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Friday, December 11, 2009 
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- Chez Sami, she wistfully glances at a baby pic. There is a knock on
her door so she opens it, only to find Sydney! DREAM! She opens her eyes and rushes to the door, flinging it open. No Syd, just a newspaper with headlines about the kidnapping
- Justin drops by to see Bo and wants to talk about what he saw thru
the window. Bo does not appreciate his snooping around and is none
too pleased to hear he confronted Carly about it. Justin thinks she will destroy his marriage! Bo quips it is not his biz. Justin states he cares.
"Get a life and stay out of ours and Carly's," says Bo and walks away.
- Bo visits Sami. He has nothing new but would like to go over things especially where Stefano is concerned. Sami feels he is behind it. Bo
asks if she heard any background voices. Negative. Bo will check with Roman and get back to her. They are keeping an eye on Stefano. They will get Sydney back. Sami gasps her thanks. Exit Bo.
- At the decorated hospital, Maggie runs into Carly and wonders if she should not have let the girls all but ban Carly from her house. Carly is
not fussed about that, but would like a favor. Advice for her meeting. Maggie senses she is desperate to stay in Salem. Why? They walk and talk outside. The redhead asks why she wishes to remain in Salem. Up saunters Justin, who declares it is because of Bo! After an unpleasant exchange, Justin departs and Carly complains of his endless accusations. Maggie wonders if Carly does indeed have feelings for Bo. She protests with a resounding  NO! Maggie thinks she doth protest too much! Carly insists she needed Bo's help, but that was all. Their relationship is in the past. Maggie points out he is no longer with Hope. Carly says she is not after Bo. Justin is causing problems and she has her suspicions, but Maggie needs to trust her ... She stops when Bo arrives and waves in greeting. Carly excuses herself as she has an appointment. Maggie then hastily leaves as well. Baffled Bo stands alone.
- Mel opens the door of Maggie's kitchen to Phillip bearing flowers. "Surprise!" Mel reluctantly lets him in and admits Nathan has not called her. She stammers she thinks she can prove to Nath she can be faithful
to only him. Phil chuckles. Mel gets mad. Phil chuckles more. She fears if he wins her over with his charm again, in the end, Phil will drop her like before. Phil lists his good points and calls Nathan boring. Mel likes the way Nathan saw her however, and departs. Phil considers.
- At the pub, Nathan flashes back to the end of things with Mel. Along comes Dan, who wishes him a good morning. He asked for their meeting as he has news. Chloe joins him, all smiles. Dan informs Nath that he
has nominated him for a commendation for helping Chloe. And they
also planned something for his loved one. Enter Mel. She has been nominated for an award too. Dan praises them both. He and Chloe are grateful and in addition ... Buzz buzz!  He is paged away to the hospital. Chloe continues with a prezzie for the couple. A romantic weekend at
the Green Mountain Lodge. Chloe finds out they are no longer together. Oops! She must then step away to take a phone call. Nath and Mel have an uncomfortable moment so Mel leaves unhappy. Chloe receives word that Nicole has been transported back to Salem. She then walks back to Nathan, sorry for the mix-up up, and remarks he looks like he needs a friend. Nath calls Stephanie and leaves a message. He was hoping they could talk ...
- Stefano gets off the phone, telling his man to wait. In walks angry EJ, blaming him for the disappearance of Sydney. Stefano gets upset at the accusations "From my ingrate of a son!" He barks at Elvis not to feel sorry for himself as he was the one who disowned Sydney. "Get the
hell out of my house!" he growls. Elvis turns around and smoothly says that fatha is the only one who will be leaving the house! He had put the house in his name when Stefano was in a coma, to keep it away from Kate. Stefano gets mad. Enter Kate. What is the shouting about? EJ insists fatha kidnapped his daughta. Kate doubts it as he is so tortured. Stefano exclaims even if he knew where Sydney was, he would not give her back to him in a million years! EJ calls him a sick bastard and demands he tell him. He concludes he will go to hell and storms out. "Finally," Stefano breathes unevenly, "My son gets what he deserves." Kate goes to fetch some tea. Stefano places a call ...Later Kate brings him the tea. He updates her that Elvis the fool thinks he can kick them out of the house. Kate asks if he is wrong about him taking Sydney. Stefano retorts he does not like interrogations. Kate replies she is on his side. The phoenix reminds her he never said he took Elvis' child ...
- Elvis is outside the house and calls Sami, stating he needs to see her pronto. He stops by her place and declares he has a plan on how to get fatha to admit he has Sydney! He has bugged the mansion. Sami thinks he will be careful. "That is where you come in!" says Elvis. She can get him to say things. Sami excitedly agrees to play along ...
- Anna's voice is heard as Sydney is rocked gently. The phone rings and Anna picks up, assuring the person on the other end that all is well.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Victor is wearing sunglasses and a band aid, having taken a fall while skating with his granddaughter, Viv says now that she is lady of the manor, she will look after him. He reminds her their union is all for the show. She agrees they will get rid of Carly for good. Phil returns, dismayed to see Vivian. Vic confirms she has moved in. Vivian excuses herself to pick up some pieces at the gallery. Phil
raises his voice that Victor has let her into his life and he suspects something is going on. "Vivian and I are back together,"smiles the Greek tycoon. Phil does not buy it but Victor blows him off and walks out. Viv comes back for her coat. She asks if the flowers Phil got were for that special someone. How did it go? Phil snaps how is it her business. She assures him she is on his side. Moments later, she opens the door to Melanie. "Ahh, you must be the one!" She is delighted and pulls her in. "You would be hard pressed to find anyone like my loving son Phillip," she coos. Then she is off. "That was incubator mom," grins Phil. Is she there as she changed her mind about them? "Yes and no," says Mel. No flowers and stuff, but they can hang out and keep it simple ...
- Justin approaches Dr. Daniel at the hospital, announcing that the family needs his help concerning a certain woman. He wants Daniel to make sure the committee turns her down! She is a problem for the family and should leave town.
- On the pier, Vivian comes across Bo. She would like to have a word with him and he would like to speak with her too! He knows that she is plotting something and will not let her succeed. Viv notes that Carly is passing on her paranoia to Bo. Bo adds she will only get to Carly over
his dead body and walks off. Vivian thinks so be it!
- Back at the hospital, Carly smiles when she sees Dan and they hug like dear old friends. Justin is stunned ...
- Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Stefano is standing alone, an intense look in his eye ...
- Elsewhere, Anna's voice coos to Sydney that no one will ever find out who she is with!

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"I know exactly how we can do this!" Sami exclaims to EJ.
"You know what, darling, you and I are going to be hanging out
together a lot," Anna's voice is heard whispering to Sydney.
Nicole tells Chloe, from her prison cell, "I may have put Sydney in horrible danger!"