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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Eli carries his beautiful bride over the threshold. The honeymoon suite is romantically decorated … Hope joins Julie to help with the bistro clean up but the Julie has finished. Alas Doug had a cold but his wife saved him wedding cake. Julie tells Hope of the two wedding crashers … Vivian’s eyes widen when she sees ‘Stefan.’ She gets emotional about her son being alive and hopes he has not forgotten her … Chez Eric, he is surprised by Sonny and Will’s announcement and has to tell the guys Allie already selected the future father. The smiles fade from their faces … At the square café, Rafe is astounded Allie has asked him to adopt her unborn baby. She remembers being partially raised by him and cannot imagine a better dad … Will thinks they should call Allie. Eric is quite sure she made up her mind. Will argues he and Sonny are better than strangers. Eric reveals it is not a stranger, it is Rafe … Rafe is much moved. Allie gushes he gave her the idea given how he talked about David with such acceptance. She loved how he always listened when she was growing up and respected her as a person … Jake addresses Ma’am, who wishes he would not address her as a stranger and wants to help him remember. He refuses to take her hand when she suggests it would help him remember they share blood and turns to go but Gabi stops him … Lani and Eli love the romantic room Julie decorated and he reads her note aloud. Lani is grateful. He gushes she knows Lani is the best thing that ever happened to him and kisses her. Their amazing life awaits … Hope is horrified to hear Gabi crashed the wedding. That’s not all … Gabi gets mad at Vivian for not trying to jog Stefan’s memory. Viv argues she is cuffed to the chair. Gabi yells at her to remind him of what they did while he was growing up. Viv cries she cannot. When they mention the day he was born she sighs. Tis not so simple …

Eric explains to Will and Sonny how Allie thought of Rafe. Will notes he is not family. Sonny notes she knew not anyone in the family was interested. Will wonders where she is. Probably already with Rafe … Rafe urges Allie to discuss this with Sami first … Julie and Hope enjoy leftover champagne as Julie tells the tale of Vivian Alamain appearing to avenge Stefan’s murder. She was waving around her weapon. Rafe saved the day and hauled her off. He saved Lani’s life … Vivian was lied to about the baby dying and Stefan was given up for adoption. Then he showed up on her doorstop one day. He took the name she had given him. They then returned to Salem to take back DiMera. She asks Jake if any of it sounds familiar. It does indeed … Julie tells Hope in the end Eli and Lani tied the knot. Hope raises a glass as Julie gushes God willing they will have their happily ever after … Lani has sparkling cider and Eli toasts with his craft beer. She laughs when he calls Vivian bat crazy. She could see she loved her son too much to accept he was dead … Gabi is hopeful. Jake scoffs he read about Stefan’s story online. However, Stefan’s heart was given to Julie and he has his heart! He believes they are both loons and bolts …

Will sighs to Sonny they lost their chance. Sonny tells him to keep the faith cos if Rafe wants the baby they will find the one they were meant to have. Will knows Sonny is wise. Eric offers to put them in touch with a social worker who works with the foster adopt program at Salem Family services. Will appreciates it. He had assumed them raising Allie’s baby was the perfect solution. Alas they were too late … Rafe reveals he might not be ready for fatherhood so soon after losing David. Allie asks if that means no. The big guy needs time to think about it. He must make sure he can be the dad the baby deserves. Allie is touched and tells him to take as much time as he needs. Is she sure? About him – yes. Rafe grins. They exchange I love yous and she goes … As they eat cake Lani and Eli discuss his mom dating his mentor. They make light of the crazy wedding and she gets off the bed to get ready for his surprise … Gabi comes back, mad at Vivian about Stefan bolting. Viv senses her son needs time to digest. He is so different and needs their help. Perhaps there is another way. Gabi concludes there is something Vivian can do …

Jake is back in his room above the garage drowning his sorrows. He hears a noise and tells Gabi to get the hell out. Tis curious Gwen. He scoffs it seems he is Stefan DiMera after all … Helpful Eric gives Will his friend’s name and website. Sonny thanks him. Eric will pray for them. Allie arrives and is surprised to see them. Will explains they are here about the baby … Jake calls the results a legit match. Gwen has her doubts. He adds he met his supposed mother, whom he does not even remember. Gwen hopes he does not buy any of it. Alas it is hard to know what to believe. So many say he is this Stefan guy but not him! Gwen gets closer and wonders how he plans hold on to who he is. He impulsively kisses her … Gabi urges Vivian to reach out to Rolf. Madame hesitates. Gabi reasons she is Stefan’s mother so he would be loyal. She should go see him at Statesville. Madame is not mobile at the moment and suggests Gabi do something … Hope catches up with Rafe at the station and praises him for saving the day. He takes her hand and asks for her advice. Allie just asked him to adopt her baby. Hope blinks … Will wonders whether Allie asked Rafe to adopt her baby. She did but he is taking his time deciding. Will admits he and Sonny were hoping to adopt the baby … Alluring Lani and Eli celebrate their love as the fireworks begin. Literally …

Allie is astonished. Will explains they were already planning for another child when she appeared. They feel it would be wonderful if the baby they were wanting was hers. She smiles … Rafe admits to Hope he is unsure about adopting Allie’s baby … Vivian tells Gabi her brother the commissioner can release her. Gabi doubts the mayor would agree. Vivian states her son needs his memories back. Gabi gets an idea … Gwen gets passionate with Stefan, who is now hanging onto his past … Eli and Lani bask in the afterglow and she suggests a name for their baby. He agrees to anything as long as she loves him. Always and forever.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, July 3, 2020