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1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Xander bids goodbye to Victor. Alas he must leave the Kiriakis mansion … At the square café Jen complains to Jack about Gabi. Jack assures her Abigail is strong. He believes honesty is important. She quips except with Steve and Kayla … Sonny buys Justin a pub breakfast. Justin wonders what was bothering him and Will. Must be Allie. Sonny would rather just wedding talk. Justin admits he is having pre-wedding jitters … Hope wakes up Steve on the couch with coffee. Tis their key to the city day and he did not sleep well. Hope suspects cos of Kayla … Will visits Kayla, warning she might have to call off her wedding today … As Justin eats his hearty breakfast Sonny assures him Adrienne would want him happy. Justin’s concern is Steve. Sonny states Kayla loves HIM but Justin knows about super couples. He is not with Adrienne as she is no longer alive. Steve removed himself from the race but could still make a comeback … Steve drawls he does not plan to go to the wedding as he has to attend the key ceremony. Hope senses he secretly wants to stop the wedding … Will sighs Maggie is sick and the justice of the peace cannot come. There is no replacement. Everything else is ready … Victor informs Xander that Brady could be leaving the company and calls him his candidate for replacement. Here comes Sarah who still wants him gone ... Frilly Jen feels Kayla has the right to know Steve still loves her. Jack whispers tis Steve’s sentiment to share. Jenny gets going … Steve plans to forever keep his peace and admits Jack knows how he feels. He also told Jen. Hope asks about his happiness and he teases he has free coffee and a good couch, no complaints …

Sonny doubts Steve would disrupt Kayla’s wedding. He quotes the late great Adrienne and advises his dad not to borrow trouble … Kayla hears that friends Abe and Marlena are attending the key ceremony so they cannot officiate at her wedding. Alas there are just a few more hours to find someone … Back at the Kiriakis mansion. Xander is IN at Titan if the job opens up. However, he is leaving for Sarah. Victor wishes she would give the remorseful big guy a break. She snaps she did and then he offered her another baby. Vic thinks that was nice. She grumbles and gets some bottled water. Xander scoffs to give Justin his best because he did not even invite him to the wedding and heads to the Salem Inn. Victor has something to say to Sarah … Justin reasons Adrienne used to be the worrier while he played strong and steady. Sonny sighs they are lost without her and quotes her. Justin is the best man on the face of the earth! Kayla must want him regardless of Steve. Justin is touched. Sonny admires his dad despite his dull job. Justin believes he is the best son since the others do not seem to be sold. Sonny pays and they head out to pick up the tux. Steve appears … Will calls Julie, who also has a cold. Kayla is exasperated. Knock knock knock! Tis Jen and Hope. Will updates them on the lack of an officiator. Jen talks postponement. Hope agrees. Kayla exclaims the caterers and flowers are in place. All of a sudden sweet Will has an epiphany …

Victor argues Xander loves Sarah for real but she has her doubts. The Greek gets his nephew was a selfish arrogant felon but when he fell for Sarah he changed for the better. He lists his latest heroics. He will always be a bull in a china shop but his love is true … Jack stops Xander at the square and the big guy updates him on his latest efforts. Sarah was grateful for the gravestone, moved into the mansion but then he messed up forever it seems … Will gets himself ordained online and gets the certificate. Happy Kayla hugs him and he heads off to prepare. Kayla hopes there are no more problems. Jen has her perfect dress and Hope brought a perfect bottle of champagne. Jen is surprised she invited Steve to the wedding. She notes just as well he cannot come as it might make Justin uneasy … Steve would like a word with Justin. Sonny goes ahead and arranges to meet him at the flower stand. Steve wants Justin to know … Sarah gets sarcastic about Xander’s version of love. Victor accuses her of looking for excuses to keep him at bay … Xander sits with Jack and sighs he blew it again. Perhaps tis for the best as he always hurts her. Jack can relate. However, if Jennifer Horton has put up with his imperfections for years, Xander could still have a chance with Sarah Horton. Xander doubts it and departs. Sonny now updates Jack on Steve wanting to speak to Justin in private …Steve officially wishes Kayla the best and praises Justin for being good to his sister. Adrienne would want him to give his blessing. Justin thanks him and they clasp hands … The gals drink to second chances. Jen asks how Kayla and Justin came together as she was in a coma. Kayla explains they were friends until he made lasagna. Then there was a spark and he invited her to a jazz concert. On a picnic they slow danced in the moonlight. When she received Steve’s signed divorce papers she realized she was where she belonged. Hope toasts to the couple and leaves for the key ceremony. As Kayla forgot to pick up the rings at the jeweler Jen goes to do that. Kayla hopes for smooth sailing …

Sarah informs Victor that Maggie must remain in bed with her cold. No wedding and she will rearrange her hospital schedule so she can stay with her. The Greek is grateful but lets her know just as Maggie changed him, Sarah changed Xander. His redhead always forgives him his sins and says tis better to be with the imperfect man she loves. Food for thought … Xander unpacks at the Salem Inn and finds Sarah’s ring. He tosses it on the bed and opens his computer. Then he makes a call seeking services … Justin happily meets Sonny at the square and updates him on Steve’s well wishes. Before heading back to the mansion he must leave flowers at Adrienne’s grave. He will see Sonny soon … Jack catches up with Steve playing the blues outside the pub. He asks about his conversation with Justin. He said he was happy for him and Kayla. Jack quips so he lied … Jen is stunned that Hope also knows Steve still loves Kayla, who deserves the truth … Xander opens his door to a sultry professional girl. Sarah comes around the corner and sees the do not disturb sign … Will gushes to Sonny he got ordained online as it was necessary. Victor sighs Maggie cannot attend and hopefully there are no more snags … Jack sits with stubborn Steve and warns this is his last chance to tell Kayla the truth …Kayla comes across her and Steve’s framed wedding photo … At the pretty park, Hope sighs Steve swore her to secrecy. Jen sighs Jack did the same. However, Kayla has the right to know Steve wants her back. Unseen Justin overhears!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, July 6, 2020