Days of Our Lives Summary December 2, 2009
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009 
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- At the pub, replay of Elvis sauntering toward Ari and Roman. He
remarks Roman seemed focused on Arianna and deduces they were discussing something important, like the fact that her sister saw Nicole. Ari apologetically explains she did not know who Nicole was. Elvis understands. Exit Ari. EJ sits down and announces to Roman that he
has news!
- Rafe is on the phone at Sami's, going over what sounds like another false lead. Sami is seated at her computer, and admits she is frustrated. But when she finds Sydney, Nicole will surely wish she had never been born! Sami continues to surf missing persons sites and updates Rafe that she heard from her brother, who left a message for Nicole, yet received no answer. Rafe is concerned that Sami has not eaten. Ring ring! Tis Roman, who announces they might have a lead. The pair race to the
pub. Once there, they meet Roman and EJ, who fill them in on Nicole's call. Thus far, it could not be traced, though Roman is working on a location. Sami assures EJ they will get their daughter back. Roman gets
a call. No trace after all. Sami starts to yell and then almost falls. Elvis catches her and tenderly tells her to calm down. Sami steps away,
stating she is fine, and continues to yell in frustration. Rafe reassures her they will bring Sydney home safely, and she now calms down, hugging him tightly as Elvis watches. Rafe and Sami sit at a table and she is sorry she is acting crazy. He thinks she is just acting like a caring mother who lost her child.
- Nicole prepares to leave the hotel with Sydney. The manager is at the door, holding up today's newspaper with her picture on the front page. "What's the hurry, Mrs. DiMera!" Nicole finally admits that is her and plays the my husband is abusive card. The greedy manager, however, seems to want a payoff to stay quiet. Nicole states she has had enough and is leaving this town. The manager holds up her phone and quips she has 911 on speed dial. Nicole moans she has no money. The manager wonders if she will get a reward. Nicole warns her if she gets the cops involved, she will tell them of all the seedy goings on at the hotel. Manager Marge now tells her to scram so she does just that, adding if Marge does not keep her mouth shut in the future, she will twitter all about her hotel's bed bugs! Nicole now departs triumphantly. Then it is off to the bus station. She gets the passports from a creep who demands her remaining 100 dollars. So much for bus tickets! Nicole sits by a woman at the bus station. She allows her to be diverted with Sydney
and lifts her phone from her bag, placing her own phone in the trash.
She will not miss anyone in Salem, except for Brady. She suddenly realizes everyone must know he paid her bail. She is worried he is in trouble ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Viv wants to take a pic of her son Phil with
her phone. He grabs it away and angrily says she is not his mother and never will be! She calls him cruel. He accuses her of playing games and having stolen him when he was an embryo. She used him then and will not be able to do the same now! He orders her to stay out of his life.Viv
brings up the fact that Kate married the man who tried to kill him and insists she has thought of him oft, though she had to keep her distance. Viv declares she could be the mother he never had and she will always have his best interest at heart. He doubts it. She states she knows he needs her more than ever and she is not going anywhere!
- Brady runs into Mel at the Cheatin Heart. He is putting up wanted posters of Nicole and Sydney. Mel mutters Nicole is a psycho. Good thing he has Arianna. Brady laments they broke up and Mel deduces it must have been cos of Nicole. Brady defends Nicole and points out she was desperate and loves Sydney. Mel perceives Brady still loves her but she does not love him back. He drawls "You can't choose who you fall
in love with." Mel gets a faraway look in her eye. Enter Ari. Mel hastily excuses herself. Brady and Ari look at each other. After a brief and uncomfortable exchange, she wishes him luck, hopes he gets thru to Nicole, and leaves. Brady is torn. Meanwhile, Mel has finished dining with a friend and giggles she is dating the gorgeous Dr. Horton. Enter Phil. "Speaking of gorgeous," swoons Melís friend. Phil stares in their direction. "I think Mr. GH is checking you out!"she adds. When she has to get back to work and departs, Mel approaches Phil, who is at the bar having a drink. She notes something must be wrong. He doubts she would care. "Of course I care," she says sweetly. She soon finds out
that his surrogate mom who stole his embryo - Vivian - is back. Mel agrees his early beginnings may have been unconventional. Phil laments incubator mom now wants to spend time with him and his lfe was screwed up from the start. Mel can identify as she had a very rough childhood. They discuss childhood memories and she takes his hand.
He thanks her for her support.
- Brady walks along the pier and gets a call on his phone. "Brady, it's me," says Nicole. She hopes he has not had problems because he helped her.  He is the only person she cares about besides Sydney. If that is
true, says he, then she must come home pronto! She refuses as she cannot lose Sydney. He wants her to do what is right. Nicole soon finds out he and Arianna have split up. When she asks why, Brady tells it like
it is. "Because of you." He implores her to come home for both her and Sydney's sake. She must make the right decision and be the woman he fell in love with. Nicole starts to agree when all of a sudden, the phone battery dies. Still at the bus station, Nicole wonders what she should do.
- At the hospital, Nath examines Steph's sprained ankle. He suspects her ankle is fine. Steph wonders if he believes Mel that she has a thing for him. Nath admits that when he first saw her, he felt she was someone
he could be involved with but the timing was bad due to her involvement with Philip. Steph asks what if Mel was right and she does have a thing for him? She casts him a flirty look and informs him she is interested. Nath starts to stammer. Steph realizes he feels Melanie is the girl for him and starts to leave. He stops her. He is truly sorry if he led her on. Steph assures him he was fine. She wishes him luck, but she does not believe Mel is right for him.
- Ari returns to the pub and Rafe wonders if she is alright. Yes, she just saw Brady, though. Rafe asks if Brady has heard from Nicole. No, and
it is killing him. She unhappily goes upstairs. Roman steps away from Sami so EJ joins her and promises they will get Sydney back."And when we do, I sincerely hope we can put everything between you and I behind us." Sami replies she would like that.
- Steph is outside the pub thinking of Nathan She shakes her head that they never happened and never will.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Phil breathes "Melanie" and their heads come closer and closer to a mutual kiss. Enter Nathan, who watches the scene unfolding!
- Brady enters the pub and announces he has heard from Nicole and he hopes she will bring Sydney back. Meanwhile, Nicole is holding a bus ticket to Canada, wondering if she is doing the right thing Ö

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PHIL (to Mel)
Nathan deserves to know the truth.

"I swear to God, I think she's on her way back," Brady tells Sami.

Nicole talks into a phone. "I have to go, the bus is gonna leave any minute."