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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
up at 5 pm est, January 4



- Nath and glum Steph are on the flight home. She is crying and worried about ailing Caroline. Nath assures her the hospital will give her the best care possible. At least her mom is there with her! Steph sighs about that "luck." Nath points out they can go straight to the hospital. Steph is disappointed they are not yet man and wife. Time to prepare for the landing ...
- Dan is alone at the hospital staff room. Victor appears, as he has summoned him for help. Victor will help with anything. Dan sighs it is about Chloe. Victor proceeds to insult her. Dan brings up the fact that Phillip is the father of her baby. He wants Phillip to offer the child and Chloe financial assistance. The Greek tycoon states that is not going to happen. Vivian now controls his company and assets so he cannot give anyone a dime. However, once it has been straightened out, he will set
up a trust fund for Parker. Dan sighs that Parker is his mother's name.
Vic assures him he did not deserve this. Dan wonders if Lucas would agree. Victor reminds him the baby is not his problem. Dan, however, does care and cannot simply turn of a switch that controls his feelings.
- Woeful Chloe has a visitor at the apartment - tis Nicole. Chloe numbly tells her the baby is sleeping. Nicole enters and asks if this is a bad time. Depressed Chloe laments she has lost Daniel and everything. She goes
on to tell her pal the whole sordid story, which ended with Kayla blurting out the truth, Caroline screaming. Nicole is shocked to hear that Phillip is the father. Then Caroline the test switcher had a stroke. Nicole quips she should have had it before! Chloe cries Dan is so mad now, she is not sure how he will get past any of this. Nicole solemnly replies he never will. Chloe insists she did not know. Nicole points out she still slept with the husband of Dan's daughter and had his baby. It is time to wake up and take care of herself and the baby alone. Chloe later opens Nicole's gift,
but the clerk wrapped the wrong one - the dress intended for Sydney. Chloe is surprised to hear that Nicole has moved back into the mansion with EJ and they are engaged. She thinks that is wonderful. She reasons
if EJ can forgive Nicole, then Daniel will definitely forgive her too. This
is about trust. Nicole coldly informs her this is really about sticking it to Sami Brady!
- Replay of papa EJ breaking news of his engagement to Johnny, who loudly protests. EJ wonders why he says NO, as he had told him he liked Nicole. Johnny replies he still does not want a new mother. "I want my mommy!"  EJ lies that mommy wants to live with Rafe and she wants Johnny to live with him. He praises Nicole. "She's not my mommy!" retorts Johnny. He innocently asks if his father loves Nicole as much as mommy. EJ gets flustered and calls his question interesting. He loves ... that Nicole takes good care of him and always puts him and Sydney first.
- Replay of Sami down at the pier, pretending to be on the phone and offering Brady the use of her apartment to sneak around with Nicole. After all, whatever EJ does not know will not hurt him, right? Stefano emerges from the shadows and tells her this is not right! Elvis could put her in jail with the evidence he has. Sami hopes Stefano will not pass on the idle gossip he heard to EJ. The phoenix chuckles her voice carries and walks away singing. Sami grins. He bought it hook, line, and sinker! She returns to the empty loft and quickly plants a trashy negligee under a sofa cushion, where she is certain raging EJ will easily find it, especially as she has left part of it visible ...
- Jen is at the pub, looking at Jack's blog, muttering angrily to herself. Friendly Ben comes for their meet-up and she shows him the blog. Ben reads the petty blog and tries to be upbeat. Jen complains how Jack never writes about his children. Sympathetic Ben notes she seems to be through with the guy. Jen decides it makes her too mad to talk about Jack's blog and she would rather hear about Ben. He admits being a doctor is his whole life. Jen brings up his Aussie walkabout. He confesses he even had medicine on his mind then. He loves his field, though it can be frustrating. Especially when he cannot obtain the organs his patients need. Jen blinks. She hopes he will let her know if she can do anything to help.
- Roman and Kayla are in Caroline's hospital room. He must get back to the station for a little while. Kayla regrets giving her mother such stress. Caroline stirs. Kayla tells her Roman was just there and Kimberly called. Caroline gasps about Stephanie and becomes agitated upon hearing she is on her way home. "Tell her, stay away!" She gasps to send her back to Nathan. Kayla explains he is coming too. Caroline now wants Kayla to swear she will keep Stephanie out of it ... Kayla later meets up with Roman outside the room and he warns Caroline could be facing charges. In addition, he suspects there is even more to this story. Carly told him that Chloe took the test with an alias, so how could Caroline have known about it? "Stephanie!" suddenly exclaims Kayla. She gives her daughter a hug, as Nath watches. He gives them a moment. Steph wonders how this happened. Kayla admits that the whole truth came out. Steph is rendered speechless.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Johnny scurries past Stefano, who has just returned. "Daddy's getting married, not to mommy." The phoenix now informs Elvis he bears news that is pertinent. Nicole is still seeing Brady. "And not for tips about childcare!" EJ frowns and asks for clarification. The phoenix explains what he heard Samantha discuss with Brady on the phone - his using her place for amore with Nicole! EJ considers and then hastily excuses himself ....
- EJ knocks on Sami's door and she pretends to be surprised. He enters with a bemused twinkle in his eye and lets her know what fatha told him. Sami loudly claims it is not true and tells him to leave. EJ now spies the tacky negligee and picks it up. She has made quite a production and he knows exactly where Nicole has been, as he is keeping tabs on her. He suggests Sami ask herself why he came over if he already knew Nicole had not been with Brady. He wants her to back off Nicole, who is busy planning for their wedding. Sami bitterly wonders who cares about the happiness of Johnny and Sydney. He drawls she should have thought of that before pumping a bullet in their father's brain! He alludes to the fact that Nicole understands there is a certain code of conduct he will require of her when it comes to his children. Sami points out she is not their mother. EJ drawls "As long as she doesn't play to the dark side of her persona, she'll be a much better motha than you!"
- Back at DiMera mansion, Stefano airily mentions Nicole cheating with Brady. She denies it and calls him senile. The phoenix updates her. Elvis will soon know the truth and then it will be time to pack her bags. She insists she will not be leaving anytime soon. Stefano asks will she not be upset when Elvis returns and kicks her out? He mentions Sami. Nicole is not surprised to hear that Sami was the one spilled the beans. She shows her future father-in-law the tracking bracelet she is wearing. She exclaims she has given up everything and EJ is aware of exactly where she has been. Perhaps he should not throw around the word morrrrronic, given that he was the one who got duped!
- At the apartment, Chloe walks around with baby Parker in her arms. Dan comes in and she wonders if he is really coming back to them. "I've come to say goodbye," quietly cries Dan. Chloe breaks down in tears and begs him to stay. This is their home! Not anymore, says he. He gazes woefully at the baby boy he once thought was his and tells crying Chloe goodbye ...
- Back at the pub, Jen offers to volunteer, do some paperwork to help Ben. The doc drawls the problem is the lack of donors. Ring ring! He must get back to the hospital, but he would like to get to know her better. They agree to meet up again soon ....
- Back at the hospital, Kayla steps away to consult with Maxine about Caroline's MRI results. Nath returns to Steph and he understands why
she is upset. "The truth is all over the hospital!"
- Back at the loft, Sami warns EJ that Nicole has not changed. She is greedy and this time her heart will be with Brady. He cares not, as she
will be busy looking after his children. Sami states there is no way to keep her away from Brady, but EJ declares there is indeed ...
- At the mansion, Stefano laughs he is surprised EJ did not brand Nicole too. She loudly insists she is the next best thing to the mother of EJ's children and they love her. That is all she needs. She will marry EJ to protect them and keep them safe, which is more than could be said of Sami. Meanwhile, little Johnny has just crept down the stairs wearing his jacket and his backpack, and silently slips out the front door ...!

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