of us," promises Sami.
They exchange I love you's.
- Down at the pier, EJ catches up with Nicole and demands to know what is going on. She cries she is being punished and falls to her knees. All she did was give him what was rightfully his! He holds her face in his hands and asks what she means. "Your daughter," she cries, clutching him tightly. When he brings up her passing off another child as his, she denies it and he breaks away, angry. She insists she
is not lying. And she did the right thing by getting him his daughter.
"I took Sami's daughter and I gave her to you, EJ, because I wanted you to have her." He states Grace is dead and Nicole elaborates. The child he had with Sami is actually Sydney. EJ shakes his head in disbelief. She repeats that Sydney is his daughter. Elvis recalls he saw Sydney after Nicole got her from Mia at the hospital. Nicole admits she did not get Syd from Mia. Sami too gave birth at the clinic and then left shortly after so EJ would not find out about his child. All Nicole wanted to do was ... Elvis now raises his voice and barks at
her to tell him what happened! She explains she found out about Sami's pregnancy and location from Chloe ... and then something snapped in her. She was still grieving the loss of their baby and went to the convent to confront Sami. Once there, she heard her say she would never let EJ know the baby was his. Thus, she set her plan in motion and got lucky, so perhaps it was meant to be. She switched
the babies! EJ is momentarily shocked. Nicole explains she knew it would be worth it in the end, for he would have the child Sami had wanted to keep from him. Nicole takes him by the arm. "I did this for you." EJ turns, holds her face, and quietly rages that she will pay for what she has done! He then tosses his wedding ring in the river as the sirens are heard approaching. He grabs her by the arm. "Where is my daughta!"
- Justin heads back to the house of Kiriakis and informs Hope the situation has changed. Hope learns about Carly not being extradited and laments Bo did not tell her, so he must have chosen her over his wife! Justin points out it only just happened but Hope does not want him to justify Bo's lack of communication. She fears Ciara too senses what she does - that her marriage is ending.
- Meanwhile, Carly returns to Bo's house, anxious to move out. He
is adamant that there are still people after her so she simply must stay with him, not leave, as she was planning! Carly advises Bo to fix things with Hope so he heads to the Kiriakis mansion, where he sees Justin reassuring Hope with a hug and a promise that she will always have him! Bo watches jealously ...
- Meanwhile, back at Bo's house, Carly opens the door to a very unexpected visitor - Vivian! "Long time, no see," Madame purrs.
- At the pub, Chloe leaves a message for Nicole, dismayed, among other things, how she lied, as "Sydney is Sami's baby and not Mia's!" Along comes Mia, who has heard and would like to know what she is talking about. And where is her baby? Maggie happens by and stares at the scene unfolding. Chloe is uncommunicative. Mia states she heard something about the babies being switched. Maggie asks Chloe to say it isn't true, but she cannot. Mia's eyes widen ...
- Rafe gets a call from a pal on the inside. Time for Sami and himself to go somewhere ...
- Down at the pier, Nicole pulls her arm away from EJ and unhappily cries his precious Samantha now has Sydney, the same Samantha
who wanted to keep him from his daughter and she will never let him love and raise her the way Nicole did! Elvis says nothing. The cops arrive and cuff the crying felon. Sami and Rafe now arrive on scene. Sami is holding Sydney. EJ approaches his daughter and glances back at Nicole, who sobs permeate the otherwise silent reunion ...!

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"You're acting like a complete jerk!" Justin tells Bo.

I could just shoot myself!
Oh please, let me ...

"Mommy loves you, she always will!" Nicole calls out to Sydney as the cops cart her off.

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