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Monday, December 7, 2009 
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- At the pier, Hope happily tells Ciara daddy will love the Xmas
present she got him. Ciara thinks they should hide it under her bed in her real home. Hope laments someone is staying there now. Bo appears and grins he is now living alone at the house! Hope smiles up at him. Bo tries to guess what the wrapped gift is, then sends Ciara to see nearby Santa. He admits he has one hand on his gun and Hope is overprotective, too. Bo lets Hope know Carly has officially moved out. When Ciara returns and asks if they can go home now, Hope smiles indeed they may!
- Chez Maggie, replay of Mel agreeing it is a good idea if Carly leaves. Carly wants to know how Mia feels. Mia states Carly knows everything about her and that makes her uncomfortable. Carly wants Mia to know, before she leaves, that she should never feel bad about opening up to people, and she likes her. Enter Maggie, just after Mel accuses Carly of laying it on thick and offers to help with her bags.Carly makes a sarcastic remark about Mel taking her bags to her car, as she is not staying after all. Maggie asks for an update. Mel rudely states it was decided they did not get along. Mia is sorry for agreeing. Exit Mel. Maggie says she makes the rules and Carly is free to stay.Carly, however, feels she should leave. Mia goes upstairs with a headache.The redhead would like to know what just happened. Carly cannot comprehend why Mia became embarrassed after opening up to her. Maggie points out that perhaps it is because she came to trust Carly, and trust is a scary thing for Mia. Now they talk Melanie. Maggie says she shoots first, asks questions later. Carly knows she was mad about the coffee spill, but she thinks her saying she did not want her to move in was her way of sticking up for Mia. She likes that. Maggie laughs she does have good qualities, even tho she would like to throttle her at times! Carly is glad Mia has a pal on her side. She pauses outside the window as she leaves, and watches Maggie give Mia an encouraging hug.
- At the pub, Ari calls Brady, who informs her he cannot talk as he is in Cleveland. Nicole is unconscious in the hospital, no sign of Sydney! He thinks Nicole would have come home had EJ not grabbed Sami's phone. He suspects that was when someone snuck up on her. A cop wants a word with Brady so he removes the phone from his ear. Unaware he cannot hear her, Ari says she wants to repair their relationship and cares so much for him! The cop is gone so Brady comes back on. "I gotta go." Ari assumes he has heard all she said and also hangs up. "So much for the direct approach!" Mel later comes by and perceives Ari is in a mood. Ari updates her on the news about Nicole. She is worried about Brady, who acts like that b*tch is the victim, when in reality, all the pain and misery is her fault. She fears he will never see her for what she is. And what if she tries to use him again? Mel declares it is time to fight! He
who hesitates is lost and Brady is way too cute to lose! Once alone, Ari realizes she is right and gets the number for Salem Air ...
- At the Cleveland hospital, Rafe assures Sami every cop in the city is looking for Sydney. The Robinsons are sorry, say they will pray for her and her baby, and depart. Sami however, wants to do something! In her bed, Nicole cries to EJ she knows not where her baby is. He gives her
a look of loathing. He points the finger at her. Nicole cries she cannot remember what happened. Elvis sits down and threatens she will not get away with it. He is certain this is a mere performance and he will kill
her! Nicole cowers. Sami enters and tries to call him down, pulling him away. She reminds him Nicole was knocked out. Nicole hyperventilates and sobs. The nurse comes in and orders Elvis to get out. He does not budge. She goes off to get a doctor. Elvis places his hand on Nicole's throat and orders her to tell him where his daughta is. She moans she does not know. "You have to find her," she gasps. He  accuses her of lying. Sami calls him off, then takes a crack at it herself and orders
Nicole to stop crying. Nicole repeats she does not know what happened. She explains she was calling Sami to say she was sorry as she made a mistake. Next thing she knew, she had a sense that someone was behind her and then came the blast of pain, followed by nothing. "Lies, all lies!" bellows EJ. Nicole insists she is telling the truth and someone has her baby. Elvis reminds her that is THEIR baby. Enter the nurse with the doctor, who orders him out.
- EJ and Sami take their disagreement on whether or not Nicole is being honest into the hall. Elvis announces she will not get away with it this time!
- Rafe saunters over to Stefano, who is seated elegantly in the hospital waiting area, and berates him for being there.The last thing EJ and Sami need is to see is the person who lied to them in favor of Nicole! Stefano declares he has done all for his family. Furthermore, he is going nowhere until he hears his granddaughter is safe and sound. Rafe wonders why he sided with Nicole instead of his own son. Stefano dismisses him and chuckles it might not be wise to leave Elvis alone with Nicole. "He's got
a bit of a temper!" This causes Rafe to smirk, after which he admits he
is a bit concerned, as Nicole seemed ready to come back when Elvis grabbed the phone. He did not allow Nicole to talk. Stefano sarcastically says that Nicole also seemed to give birth to Sydney. Rafe continues. "We need Nicole to talk." Therefore, the phoenix should muzzle his son. "Don't let him act like a DiMera." The phoenix thanks Rafael, though at this time, his son is not likely to accept his advice. However, time heals everything. Rafe makes a snide remark. Stefano brings up the closeness of Samantha and Elvis. If/when they get their daughter back, they will probably try to make a family, along with little Giovanni. He holds up four fingers. "Just the four of them!" Rafe looks down for a moment.
He then retorts that is not likely, as EJ is a jerk, like his father. "He just canít help it!" Stefano calls Rafe obnoxious. He warns the phoenix to steer clear of Sami and walks away.
- EJ and Sami continue their hallway discussion. Elvis suspects Nicole had an accomplice and this was planned. Sami is not sure, but suggests they let her talk. She thinks Elvis needs to humor her. He does not think she will buy it. And she will not believe Samantha is on her side, either. He deduces they must think of something. Brady now comes around the corner, a John Black kinda look in his eye. Anything new? EJ complains Nicole is still lying. Sami wonders if she is protecting Syd and might be having someone help her. Brady insists Nicole would not harm the baby and then promises he is there for Sami,after she sighs she needs his help. Brady goes into Nicole's room, to try and pry the truth from her. EJ doubts he will be effective, given how Nicole has him wrapped around her finger. Rafe appears in the hall and drawls EJ has a visitor in the waiting area, tho he would rather not spoil the surprise! Elvis walks off. Rafe gives Sami a reassuring embrace. She updates him that Brady is in with Nicole and wonders where EJ went. "Trust me, you donít wanna know," he murmurs.
- Elvis joins Stefano, none too pleased to see him. "WOT are you doing here!" He is there to help. The heir apparent suggests he scram. Stefano understands this is a difficult time, but they are family. EJ quips he is not family. Stefano announces he can help. Elvis growls at him to leave and storms out.
- Brady visits with Nicole, who has been sedated and laments no one knows where Sydney is. He lends a sympathetic ear and says he is on
her side. They have both made mistakes. Nicole cries Sydney must be
so scared. Brady agrees, and that is why she needs to cooperate. She must tell him everything. Nicole weeps that Brady, like EJ, appears to think she is responsible and is hiding Sydney. She does not know what happened and is not hiding her! She gasps and begs him to help. Brady promises to help her and gives her a kiss. He walks back out to inform Sami, Rafe, and EJ that Nicole, who is now sleeping, does not appear to know what happened to the baby. He is sorry he could not do more and steps away to make some phone calls.
- Bo and Hope return home with Ciara. Hope sends her off to hide daddy's present. The Christmas tree will be there later. Bo notes all their daughter wants for Xmas is the way things used to be. Hope smiles at him. The family spend some happy time at the house, but Hope remains insecure about Carly. She puts her arms around Bo and asks him to tell her the truth about her. After all, they are partners. Ding dong! Hope decides to be the one to open their door and does just that. Carly calling! Hope raises an eyebrow and turns back to Bo, who looks very sheepish.
- Back at the hospital, Sami wonders if Nicole does not have Sydney, then who has her? Stefano appears and Elvis stares at him darkly.
"YOU have our daughta ...!"

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