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Tuesday, December 29, 2009 
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- EJ asks the butler about the envelope. He knows not where it came from and is excused. EJ sits and reads the ominous message again.
Enter Sami. "What are you reading?" He gets cagey and places the envelope in a drawer. Sami informs him that Rafe will be there soon,
but she now senses Elvis is keeping something from her. Elvis gets offended. She apologizes. So does he. The butler tells him there is an urgent call for him on the library phone. Exit Elvis. Sami promptly opens the drawer, takes the note out of the envelope, and reads it. When EJ returns, she cries "How could you keep this from me!" She screams.
He calls her hysterical and explains he would have told her eventually.
He was waiting to see if the person contacted him again. He has told no one, as it says not to tell anybody because he is being watched. Sami brings up Rafe. "He is the last person we are gonna tell!" declares
Master DiMera.
- Greedy Anna gleefully tells Syd she will be filthy rich! She admires her boots and boasts she will get all she deserves, so long as no one stupidly messes up. She then prepares her second note ...
- Nathan tries to wear Mel down about rushing things. Enter Phil, who grins "There she is," and wonders if Nath is there to offer his congrats. He mumbles  he was just there to drop something off and departs. Mel mentions Phil's mother and Viv were there, too. She needs to tell Maggie her news. Phil understands. He drawls he will call her later, gives her a kiss, and leaves.
- Down at the pier, Mia and Gaby get to know each other. Mia wants to know all about her. She is interested in medicine. How about Mia? The teen admits she was recently turned off by a strange lady doctor who wanted to move into the house. And she hopes she never sees her again! They head to Maggie's, where Gaby is introduced to smiling Mel. They congratulate her on her engagement. Mia asks what happened to Nathan. Enter Maggie. The redhead congratulates Melanie  when she shows her the flashy ring. Maggie is not surprised, as she always saw Mel had feelings for Phil. Mel pauses at the door and wistfully insists she knows
what she is doing before heading off to find Phillip. Mia and Gaby return to the kitchen. Maggie hears Gaby wants to be a candy striper and offers to help make it happen. Mia pipes up that she too wants to be a candy striper! Maggie will help them both. When Gaby has gone, Maggie tells Mia it seems she is competitive with Gaby. Mia gets upset and then remembers how her mother used to call her a selfish b*tch. She only felt she was in her way. But from now on, she will pretend she is dead and she has no mother!
- Replay of Hope watching Bo and Carly kissing by the tree, their arms wrapped around each other. She looks devastated, then bangs on the front door. Bo opens it. "Carly, happy holidays," she seethes, then turning back to Bo, her hand on her hip. "Keeping busy I see!" Carly uncomfortably excuses herself. Hope lets Bo know she saw him kissing her. Bo insists that was the first time. Hope bitterly calls him a selfless man for having restrained himself thus far! Their marriage is over and
she cannot care anymore! She loved Bo and was trying to protect him, but now Carly and her secret can go to hell!
- Chloe has summoned Brady to Java Cafe. Victor told Daniel that Ari was a drug dealer and the beautiful couple (Danloe) want to help him. Brady denies she is a dealer. Chloe smiles in relief. Brady thanks her for the concern.
- Later, also at the cafe, Phillip confronts Nathan and warns him to get over Mel cos that ship has sailed. "Melanie's made her decision." the prodigal son states. Nath agrees, but he hopes she does not live to regret it!
- At Brady pub, Rafe excitedly informs sister Ari that there could be a
big break in the Sydney case. They talk about the boots. Rafe's FBI pal
is compiling a list of anyone who bought said boots. Ring ring! No luck. Turns out half the women paid cash. He needs to come up with a new way to find Syd.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Madame Vivian wonders if partner in crime Victor fears Carly's spawn could be Bo's child. He quips it is impossible and adds as long as Bo does not get hurt, she may do what she wants!
- Brady makes for the pub and warns Ari that word is out about her
being a dealer. She decides to speed things up. Brady advises her to be careful. When she kisses him and departs, Brady mutters there is indeed something he can do. He visits Vic at the mansion and berates him for telling Ari's secret. Vic, however, intends to keep talking. "I want that woman out of your life!"
- Meanwhile, Ari arranges to meet Troy at Java Cafe. He admits she had a banner week. Ari wants to move up the corporate ladder. "Forget it," says he, then adding "Know your place." He walks out.
- Madame sweeps into the hospital to pay Carly a visit. "I know what
you did!" Carly snaps, adding she was appalled by the corpse fiasco. Viv remarks that she is the one with the guilty conscience. They exchange barbs and Carly walks away. Viv thinks aloud that she is going to use her lovechild to hurt her!
- Also at the hospital, Dr. Lexie wants a word with Dr. Nathan, who is not quite himself of late. She suspects it is cos Mel and Phil just got engaged. He claims he is dealing with it. Lexie suggests he not give up,
if he loves Mel and thinks she love him. He considers.
- Carly returns to Bo, to update him on Vivian. She is so sorry that Hope saw them kissing!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Elvis warns Sami that Rafe was in the FBI, and if she tells him and it botches things, it will be on her head! Ding dong! Tis Rafe. "What's going on?" says he. EJ states they were simply disagreeing on how to proceed. Sami does agree they were having a disagreement but she knows she is right and therefore has something to tell Rafe. Ring ring! Rafe has a call from the FBI! EJ ushers Samantha back into the living room, puts the envelope back in the drawer, and warns he hopes they will not have to regret the consequences of her actions. He must then leave. Rafe saunters inside. He senses Sami's anxiety and appears perplexed.
- Mel finds loverboy Phil at the pub. They kiss. She senses something is wrong. "I can read you like a celebrity gossip blog." she teases. Phil announces he was thinking of New Year's Eve and just got the best idea. They can elope!
- Just as Hope enters the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian talks to Victor about destroying Carly. Hope is all ears ...!
- EJ meets with Troy on the pier, but Troy has misplaced his phone ...
- Back at the Java Cafe, Ari smugly picks up Troy's damning phone!
- Still at DiMera mansion, teary-eyed Sami informs Rafe she must do
the right thing. He assumes it has something to do with Sydney ...!

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"I have the terrible secret that can blow her out of the water," Viv
muses, as Hope listens at the door.
"Vivian's closing in on you," Bo warns Carly.
"I just don't know what to do!" Sami exclaims to Rafe.