Days of Our Lives Summary December 18, 2009
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Friday, December 18, 2009 
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- Chez Bo, Hope places presents under the tree. Bo is glad to see her, says she is beautiful by the lights of the Xmas tree. He wants her and Ciara home for Christmas. Hope whispers that is up to him. He notes
she is turning things back on him, as if he were the perp! However, she was the one who moved out! How do they get out of this pattern?
Hope explains she can see Bo is not happy like he claims. He does not deny it. The issue of Carly comes up and Hope admits that she keeps thinking of what happened with Billie. She begs him to tell her the secret is not that he and Carly had a baby! Bo sighs. He insists the secret about Carly has nothing to do with them, it is about her life. He asks Hope to trust him. "Was that a threat!" says she. Carly's rights seem to trump everything, even their marriage. Hope now kisses Bo and tells him she loves him. He loves her too and laments it s not enough for her. She whispers it is not. Hope later sadly takes a broken picture of her family and departs ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, exasperated Henderson brings in a lavish bouquet of flowers Madame seems to have ordered. She does her tarot cards, Carly on her mind, and wonders what it means when she comes across the card of justice!
- At the hospital, Lexie welcomes Dr. Carly back. Meanwhile, Maxine chews Mel out for her people skills and then orders her to say hello to
the new doc. Mel is none too pleased to see it is Carly. She approaches. Carly says it is good to see her. Mel smiles but doubts it! Carly asks
after her arm. Along comes Madame, carrying flowers. "Melanie, what
a divine coincidence!" she coos. Carly looks dismayed she knows Viv. Mel excuses herself. "Carly, the flowers are for you," purrs Madame.
She and Victor wanted to celebrate Carly’s return to the killing fields!
She boasts Victor is her boyfriend. Carly says goodbye. Viv quips it is a shame Lawrence had to die. "Now you have nothing but misery." Carly gets an intense look on her face. "Is that a threat?" Vivian smiles she brought flowers, not a threat. Lexie comes by, forces a smile, and leaves. Alone, Madame muses she forgot to tell Carly goodnight. She leaves the flowers on the counter in a vase and heads to the Java Cafe, where she gets a text message and smiles slyly. "Carly, welcome back to the work force!" Back at the hospital, Carly checks patient Mrs. Barker's blood pressure. She then heads out to the hall, where she and Lexie confer.
The patient's ailments were probably cased by late night burritos, no more. Carly returns to Mrs. Barker and turns down her sheet, only to find a corpse with baby's breath (flower) in her hair!
- Down at the pier, Ari gets mad at Brady for siding with Nicole while trashing EJ. Nicole is no different and is exactly where she belongs! Brady blames EJ for causing everything. He brings up how he tried to
get custody of Johnny from Sami, put poor Stephanie in a morgue, to name a few misdeeds. He agrees Nicole has done bad things, but the DiMeras were at the root of it! They later sit and quietly talk. Ari admits she let her guard down when EJ seemed to fall apart over Sydney. She realizes she should not do that. He said he tracked her down, too.
Macho Brady gets hot under the collar about that and decides to do something about it! Mel approaches, having overheard, and reminds
them of  EJ's goons. Ari hopes he will not confront EJ. Brady declares
he will go see Roman for an update on Sydney and takes his leave. Mel warns Ari not to let EJ come between her and Brady cos EJ DiMera is poison. Ari would like to know why EJ had Brady beat up. Mel informs her he went to his wedding. Ari now decides to go see Brady and make amends. She finds him at the Kiriakis mansion and then takes him back to her place, where they make up ...
- In prison, stony-faced Elvis is there to see Nicole. He coolly states she must tell him what she told Roman, She says there was a woman in boots. Elvis accuses her of still being in cahoots with Stefano and just wasting everyone's time until they can plot their next move. Nicole implores him to believe that she knows not where Sydney is! He grabs her arm and commands her to tell him more. What did she not tell Roman? Nicole rehashes the boots, the voice. Elvis wants to know if
she recognized the voice. No. Nicole gets sarcastic and then exasperated. He should talk to someone who knows where Sydney is. Someone like Stefano! He believes that would be a waste of time, as no one can get anything out of Stefano. He explodes at Nicole, then realizes she may be telling the truth, which would mean that fatha has an accomplice. He curses him for taking Sydney and storms off ...
- Anna sings itsy bitsy spider to Sydney. Eerie music is heard as she
later flips thru a scrapbook of articles on the abduction of the DiMera
baby ...
- Rafe is on the phone with his FBI contact. He needs a favor fast.
When the call is over, Rafe gets in touch with Stefano's guard. The prisoner is asleep so Rafe is on his way. At the pub, he first meets his FBI pal, who hands him a sample of truth serum. Rafe grins that for the first time, he is actually looking forward to talking to a DiMera!
- At his cell, Stefano calls for the guard. He wants water and guzzles the bottle he has been handed. Along comes Rafe, who evidently placed the truth serum in that bottle. "Go away," says the phoenix, but Rafe smiles they are gonna have a little chat. He sits opposite him and lets him know he just drank a few drops of truth serum. Stefano chuckles he is one  sneaky bastard. Rafe vows to do what it takes to get Sydney back and put Stefano and his lady friend away for good!  Stefano becomes groggy and proceeds to answer his questions, though he points out nothing from this convo can be held against him, since this is illegal. Rafe assures him he only wants Sydney back. He now fires away with his questions. Stefano heartily laughs that he did hire someone to kill him, then quietly admits he also helped Nicole with the baby switch.Rafe asks if he knows where Sydney is right now. NO.  EJ appears and shakes his head when Rafe asks if he took Sydney and Stefano answers he did not!
- At Java Cafe, Viv spies Melanie and wonders what she wants from Phillip for Christmas. One must guide a man. "I'm always quite moved
by a gift of real estate," she smiles. Mel replies she and Phil are spending Christmas alone. Madame praises her for her good instincts. She asks about Carly. Mel admits she does not know her well, though she clearly
is not a fan. Viv takes it all in, her eyes narrowing like a cat ...
- At the hospital, Lexie finds out Mrs. Barker was dismissed. The dead body in her room must have been a mistake. Carly removes the baby's breath from the corpse's hair and remembers seeing it in Vivian's gift bouquet. This was no mistake!
- Back in prison, Stefano repeats he did not take Sydney. Everything he did was to keep Sydney in the family for his son. Rafe brings up the woman. Stefano has no idea who he is talking about. Elvis stares. Rafe walks out and pauses beside the son. "He's telling the truth."
- Meanwhile, Anna's face is finally shown as she smiles and holds Sydney, once more singing itsy bitsy spider. "Oh oh" says Syd ...!

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