Days of Our Lives Summary December 9, 2009
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009 
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- Justin enters Java Cafe and runs into Hope. She complains that decorating the tree with Ciara at the house fell thru. Justin asks what happened. "Carly happened," she laments. Justin sighs sympathetically. They sit at a table and Hope updates him on all the latest Carly news. Mia does not trust Carly, either! Hope pauses. Justin asks what she is thinking, Hope now believes her first reaction when Carly returned to town was the right one. She wants her husband! Justin brings up the
fact that there is a secret surrounding Carly and he suspects it is too dangerous. Hope decides to crack the code and then ... Justin looks concerned and asks her then what. Hope grins.
- At the Brady house. replay of Carly telling Bo that her daughter hates her. The girl was hostile, not to mention that the other girl did not want her there either. It troubles her that she must keep the secret, but she thinks Vivian will never be able to find out. Vivian would carry out Lawrence's evil intentions in a heartbeat. Bo thinks that they would
need leverage, to eliminate Vivian as a threat. Carly fears the whole scenario could easily become a nightmare. Bo states they can find a skeleton in her closet, to cause trouble for Viv. Carly is not sure the timing will ever be right to let the world know she has a daughter.
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Madame reads new partner in crime Victor
a letter. Lawrence trashes Carly, implies she had an affair, and says in
the letter "There will be blood!" Viv wonders if Carly betrayed poor, heartbroken Lawrence with Bo. Together she and Victor deduce they must find out what exactly upset Lawrence so much and take it from there. Vic talks a plan. Vic talks a distraction. Let them pretend she
really came back to Salem for Victor, as they are madly, passionately
in love!
- Rafe cannot find Nicole in her hospital room. "She's gone!" Elvis is dismayed she got past the cop posted at her door. Rafe pinpoints the open door as her escape route. Elvis calls the Cleveland police pathetic.
- Nicole enters a hospital supply room, muttering she must find Sydney, and turns on the lights. She weakly gets some hospital wear, including a parka. She stuffs a pair of scissors in her pocket, turns off the lights,
and gingerly departs. Moments later, Rafe walks in, spies a hospital nightgown in the garbage, and her hospital bracelet. "She got away!"
The cops get an update from Rafe and also learn a parka is missing.
Rafe heads out to continue his search. Elvis warns the police they must find his daughta!
- Nicole staggers into the bus station and makes a call on a payphone.
She gets the voice mail of Fay and hangs up. Nicole hangs up, then realizes that phone is where she lost Sydney. She starts to cry she must find her! She slowly staggers out and gasps when Rafe grabs her by the shoulder! "Where's Sydney?" he growls. Nicole gasps she does not know and needs to find her. Rafe repeats the question. Nicole gasps she could be crying and hungry. When Rafe impatiently says for all she knows,
she could be dead, she becomes upset and tells him not to say such things! He warns her to tell him where Sydney is now. Nicole cries she was calling Sami to tell her the truth when she was attacked. Rafe has heard enough. He will let the cops deal with her and starts to pull her
off. Nicole whips out the scissors and orders him to stay away!
- Elsewhere, Commander Roman and concerned Brady finish talking
with a cop about the leads no one has on Syd's whereabouts. Roman hopes Sami is resting in the room he got her. Brady beats himself up
over what happened. Roman thinks he should talk to Nicole again. But Brady is certain Nicole could not have taken the baby. Arianna lurks around the corner, having overheard. Roman gets a call. The police
have a person of interest at the train station. Probably a dead end, but
he must check it out. He saunters off and Ari shows herself to Brady, who asks what she is doing there. She stammers she wishes to help, but the real reason she came is him. She is trying to understand how he can say he loves her and also cannot get Nicole out of his heart. He says Nicole is desperate and Ari expresses her belief - he is addicted to her!
- Roman shows up at the hospital with Fay, to introduce her to EJ.
Elvis knows she aided and abetted Nicole and demands to know where his daughta is. She knows not. She only knows Nic planned to escape to Canada. Roman updates her on her recent hospital escape. Fay states
she knows not where Sydney is. Roman points out when the police caught Fay at the blockade, they found a dark wig, as well as 2 tickets
to Canada. EJ dangerously warns her to tell the truth. Roman suspects Fay was supposed to raise Sydney until Nicole got out of prison, Fay is clearly confused. Why would her daughter have to go to prison? EJ was the abuser she wished to escape from with her granddaughter! Roman is stunned she knows not the truth. EJ enlightens her. "Samantha Brady is Sydney's mother. Your daughta stole her and then passed her off as her own." Fay’s face falls.
- Still at home, Bo puts up the Christmas tree, wearing his Santa hat. He texts Hope but does not feel she and Ciara will come by until tomorrow. That means Carly can stay the night. Carly thinks he should try and get Hope and Ciara there even though it is late. She now realizes the date. Tis the day she and Bo got married once upon a time! Flashback to a young Bo and Carly taking their vows and pledging their love in the tropical sun, as Mayan music plays in the background.
- Back at the house of Kiriakis, Hope will tell Justin only that she knows very well how to investigate! Justin is concerned about the dangers but Hope stands firm. She must discover what the secret is! Justin opens Christmas letters from his family, along with pictures. He looks a bit down and Hope notes Xmas can be difficult without loved ones. Justin admits he is mad she and Bo do not find their way back to each other, not even for the holidays! Hope gets upset and damns Carly. She will learn her secret and throw it in her face!
- Brady and Ari argue about him not being able to get Nic off his mind. Ring ring! Brady now learns she has escaped from the hospital and he might have an idea where she went! He races off with Ari tagging along.
- At the bus station, Rafe easily overpowers Nicole and has her in a hold.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Hope comes down the stairs. Viv and Victor are all smiles as Victor tells Hope Vivian will be moving in as his special guest. She grins it is a great idea. Viv places a hand on Victor's shoulder and gazes up at him like a woman in love!
- Chez Bo, Carly says she hopes he will soon reconcile with his family. He admits he misses them. Carly encourages him not to give up and touches his cheek. Justin arrives on the doorstep, there to tell them of Hope's plan, and spies Carly romantically caressing Bo's cheek through the window! He is shocked!
- At the hospital, horrified Fay learns of all Nicole's twisted lies and crimes. EJ laments once again he and Samantha are grieving for a daughter that Nicole stole. Roman suggests Fay protect the baby and do the right thing. "Tell us where Sydney is ..."
- At the bus station. Rafe has Nicole by the scruff of the neck and loses it, demanding she tell him where Sydney is! Enter Brady and Ari. Brady gets Nicole away from Mr. FBI and tells him not to hurt her, for she knows nothing ...!

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Ciara looks at Carly and innocently asks "What's she still doing here?"
"I will fight them all to keep her!" Stefano emotionally exclaims.
"What if we never find Sydney now!" Sami tells EJ.