Days of Our Lives December 16, 2010
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Thursday, December 16, 2010
up at 5:05 pm est, December 15


Hope, faith, and miracles ...

- At DiMera mansion, EJ hopes that Lexie can tell him Johnny will be fine but she cannot. "What is wrong with my son" he asks. There is something in his eye and he should see a specialist right away. EJ frowns. "Why so urgent?" Lexie appears uncomfortable. She calls a contact to ask him to take a look at her nephew's spot on his eye. Johnny has come downstairs. Lexie goes to get his coat to take him to his appointment. EJ hopes he is enjoying his cookie and strokes his head, though his eyes mirror his deep worry. When it is time to go to the appointment, the lad resists. EJ talks lollipop. Johnny, however, has other things on his mind. "I want my mommy!"
- Outside, Rafe shivers and wonders what is taking so long. Sami calls, asking if he is on a new case - or is he off somewhere trying to dig up dirt on EJ. Silence. Sami senses something. Rafe drawls he cannot talk now, though he may have something on EJ soon. He promises they will talk soon and the newlyweds exchange I love yous.
- At the loft, Sami now opens Ally's backpack. She takes a look at a paper. Ally is supposed to bring cookies to school. Sami happily offers to make cookies for her and tells herself she will give some to Johnny, as well as presents. EJ will not keep her from him! However, she soon hears from Ally that Johnny did not attend school today. "Why not?"
- Mel opens Maggie's door to Dan, who is seeking Phillip. Mel wants to know if he fought Phillip. What was it about? Dan sighs. "You!" Mel assumes this must be about Titan and the fact that she and Phillip are moving in with Victor. She points out Victor has a shady pasty and Dan still loves him. Now she wishes to tell him why she loves Phillip! "Phillip
is real love. It's complete. Dad, he saved my life ..." Dan tries to say something. Mel continues and states she is old enough to have a baby and she and Phil love each other. Phil did not hurt her, but she hurt him! She tells how a while back Phil saw her and Nathan kissing, and he did not know it was a goodbye kiss at the time. It broke his heart. He blamed himself, even though she was the one who messed up. Dan and Phil are the most important fellas in her world. "I need you two to be okay." Papa Dan understands ...
- Outside Dan and Chloe's door, she and Phil confer. She could not stop Daniel from going to tell Melanie, but does not want to let Phil take the
fall alone. If it comes out, she will make sure Dan knows the whole truth! He dabs his face and insists that is not even close to a good idea! Maggie waltzes out in her pretty coat, taking Parker for a walk. Chloe tells her honey bye bye. She and Phil take their conversation into the apartment. Phil points out he denied any affair to Dan. Chloe points out Daniel saw the lie in his eyes. Besides, Stephanie also knows she cheated! Now the time has come to tell the truth. Phil slowly shakes his head. Chloe worries it will be impossible to get Steph to keep her silence! Maggie returns with crying Parker. She can feel the tension in the air. Chloe gets Parker to
sleep in her arms and Maggie offers to put him down. Once she has taken the baby to his room, Chloe wants to know what Phil will do about Steph. He is more interested in talking to Dan first ... Ring ring! Tis Dan himself. "I need to see you!" Phil echoes the sentiment. Where is he? With Phil's wife!
- Will and Gabi sit on a bench down by the pier. He is worried about his little brother's eye. She suggests they remain positive. But Will has seen medical websites. He is also sorry for Gabi and all she has recently been through. Gabi explains it helps her to focus on other things, not simply her own sadness. She wants to help and is there for him - always. He smiles she makes such a difference. They kiss.
- Will and Gabi head back to the loft, where he admits it felt wrong not telling Sami about the pictures. They do not realize she is in the loft. Tell her what?! He pretends he meant something about Christmas. Sami now asks about the wedding photos. Gabi and Will get tense. Sami wonders what is up and sends All into the other room, Will comes clean about the reflection in Johnny's eye. Rafe had instructed them not to say anything
to her just yet. Sami wonders why. Will stammers that she already went through so much with Grace. Sami gets worried. What is the matter with her son? "Is Johnny sick?" she exclaims. Will updates her further. Sami gets even more upset, then must go attend to Ally when she screams she cannot find her doll.
- In solitary, Hope admires a photo of Ciara. Enter the warden and burly guard. Hope assumes the transfer is on, given the look on the warden's face. The warden gets sarcastic. Hope warns if she wants to get rid of her permanently, she will not get away with it! She has people on the outside who care. The warden doubts it. She smugly reminds her she sent Bo that letter which proves just how sick she is. Hope claims he will not believe it. "Out of sight out of mind," leers the warden. Hope retorts Bo will never forget the mother of his children. The warden reminds her she is insane, suggests she eat her sandwich, and walks out triumphantly. Hope suspects she plans to poison her ...
- Jennifer meets with Bo at his office and he shows her Hope's odd letter. According to the warden, her therapy is not working and she is violent. Jennifer disagrees and announces they must help her! Bo tells her what
the warden is saying - that Hope is delusional. He shows Jen that Hope has spelled Ciara with 2 Rs! He updates her on the case semi-undercover Hope was working in jail. Hope is fine and knows she is being watched. Bo shares the dastardly deeds of the prison infirmary. The warden must have made her write the letter. Jennifer exclaims the two Rs in Ciara must have been Hope's way of tipping them off. What is the plan? Bo explains he has things to consider. Jen realizes he means Carly but reminds him that Hope needs him now. Bo adds he does not yet have a plan as he has not spoken to Hope. Jen declares she will not sit around waiting. If there
is a way to get Hope out, she is determined to find it!
- Outside the mansion, Lexie explains to Rafe that they are taking Johnny to an opthamologist. EJ is holding his son, who repeats "I want mommy!
I want mommy!" Rafe offers to go get his mommy. EJ asks Lexie to take Johnny to the car. He appreciates Rafe's help, but Samantha has hurt his children and has no right to contact with them. He will look after Johnny, unlike how Samantha failed to help Grace until it was too late. DiMeras look after their own! He shuts the door behind himself and leaves Rafe standing out in the cold alone.
- Rafe now returns to the loft, where Will explains he had to tell Sami. Rafe will take care of it. Will and Gabi give them their privacy. Sami  is angry that Rafe did not tell her. He explains he just did not want to worry her and was about to tell her now anyway. Rafe informs upset Sami that Johnny was asking for her and was taken to a specialist.  She laments EJ will not let her go to him, but Rafe drawls he cannot stop her, and so they make for the hospital ...
- Meanwhile, at the hospital, the eye specialist informs EJ he must take thorough pictures, do tests of Johnny's eye, which would require general anesthesia. Lexie hands him a consent form to sign. EJ hastily signs. He asks the doctor what they are looking for. It could be a cataract or something else, perhaps something temporary. They will only know when they have the results. Johnny still wants his mommy. Aunt Lexie takes
him off to be prepared, focusing on a fun book, talking to him soothingly. Once they have disappeared from view, Sami rushes in and demands EJ tell him where her son is. He turns and gives her a cold look.
- Back in the slammer, Hope puts the photo of Ciara on the wall. The burly guard enters, displeased she did not eat. And the warden has a new rule about no personal items in the cell. She snatches Ciara's picture and exits. Hope collapses in tears. She gets herself together and proceeds to pray, confessing she is scared. "I need my own Christmas miracle!" She asks God to help Bo understand her message. "He's my only hope," she weeps.
- Back at Chloe's, Phil explains that Dan wants to meet him at the pier. Chloe is a nervous wreck but Phil is confident he can fix things. After all, Dan knows not who he cheated with. He promises to call her and departs. Maggie comes out and Chloe asks her to watch Parker, she has an errand to run. She grabs her coat and takes off in hurry. Maggie takes it all in ...
- Back at the station, Bo promises to contact Jen once he has formulated
a plan. She agrees and leaves, then decides she will not just sit by and do nothing! At his desk, Bo resolves to find a way to help Fancyface ...
- Chloe arrives at Maggie's kitchen door and gathers the courage to knock. Mel opens the door and welcomes her. "What's up?" Chloe is looking for Daniel. Mel is sorry, She saw Daniel, It seems he and Phil got in a fight and it sounds like it had something to do with Victor. Her stomach is in knots. Chloe wonders if she is pregnant. No, but she would love to be! Chloe realizes things are not as bad as she feared - at least not yet - and nervously waits ...
- Dan and Phil face off down at the pier. Dan confronts him on cheating. Will he admit it or tell him more lies? Phil quietly confesses he did indeed cheat and is sorry he lied. "If you want the truth, here it is ...!"
- Back at the hospital, EJ replies to Sami that Johnny is undergoing tests and she is late anyway. The doctor will explain the situation, but to him only. Sami calls him a son of a b*tch. EJ suddenly blurts out that SHE must have done this to Johnny, to find a way to ingratiate herself back
into his life! Sami's mouth falls open in disbelief ...!