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Monday, December 21, 2009 
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- At the hospital, Bo discusses the corpse with Carly. Dr. Dan states
they know who did it and why. A new orderly messed up, quit, and vanished. Bo is dubious. Carly will rejoin Bo later and gets back to
work. Bo now asks about Daniel and Carly's past association. Dan explains she introduced him to his wife Rebecca. Bo soon talks to Carly about Viv. Carly thinks she should keep a low profile. Bo wants to go to his place and strategize. He insists. They go back to Bo's and argue about whether or not Carly should go after Vivian,, then laugh. Bo calls Carly stubborn. She is still impossible even after all these years. Carly smiles and starts to leave for work. She stops by the door and wonders what happened to his family picture that was there. Bo admits Hope took it
and he fears things are over between them. He now regrets talking about his and Hope's problems, as she would not approve. Carly understands. Bo wishes he did. He and Hope used to be able to resolve things, unlike now, with all the anger and resentment. Carly cries and says she has to go. Bo wonders why she is upset. Carly cries she regrets hearing him unhappy his marriage is over. Justin was right, says she. "I'm falling in love with you again." Bo stops her from leaving and takes her by the shoulders, looking deeply into her eyes ...
- Will drops by to see Mia. He says he will pick her up for the dance later. Chad then calls and says he same thing! Mia gets off the phone
and looks uncomfortable. Will heads out and says he will be back later. Mia sits down and sighs.
- Chez Ari, she and shirtless Brady are under the sheets. She sends him off to shower and chuckles he looks dang good! Knock knock. Tis EJ. She tries to tell him it is not a good time but he wants answers now! His nerves frazzled, he accuses her of knowing more than she is letting on. Nicole said a women took his daughta ...Why was she in Cleveland? Perhaps she took his child with Brady! Ari snaps he is being paranoid
and she has heard enough. EJ refuses to let her leave. Enter Brady. "Back off," he drawls. EJ repeats his almost frenzied accusations. Ari points out she has an alibi. She was with Mel when Nicole was knocked out. And he can check it out. EJ sits down and is sorry. He laments he cannot find his little girl and apologizes for the way he spoke to her. Ari understands. Brady, however, looks suspicious. Elvis hopes he will have the chance to make things right with his daughta.
- Chloe visits Nicole in the slammer with a gift - a mystery book, as that genre is her old pal's favorite. The guard is presently inspecting it. Nicole
is grateful and sadly admits the only gift she wants is Sydney back.
If only she were free, maybe she could help in some way. She complains that the cops did not believe what she remembered. She talks of the
boots the woman was wearing. She thinks that woman is the witch Stefano hired to take Sydney. One good thing is that Rafe seems to believe her. Chloe tries to offer her encouragement. The visit is soon over. Chloe will try to come again soon and she will talk to Brady. Nic sadly says there is no need, for he evidently does not wish to see her.
She must live with that. Later, Nicole sits alone. Footsteps are heard approaching. Tis none other than Brady!
- Chez Sami, she notes Rafe has been up a while. He updates her on Stefano. "He doesn't have Sydney. Somebody else does." Sami learns
of the truth serum and Stefano's truthful denial. She cries Syd could be with a stranger. How could someone be so evil! Maybe it was Nicole. No, says Rafe. He goes on to tell Sami of the abductress' boots. Sami becomes desperate that they are running out of time. They need to think. "Who would want my child?" She cries and yells. Rafe promises her
they will get Sydney. EJ suddenly calls and summons Samantha to the mansion. "I have a plan," he declares.
- Anna sits by the fireplace with Sydney, enjoying her company. Eerie music is heard. Anna tells her Uncle Tony would have been crazy about her. She shows her his photo and praises Tony. Being a DiMera made him suffer, though, and destroyed him. Thank God Sydney will never have to suffer like that! Anna starts to tickle the baby. She then smiles, thinking how everyone must be suffering right now - and soon they will suffer even more! She busies herself with a large box.
- Down at the pier, Will and Gaby run into each other. She asks if they are any closer to finding his sister. Negative, but he is trying to stay positive. He tells her about the dance and the fact that he is taking Mia.
- T-man drops by Mia's, to pick up his phone which he left there. Dude feels badly that they made her unhappy the previous day. Mia complains to T she has done something stupid. She accepted to go to the dance
with both Will and Chad. She would like T's advice. He suggests she break the date with Chad. However, Chad will get mad and then Will is going to find out she accepted Chad's invite when she was supposed to
go with Will. Mia just hopes Kinsey will not hear about it! T suspects
she will find out from someone .
- Gaby is texting at the pier when Chad comes by. He suggests she go to the dance. He is going with Mia. Gaby states she heard Mia was going with Will! Chad is baffled. Gaby catches herself, says she must have misunderstood Will, and departs.
- Meanwhile, Mia is about to come clean to Will. He must deal with a dance committee phone call. Moments later, Chad shows up, wanting clarification. "Who are you taking me to the dance? Me or Will?"
- At the pub, shopping Gaby meets up with happy Ari, who is decorating the pub tree She has an idea for Christmas with Brady. Something big, but she will need her sister's help! She would like to plan a nice family gathering and make tamales.
- At Nicole's cell, she learns from Brady that there are no new leads on Sydney. She asks Brady to promise her something. That he will not stop searching for Sydney. She takes him by the hand. He promises.
- At DiMera mansion, Sami and Rafe join EJ, who tells Rafe he is sorry for his behavior toward his sister earlier. Now onto business. EJ has a plan. A public announcement and a large monetary reward ... All of a sudden Rafe's phone rings. He answers and listens, only to exclaim "That's unbelievable!" Turns out the boots Nicole described were very expensive and sold to only one woman in Salem. Someone they know very well!
- Anna puts down the note she was cutting and pasting. It says I HAVE YOUR DAUGHTER. She pauses beside Sydney and promises to make their first Christmas together very special, carols and all ...!

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"Who do you really want to go to the dance with, Mia?"
Will sternly asks.
Rafe pulls Sami off Kate, whom she was choking. "Just tell
me where she is!" Sami yells.
Anna takes a photograph of Sydney. "Smile for me ... perfect!"