Days of Our Lives Summary December 30, 2009
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 
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- Chez Bo, Carly is upset she caused problems, but Bo believes the
ruin of his marriage has nothing to do with her. Things have happened between them and he has no regrets! He now talks Viv. She is closing in and they need to find a way to stop her.  Despite Carly's protests, he insists he will look into Vivian, whom he thinks Vic is aiding and abetting by having at his house. He will call Interpol, who must have a whole department on Viv! Carly announces she does not wish to be the other woman in his fight with Hope, however.
- Chez Kiriakis, Vic asks Viv to slow down. She excitedly says she will destroy Carly. Vic hands her a drink and tells her again to take it slow. Viv says Carly is falling apart from the pressure. They talk the scheme
of putting the corpse in her hospital bed. Viv smiles about Carly falling apart from her threats. She is ready to go in for the kill. Vic makes a remark about her past burying alive fiasco. No such plans now. This
time Vivian has inspiration. Thanks to Lawrence's papers, she has the most important part of the secret. Along comes Justin, who teases
Hope, still standing at the door, about not being allowed in. Sheepish Hope and Justin walk in together. Viv wants to know how long she was there. Vic hopes she feels this is her home. Hope lies they both just got there. Justin faithfully backs her up. Viv brings up the New Year and possible celebrations in Chicago. Hope would rather stay in. Justin too. Before leaving, Vivian coos Hope's perfume is divine and wafts in just before her! Exit Vic and Viv. Hope thanks Justin, who retorts that being
a lawyer, he loves lying! He wants to be filled in. Hope whispers that both Viv and Viv know about the mysterious secret Carly has been hiding. Justin sees she is upset and wonders what else happened. Hope informs him she saw Bo and Carly kissing. He is sorry. What is she
going to do? He suspects Vivian will use Carly's secret to ruin her life. Hope gets sarcastic. Justin thinks she is a good person so if she does not try and stop Viv, she will not be able to live with herself. Hope laments sometimes she hates being herself. However, she will handle Viv and
then tell Bo. Justin grins he will be the Watson to her Holmes. Hope reminds him layers talk, but detectives think and need silence. Justin brings up the fact that Viv mentioned going to Chicago for the New
Year. Hope is pleased with his power of observation and agrees he is in!
- On the pier, Elvis dangerously points out Troy has misplaced his biz phone, the one EJ gave him, which has his own number stored in it! He had better find that phone while he can! He warns about flunkies in gangster films who don't make it. But if he finds the phone before someone calls him, perhaps Troy gets to live. He then adds he has a program to destroy the numbers stored in the missing phone and
prepares to use it. "Damn!" he suddenly exclaims. EJ's battery is dying, but he forges ahead, pressing the necessary buttons ... Troy grovels. EJ warns he could replace him with Ari and gives him a dangerous look
- Ari is thrilled to have the phone of Troy, which has the number of the big boss. She meets Roman with it and complains the phone is locked. They need the password. Roman will have no problem with that. He changes the cim card for a cop one. Beep! The screen goes blank. Roman realizes Troy must have told his boss, who wiped the data out. Bad news for Ari. Troy will know it was her. Time to take action.
Commander Roman makes a call. "I have an assignment for you."
- Still in the DiMera living room, Sami admits to Rafe that what she has to tell him is indeed about Sydney. She asks about his lead with his FBI contact. It did not pan out. Sami gasps she does not know what to do. Rafe criticizes EJ for taking off to attend to business. Sami points out he distances himself to deal with things. Rafe points out he still has his old FBI approach. Sami reminds him they must deal with the fact that EJ is Sydney's father. She flashes back to her exchange with him and is not sure what to do. Ring ring! Rafe gets a call from his FBI contact. Another false lead about Nicole's woman. He asks Sami to now tell him what is going on with her, then gets interrupted by another call. His fed friends want to start surveillance on the house. Sami is concerned. Rafe assures her the agency does things by the book. Sami wonders what
they would do about a ransom note. They would arrange to pay and put
a tracking device on the money. Sami asks if the kidnappers found it, then what would become of Sydney? She feels sometimes it is good not to go by the book, like he has done in the past. Rafe assures her the FBI would not let the kidnappers find out what they were doing. She gasps
he broke the rules in the safe house. He now says that was a mistake. There are reasons for rules. She is glad they had this discussion and they hug, tho her eyes reveal her unhappiness. When she stares out the window, Rafe admits he does not think there will be a ransom note as there should have been one by now. Things would be simpler if the abduction had been about money. He is sorry, but feels it is best to be honest with her. Sami nods uncomfortably. He assures her he is there
for her. Sami loves him. She embraces Rafe and starts to cry.
- A man brings Anna food and baby supplies. She asks about the mood
at DiMera mansion. He says it is pretty quiet. Their man will contact them if necessary. She wonders if they got her note yet. He asks what if the feds get involved? Anna assumes if they are not involved by now, they never will be.
- At Java Cafe, Vic and Vic confer. She fears Hope overheard. Victor doubts it. And what is her next step going to be? She will have Carly
lead her to the bastard child, says she! Then what? Viv coos she will
take away that child, just as Carly took Lawrence away from her!
- At the hospital, Carly is back at work, still lamenting to Bo that she is not doing right by Hope. He reminds her they already had problems before she showed up and insists he was not thinking about Hope while kissing her. Carly quips he was not thinking about anything. He does not deny it. Carly declares what is between them will go no further. Bo agrees to table convos about feelings until they resolve the situation with Viv. They also agree for Bo to call the director of the Swiss hospital. He notes great minds think alike and walks off. Carly suddenly flashes back to another time, when they were in a moment of passion and he said the exact same thing.
- At Java Cafe, a nameless blonde hands relieved Troy his phone, pretending it died before she could reach him. She then heads out to the alley and looks around, to ensure she is not being watched, nodding at someone before departing. Roman emerges, a knowing grin on his face.
- Troy seeks out Ari at the pub and states he may have overreacted to
her wanting to move up in the ranks. She smiles they are good and gets back to work. Troy, however, sees her as a threat to his status in the organization and has secretly decided that she is going to have an accident!
- EJ returns to the mansion and Rafe steps away to get Sami her coat. Sami admits she did not tell him, though she is not in the least bit happy about it. Rafe comes back, hands her the coat, and they leave together. EJ looks intense ...

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