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Days of Our Lives Daily Update

Friday June 6, 2008    
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EJ snatches the phone from Nicole before she can tell Lucas about
his annulment deception and orders her to put the thing away. Nicole retorts that he’d better start being generous with her! EJ is displeased about her blackmail attempt. Nicole claims she was just joking. She wants to leave. EJ follows and they end up smooching on the sofa!

Meanwhile, Max is in a foul mood at the Brady pub. Enter Chelsea, who speaks with Nick. She apologizes in case she hurt him and says
she had thought she was in love with another who was called Daniel! She admits she has made a mess of things. Upstanding dude Nick
says he still loves her but cannot be friends with her and has decided
to move on. He ambles on over to Steph to talk about Max. Steph realizes Max is a bundle of nerves these days.

Down at he docks, John is mad about his cargo that the U.S. gov’t
has seized. He sees Bo and Hope and scowls that Phil set him up …

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vic has visitors Bo and Hope, who are there
as sleuthing cops. The Greek tycoon denies any involvement in the cocaine biz despite  his past and smoothly covers up for Phil! They leave and Vic calls Phil …

Back at the pub, Roman has a word with Max about what happened
at the docks. The gang celebrate the pub’s new greenness and Caroline introduces Max as the Brady pub manager! Patch and Kayla also have big news. Tiny Joe can now breathe on his own. Nick talks Max into coming back to the pub for the green celebration after Max heads outside for a breather.

Lucas has a visitor at the DiMera mansion – none other than Chloe, who claims she is worried about him. Lucas is suspicious. Enter Phil, who is also suspicious. He answers his cell and tells Vic he’ll have to call him back. Enter John, who scowls at the visitors. But Chloe soon comes back with an offer of friendship for Lucas.

Meanwhile, Phil heads back to the Kiriakis mansion and tries to
ignore angry Vic who warns him to stay away from John Black!
And he is right, too, cos John has just bribed a longshoreman at the docks, who recalls seeing Phil talking to Paul Hollingsworth! Phil
calls Hollingsworth and tells him to keep his mouth shut, but will he …?

Thursday June 5, 2008


Nicole waltzes into the DiMera mansion and tells EJ she needs her divorce finalized asap, for financial reasons. Enter Sami, Lucas, and
the police. When EJ hears that Lucas violated the terms of his house arrest, he tells Sami he should be in jail. Nicole is all ears. The cop warns Lucas to stay inside and leaves. EJ and Lucas disagree about who should put the toddlers to bed for a nap. Nicole is enjoying the chaos until EJ asks her to scram and arranges to meet her later. EJ
tells Sami he doesn't think Lucas should be alone with the twins.
Sami goes along with it. EJ puts them to bed and then goes to meet Nicole. Sami says she is going to the gym. Lucas is mad! When EJ meets up with Nicole, she threatens to tell Lucas what he told her
when he was drunk – that he betrayed Sami with that fake annulment. Nicole then calls up Lucas to make her point!

Down at the docks, Max flips out with New Kungfu John until Steph steps in and makes Max leave with her. Ava shows up and asks if he
is ok. She and John find it easy to confide in each other. Abe arrives
on scene and suspicously assumes there was a Vitali/John Black deal going on with the drugs when Ava’s Mafioso pop was alive! Exit Abe. John asks Ava for dinner. When she hears he is married, she retorts
she does not get involved with married men and departs …

At the hospital, Lexie and Dan chat more and she says she is happy
she can confide in him. Dr. Dan gives her a hug as Chelsea happens along! Chelsea and Dan later talk in circles, ending up nowhere. Meanwhile, Abe comes by to tell Lexie something …

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phil is none too pleased by Vic’s reaction to Chloe and his business dealings. The Greek tycoon lets the prodigal
son see his infamous temper. Chloe leaves for the Salem Inn. Phil admits he got the drugs to set up John from one of Vic’s contacts in Mexico. Phil insists he knows what he is doing. He later goes to the Java Café and meets Chloe, but says only that it is tough for Vic to let go. Chloe sees Sami and Sami tells her off about Brady. Interestingly, once Phil informs Chloe of Lucas, Sami, and EJ all living together at
the DiMera mansion, Chloe suddenly annouces she has to leave, but will not say why …

Wednesday June 4, 2008


- Down at the seedy Salem docks, Nicole and Chloe run into each
other, having lost John and Phil! Paul Hollingsworth eavesdrops on
their heated exchange. When they leave and he spies Morgan, he
tells her she shouldn’t be there. Meanwhile, Max takes a verbal
beating from his boss, who dishes him for showing up too early,
being a rich kid, etc. Max is already in a foul mood, from having
seen Nick at the pub with Dean Robbins earlier. Max and his tough longshoreman boss come to blows. Morgan, Steph, and Nick see
the commotion. Max’s boss vows revenge!
- At the Kiriakis mansion, John accuses Phil of setting him up. Phil
denies it. He blames John for starting the war. John smugly sees that
as an admission of guilt on Phil’s part! Enter Chloe. Exit John. Enter Vic the Greek tycoon, who tells Chloe to get out. Phil says she stays. Vic insists she leave. Chloe leaves the room. Vic lectures Phil for
letting Chloe get close to him and also for planting half a million in
drugs on John Black. Nobody in Vic’s organization gets their hands
that dirty, and so the Greek tycoon strips Phil of his responsibilities effective immediately!
- At the DiMera mansion, Sami gets ready to go see Roman. Lucas
insists he can look after the twins. Enter EJ, who is against Lucas
taking care of Johnny. EJ has lawyer work to do in court, so Sami
takes Johnny with her. While she is at the Java Café waiting for
Roman, EJ shows up and is happy to spend some time with her
and Johnny. EJ then departs. Roman shows up to meet with Sami.
Here comes Nicole, ready to talk about EJ deceiving her about the annulment, but, as luck would have it, a phone call from flustered Lucas thwarts her plan. Meanwhile, EJ has a private meeting with immigration agent Burke …
- Moments later, as Lucas frantically searches for crying Aly’s doll.
Aly gets outside. Lucas follows her, only to find himself carted off
to the station with Aly, by two cops, there to arrest him for breaking
the rules of his confinement! Sami and Roman arrive at the station. Sami wants Roman to help …
- At the hospital, Dr. Dan has a private little surprise breakfast with Lexie. A bit later, Abe and Lexie head out to have lunch with Theo’s teacher, who has requested a meeting.
- Meanwhile, Dr. Dan arranges to meet Chelsea at the Java Café, to let her know he is about to move on – with a woman who is not exactly unattached!
- Back at the docks, John wants a word with Max on an incoming Kiriakis shipment. Max loses his cool with New John and seems moments away from yet another altercation …!

Tuesday June 3, 2008


- At the DiMera mansion, Lucas makes it clear he wants to go
live elsewhere. Sami hopes for a reconciliation but Lucas is still
mad about her EJ tryst. John shows up and Sami remarks he has removed Marlena’s portrait. She informs John that Marlena has
left town as Eric was in a minor automobile accident. John thinks
that was her excuse. Sami worries about New John.
- At the Brady pub, the Bradys celebrate the pub becoming officially green. Bo, Hope, Chelsea, and Max talk amongst themselves. Enter
a hung over EJ. Caroline offers him black coffee but Nicole suggests
a banana smoothie. EJ confesses he remembers little about the night before. Nicole lets him know she would never tell anyone his secrets! Exit EJ. As the Bradys discuss the challenges of being green, the green beer flows – until they receive word that Kayla and Steve’s newest addition, Tiny Joe, has taken a turn for the worst. They head to the hospital to offer support. Tiny Joe has been given meds to help his
heart rate, which had been affected by fluid in his lungs. They pray. The meds appear to be working …
- Meanwhile, Phil has a meeting with Yvonne, an exotic Hong Kong Titan employee. Chloe drops by to say hello and is then off to meet
a real estate agent. Phil would rather she stay at the mansion, however. He then passes on the disk to Yvonne, with orders to crack the code…
- Back at the DiMera mansion, Sami and Lucas are treated to an unannounced visit from Kate, who thinks her unhappy son should move. Sami says no way! Lucas defends Sami, who hugs him. Kate reminds her she is still married to EJ. Sami says no she’s not, cos the marriage was annulled. Enter EJ, who coolly states the annulment was not approved as they were intimate. Sami and EJ are still man and
wife! Sam is horrified. Lucas now decides he wants Sami to divorce
EJ asap! EJ gets a call from Nicole, who lets him know he told her
his bogus annulment secret. EJ tells her they will have to talk later.
- As John arrives at the pub, Nicole fills him in on Phil and Chloe’s
tryst. John thanks her for the info and enters. No one is happy to
see him. Caroline is ice cold. John informs Hope he intends to clear
his name! John then pays, departs, calls Phil and sets up a meeting. Phil, however, has something up his sleeve and tells an unknown contact as much on his cell phone. He then heads off to meet with John, unaware that sleuthing diva Chloe is tailing him. John heads
off to his private meeting with Phil, unaware that sleuthing diva
Nicole happens to be tailing him …

Monday June 2, 2008

- At the DiMera mansion, Lucas spends time with Aly as little Johnny
is fussy. Sami laments that EJ would sure know what to do with his son. Lucas helps quiet Johnny down and Sami is grateful. Sami soon gets a call from Maggie. EJ has had too much to drink. Her first reaction is that he ain’t her hubby anymore but she then goes to see
for herself …
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Phil and Chloe make out, though he has thoughts of Morgan on his mind! Afterwards, before Chloe leaves to return to her room, she accidentally comes across the stolen disc. Phil tells her to forget about it, it’s business, and refuses to tell her more.
- At Chez Rouge, EJ and Nicole get close. They dance, drink shots,
and kiss. Sloshed EJ tells Nicole his trump card – because he and
Sami slept together, their annulment won’t be legit anyhow cos they
will still be man and wife! Sami soon shows up and asks EJ to come home with her. He obliges. Nicole is miffed and considers her future options. Should she tell Sami about EJ’s secret?
- Also at Chez Rouge, Bo and Hope continue to dance. Morgan sees papa Paul there, who says he wants to celebrate. He believes that
the grand jury will not being charges against him tomorrow anyhow.
He denies any involvement in the latest docks bust. Within minutes,
Bo spies Paul and wants a word but Phil interrupts with a phone call. Paul says he can’t talk now and then lies to Bo that it was just a friend. Bo is extremely suspicious of Hollingsworth and thinks he knows more about John’s so-called shipment than he is letting on …
- At the police station, Abe and Roman put the squeeze on John for a confession of guilt. He insists he was set up by Phil Kiriakis but they think he had expected Paul Hollingsworth to clear his shipment. They are convinced he is guilty as heck. John is arraigned, pleads not guilty, and is freed on bail, which Marlena had paid. He promptly returns home to the mansion, only to find that EJ is drunk on the floor, and Marlena has left him
(Dee is on a brief summer vacation, that’s all).
- Meanwhile, Max repeats to Stephanie that he is good at numbers,
kinda like Rainman, the autistic savant in the old Tom Cruise film.
A classic case of Salem life imitating art …
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