Days of Our Lives Summary December 22, 2009
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009 
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- Replay of Carly saying she is falling in love with Bo again. his preventing her from leaving. He admits he is taken aback. She is uncomfortable. He changes the subject to Vivian. He will file a police report. Carly thinks they should pretend her confession did not happen. Bo states he does not know what to say. He acknowledges they have
nice memories, shared a lot. Carly looks at him, overwhelmed ...
- At Java Cafe, Hope ends a call with Gran. Lexie joins her and laughs about the stress of the holidays. Hope looks serious. Lexie wonders
what is wrong. Hope laments she and Bo must make a decision together. And she just knows people will have lots of questions at the Horton Christmas. She complains about Carly staking her claim on Bo. She
does not believe the Carly as a victim scenario. Lexie updates her on Vivian's corpse fiasco. They have a good chuckle, until Hope finds out Carly called Bo about it.
- Hope drops by her old  home and interrupts the Bo/Carly poignant moment. Hope stands beside Bo and asks if Carly is alright, given what Viv did. Carly insists she is fine, tells Bo she will think about what he said, and uncomfortably leaves. Hope is there to discuss Christmas.
Gran is not up to having it this year and the family consensus is that the Horton Christmas should be held at their home. She suspects they think
it will bring them back together. Bo wonders if that is what she wants. Hope replies she wants to solve their problems for good. So does he.
She recalls their happy Christmases together. Bo suggests they have the Horton Christmas at Brady house, knowing it might not change things, but "hoping that it will." Hope considers. They agree to have Christmas eve together and Hope departs, only to break into tears as she walks away. Pensive Bo now calls Carly, who does not pick up, and leaves a message for her. "Call me. We're not finished ..."
- At DiMera mansion, Rafe informs Sami and EJ that Kate, the new
bride of Stefano, bought those boots! Rafe suspects she acted alone. However, he finds it odd. EJ states it makes sense as her motive could
be to get back at Stefano ...
- At the cell of the phoenix, he gives Kate instructions on contacting Marco, whom he wants to start looking for that mysterious woman.
Kate later returns to the mansion, where Sami jumps and proceeds to choke her. She yells they have proof she took Sydney. Rafe and EJ
hold Sami back. Enter the phoenix, who growls at them to stay away from his wife ! EJ declares they have proof that Kate was involved in the kidnapping. They IDed the owner of the boots of the woman who took Sydney - and she bought them! Kate shows him an email which proves she returned said boots and they were never even worn. Kate now wants that piece of trash removed from her living room. Exit Rafe and Sami.
- Chez Anna, she vows to do whatever it takes to make sure Syd does not have to grow up in the hell her darling Tony did. She gets back to
her letter, which is taking a long time to cut and paste together. She then takes a photo of Sydney, smiling this will make the best Christmas card ever!
- Rafe and Sami are back at her place. He is sorry he jumped the gun. Sami admits it is not his fault and besides, it felt good to choke Kate.
Rafe tells her to hang in there a little longer and puts his arm around her.
- The teen scene continues in Maggie's kitchen. Chad confronts Mia for saying she would go to the dance with him. Will does not believe it. Mia cringes. Will wants an answer. Mia fesses up it kind of is true, but Chad misunderstood. When Chad said "It's a date," she did not want to hurt
his feelings and did not know what to say. Chad is now clearly upset
and takes off. Will is displeased that she went to talk to Chad. Just who does she really wanna go to the dance with? Him, says the teen. Enter Maggie. Will departs and will swing back to pick up Mia at 7 pm. Mia admits to Maggie that she was actually happy Chad wanted to take her
to the dance. Maggie suggests she not overthink it and just try to have
fun tonight with Will.
- At the pub, Gaby complains she is bored helping sister Arianna wrap tamales. They talk Sydney, then Gaby's return home the next morning. Gaby brings up the dance she would love to attend, though she has no date. Ari sends her on an errand to buy more corn husks. Down at the pier, Gaby runs into Chad and wonders why he is not getting ready for the dance. He tells her Will is taking Mia so he is not going. She laments she never has fun either, so he asks her to go with him. She accepts!
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano gets his beloved a drink and apologizes
for his stressed son's behavior. Ring ring! Tis Lexie, coldly informing
the phoenix that the Carvers will not be at the mansion for Christmas. Stefano gets off the phone and unhappily repeats it to Kate. She does
not think her sons will be joining them either. They proceed to discuss how unbending the younger generation is. She points out everything she ever did for Lucas was out of love. "And arsenic," teases the phoenix.
He adds one good thing in this hellish year was that he won Katherine's hand. "My dear dear partner in crime," murmurs the lovestruck phoenix. "Stefano, " purrs Kate, "you say the sweetest things to me!" They seal with deal with a kiss.
- EJ drowns his sorrows at the pub. Ari joins him. He apologizes for his previous behavior. He should not have accused her. He updates her on the failed lead of the day. A dead end. Ari earnestly believes that if the person who took Sydney saw the look in his eyes, they would surely
give her back. EJ whispers she just gave him a idea, kisses her on the cheek, and departs. Enter Gaby who happily announces she has a date
to the dance but nothing to wear. Ari to the rescue!
- Will reminds Sami he has a surprise for the twins as he leaves her
place. Sami is pleased that Rafe still has faith they will find Sydney.
Knock knock! Tis EJ, who explains he has an idea on how to get Syd back and he needs Samantha's help. How about a Christmas eve vigil, where he can offer a reward and he and Samantha can pray together? She thinks it is a wonderful idea.
- Will picks up Mia for the dance. Maggie takes their picture. Will states they will be meeting Kinsey and T at the pub. Mia wonders if Chad will be there cos she feels bad about him having to go stag ...
- Upstairs at the pub, Gaby thinks she looks too drab in Ari's dress. Maybe she should tell Chad she is not going to the dance after all. Meanwhile, Chad has already arrived downstairs ...
- Chez Sami, she thanks EJ for his great idea. She will do whatever it takes to get Sydney back.
- Moments later. Anna gets an unexpected phone call. "Hello? Oh my God, it's you ...!"

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