Days of Our Lives December 17, 2010
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Friday, December 17, 2010
up at 5:15 pm est, December 16



- Ciara visits papa Bo at the station with Julie. Bo has a female officer
take her in another room. Julie was surprised to learn he will be going
out of town for a little while. Bo explains it pertains to a case and he had assumed Ciara could remain with Julie and Doug over the holidays. Julie
is always happy to have her, and says as much, though she does not appear to approve. She is under the impression he believes he will be
away for a long time, like forever! Bo later allows Ciara to open her early Christmas gift. She, however, would rather wait for mommy. Bo patiently tells his daughter mommy is unwell and they cannot visit her to take her the gift. He tells Ciara that the present is from mommy, who wants her to open it before Christmas. Ciara opens the box. "It's mommy’s necklace!" She loves it and asks Bo to put in on her. He does and chuckles she looks pretty. It will remind her of mommy. Ciara gets upset to hear he is going away for Christmas. Bo insists she will be fine with mommy's necklace when she misses them. Ciara gives him a ribbon from her hair, for when he misses her. Bo embraces her and gets choked up.
- Mel is with Chloe at her apartment. The now sleeping Parker has been fussy and Mel thinks he may be feeling the tension. Chloe paled after hearing of Dan and Phil's fight, but Mel assures her it is not the end of the world. Chloe blinks her pretty blue eyes. She is still worried. Mel does not understand why she is so negative. Knock knock! Tis Carly, there to visit Parker. She hugs her own baby, Mel. Chloe suddenly announces she has to run an errand, asks them to watch sleeping Parker, and takes off. Carly asks Mel if something is going on with her. Mel explains she overreacted to a fight between Dan and Phil, though she personally does not wish to know what the fight was about. She is focused on a happily ever after for herself and hopes Carly will get one, too. Carly smiles bravely and confesses she does not think it is in the cards for her. "Are you and Bo breaking up?" Mel wonders. Carly whispers no ... but given what is happening, they do not talk about much anymore. Nevertheless, she is glad to see Mel so happy. How is she with Chloe? Mel is trying to see the good in her, as she does not think she will cheat on Dan ever again. She will never tell him cos the knowledge that she cheated would kill him! Carly agrees, though she does not like the position they are in. Mel the optimist is all for second chances, like what they got. When she mentions Bo again and remarks Carly seems to love him in the forever kind of
way, Carly forces a wistful smile. Mel goes on to praise her mom as a good person, She will be a great influence on her kids. Maybe if she spends time with her kids, it will also make up for the time they lost. Mel gets teary-eyed. Carly lovingly whispers "Of course ..."
- Down at the pier, Dan dares Phil to stop lying. He sighs he will not lie and he has been an idiot. Dan is mad this will break Mel's heart and besides, secrets do not last forever. Phil is sorry and feels guilty for betraying both of them. Dan wonders why him? Phil states he betrayed him cos Mel is his daughter. He fibs he cheated with Sabrina, aka the Titan man-eater. If only he could take the affair back, he would. He
stares off into space. Dan looks at him suspiciously. That sounds lame! Phil explains it only happened when he was drunk. Dan is dismayed he cheated and also got drunk. Not the best father material Mel was hoping for. Phil exclaims he thought something was going on with Nath and Mel, so he was not quite himself. It was a one time mistake so he asks him not to tell Mel and promises he will make it up to her. Will he keep the secret? Dan feels she has the right to know. Phil insists she is in love with him. Dan points out he conceived Mel in a one night stand. It is the kind of thing that can come back to haunt you. Phil insists it will not and he can have Sabrina transferred to Europe. She wants to go anyway. Dan is not so easily convinced and drawls there are other options. "I want you to leave Melanie and move on." Phil gives him a doubtful look. That is the last thing he would do! Dan drawls it might not be his decision. Phil exclaims he made a mistake when he thought Mel did not want him, but he now knows she does and loves him. He will make her happy forever. After all, Mel did not leave him for Nathan. That proves how much she loves him, so his stupid mistake would ruin her life. Daniel breathes she does love him and he does not wish to hurt her. He decides to keep his mouth shut. "For now." For his daughter. "But if you ever hurt her again ...I will make sure you suffer for the rest of your life!" Phil gets it. Dan now voices his displeasure that Steph found out. How can they make her say nothing to pal Mel? Phil promises he will take care of it. Dan warns "You damn well better!" and saunters off.  Phil now makes a call on his phone ...
- Steph and Nath sit together at the pub, discussing the future. She tells him of an old church she had in mind for their upcoming wedding. He agrees to it. About their honeymoon ... Nath has news and does not think she will like it! John Hopkins asked him to reconsider taking that research fellowship in Baltimore. Steph wants him to accept and insists it is a sign. Ring ring! He steps away to take the call. Lurking Caroline takes a seat and informs Steph she changed the paternity test to help Steph and Nath build a new life, not only to keep that baby away from the Kiriakis clan. She approves of Steph moving far away from Mel, who makes her nervous. Steph seconds the motion! They agree the test results are a secret, though Caroline still worries about mama Kayla. Steph is sure she will see the light. The truth coming out would spell disaster for all parties involved! Nathan later comes back, having been on the phone with Adrienne, who feels under the weather. He will attend to her. Steph is impressed. He points out she is almost family now and takes off for the housecall. Moments later, Dan sits down and solemnly tells Steph he knows she knows what happened. He warns her to keep the secret!
- At the hospital, EJ repeats Sami must have done something to Johnny. Sami thinks he is being ridiculous and starts to walk away. He stops her and blames her again. She retorts he is losing his mind. Voices are raised and he accuses her of doing something the last time she saw Johnny.
Sami calls him a sick s.o.b. They hurl insults and start to shove each other until Rafe arrives on scene and sides with new wife Sami. He lectures EJ on the cruelty of his not letting Johnny see his mother. Sami, he knows, would never have done such a thing! The eye specialist approaches. The tests are done. Sami anxiously asks for the results. They need more time, but in the meantime, Sami may see her son. Sami and Rafe now enter Johnny's room. He is awake and smiles. "Mommy!" Sami has missed him and hugs the tyke. The most stressed EJ quietly watches and considers. Johnny, in his usual manner, speaks his mind. "I wanna go home with you, mommy!" Rafe and Sami grin. EJ and Sami agree to discuss. Rafe promises to occupy the lad. When EJ and Sami exit, Rafe tells him he can have his FBI jacket now ...Outside, Sami bitterly states she is concerned and has not seen her son for a while. EJ folds his arms and acknowledges that Johnny needs her. In addition, he admits he was wrong to accuse her of deliberately harming him. He explains he has been feeling guilty over their fights. If they had not been spending all their time fighting with one another, they might have noticed this sooner. Sami agrees they should put their differences aside and do what is best for Johnny. EJ quietly states they must put him first. "Okay," quietly replies Sami.
Sami now returns to Johnny's room, where Rafe has been showing him magic tricks with coins. He asks after daddy. She explains daddy is busy consulting with the best doctors. "No more doctors!" complains Johnny. Sami promises she will be there for him and nothing will happen to him. They hug. EJ listens from the doorway. Sami laughs Johnny should show her their secret  "I love you" signal. They raise their hands, palms facing forward. EJ's eyes widen and he loudly clears his throat. Sami looks very nervous. She has been busted!
- Phil is down at the pier, leaving Steph a voice message. Chloe catches
up with him, anxious to hear the outcome of his meeting with Dan. There is good and bad news. Dan will keep the secret, but he must neutralize Steph. Chloe warns she had better not talk ...!
- Back at the station, Bo is alone, vowing he will bring Ciara's mommy home soon. Enter Carly, who got his message. She wonders what is wrong. Bo gulps ...
- Nath arrives to see Adrienne, surprised to find Mel tenderly holding crying Parker at Dan and Chloe's apartment. The baby settles down in
her arms and Nathan gushes she will make an amazing mother. Mel tears up.
- Back at the pub, Steph is surprised Dan has found out. Dan insists this secret go no further, as he does not want Mel hurt. Steph promises she
and her grandmother will never say a word about it, he can rest assured. Meanwhile, Caroline watches nearby, deciding she was right. Now everyone gets their happy ever after ...
- Outside Johnny's room, EJ is livid over Sami's secret hand signals. He should have known she could not be trusted! Rafe defends her. EJ leers she will never see Johnny again. They start to yell at each other. The doctor interrupts with the much anticipated test results. They are all ears. The eye specialist sighs. "I'm sorry, the news is not good ..."

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