Days of Our Lives Summary December 1-5, 2008

Friday December 5, 2008 
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At DiMera mansion, Nicole laments about her deception. How can
she tell EJ she lost her baby, however? Her thoughts are interrupted
by Stefano, who wants to talk, hence his pretending EJ summoned
her downstairs. The phoenix would like them to put their cards on the table. What happened at the clinic? Enter EJ, who wants him to lay
off Nicole. Stefano states he is having a specialist flown in direct from Zurich for her, to ensure his heir is alright. Nicole explodes with a big NO and adds he does not have the right to choose her doctor! She angrily wonders if EJ was in on it. Stefano must step away to take a phone call, but before leaving, woefully admits it was his decision alone, not EJ's mistake. EJ confesses he told Stefano about the clinic visit and his worries. EJ feels clueless about what to do. He tries to make a joke. Nicole smiles. EJ will tell Stefano his doc is off. She is sorry she made a scene. EJ adds he does not know what he would do if he lost Nicole or their baby ... Stefano waltzes back in and whisks Elvis away on family business. "Coming, fatha!" Once alone, Nicole
lets maid Mary know she is going out, and heads upstairs to get changed.
- At the witness protection apartment, Sami assumes Rafe is in the shower and heads for the door. However, when she opens it, there stands Rafe, who had gotten out by way of the bathroom window. Sami gets mad. Rafe gets shirtless. He is planning to go out. When he steps into the other room,  he prevents her from dashing out again by informing her there is another surprise out there. Sami sits down and starts to cry. Rafe walks back, promises it is a good surprise, and is sorry for upsetting her. There is a knock at the door. Why, 'tis Hilda with a Christmas tree! She sings "We wish you a Merry Christmas." Sami is still unhappy but Hilda send Rafe off on his mission anyway. Rafe feels sorry for Sami and her haywire hormones. Exit Rafe, dressed as a repairman, after Sami warns him that he has no idea how dangerous Stefano DiMera is. Hilda remarks that Sami and Rafe sure worry about each other a lot! Sami states Rafe is too cocky and she is very worried about his safety with the DiMeras. She is distracted as Hilda shows her new pictures of her kids. Sami is overwhelmed to
see her own kids' photos. Hilda understands and tells her not to give
up hope ...
- At DiMera mansion, maid Mary answers the door to Rafe, who is disguised as a cable repairman. She is surprised to hear the cable system needs to be fixed. Rafe tells her not to worry, he is bonded,
and she can frisk him before he leaves. When she is called away,
Rafe heads upstairs to start his snooping. Meanwhile, Nicole is looking at herself in the mirror, clad only in her underwear, with her fake belly strapped on. Moments later, Rafe enters the room and starts looking through the mail left lying around. Nicole quietly walks back from the walk-in closet, holding the fake belly in her hand, and spies him rifling thru the papers ...
- At Kate's hospital room, the gang await the return of Daniel, who is at his computer, searching for "a way." Kate opens a gift - a childhood plaster cast of Will's hand. Kate senses something is up. Lucas breaks the news that he and Chloe have become engaged. Kate is in shock
but quickly points out she is aware of the big picture. Although it is
still a mystery to her, she can see that Chloe makes Lucas happy. She appreciates that. Enter Dr. Dan, bearing news. Even though she is a cancer survivor, it is possible Chloe can still be a donor. Her blood
and marrow can be treated prior to the transplant but it will be high risk. Kate is against it. However, Chloe insists on being the donor and Kate cannot stop her! Dan points out it is really the backup plan. Kate calls her a formidable woman. Now she wants a word with Lucas. Once they are alone, she implores him not to let Chloe take such a risk. Meanwhile, Chloe informs Dr. Dan she has already made up her mind!
- At the dark, foggy pier, Stefano and EJ await the arrival of their Argentine contacts, who have wanted the meeting. Senor Fontaine is
a diamond smuggler. He and his son are presently in Salem. Stefano informs EJ he wanted him present to see how well he could lead the family. The suited Argentine thugs arrive. Ramon Fontaine shows them a box of glittering diamonds from Africa. The phoenix is very impressed with the quality of the goods. EJ becomes apprehensive about the blood diamonds. Stefano, however, is ready to do biz and gives Fontaine the money. The sinister senor then pulls a gun and demands his diamonds back. T'would seem the phoenix and son are
in grave danger ... !

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At the park, Brady sarcastically tells John "Why don't you go tell Marlena and Chloe and Nicole that I'm a drug addict!"
Max tells a surprised Nicole he owes her an apology.
EJ and Stefano are on their knees as Fontaine points his gun at Stefano's head and asks "Any last words, old friend?"

Fatha," EJ whispers ...

Thursday December 4, 2008


At the Cheatin Heart, Max is attending to stuff at the bar when sad
Chelsea drops by. Her grandma is badly off. Max sits her down, gives her a pop, wants to know if she is hungry. She glumly retorts she has no appetite. Max points out Kate is strong. Chelsea laments she is probably the only person who has not been tested as a possible bone marrow match for Kate. She feels useless. Max sets her straight. She only cannot be tested as she recently was a partial pancreas donor for Bo!
- At the park, Lucas tells Chloe that Will and Austin have been tested. Chloe tries to be upbeat, while Lucas appears dismal."I know the odds aren't good." He admits he is scared. Later in bed,  Lucas feels bad that Chloe cannot share news of their engagement just yet. Chloe claims she is happy as it is a good secret that they are engaged. He wonders if she is really happy.She insists she is and they kiss and kiss.
- At the Horton house, Melanie takes a break from her boring Titan work on the computer. She heads for the pier and is gazing out at the water when Maggie happens by. She wants Melanie to do well in her new job. Mel says she knows Phil was just testing her by making her learn everything on the usb, but why is he now ignoring her phone
calls and messages? Maggie brings her up to date on Kate's situation.  Mel feels bad for him and wonders what she could do to help. At Maggie's suggestion, Melanie decides to get tested to see if she is a match.
- At the hospital, Phil visits with weak Kate. She vows to fight. He reminds her that she is not alone. Enter Dr. Dan, who informs Kate that blood samples are being tested for possible donors. She is in pain. Does she want more painkillers?  No, says Kate, and she insists to
Phil that she would like her wishes to be respected no matter what transpires. Can Phil do that, she tearfully asks. Now she wants a moment alone with Dr. Dan. Exit Phil. Concerned Kate advises Dan not to put too much pressure on himself and brings up his wife. Dan insists this is all about Kate only! Later on, while she is sleeping, Dan places a Christmas ornament in her room. Kate wakes up and finds it. Dan announces he will get her into the Christmas spirit but Kate already knows what she wants for Christmas. And the test results are now in ...
- Outside Kate's room, Steph catches up with the boss and informs him she has also been tested, just in case. The prodigal son is visibly touched and gives her the rest of the day off. When Mel saunters up, he is less enthusiastic and snarkily tells her his life is not a spectator sport. Mel says she just came to be tested. Phil is sorry he snapped at her. Mel then goes back to the pier, where she finds Maggie again. After she complains that Phil did not seem to understand she was just trying to help, Maggie explains that Phil is having a tough time of dealing with things at the moment. Before they return home, Melanie thinks she will prove herself by being great at her job and Steph's too!
- As Dan goes to pick up the results, Phil works the phone to assemble everyone at the hospital.
- Stephanie joins Patch and Kayla at the park and curses when she drops Kayla's hot chocolate. Patch asks what is really the matter. Steph feels so bad for sad Phillip and wishes she could do something for him. Patch and Kayla hug and console their daughter.
- Lucas, Chloe, Chelsea, and Phil have been summoned to Kate's room, where Dr. Dan bears news of the test results. He had the entire hospital database included, as it turns out. There is indeed a match
and it is none other than Chloe ...!
- At the pub, Marlena is dismayed that Charlotte did not bother to notify her of papa Dr. Taylor's death and feels badly about John being passed on. John, however, does not seem to mind, and flirts with the doc. Charlotte points out she left messages for Blondie at her office. Marlena admits she has not picked up her messages lately, though she is still not amused. Charlotte's only concern in taking John's case is
his relationship with Marlena. The boundaries are blurred. Marlena is unimpressed that Charlotte had her first session with John in the park, but John quickly intervenes. He would love to see Dr. Charlotte again, though he needs Blondie to back off. The pawn's cell phone rings and he steps away from the two docs. Marlena mentions this is a game to John. Charlotte agrees and she is pleased she has convinced John to continue the treatment. Marlena notes that Charlotte's approach is not as academic as her father's was. Charlotte informs her she has accepted a position at the hospital. In fact, her new office is going to
be next to Marlena's ...!

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Chloe says she wishes she didn't know she was a match ...
Sami exclaims to Rafe that he has no idea how dangerous Stefano DiMera is!
Stefano tells Nicole "I think it is time we both put our cards on the table, don't you?"

Wednesday December 3, 2008


Sister Theresa arrives at the church. Sami would like to see her in private, but bodyguard Rafe refuses to leave her side. Sami asks Theresa to give them a moment. She insists to Rafe she only wishes
to discuss spiritual things. Rafe pokes fun at her claim that she is religious. When a dude wearing a hoodie walks in, Rafe goes into
FBI mode and grabs him, demanding to know his reason for being there Sister Theresa is not impressed as the person is a friend. She finds his behavior unacceptable for a house of the lord. Sami is sorry. Rafe decides it would be best to leave and takes Sami out of the church. They head back to the apartment. Sami complains she wants to talk to Sister Theresa. Rafe says she should never return there. Sami, however, seems to have a plan ...
- Marlena is at the pub. She asks Kayla whether she has seen John. Nope. Marlena excitedly tells Kayla all about the fact that John has agreed to a session with Dr. Taylor, who used to be her professor.
- Meanwhile, at the snowy Salem park, Dr. Charlotte Taylor explains to John that Prof. Taylor, her father, has passed away. John wonders why Blondie never heard about it. Turns out he was a private man so the family did not even take out a death notice. And no funeral. She apologizes for the confusion, though she is up to date on his file. John spies Patchman and saunters over to discuss the mayor's murder. No luck yet, dude, just dead ends. John remarks that Sami must still be a target and tells Patchman to keep digging.He now returns to Charlotte, who is seated on the bench. She brings up the fact that he was part of a lab experiment. John admits he is not the guy he used to be, nor
does he want to be. The doc thinks it is fine if he does not want to be old John anymore. People should accept that.
- Patch gets to the pub and has a seat with Kayla, who informs him she's had a chat with Marlena about John. Patch has just seen John. Marlena walks up and talks to Patch about family. She is disappointed Eric will not be home for Christmas. Patch says he is sorry about her and John's divorce. Marlena is optimistic. John is now getting help! Later, Kayla returns from changing baby Joe's diaper. Patch is watching the game on the pub tv.
Enter John and pretty Charlotte. Marlena walks on over to introduce herself. So does Charlotte, she is Dr. Taylor Dr. Taylor. Marlena says no, that is not possible!
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano wants to know where EJ is. Maid Mary tries to find him.
- At the clinic, EJ is impressed with Nicole's sincerity.  As they wait
in the examination room, he feels guilty about going to Argentina when she needed him. They embrace and Nicole remembers being carried out of the lodge by Brady. She regrets she ever set foot in that place!  The doc returns. Nicole seems to have a change of heart about the examination in EJ's presence and pretends to be uncomfortable. EJ's cell rings. It is Stefano. EJ steps outside. The phoenix is impatient when EJ tries to cut the call short. He wants to talk business. EJ wishes to end the call. "We will discuss it now," Stefano commands.  EJ says he is at the clinic and there have been complications. Back in the exam room, Nicole asks the doctor not to tell EJ she miscarried. She needs more time. He replies it is unethical and he cannot help her. She thinks all this is due to her bad karma. The doc tries to talk some sense into her.  Nicole now blackmails him. as she found out he owes money to ex-wives. She throws in that she will pay his debts if he
goes along. EJ comes back inside and asks how the baby is. Fine replies Dr, Baker! Moments later, the doc is called away to an
emergency. Alone with Nicole, EJ is pleased the baby is fine.
- Meanwhile, Stefano is on the phone with his own doctor, whom he
is having flown in from Zurich to examine Nicole. Only the best for
the next DiMera heir!

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Lucas and Chloe are in bed together. He asks if she is sure she
is happy. "Yes, I really am," she replies, and they kiss ...
From her hospital bed Kate weakly tells Dan she thinks he is putting
too much pressure on himself. He insists this is all about her.
Steph tells Phil she got tested, as you never know. He agrees and
smiles at her ....

Tuesday December 2, 2008


At the Cheatin Heart, Bo stops by to see working boy Max. What brings him by? The box Trent left him. Mad Max makes it clear he
is not interested in anything from the likes of Trent. Bo thinks he should find out what is in it and leaves the box with him anyway.
He reminds him that they are family and both Bo and Hope are there for him. Bo then walks off. Max stares at the mysterious box.
- Stephanie is trying to reach Phil at Titan and gasps on the phone when she hears where he is. Meanwhile, Phil drops by Horton house to see grateful Melanie and advises her that she is not starting her new job tomorrow, but today! He hands her a usb stick and instructs her
to study everything on it. She will need to be up to speed as he has a reputation to maintain. Enter Stephanie, who blurts out she cannot believe Phil has hired this girl! Melanie is keen to prove herself and intends to study the files all night. Exit Steph and Phil. Outside, Phil explains his change of heart to employee Steph. Back inside, Mel sits down at the computer and gets cracking. Max shows up for a visit
and Mel laments the admin assistant job does not seem to be as challenging as she had hoped. The things she must learn are boring. Max thinks she should still be thorough. "You can't fool a guy like Philip." He then shows her Trent's box. She is not interested in having
it. However, perhaps they ought to open it together? Max claims he is not ready and departs with the box.
- At the witness protection apartment, Sami makes a few wisecracks about Hilda and bugs Rafe about where he has been. He admits he
was on a fact finding mission and "found out some information about your baby's daddy."  Rafe listened and learned. He now knows EJ DiMera would do anything for his kid. Sami becomes agitated at the thought of EJ and the DiMeras. Rafe remarks she has feelings for him. No, she insists, and adds he would never forgive her for her current deception. Rafe finds the St. Anne medal from Sister Theresa after Sami accidentally drops it. The engraving on the back makes it evident Sami has been to the church of the Holy Cross down the road. Rafe is none too pleased about her sneaking out, due to the danger. Sami first claims she only ventured there to pray but soon confesses she met a sister and wants to go back to see her again. Rafe does not approve though he says alright, they can return, since if he doesn't take her,
she will sneak out anyway. Sami gives him a hug. "You have no idea how much this means to me!" They reach the church via an alley and must wait a little while for Sister Theresa. It gives them a chance to talk. Sami learns that Rafe had been something of a hoodlum as a kid, until Sister Agnes from the Holy Cross set him straight. He credits her with saving his life. He and Sami banter, with the end result being that Sami admits she does feel safe with him, plus she will not be such a pain in the future. In return, Rafe promises not to be so hard on her in the future.
- At DiMera mansion, replay of EJ entering and demanding to know what the devil is going on when he finds nervous Nicole and Brady together. Nicole plays innocent. EJ asks if the baby is okay. Nicole covers up. Brady addresses EJ. He has just become aware that John and Stefano are brothers. EJ gets sarcastic. Is he traumatized, having an identity crisis? EJ's cell then rings. It is Fatha. He walks off to take the call. Alone again with Nicole, Brady tries desperately to convince her to tell EJ the truth. She cannot as she believes it means she would lose any hope of a future with him. Nicole insists she just needs a little more time. Brady hopes she knows what she is doing and departs. EJ waltzes back, wondering what Brady was doing there in the first place. Nicole asks if he is jealous. EJ replies he cares only about her and the baby. However, as they are not married, her doctor would tell him nothing. Nicole is visibly relieved. He insists they should go back to
the doc and heads off to place a call first. Alone again, Nicole sneakily calls someone on her cell and asks to have some info sent to her phone. "Listen carefully ...".
- Still with Steph, Phil now shuts his phone. He continues his previous thought. Mel is desperate and if he did not do something, she would certainly mess up again. He just had to ease his conscience about the fact that he has been given so much. Step calls him a good guy and gives him a kiss on the cheek.
- At the Brady pub, Brady meets up with friendly Bo. "The important thing is you're home and you're good!" They bring each other up to speed on their lives. Bo warns him to steer clear of that Nicole. Brady prods. He is worried about her. Bo feels that is a waste of time!  She
is in cahoots with the DiMeras now. Brady asks his take on his cousin EJ. Bo believes that is a loaded question. If Nicole tries to dupe EJ the way she did Victor, she is in for a rude awakening. He considers. "What's the saying ...? Hell hath no fury like a DiMera scorned," concludes the commissioner, just as DaysCafe reported on our
Spoiler Talk page last October ...

- Nicole and EJ are now back at the clinic. He wants medical answers. Enter Dr.  Baker, who asks Nicole if it is okay with her for him to share the details of what happened.
"Tell him everything," the deceptive diva suddenly agrees ...

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Patch tells Kayla he wants to take her home and get her
"all liquored up ..."
Marlena introduces herself to the young lady with John, who says
she is Dr. Taylor. "That's impossible," Marlena replies.
Exasperated Sami tells Rafe she is not going to try anything. Exasperated Rafe wonders why this is so important to her.
"It just is!" Sami insists.

Monday December 1, 2008


Nicole is having a nightmare. She walks downstairs in her nightie, looking for her crying baby. EJ somberly holds up an empty blanket. Nicole screams. Then she blinks and wakes up, seated in a waiting room. She then meets with Dr. Baker and snaps at him when he
brings up her miscarriage. It was not a miscarriage, she insists. He insists she needs medical attention. Nicole yells she lost her miracle baby girl. She apologizes for snapping at him and cries. The doc is sorry for her loss. Nicole states she needs to have another baby. The doc says she would probably not be successful. Nicole will not listen
to another word and storms off.
- Chloe and Lucas are together outside. Lucas tells her to pretend it is Christmas. She wants her prezzie now! He hands her the box and she opens it, only to find a key inside. The key to their dream house. He then whips out another ring box, gets down on his knee, and proposes.
- Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Dan asks Kate how she slept. Well. It was a lovely party. Kate knows he went to the hospital to get her test results. "Where do we go from here?" Dr. Dan bears bad news. The cancer has spread to her lymph nodes, blood stream, bone marrow. She will now require more aggressive treatment. She wonders how much time she has left. Dan does not want her to give up. Time to go back to the hospital ...
- Chloe and Lucas' happy moment is cut short when Lucas gets the call that Kate has to be re-admitted. They head for the hospital ...
- At the Brady pub, Brady comes in from his run to meet happy Marlena at a table. She thinks old John might make a comeback! She has been concerned about his dangerous mercenary mode, but he has now agreed to get help from Dr. Kenneth Taylor. Meanwhile, John
has sauntered in. He is irate with Blondie for discussing his personal business with the family. The deal is now off! Will she tell old man Stefano his business too, he asks sarcastically. Brady is confused.
John clarifies. Stefano is his brother and Brady's uncle! Brady is stunned. John rubs it in and tells him to suck it up. Brady calls John
a robot and angrily advises him to get his act together for his family. Exit Brady. Marlena and John bicker. John agrees he will see the doc just one time.
- At a maternity shop, Nicole is trying on clothes. In the dressing
room, she is given a fake pregnancy tummy so she can see how big she will soon be. With the fake tummy strapped on, Nicole's eyes
light up with an idea. She buys the clothes as well as the fake tummy!
- At DiMera mansion, maid Mary informs EJ Nicole is gone and it sounded like she was crying. EJ also learns that Nicole has been hanging around Mr. Black. Brady, that is. EJ looks pensive and then decides to get to the bottom of things. He later wants answers from
Dr. Baker, but the doc refuses to divulge deets of Nicole's case as she is not married to him. EJ tries to play hardball but the doc will not budge and advises him to talk to Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole has returned to the mansion and is saddened by the sight of he nativity scene. Brady arrives for a visit and gets an eyeful when he sees Nicole's bogus belly!
- At the hospital, Kate's room is prepared. Lucas and Chloe arrive
and Lucas is now displeased with Dr. Dan, whom he feels has given Kate false hope. What next? Kate will need a bone marrow transplant. Dan later finds out about Chloe's engagement to Lucas when he notices her ring and agrees to keep it secret for the time being. "Whatever you need," he promises. Meanwhile, Lucas has a heart to heart talk with mama Kate in her room. She hopes he can be strong
no matter what. Will he be okay without her? They cry and hug.
- Back at the pub, John awaits Dr. Taylor for their meeting. The doc
is late. John turns to leave, only to bump into the pretty Dr. Taylor. Charlotte Taylor, that is.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Brady implores Nicole to tell EJ the truth. She will eventually, she promises, and begs him to keep her secret for now. Enter EJ, who demands to know what the devil is going on!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Phil warns Melanie he needs her up to speed. "So I don't
embarrass you?" she asks. "So you don't embarrass yourself,"
her boss replies!
Nicole begs Brady to let her handle this her own way. "I hope you know what you're doing," Brady warns.
Rafe tells Sami he went on a fact finding mission. "And found out some information about your baby's daddy!"
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