Days of Our Lives Summary December 4, 2009
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Friday, December 4, 2009 
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- Carly has her bags packed, ready to take her leave from the house of Bo. She is anxious about moving into Maggie's place, where she hopes she will be able to talk to her daughter without saying she is her mother. Now it is time to go and Bo notes she is feeling insecure. No need to leave now. Carly pauses to thank Bo for being her rock. He hugs her as Phil walks in, asking if he wants to grab a beer. "Guess not," drawls Phil. When he finds out who she is, he makes a snide remark of her being married to Bo and his father in the past. Bo apologizes for his rudeness. Carly smiles Phil reminds her of his papa and departs. Bo lectures him
for not being polite and says he is indeed like Victor! And why is he there? Phil needs someone to talk to for advice but now ... Bo insists Carly is just a friend, though Phil points out Hope and Ciara should be there. He now deduces it is more than a coincidence that after Carly arrives in town, Vivian shows up! Bo cannot believe Viv dropped by
the mansion and Victor is actually friendly with her. Phil wants to hear something good for a change,  but Bo must take a call. Ding dong! Phil opens the door. Tis Nathan, looking for Hope to talk foundation biz. Bo must head to the station. He will meet Phil at the pub later and asks him to update Nathan. Exit Bo. Phil informs Nathan that Hope is not staying with Bo, as they hit a rough patch. He adds he is sorry about Melanie. Bitter Nath warns him not to patronize him. He thinks Phil uses Mel, does not deserve her, and he wants to make sure she stays away from him! Phil drawls that is not his call. Nath wants him to give Mel time to sort things out. Phil disagrees. Nath warns him he had better not hurt
her and storms off, muttering Phil is a jerk. Back inside, Phil calls him
a dufus!
- At the Brady pub, replay of Sami taking the call from Cleveland and Nicole. Syd is now heard crying for a moment as Nicole is shown lying on the floor. EJ grabs the phone. "We are coming for you!" he threatens and she will pay! Sami grabs the phone back and they argue. Rafe traces the call to a bus station in Cleveland and announces the police are on
their way, to stop all outbound buses. Sami gasps as she wonders why she was not talking. Rafe reassures her. Elvis makes a call to arrange for the DiMera corporate jet to fly them to Cleveland. The gang now depart. Meanwhile, Nicole is found on the floor as sirens are heard approaching. No Sydney is heard. The gang are soon on the corporate jet. Sami is seated with Rafe and he holds her hand reassuringly. Brady arrives late and sits next to impatient EJ. Once they are in the air, Sami rests her
head on Rafe's shoulder. She has a headache but Nicole will have worse once she finds her! Brady and EJ exchange barbs.
- Mel is sitting with Ari at the Java Cafe, lamenting about her love life. She gets impatient with Mia, who is at work. The teen sadly has a look
at one of the flyers of the missing Sydney. Mel feels bad she was mean
to someone who was already so down, but she is clearly in a mood! Ari likes the distraction regardless. She gets Mel to admit she has a weakness for Phil, so what is she afraid of, now that he truly wants to be with her?
She should go for the guy who floats her boat. Mel points out Nathan is still a wonderful guy. Her pal reminds her she is not selecting a supreme court nominee. Besides, Phillip gets her! Head over heels Mel laments if she wants a guy like Phil, she must be wrong!
- Carly enters the cafe and orders a coffee from Mia. She announces
she is moving into Maggie's and makes conversation. Mia would rather
be left alone and lets her know. She then apologizes. Carly sees she is under pressure and offers to help. Mia admits she regrets telling her all those things. Carly turns and spills hot coffee on Mel, who yells in pain and exclaims what is wrong with her! She refuses her offer of help and then leaves with her arm bandaged, after complaining about the clumsy doctor. Enter Gaby, who asks Ari about the baby. No news. Gaby
angrily brings up the fact that Ari is using as well as dealing. Ari begs her to be quiet and pulls her outside for a talk. She is terrified sis will send
her back to prison - or worse! "I'm working undercover for the cops." She asks sis to keep her mouth shut. Gaby brings up Brady. Ari is not in the mood to discuss her relationship. Gaby smiles sweetly and refuses to go home.
- Nicole lies in a hospital bed, unconscious. A cop would like to ask her questions, but the doctor is not sure she will ever be able to answer any questions!
- Bo is at the Brady pub. Along comes Mia, asking about the baby. Bo lets her know the situation is close to being resolved. He compliments Mia on being a caring mom. Those feelings don't go away. Not with her mother, unhappily says Mia. Bo asks for her number so he can update her as he knows she is worried. She refers to not knowing what it is like to have family. Exit Mia. Phil saunters in and complains about Nathan Horton. Bo is surprised to hear that Phil is back on track with Melanie Layton, given that sex tape. Lots of baggage with that one. Phil grins he has a shot and he is not gonna blow it this time!
- Mel returns home to Maggie's kitchen and is none too pleased to run into Carly, who introduces herself. Mia returns as well. Carly notes her long face and says if Mia would like her to go, she will. Mel thinks that sounds like a good idea. She should just go!
- In her hospital bed, Nicole opens her eyes and tries to sit up "Sydney," she gasps. Out in the hall, Rafe, Sami, EJ, and Brady arrive, but Nicole may not have visitors. They are stunned to hear the nurse say that no baby was brought in with her! Brady gets the doc, who has told him she had a head injury. Only family may be admitted. Elvis goes into her room. "Nicole, wake up." She looks at him feebly. He tells her it is over. "Where is Sydney" she whispers. EJ's face is filled with horror. "Where
is my daughta?" he demands. Nicole is in tears.
- Ari calls Brady, who informs her he is presently in Cleveland and they have found Nicole, but he cannot talk now ...
- Meanwhile, Rafe introduces Sami to the Robinson couple, witnesses who saw Nicole at the bus station with her baby. It must have been just before Nicole called her. Sami becomes even more desperate.She senses Nicole may have been hurt trying to protect Sydney. Where is her baby, she fearfully asks Rafe ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Ari talks to Brady on the phone. She needs to tell him something ...
"Now what do you think is going to happen when they get their little
girl back?" Stefano calmly tells Rafe.
"I am gonna kill you, you understand!" EJ yells at Nicole, who cowers
in her bed. "EJ!" exclaims Sami.