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Friday June 13, 2008     All rights reserved. Link Only

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vic wonders if Phil is responsible for the
recent arson at the docks! He thinks the prodigal son has bitten off more than he can chew, but there are more important matters to discuss, namely that mama Kate has been hospitalized.

At the hospital, Dan investigates Kate's medical history. Chelsea is worried. The doc changes the subject for a sec and admits he is
falling in love with Chelsea. She is caught off guard by his admission,
as Kate comes to. Enter Phil and Vic. Kate takes a turn for he worst. Dan finds out she has omental torsion, caused by some earlier twisting of the abdomen, likely from a self-defense class. Time for surgery!

At the pub, Nicole and legal eagle EJ have a meal together. He believes he knows how to extract a nice divorce settlement from Victor. He
just wants Nicole to promise she won’t tell on him for having known
all along that his so-called annulment from Sami was never real.
She agrees and pinky swears. Meanwhile, Max is uncommunicative with Steph, who senses he is in pain. They make out and as Steph sleeps, Max laments he can never tell her about “him.” Downstairs, Kayla shows up at the pub and fills a stunned Caroline in on son
Max’s genius …

At the DiMera mansion, New John welcomes back Blondie. Marlena notes her portrait has been removed. John wonders if she is jealous
and announces he is officially moving on. Ava takes it all in. Sami flounces past and lets Marlena know about the fire at the docks,
which destroyed John’s whole impounded shipment. John tells his
wife he is gonna go head-to-head with Vic and Phil his own way. Marlena holds her head high and says she will move out but Ava
feels that John still looooves Blondie despite how he acts. She tells
John she can still be his friend, though …

Chloe drops by to see Lucas, who is preoccupied with mama Kate’s condition. He wants to go see her. Chloe advises him not to leave the house or he’ll get in trouble. Furthermore, she thinks he was at the
pier earlier!

Back at the hospital, EJ wants to make a deal with Vic, who
shoos him away.
Back at the pub, Ava shows up to tell Nicole all about John
and Marlena’s woes.

Thursday June 12, 2008

- At the pub, Max, the Nickster, and Dean Robbins talk science.
Max insist he did not come up with the hypothesis, he just cleaned
up some of Nick’s work on it. Nick feels betrayed. Robbins tries
to convince him to hang in there. He is skeptical about Max’s contribution. Steph jumps in to defend him. Robbins questions
Max’s intelligence and says he is not that far from stupid! Max hits
back by calling Robbins a scientific fraud. The Dean accuses him of being jealous of Nick and threatens to report him to the police if he
ever harasses him again. Enter Kayla. Steph flounces off with her
and boasts how gifted Max is. Meanwhile, Nick wants some private time with a reluctant Max. They head out to the docks, where they
view a spectacular warehouse fire. Nick asks Max to try an IQ test. Anti-geek Max says no way and takes off, followed by the Nickster. Max quietly returns to the pub, where he whispers to Robbins that unless he lets Nick finish his grant, Max will make sure all of Salem finds out exactly who he is!
- At the DiMera mansion, Phil and Chloe smooch up a storm. Enter Morgan, who gets an eyeful! Chloe gloats that the John/Phil feud
might escalate. Phil thinks Chloe is jealous of Morgan. Morgan
makes it clear that she believes in Phillip. Phil reiterates he was not involved in planting drugs on John’s shipment. Moments later, Phil
gets a call from Paul Hollingsworth, who announces he has just
carried out his end of the deal so John Black with his shipment
problem is gonna be taken care of. The call ends. Miss Morgan, unaware of what the prodigal son is up to, expresses her faith in him.
- Meanwhile, as New John gives mafia princess Ava the DiMera
mansion grand tour, Lucas claims to Sami that he was upstairs the
whole time! Sami insists she knows different – that he left the house. Lucas denies it. John tells them to keep it down. Sami hisses at both John and Ava. John tells her to scram. She and Lucas walk off.
Ding dong, Hope is at the door! She informs John that the warehouse with his shipment has burned down in a major fire, with arson the suspected cause. John growls it must have been Phillip Kiriakis! Ava
is on his side. Hope tells him to steer clear of Phil. Lucas overhears. John won’t back down. Ava offers her help, if he ever needs it. John kisses her goodnight just as soap goddess Marlena walks inside …!
- Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Bo tells Phil about the big fire and
warns him he will arrest the responsible party. Phil plays innocent. Chloe has her doubts. It later occurs to her that Lucas must have
been hiding at the pier when he called her earlier. Meanwhile, Lucas remembers seeing Hollingsworth just before the fire started …

Wednesday June 11, 2008

- At the pub, Steph and Max communicate. Steph sees something
is bothering him still and she knows it is the physics prof. Steph is baffled but Max manages to keep his cool as Nick and Dean Robbins have a meeting at the pub.
- At the hospital, Chelsea asks Dr. Dan what is ailing the formerly screaming Kate. He is unsure. Chelsea heads to the pub and tells her friends Kate is in the hospital. Nick is sympathetic but is clearly busy with the Dean. He later heads back to Max and they disagree over the Dean’s theories. Max finally comes clean to Max about “correcting” some of Nick’s work before the grant was submitted. The Nickster, always an upstanding guy, then tells the Dean that Max should get the grant to build the prototype, not him!
- Dan has made Kate feel better. She is concerned about Chelsea.
Dan says he will be responsible and stay away from her if she works
at the hospital. Enter Chelsea, who is now convinced Dan doesn’t
love her. She storms off and he laments that he is in love with her!
- At the Kiriakis abode, Phil asks the fair Miss Morgan to have dinner with him. He admits he has a past with Chloe, though their future is up in the air. Just then Morgan’s pop calls her and tells her she shouldn’t be anywhere near Phillip Kiriakis! She is confused. Isn’t Phil the ideal man? Hollingsworth calls Phil, who says they will have to talk later as the line is not secure.
- At the DiMera mansion, John proceeds to wine and dine his date. Sami slyly takes a cell phone pic of John and Ave together, which she intends to email Marlena! Roman then calls, looking for Lucas. Sami covers for him, pretending he is upstairs. Roman wants to come by to see him. Oh oh! When Roman arrives, no Lucas! Sami is a nervous wreck and pretends he is around somewhere, as John chats up the very willing Ava.
- Meanwhile, Lucas observes the weeping Chloe down at the docks.
He calls her cell, says he is sorry for being harsh with her, and asks her to stop crying. He agrees to have a friendly alliance with her, whereby they will look out for each other’s interests with Sami and Phil. Their convo ends. As Lucas races home, he runs into Paul Hollingsworth,
who says he looks familiar. Lucas bolts and gets back to the DiMera mansion moments after John has smooched with Ava, much to Sami’s dismay. Roman is getting suspicious. Lucas, however, plays it cool, acting like he’s been at home the entire time …
- Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Morgan decides to say bye bye just as Chloe returns to look for her earrings, she claims. With no dinner date from Morgan in sight, playboy Phil tells Chloe he cares about
her and Morgan is only a friend. Chloe doesn’t buy it and tells him where to go, but can she resist him …?

Tuesday June 10, 2008

Much to Phil’s displeasure, Chloe moves outta the Kiriakis mansion,
on account of his Greek tycoon father. They arrange to meet for
dinner later. Phil wants to give her money but she won’t accept it as
she has already received her first alimony check from Brady. Chloe departs as Phil takes a phone call …

Also on the phone is Lucas at the DiMera mansion, who is telling an unknown source that he has got money. Enter Sami, who wants to know why Lucas needs money and what he is going to do with it. Lucas says he just wants a food order. Sami wants them to be a
family, says she looooooves him, and tries to make a pass. Lucas doesn’t take the bait. She cannot have him with EJ in the picture.

Meanwhile, at the pub, John gets a call from Ava and is delighted to arrange dinner with her that evening at his mansion. As he hangs up,
he finds himself face to face with Paul Hollingsworth, whom John has summoned. They have words. Hollingsworth says his hands are clean. John says he knows he was working with Phil and he doesn’t like liars. Morgan sweeps in just as John accuses her da of planting those drugs on his ship. Morgan, however, did not hear what they were discussing.  Paul pretends he was just saying thanks to John for helping him get his job back. Morgan tells John to stay away from her father and leaves. Also at the pub is Dean Robbins, whom Max kicks out! Steph is shocked by Max’ behavior. She heads to his room to snoop around
and comes back with a picture of a woman. Max admit it is his real mother, but his memories of her are few, since he was put into foster care as a youngin.

John returns to the mansion, where Sami and Lucas are stunned to
hear he has a date! Sami then runs into Chloe at the pub and insults
her. Chloe goes back to the Kiriakis mansion, where Morgan is asking Phil for his help in keeping John Black away from her da. Paul calls Phil, demanding money for having planted the drugs on John! Phil hangs up and flirts with Morgan. Chloe spies them together and
quietly leaves.

Back at the DiMera mansion, a questionable character drops by to
see Lucas, who hands him cash and gets a device in return that will enable him to secretly remove his ankle monitor. Lucas does just that,
goes out for a walk, and sees Chloe crying down at the docks. Back
at the mansion, Sami cannot find Lucas but she sure finds his ankle monitor, hidden in a bag!

Monday June 9, 2008


- EJ pulls away from Nicole and so ends their make out session. Furthermore, he accuses her of trying to blackmail him! Enter Henderson, who announces Ava, who waltzes in and suggests
she and Nicole head out for a night on the town. EJ is against it.
Ava is in big trouble and the two gals should not be seen together.
They pay no heed to his warnings and decide to get ready! Enter Chelsea, looking for Vic, whom EJ is glad he hasn’t seen. Exit a flustered EJ. Chelsea has a fantasy about Dr. Dan and his bedside manner. Vic interrupts and wonders what is wrong with her.
Chelsea snaps out of it and tells grandpa Vic she wants a summer
job. He talks Titan but she has the hospital in mind.
- At that very moment at the hospital, Kate visits Dr. Dan, complaining
of pains in her stomach. Dan thinks she should stay overnight to have
tests. Vic and Chelsea soon show up at the hospital, too. Chels-me wants a job. Kate wants to talk to her. Is it such a great idea for her
to work with Dr. Dan for the whole summer, given her crush? Chels-me pretends she has accepted that they have nothing. Meanwhile,
Vic asks Dan – man to man – what is wrong with Kate. Dan the
man reminds him of doc-patient confidentiality. Moments later,
poor Kate begins to scream in pain…! Ouch!
- Meanwhile, Ava and Nic end up at the Java Café, bored bored bored. Ava is dismayed to see Stephanie, so the gals leave. They end up at
the hotel with a couple of guys and dance the night away, though
Nicole cannot forget EJ and Ava cannot forget John! Ava feigns a headache to get rid of the keener beaner dudes. Ava then confides in Nic that she met a hot married guy. Nic informs her that John and Marlena ain’t exactly together anymore. Ava is intrigued.
- Steph and Max are with Nick at the Java Café for a signing of a book about the science of going green. Nick tries to find out what is up with Max and Dean Robbins. Max plays dumb. Dean Robbins arrives, as he is the author! Max is annoyed. Robbins gives a talk. Max has an angry response when Steph wants him to get a signed book. Later on, when Robbins is about to leave, Max saunters over and calls him a fraud cos his book has faulty science in it!  He threatens to expose him …
- At the DiMera mansion, John is put out by the arrival of super cops
Bo and Hope, who are there with a search warrant. While Bo is upstairs, macho John lets Hope know he knows they once had a
fling on a sub! New John wants to know the whole story so she tells him all the Gina and brainwashed John details. Hot sub flashback alert! Soon afterwards, re-enter Bo, who has found nothing incriminating at da mansion. John repeats Phil set him up and he feels he now has got proof in the fact that Hollingsworth met with Phil. He tells Bo to get to the bottom of things once and for all. “Figure it out.”

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