Days of Our Lives December 24, 2009
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Thursday, December 24, 2009 
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- At the grand DiMera mansion, a distracted Elvis puts his coat on. Stefano says he has heard of the vigil for Sydney ... Elvis somberly retorts he would rather fatha not attend. Exit the heir apparent. Stefano laments about children as sympathetic Kate approaches. They return to the living room and have drinks together.
- Phil and Mel sit up in bed and she mulls over becoming Mrs. Phillip Kiriakis. Big decision. Shirtless Phil wonders does that mean she won't marry him? He looks at her with puppy dog eyes. Mel admires the ring on her finger, though she thinks this is sudden. Phil insists they are right together. She quips she is not a prize to be won over easily. She would rather wait. Phil drawls he is a patient man. She tries to take the ring off her finger but it is stuck! "It's fate," he declares. They were meant to be together forever. They kiss and go back to bed. Afterwards, the lie by
the fireplace and he convinces her to say yes. "How could I say no,"
she giggles. They kiss and he wishes the future Mrs. Kiriakis a Merry Christmas!
- Rafe walks outside, unhappy when he hears on the phone there are
no new leads, only to then bump into Carly, who smiles "It's you!" She
is glad to see him looking well. He points out she was gone when he
went back to the boat to thank her. He learns the doc was previously a Salemite and is now back permanently. They sit on a bench and catch
up. Carly learns his galpal is Sami, hence his muttering Sam. She realizes he must be involved in the baby situation. Rafe is pleased to hear she knows Sami and even more pleased when she accepts his invite to the vigil.
- Hope runs into Sami in front of the pub, and has advice. They enter
the pub, sit down, and Hope whispers for Sami to act on anything she thinks might help. Go with her gut.She whispers angrily that because Bo followed procedure, her little girl will never be the same. She whispers
for Sami to hang in there, be strong, and takes off. Ring ring! Tis Rafe. He is waiting for Sami, though she now declares she has something to
do first. Unbeknownst to Rafe, she has decided to go with her gut and there is something she has therefore decided to do.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Brady is on the phone lamenting about border crossings. Enter Ari, who compliments the tree. Ring ring! Brady tells the lawyer for Nicole his retainer will be on its way.He talks tough. Ari takes it all in. Did he get Nicole a lawyer? Yes. Ari feels let down that he will not wean himself away from Nicole and glumly excuses herself. Brady picks up a small wrapped box and sighs. Arianna's Christmas gift to him. Special cufflinks which once belonged to her grandfather. Significant!
- Chez Maggie, as the redhead locks the front door, Nath and Steph kiss again and this time on the mouth! The gang are headed for the Horton Christmas gathering ...
- At the Brady residence, Doug and Julie make their grand entrance, despite their plane being delayed in Salt Lake City. The homestead  is wonderfully decorated and Julie thinks everything will be just perfect!
Bo is skeptical. Julie and Doug listen as Bo says he and Hope have to work it out themselves. Julie announces that she will not hang a single Horton ornament on the tree until everything has been all worked out! Doug elegantly shakes his head as Bo states he thinks it would take a lot for them to get that Christmas miracle this year. Julie interrupts, as she has a text from Mickey and asks Doug to help him escort grandma into the kitchen (though neither will be seen!) Julie lectures Bo about life not always being perfect and there are children to consider! Bo replies his
and Hope's problems will not vanish into thin air just cos they are hosting the Christmas gathering. Enter Hope, who agrees. Maggie enters as well. Bo hopes they will let him and Hope work things out on their own. Julie exclaims she will not stand by and do nothing after they split up! Doug returns and tells her to leave his daughter and her hubby alone. Julie apologizes. Bo accepts. Hope casts him a dismal look. Lucas arrives with Aly, and the ornaments are hung on the tree. Lucas helps Aly hang hers. Nathan hangs a green one bearing his name and rejoins his date Steph, happily putting his arm around her. Bo helps Ciara hang her ornament. Hope unhappily hang hers and Bo hangs his after she gives it to him. Hope pauses, holding Zack's ornament, and recalls Bo's words once
upon a time, that family need each other to grieve and lean on in times
of tragedy. Zack's ornament is hung. Bo later stands outside. Hope joins him. He reminds her her family loves her a lot. "You too," says she. Bo adds it was tough seeing the family hurt for them. Hope mournfully whispers that if this were a movie, he would take her in his arms and assure her everything would be okay. He explains it is not that simple. Hope laments about their problems. Bo decides to check on Ma and Sami. He promises to be back and leaves. Hope starts to cry. She soon gathers herself and goes back inside, where she informs Julie she promised Sami she would head to the vigil for Sydney. Julie asks her to give Sami her best and will look after Ciara.
- In the slammer, replay of Nicole saying she knows that voice - but who is it! Along comes Sami, mighty interested by the fact that she has heard Nicole mutter about remembering something. Nicole swears the voice
she recalls is familiar. Sami presses her to try harder. Nicole sighs she is trying and would tell her if she knew who the woman was. Sami believes her and begs her to focus and let her know the second she remembers anything. Nicole agrees. Sami wishes her a Merry Christmas and walks away.
- Chez Anna, the blonde smugly looks at her ransom note and talks to Tony's photograph. She is not alone anymore! She later gets a call from Stefano, who invites her for Christmas. He will send the jet for her if she tells him where she is, as he would like her to be part of the family. He would like to feel closer to Tony by doing so. Anna snaps at him to drop dead and hangs up.
- Rafe catches up with Ari at the pub. She complains Brady got Nicole a lawyer. Rafe admits he is not Brady's biggest fan, though it is Christmas. Maybe this is the guy's last favor to Nicole so he can move on with the new lady in his life. Ari is teary-eyed. Rafe points out Brady is not the kinda guy who would turn his back on someone. She informs him she gave him grandpa's cufflinks. Their mother will understand when she meets him ...
- Sami arrives at the pier for the vigil and optimistically updates Rafe on Nicole almost remembering. EJ arrives. Sami wonders what things would have been like had Nicole  not switched the babies. She fears EJ will complicate things. If this had not happened, she and Rafe could have raised Sydney together. Rafe informs her he will help raise Sydney as if she were his own. EJ now presents himself. When Sami updates him on Nicole, he is doubtful and states she must have been simply trying to get attention. Rafe promises to get Sydney back as his gift to Sami and they kiss. EJ stares darkly. Mayor Abe thanks the crowd for coming. All hold candles. EJ and Sami stand together as EJ issues a plea for help into the TV camera. Sami then speaks and pleads with whoever has her little girl to please not let her lose her daughter again. She cries as Rafe holds one hand, EJ holds the other. The crowd joins hands, including Will, Carly, and Caroline, and stand in silence. Sami looks to the heavens for divine intervention. Hope arrives and notices Bo is there, as is Carly. Brady soon joins Arianna and gives her a hug as they hold a candle together. Rafe takes Sami in his arms and promises they will get Sydney back.
EJ glares at them embracing.
- Meanwhile, Nicole is alone in her cell, praying for God to bring EJ and Sami's baby safely home ....
- Alone with Sydney, Anna tells Tony that even his wicked father is trying to do the right thing. She decides she and Sydney will take a drive into Salem "and do what has to be done ..."

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I made a reservation for two at Chez Rouge.
STEPH (smiling)
That New Year's eve date?

As Rafe looks at his phone, Sami hopefully asks "Have they
found Sydney?"
"Everything was for your sake, you heartless ingrate!" Stefano
bellows at Elvis.