Days of Our Lives Summary December 8-12, 2008

Friday December 12, 2008 
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Nicole is on her cell phone at DiMera mansion. She summons Brady
to the Cheatin Heart, as she believes she has found the answer to her prayers. Lover boy EJ sneaks up behind her. And what is going on? The she-devil cleverly implies she was making secret plans for them
at Christmas. EJ now shows her a beautifully wrapped prezzie for
their baby. Nicole is touched and saddened at the same time.
- Down at the foggy docks, Stefano orders one of his men to get a
job done. Exit Stefano's henchman. Now Tony saunters over. He would like to know why he was not included on the Argentine deal. "Why wasn't I part of it?" "Because I did not want you to be."
Stefano adds that when Anthony spies on him, he will learn only
what he wants him to. And furthermore, EJ has better skills for the family business. Tony grins knowingly.
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ wonders if something is bothering Nicole. Enter brotha Tony, who would like a word. Nicole excuses herself and heads out. Tony perceives her gloomy demeanor and then cuts to the chase.  Elvis is making a mistake in allowing Stefano to groom him to take over the DiMera empire. He feels the phoenix is trying to come between them and warns EJ it is vital that he keep his eyes open. Stefano cannot be trusted. He has no loyalties and does
not believe he is going to die, so he is simply setting EJ up. EJ is of
the opinion that Stefano does care about the family. Tony retorts he has been frozen out and he is family so there goes that theory! He advises Junior to talk to Lexie about where trusting the phoenix can lead as he now has her right where he wants her. He fills him in on
the mayor's sudden murder ...
- The phoenix is at the hospital, to visit Lexie. He would like to take her to lunch. She advises him to leave her alone or she will call security. He chuckles that in fact, he owns half of the hospital! She wants to know what he is up to. He brings up their earlier discussion about the mayor, which he now claims could be misconstrued and wind up making Lexie and Abe look like the Macbeths. Lexie realizes he is threatening her and storms away. The phoenix is nonplussed.
- Later, Lexie arrives at the mansion to drop off gifts. EJ tells her of Tony's visit. He knows about the mayor and chides her for thinking nothing would happen after telling Stefano someone had threatened
her family!
- Replay of Phil and Steph's almost kiss moment that gets interrupted by Miss Mel. Boss Phil tells Mel to get back to work and informs Steph she should take the rest of the day off.  Exit Steph, who lurks behind to see what Phil wants to say to Mel. He would like her to prepare his presentation notes. Mel replies she already has. Big Steph now presents herself. "That's impossible." But yes it is possible, and Mel has already placed them on Phil's desk. He is pleased and gives Mel the rest of the day off, too!  Exit happy Mel. Steph states she thinks Mel might have locked them in the vault. Phil teases that perhaps then he should give her a raise. He wonders what would have happened had the vault not opened when it did. Steph teases they will never know. However, she seems concerned that Mel will spread their almost kiss around the office. Now Phil wants a date, but Steph states she has to take care of something first.
- Later, Mel visits Max and complains about Stephanie coming close
to scoring with Phil. Perhaps he should go after Steph to keep her away from Phil. Max observes his sister is after Phil for herself. Mel denies it, but if she were, she certainly wouldn't need any help! Max changes the subject to Nick and hands her a letter from the jailed genius. It concerns finances. Mel recalls how he gave her half his profits for his research and decides to pay him a visit after all. Max
does not appear surprised, now that there is money involved ...
- Rafe returns home to the witness protection apartment and Sami is glad to have him back. Hilda comes out of the bathroom and Rafe chews her out for leaving Sami alone for even a minute. Sami wants
Christmas shopping for her kids, to make sure they don't forget her while Nicole is hanging around the mansion. Can Rafe do it for her? No, as he is not a concierge. Sami cries and complains until she wears him down. Ok, he'll do it! Sami gets to business. All she wants is the laughing penguin. Exit Rafe. Hilda notes she did not tell him the laughing penguin was sold out. Sami makes a wisecrack about the
FBI always getting their penguin. When Hilda needs to use the
facilities again, Sami places a call to Sister Theresa, promising to visit her soon. At the same time, the assassin gets a call, informing him of Rafe's whereabouts. He intends to let Rafe lead him back to Sami
and then it's hasta la vista!
- At home, Hope reminds Bo he has scheduled a meeting so she can talk about the Christmas food drive and get the donations flowing. They are so busy. Bo is clearly overworked and somewhat overwhelmed. Hope thinks one of them should quit their job. Bo disagrees. He heads upstairs, where he accidentally drops some ornaments. When he comes back downstairs, they decorate the tree together. Bo gets on the ladder to put on the star and suddenly falls
to the floor in an unconscious heap. Hope is horrified!
- At the Cheatin Heart,Nicole shows Brady the answer to her prayers. It is a printed out sheet with the picture of a baby on it. Brady thinks
it is a bad idea. Nicole gets a call on her cell and happily arranges a meeting with a woman who is willing to give up her baby. Brady still thinks it's a bad idea. Enter Kelly. Nicole pretends she is Cindy. Kelly impresses Nicole as they all walk along the pier. She is a university student with religious parents who would disown her if they knew she was pregnant, but she could not afford the last visit to the clinic.
Nicole gives her the money for the clinic appointment. Brady looks at
a photo she shows them of the baby's father and his eyes almost pop out of his head! With the cash in hand, she departs."She is so sweet," Nicole says. Brady says there is something he has to do and walks
off. Nicole follows and is dismayed to then find Brady at the Cheatin Heart, telling off Kelly for smoking, drinking, and being a con artist!
- At the park, Rafe comes across a woman who has the laughing penguin and asks where she got it. The woman explains she had a contact who got it for her, as they were sold out. The woman leaves with her child. Rafe pulls out his cell and calls someone for a laughing penguin favor, unaware that he is being followed. Then he is at the pier, thanking a pal for coming through. The pal walks away, and
Rafe is alone again. Moments later, the assassin rushes him and stabs him in the torso, holding the now bloodied knife to his throat ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
In front of Kelly at the Cheatin Heart, Nicole yells at Brady,
lamenting why she ever thought she could trust him, as he is
NOT her friend!
EJ blasts Lexie for choosing her husband's career over her
conscience. "You crossed that line!"
Sami wonders what is taking Rafe so long, as he fights for his life
with the assassin on the pier!

Thursday December 11, 2008


Kate and Lucas are in her hospital room. They discuss Chloe. Kate senses that something is amiss. Has she had a change of heart? No,
but Lucas admits she seemed nervous about being checked out by
Dr. Dan. Meanwhile, Dr. Dan visits Chloe in her room. "All ready
for today?" He hands her some forms to sign. The diva informs him she would rather be alone. Dan wonders what is the matter. Chloe
gets snappy as she remembers his closeness. Enter Lucas, who asks
if everything is alright.Dr. Dan notes her blood pressure has increased significantly. If it does not get lower, the surgery is off. Chloe gets mad. Dr. Dan asks Lucas to leave so he can check her blood pressure
again. He then heads for Kate's room. Enter Lucas, who asks if she is okay. Chloe is tense. Lucas kisses her. Enter the nurse to prepare her for surgery. She must take off her jewelry.  Meanwhile, Kate thanks Dr. Dan for giving her life and "making it so worth living." She would also like a word with Chloe. Now prepared for the operation, Chloe is wheeled into Kate's room by Lucas. Kate thanks her. Chloe insists
she is sure she wants to do it and reassure Kate that when she has the transplant, it will feel like her birthday, as her life is starting anew.
- At Titan, Phil is talking to big sis Billie on the phone. New hire Melanie is at her reception desk. Steph approaches. Mel makes a comment about the time but Steph does not have to be at work until ten. Efficient Mel gives Phil the day's messages. Marie needed a sick day so she will not be able to finish a presentation Phil needs. Mel offers to help but she has not yet been trained so Steph advises Phil she can finish preparing said presentation with Mel. Big Steph gets bossy. Mel cattily remarks she does not take orders from her. Steph advises her to be professional. Phil returns. Steph cannot find the file on Nick's project. Mel announces she will later head down to the archives to pick it up. She asks Phil when payday is. In a month.
Enter Kayla, who has brought Steph's wallet. Phil and Kayla and
Steph walk into Phil's office together, discussing Kate's condition.
Dr. Kayla is optimistic. Meanwhile, receptionist Mel is left with the wallet which has been left on the Titan reception desk.Moments later, Steph grabs her wallet and leaves to get a coffee with Kayla. Mel is
still working at her computer and makes a catty comment to another employee about her help leaving to have coffee with mommy. Phil is not impressed and informs her that Steph is an unpaid intern who works darn hard. He will not tolerate her talking about her that way.
At the same moment, Steph is assuring Kayla she knows how to handle Melanie. As the day progresses,Mel brings lunch for everyone. Steph and Phil head into his office to review third quarter numbers. Mel gets jealous. Later on, she is down at the vault with Stephanie, who enters to get the old documents, Mel gets an idea and naughtily shuts the door when Steph is not looking! Steph bangs on it. Mel gleefully returns upstairs ...
- At the hospital, Marlena meets up with Dr. Charlotte.They will now be sharing a reception area. Enter John, who disappears with the
young lady doctor into her office. The door is closed. Sounds of laughter are heard. Marlena is clearly bothered. John soon emerges,  looking pleased. He is going to continue with his sessions!  Later on, Kayla drops by to see Marlena. Blondie admits there is something about the Charlotte situation that makes her uncomfortable. Kayla concludes she is jealous and points out she is too invested in his case.
- At the park, Dr. Charlotte meets up with John, who does not look well. He now has a headache. She suggests biofeedback and encourages him to keep going, he is doing well. However, he is not certain he can continue with the sessions. He confesses he is afraid
of becoming old John again, who sounds like a jerk, but he wants to
do this for Blondie. He is doing this for her. Can the doc help him?
She will do her best.
- At Titan, enter Chelsea, who would like to see Phil to talk about Kate. Rude receptionist Mel tells her to take a seat. Chelsea is bitter about her having a job while Nick is on trial. And where is Phil? Not
in his office. Cos he just happens to be downstairs, locked in the vault with panicking Steph! He smoothly tells her the soundproof door is on a timer. They get closer. He thinks she is beautiful. They get even closer. Upstairs, Chelsea asks employee Sasha where Phil is. Down
at the vault. Melanie's jaw drops. They all go downstairs. The vault door soon opens, and Mel waltzes in, interrupting Phil and Stephanie's almost kiss ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Seated at a table near the bar, smiling Nicole shows weary Brady a printout of a page she found on the internet, which includes a baby's picture. "Like I said before, it's the answer to my prayers!"
Melanie tells Max "She is making a major play for Phillip and she's already gained significant yardage." "Oh God!" Max replies.
Phil tells Steph he wonders what would have happened had the door
not been opened."Now we'll never know, will we," Steph teases.

Wednesday December 10, 2008


At the Cheatin Heart, Brady's cell phone rings. He puts down his drink. It is Marlena. When the call is over, Brady comes back to the table. Nicole implores him to keep her secret. No can do. He lifts
the drugged drink to his mouth ... Nicole suddenly changes her mind and whacks the glass out of his hand. She then rushes out of the bar, with Brady hot on her tail as she heads for the pier. He wants to know what is going on. She tells him about drugging his drink but she could not see it through. She admits she is a selfish sociopath and wanted to discredit him. Brady tells her off. "How could you do this to me!" he wonders. Furthermore, she is tricking EJ the same way she tricked
him way back when! He refuses to have any part of it and walks away. Nicole stops him and talks about her feelings for EJ. She was desperate. She loves EJ. Brady informs her that love is about trust
and honesty. Nicole gets teary-eyed. "I have finally found someone who loves me for me. Don't I deserve that?" Brady is blunt. "Not if this is the way you're going to get it." Deception will only lead to deception. She cries she is consumed by the grief of losing her baby girl. She cannot give up on her dream just now. Brady sighs. He
agrees not to tell EJ or anyone else. It is her life, her decision. They hug on it.
- Meanwhile, Chloe has just finished talking to her folks on her cell
and complains to Lucas that they do not seem to be that supportive. Lucas is still pleased with her decision to do the bone marrow transplant to save Kate.
- At the hospital, Dr. Dan pays Kate a visit. Outside her room, he is given Chloe's file and something worries him. He calls Chloe to tell
her that her he was checking her white blood count and there could
be a problem.  Lucas is distraught. He arrives at the hospital with Chloe. Dan will check her out. Lucas departs to visit with Kate. Dan then proceeds to examine Chloe. He checks her blood pressure and lymph nodes. He stands close to her and their eyes lock . He touches her hand and gets closer. Chloe turns her head to the side. Dan steps
back. He then walks into the hall and encounters nervous Lucas. He says Chloe seems fine. Chloe soon emerges, still flustered by Dan's closeness. He uncomfortably departs after advising her to get rest
and returns to Kate's room. Chloe casts the doc a longing look (which he returns) as she and Lucas exit ...
- Elsewhere in Salem, an assassin wearing black is working out. His cell rings. He answers it and tells whoever is on the other end he is all ears about any info that might lead him to "that little bitch."
- Meanwhile, EJ is on the phone with Sami. She wishes to speak to Johnny. He is not there. She notes something is wrong with EJ's
voice. He explains he is calling to say goodbye as he wants a family with Nicole. Sami asks if he is in love with her. EJ says that he is and as per papa Stefano, the only thing standing between him and Nicole was Sami so ... Sami is bitter and becomes hostile. He is gonna ruin
his whole life!  EJ wonders if she cares. Sami retorts she simply does not want Nicole anywhere near Johnny. EJ insists Nicole has changed. Sami yells and calls Nicole the biggest slut in Salem. She wonders if
EJ is drinking. EJ angrily reminds her she never wanted him anyway, she had claimed to want Lucas. He cuts the call short due to Sami's attitude. Sami sticks out her chin and throws the phone to the floor. She shoves a chair and shrieks she hates men. Rafe reminds her she never even wanted to tell EJ about their baby. Sami yells that Nicole will surely ruin his life. She vows to keep them apart. Rafe calls her
on her feelings for Elvis. Sami thinks she needs to go home. Before
or after her baby is born, Rafe asks. He adds he has learned some things about EJ and he is not the monster she claimed. Sami admits
the monster is really Stefano and she fears he will try to cut her out
of Johnny's life. The DiMeras are forever. Rafe says that he cares about her and not to worry, he's got her back.  She cools down and
admits she does feel safe with him. Their eyes lock.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole is about to pour herself a drink when
EJ waltzes in and wonders what his dahling  is doing. Making a non-alcoholic cosmo, she claims. EJ brings up Sami and how Stefano had suggested he resolve things. Nicole misunderstands and storms out of the room. EJ follows. Nicole starts to pack her things. EJ finally gets
it through to her that he was calling Sami to say goodbye. He plans to move on with Nicole and their baby. "I love you."  Nicole is elated. They kiss.
- Back in his office, Roman has a sketch of the assassin and vows to find him before he harms his daughter.
- Down at the docks, said assassin pays a rat, who hands him some photos of Rafe and assures him that although he does not know their exact location, "He will lead you to Sami Brady ..."

Next on Days of Our Lives

From a hospital bed, Chloe snaps to Dr. Dan that she doesn't
want any special treatment. Enter Lucas, who wonders if everything
is okay ...
On the job, Melanie smugly tells Steph "I don't take orders from you!"
Kate touches Dan's cheek. "You literally gave me life. Thank you
for making it so worth living."

Tuesday December 9, 2008


"I am not worried, Sami," Rafe says lazily at the witness protection apartment. Sami lectures Rafe for blowing his cover. He retorts he disabled the security system so there goes that theory. Sami still believes Stefano will know he was there as people saw him. She blames herself for putting him in danger. Rafe reminds her he is an
FBI agent. He doubts that Stefano is as dangerous as some of the characters he has dealt with. "EJ DiMera is the worst mistake of my life!" Sami exclaims. Her hormones are raging and she cries about missing her kids. She fears her kids might not need her anymore.
Rafe pats her on the back. Sami wishes she could see Sister Theresa. Rafe is baffled. What is up with Sister Theresa again? Rafe later
comes out of the shower in a towel. Sami has baked gingerbread cookies as taught to her by butler Rolf! She then notices there is a pickle decoration on the Christmas tree. Why would Hilda put that there? Rafe explains it is a German tradition. The person who finds
the pickle on the Christmas tree will be blessed with good luck all
year round. Sami asks Rafe if he has someone special. He does not wish to get personal, however.
- Meanwhile, at DiMera mansion, EJ and Stefano continue to talk security. EJ wonders if this break-in  is connected to what went down with the Argentine thugs at the pier. No says Stefano. This was the work of a real pro. He chews EJ out for making idle threats. Stefano also advises him to marry Nicole to give him more legal rights with their child. Is Sami standing in his way? EJ gets petulant. Stefano wants him to act like a man of his word. EJ leaves Nicole a message on his cell. Stefano is convinced EJ does not want to marry Nicole
and become a family with her because of Sami. Exit the phoenix.
- EJ heads for the police station and informs Roman he would like to speak with Samantha. He will tell Sami something which will profoundly affect her future so he should be the one to tell her.  Roman reluctantly agrees but he will need to listen as well. Back at
the witness protection apartment, Rafe and Sami decorate the tree
with popcorn when Rafe gets the call from Roman, explaining what
is going on. Sami gets on the phone. She is shocked when EJ tells her hello ...
- At the Cheatin Heart,  Nicole shuts her laptop but Brady has already seen she was looking at adoption sites. She asks him to still keep her secret. Brady warns her what Stefano did to his dad. And when the phoenix finds out about her deception, "He's going to eliminate you!" Does she want to wind up dead? Nicole doesn't seem to think she is
in any danger. Brady disagrees and he will not stay out of it anymore! Either she will tell EJ she lost the baby - or he will!
Chelsea takes Max from the Cheatin Heart to his apartment so he will open Trent's box once and for all. Max decides to open it while she is there. It contains a little toy dog, Charlie, which Trent had meanly taken from him when he was a child. Max sadly remembers. Chelsea notes there is something else in the box. It is an envelope. Max reads the note inside. Trent says he is sorry. Max starts to cry and Chelsea
hugs him ...
- Lucas and Chloe are out for a winter stroll at the pier. He is so impressed with how she is helping Kate and he loves her. Chloe is happy Kate now knows about their engagement. "Now I get to flaunt this fabulous diamond." They discuss getting the ring re-sized. It is too small. Chloe pulls it off her finger and it goes flying into the water.
Oh oh!  Lucas dives in after it and soon emerges from the water with the ring. It is placed back on Chloe's finger. They then walk into the Cheatin Heart, where Chloe and soaked Lucas are greeted by Nicole and Brady. Brady is surprised Lucas is wet, while Nicole is both surprised and thrilled to hear her best pal Chloe is engaged. Nicole suggests drinks. Lucas corrects her - sodas. He and Brady walk off to get the sodas. Lucas still appears to feel threatened by Brady. Meanwhile, Nicole pretends all is well with her, but Chloe senses something. She is also worried about Brady hanging out at a bar
where it might be easy to procure drugs. The gang enjoy their sodas and chat. Brady is impressed with Chloe's bravery for being Kate's donor. Nicole excuses herself for a moment and stops a bartender
who is about to leave. Can he get her some cocaine from Roland?
It's for a friend. He agrees and she hands him a bunch of money. Nicole returns to the table. When Chloe and Lucas leave, Nicole pretends to need aspirin and asks unsuspecting Brady to go and get
her some. He gallantly goes off to do just that and she wickedly sprinkles some cocaine in his drink. When he comes back, she encourages him to drink up. Brady raises the glass to his lips  as the she-devil watches ...

Next on Days of Our Lives

EJ tells Sami he is calling to say goodbye.
Dan calls Chloe about a problem and asks her to come to the
hospital for a talk.
Sami shouts to Rafe  that Nicole is gonna "screw up" EJ's life,
baby or no baby!

Monday December 8, 2008


Replay of Ramon the sinister senor whipping out his gun at the
pier and instructing the DiMeras to hand back the diamonds! Stefano retorts this is no way for old friends to do business. Ramon orders
both Stefano and EJ to their knees and asks if he has any last words. "Fatha?" EJ says. Stefano hastily summons his own thugs, who now appear from the shadows and take control of the situation after throwing a few punches. The phoenix aims his own gun at the sinister senor and asks if he has any last words! Ramon pleads for his life. Stefano has EJ take back the money. He then announces that he will let them live, as it is the holiday season. But first, as a lesson, his henchmen beat up Ramon Jr. EJ notes that Stefano was prepared for this risk, though he is still none too pleased about almost getting killed. Stefano retorts such a danger is part of his job. "It is time that you toughen up and pay your dues."  EJ is against violence. Stefano brings up the family. EJ, however, does not wish his family to be exposed to this kind of risk. Stefano assures him they will always be protected
and advises "Do not ever doubt me." However, EJ clearly has doubts.
- At the park, Brady picks up from the ground what appears to be  a vial and expresses his disapproval. John happens by and assumes it belongs to Brady, who must still be a drug addict. Is that where he keeps his cocaine? Brady replies he found the vial there. John repeats he must still be a drug addict. Brady gets offended and destroys the thing. He accuses John of being an uncaring father. The pawn claims he is a straight shooter, that's all. Brady gets sarcastic. John points out he is now seeing a therapist. He is trying. Dr. Charlotte is a good doctor. Brady is glad. John is glad too. He knows Brady is off the
drugs and he is proud of his son ...
- At the witness protection apartment, Hilda has made a star for the Christmas tree. Sami informs her that as per her family tradition, she should now make a wish. She hopes Rafe will get the lowdown on the DiMeras and make all her dreams come true. She and Hilda proceed
to decorate the tree with Hilda's beautiful decorations.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole closes the closet door. Rafe demands to know who is there! Nicole soon emerges, her weapon of choice a high heel, tells Rafe not to move, and makes for the phone. "I am calling the police!" Rafe insists he is a cable repairman. Nicole checks the tv, which is working properly. Enter Mary. Rafe claims the work order was made by a man and shows it to her. Oops, wrong address! Rafe repeats how sorry he is for the mix-up. Nicole is interrupted by a phone call from brother Brandon.  Exit Mary. Rafe lurks and listens, only to discover that Nicole is telling people she is pregnant. He then heads downstairs and gives a few tweaks to the security system so
that it is disabled. When Nicole comes downstairs, he pretends he is still there as he just wanted a glass of water. Nicole suspiciously demands his card. He produces it. He enquires about her delicate condition. Nicole is evasive and wonders why he cares. Mary comes
in with his water and he drinks it. Nicole prods why he wanted to know about her baby. Rafe covers. His sister just had a baby. Nicole sadly wishes the new baby only happiness and orders him to leave. She then gets her coat on and prepares to head out ...
- Rafe returns to the witness protection apartment and fills Sami in on the fact that he has seen Nicole at the mansion. Sami angrily trashes her nemesis. Rafe remarks she did not appear as happy as one would have expected. Sami is still mad. Rafe would rather be objective.
Sami wants his opinion of her. Rafe eats a sandwich as Sami chomps on pickles. He sensed Nicole was concealing something. "And she was sad." When Sami learns Rafe saw Nicole in the bedroom, she is convinced he blew it as there are security cameras everywhere. Rafe
is amused that she has underestimated him ...
- When he gets back to DiMera mansion, Stefano hears about the cable repairman from maid Mary. He discusses the unexpected visitor with EJ. The television is working. EJ calls it a mix-up. Stefano calls him a fool. The phoenix loses his patience when EJ wants to call Nicole and tosses his phone across the room, ordering his son to get the damn surveillance dvd so they can roll it. Stefano is enraged to discover that the intruder disabled the security system. He angrily tosses a goblet into the fireplace and it shatters. They need a new security company. EJ is mad now and agrees. They need to be extra careful. There will be hell to pay if anything happens to his children!
- Meanwhile, Nicole is at the Cheatin Heart. A bar tender flirts with her. Nicole makes it clear she is expecting. Bartender Max takes over and offers his congrats on her pregnancy. He tells her he is sorry for believing she had killed Trent. At the time, her arrest was a relief to him, as it in a way cleared Melanie. Nicole reminds him that is over and done with. They then talk about the Bradys and the fact that Max was adopted. She notes that no one could tell he was not a Brady by blood. Nicole suddenly gets an idea and asks to borrow a computer. Max obliges. Nicole then starts to surf the net for adoption websites, but Brady is soon behind her and demands to know what the hell she is up to now ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Sami exclaims to Rafe that his life is in danger all because of her!
Stefano tells EJ that if he loves Nicole, then he should marry her ...
Brady warns Nicole that when HE finds out how she has been trying to put one over on him, "He's going to eliminate you ..!"
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