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Monday, December 28, 2009 
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- Sleepy Mel opens the door to lively Vivian, who hopes she will soon
call her MOM and proceeds to talk of extravagant wedding plans. Mel looks overwhelmed. Kate shows up, also keen to get started on wedding plans for the happy couple, and glares at Viv. "What is she doing here?" She finds out Phillip was not aware of this visit, which also caught Mel off guard. Kate wants Viv gone. She refuses. Papers go flying and the two women stare each other down. Kate later boasts she has booked
the country club. Viv, however, thinks a destination wedding would be better. Viv now gets a call from Gus, who has new, interesting info on Carly Manning! Viv excuses herself after promising to call Mel tomorrow and warning her not to agree to anything Kate suggests unless she wishes her wedding to be the snoozefest of the millennium. "Ciao ladies!" Once she is gone, Kate says Viv is delusional and heartless. She thinks Victor invited her back into his life to punish her, but she is certain she will be gone by the wedding. Mel has her doubts. Kate brings up a cruise with famous entertainment for the wedding, Mel would rather keep it simple. Kate purrs there is no need for her to prove she is not a gold digger, that is what the prenup is for! Mel has had quite enough of people trying to push her around and lets Kate know. She thinks Kate and Vivian have some kind of sick competition. Kate considers her remark rude and ungrateful. Mel points out her son disowned her. That means she does too. Kate brings up Mel's dishonest reputation, and if she is ever untrue to Phillip, there will be a price to pay!
- At the house of Kiriakis, Justin offers Phil his hearty congratulations. Phil thanks him and makes a sarcastic comment about his pop always supporting him, too. Victor looks up from his newspaper and growls he will be supportive if he ever finds a gal who does not make a fool of
him. Exit Phil. Justin tries to defend the prodigal son, but the Greek tycoon quips his son is only in love with himself! Enter Hope. Vic pries about her status with Bo. Justin reminds him he has a conference call. Exit Victor. Hope admits to Justin that Christmas was a disaster. She mopes about her depressing situation with Bo and wonders where the
old Hope went, who believed in the power of love ... Justin listens sympathetically. Hope was not pleased to see Bo and Carly together at Sydney's vigil. She frowns and says for all she cares, Carly can keep
her secret and take it with her to her grave. "Better yet, maybe Vivian
can put her in it!" In addition, she wants separation papers drawn up, by Justin, as her lawyer. No can do, says he. He thinks she and Bo need more time. Hope senses it is something else. Justin now admits he is not objective. "I'm too involved because of the way I feel about you." Why, she had no idea! Neither did he, until recently. Hope is sorry she cannot tell him what he wants to hear.He is sorry. Her reaction makes it obvious to him that despite her words, she still loves Bo and would like her marriage to work out. Hope now states she should go by the house to pick up some of Ciara's belongings. If only she believed in her marriage as much as he did! Justin walks out. Hope flashes back to her and Bo's happy days, before she became consumed with negativity. She then decides she does believe in her marriage after all and races off to Bo.
- At the Brady pub, Steph praises Nath for his telling of the Christmas story, but where did he go afterwards? He remembers seeing Mel and then states he just needed to go out for a breath of fresh air. Steph is excited about their New Year's eve date at Chez Rouge. She senses he
is not as enthusiastic as her. Perhaps he would rather party at the pub with the rest of the hospital staff. Nath insists he wants to go to Chez Rouge with her. He then excuses himself, as he must return a neon
green sweater Maggie gave him for Christmas. Steph pours herself a
cup of coffee. Enter Phil, who tells her of his engagement to Mel. Steph is kind and supportive. Phil grins he thinks she is happy cos it is good news for her! "With Melanie out of the picture, you have a clear path to
a certain doctor," he drawls. Steph does not agree, as she does not need help. Phil asks how things are with Nath. Great. They are going out for New Year's. She asks about his wedding plans. He replies it will not be big, they will keep it simple.
- Nath enters Maggie's kitchen and interrupts Kate and Mel, just after Kate has warned her to be true to her son or else! Kate takes her leave after mentioning the Mel/Phil engagement. Nathan wonders if there is a reason for the rush. Mel denies it. It just feels right. He asks if she is happy. She says yes. He is skeptical. She thinks it is not his concern.
- At the hospital, Bo confronts Carly for not returning his calls. She is testy and he gathers it is because he did not respond they way she had hoped after her declaration of feelings for him. Now she would rather pretend it never happened. Too late, says Bo. Carly laments it is just
too difficult to have him in her life ... Ring ring! Tis an official call for Commissioner Bo. He now needs to talk privately cos that call was
about Carly! They walk off together.
- At Java Cafe, Mia and Chad are working. She asks about his date with Gaby. It was great, but she is probably gone home by now. Enter Gaby, all smiles. "I've got some great news. I'm staying." When Will, Kinsey, and T show up, they too learn the latest. Gaby's mom is busy looking after her grandmother in Chicago so she can stay in Salem. She will be staying in a room above the pub, near her sister. And she will also be attending Salem High. Chad grins he will show her the ropes. Kinsey wants to hit the mall with her sometime and notes she is much prettier than the clothes she wears! Chad thinks it is awesome she is staying in Salem so they can hang out. Mia busies herself behind the counter and rolls her eyes. The gang hang out at a table, where Kinsey tells stories. Mia pulls Will away when she has a break. He laments they have not found Sydney yet. Chad informs Ma he is taking off early so she will have to cut her break short. The teens continue chatting. Mia feels left out and gets back to work. Will soon tells her he is taking off and will
call her later. Gaby tells Mia everyone is nice, Mia warns lots of kids
in Salem are mean but she knows most people worth knowing. If she sticks with her, she will be fine ...
- Bo and Carly head back to his place, where he solemnly informs her that someone was poking around her records at a certain Swiss hospital. Carly wonders what to do. Vivian cannot find out she has a daughter!
But it must have been her. Bo promises to protect them. Carly exclaims that she killed Lawrence to protect her daughter. If need be, she will kill Vivian too! She screams and sobs in Bo's arms.
- Meanwhile, Vivian has just met with flunky Gus down at the pier. Gleefully holding an envelope, she coos he is getting a handsome year end bonus. She then dismisses him. Alone, she reads the contents. "Oh my," she smiles. "Oh my indeed!" She immediately summons Vic and hands him the paper. "Feast your eyes," she tells her partner in crime.
He does just that. Viv repeats what it indicates. Carly had another child, and she is sure it was not with Lawrence. She recalls his angry letter. Someone else sired that child. Victor wonders who. Madame vows to find the bastard lovechild and flounces off ...!
- At the pub, Steph departs after she and Phil wistfully wish each other the best. Enter Kate, who has just ordered a car to pick her up, as she has a flat tire. She wants to plan the wedding with Mel, but Phil makes
it clear he does not want her involved with his wedding or marriage. She hits back by stating Nathan dropped by to see Melanie. Seems they will be having an open marriage. Phil assumes Nath is still hung up on Mel, but grins she wants him! Kate says she admires Phil's courage and confidence in his future bride and walks away. He looks irate ...
- Bo consoles Carly, who is now an emotional wreck. One thing leads
to another and they start to kiss, just as Hope arrives. She sees thru
the window ...!

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Hope gives Carly a look to kill. "Happy holidays."