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Monday, November 16, 2009
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- Bo arrives home, but no Carly. He sits down at the open
computer she left behind. What is she up to now? He grabs his
gun and takes off.
- At the pier, Mia marvels that Carly understands her predicament. Carly explains at times a stranger can better understand than anyone.
- At the elegant DiMera mansion, elegant Kate pours herself a drink and tells working EJ she is worried about his father, not to mention this odd who's got the baby game. Sami and Rafe are both looking
for baby Sydney. Elvis turns away from his computer. What has
she done with Sydney? And he would like  her to treat him with respect when she answers. Kate explains what happened and Elvis wonders why she gave Sydney to Chloe in the first place. He recalls that it seems important for fatha to have Sydney in the house. Kate cares not, she just thinks EJ was wise to kick Nicole and Syd out in the first place! Elvis becomes quiet. Kate alludes to the fact that EJ lets Stefano control his life. She asks is he not in the least bit curious why Stefano tried to have Rafe killed?
- Chez Danloe, Chloe inches away from Rafe, who warns she could be an accessory. That Nicole is going down! Enter Daniel, who assures Chloe he is right. Rafe explains Nicole stole Sami's baby. Chloe cannot believe it - until Dan points out the dude can prove it.
Chloe states the baby is legally Nicole's.  Exasperated Rafe exclaims Sami is the birth mother. Dr. Dan explains the DNA results prove it. Rafe fills her in on Nicole's baby theft and boy will that Nicole pay! Chloe considers and realizes it is true. "Oh my God what have I done?" She numbly tells Rafe to take Syd. He does, after apologizing if he scared her. Chloe sheds a few tears as she informs Dan that she feels she is to blame for setting the nightmare into motion! She never should have shared with Nicole the secret that Sami was pregnant,
but she trusted her cos she was her friend. Dan points out it was Nicole who committed the crime, not her. Besides, Sami did not tell EJ she was pregnant. Chloe still worries about Nicole. Dan points out she did take another woman's baby ...
- Sami enters her pad and glares at Nicole, stating she just up and vanished. Nicole says she is there to get some papers and will then pick up Sydney. Sami gives her a look to kill. "You are not going anywhere!" She says Nicole must be wondering what she knows.
Rafe is not dead. He did tell her, however, why she wanted him
killed. It was to keep her from hearing the truth. Sami rages she was naive and stupid for trusting Nicole DiMera. She even watched her and Rafe grieve for the loss of Grace and had the nerve to invite her
to the christening of her real daughter, whom she had the audacity to name! Nicole stares in horror as Sami exclaims her life is about to become a living hell! Nicole claims Rafe must be trying to turn her against her. She brings up Grace and Sami warns her not to use her name in her sick lies. Sami rages it is over. Rafe has DNA tests. "Tell me where my daughter is or so help me God, I will make you tell
me!" Nicole admits she was there for the money but continues to
deny that Sydney belongs to Sami. Sami elaborates. She knows that Baker helped her and she pretended to be Mary with Sister Theresa, which means she planned the whole thing in advance. She must have been waiting in the wings! Thank God for Rafe and thank God that Sydney will not have to grow up believing Nicole is her mother!
Nicole wants to leave. Sami wants to call the police. Nicole knocks
the phone out of her hand and yells she cannot let her do that! Sami blocks the door and yells at her for causing pain. And what will EJ
say when he finds out! Sami declares Sydney is her daughter. When Nicole says no, Sami slaps her but hard! Sami now repeats Sydney is her and EJ's daughter. Nicole says no, so Sami smacks her again and demands she admit that Sydney is HER daughter. Nicole hesitates
and weakly says "Sydney is yours." She then breaks down in tears.  Nicole cries she knows what it feels like to lose a baby ... She loved EJ so much and he loved her. Sami retorts that is no excuse. Nicole reminds her she did not tell EJ about his baby. She sadly concludes that Sami had Grace, while EJ had his daughter. "I thought we all could be happy." She recalls what a miracle it was when she was pregnant and yet Sami had so many children already ... Sami cannot believe that Nicole thinks what she did was right. She has had enough and demands to know where Sydney is cos she is going to bring her home. Nicole regains her composure somewhat and shakes her head. No, she will never give her Sydney!
- Ari and Brady get interrupted by a call from Troy. Ari lets it go to voice mail. Brady promises it will end soon cos they will find the info they need. He intends to start with his granddad.She insists he should not let Vic know she is undercover. Brady agrees, but there is a low
life who works for him who might know something. He kisses her, tells her to be careful, and saunters out.
- Brady later approaches Vic at the house of Kiriakis. Vic makes a snide remark about him crawling back. Brady wants to know how he found out Ari was a dealer. He hopes to stop her dealing ways. The Greek tycoon remarks he might be playing him. He then grins he sounds as naive as his mother. Why does he assume his little friend will want to give up her profitable business! Brady retorts Vic is in no position to judge but Vic declares he will not let that greedy,conniving b*tch get her hooks into his wealthy grandson!
- Viv is in the woods, on her phone with flunky Gus, who is updating Madame on who Carly is talking to.
- Bo finds Carly on the pier with Mia and takes her aside. He knows what she was thinking using his computer ... But the Alamains are after her so she really needs to hide! Carly gives Mia a hug and
wishes her bon courage before departing with Bo.
- Meanwhile, Gus has sent Madame a pic of Carly with Mia. Viv orders him to follow that imp as she might know something.
- Rafe takes Sydney to the pub and informs Ari that Nicole is still
out there somewhere. He leaves Sami a voice mail that he has Sydney! He becomes worried that he did not hear from her and decides to take Sami's baby to her, in case she is at home ...
- Back upstairs at the pub, Brady returns with Vic's laptop and proceeds to go into his deleted files. Arianna is both impressed and worried. Brady finds deleted shipping records from 2 weeks ago,
but they are in code. This could take a while ...
- At Bo's place, Carly announces she wants to make an official  complaint against Chad, for his behavior toward Mia. Bo talks her
out of it. Carly would rather help someone in need than simply sit around. She hates playing this waiting game. Is she supposed to just hang around, waiting for the Alamains to show up, not to mention
that she is too dependent on Bo. She feels terrible that she, a doctor, killed someone. Bo assures her she had no choice. Carly is not sure she will be able to leave so easily, knowing now what she knows. Bo understands. He gets a call about Lawrence and appears surprised. "You're not gonna believe this!"
- At Java Cafe, Mia drops and breaks a mug. Vivian takes her by the hand and says she looks like she could use some help! "You look so unhappy," she purrs. Mia shrugs she just broke a mug. Viv hopes no one upset her. Perhaps she could help. Mia must get back to work, and cannot chat. Viv orders a double espresso and takes a seat. She now calls Gus. She is not sure this girl will lead anywhere, but she knows that Carly will not be able to run or hide for murdering Lawrence!
- Kate opens the DiMera door to Chloe, who walks into the mansion and approaches EJ. "There is something that I need to tell you .."
She advises him to speak to Sami and Nicole, that is all she can say.
EJ considers.
- Chez Sami, Nicole yells that Sydney is hers! The two argue and are about to come to blows when Rafe opens the door, holding Sydney. Nicole looks down in defeat as Sami catches her breath and gazes emotionally at her precious little girl ...!

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"There is more to the story, but I can't tell you. I can't tell
anybody!" Mia cries to Maggie.
"The real killer has come forward and confessed," Justin
informs Carly.
Sami holds Sydney and smiles warmly, while Nicole moans.
"She's mine, she's mine!"
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