Days of Our Lives Daily Update!
Days of Our Lives Daily Update
Friday August 8, 2008     All rights reserved. Link Only


- At the church, Roman and Abe want to know what is going on.
The reporter accuses Bo of tampering with evidence and he can
prove it!  He reads the horrified guests an anonymous email he
was sent. It claims Bo confiscated a tape that was evidence. John
observes.  Abe wants answers. Was there a tape? Bo caves. Yes,
there was. Abe wants the reporter to come down to the station and make a statement. Bo apologizes. Roman is simply shocked. Bo
says he is ready to face the music. Roman carts him off to the
police station. John is visibly pleased.
- Meanwhile, Kate and Victor hastily return to the Kiriakis mansion. Vic wishes to speak with his prodigal son, to break the bad news. 
He tells him the tape is not a secret anymore. The press know about
it!  Furthermore, Bo is in dire straits. Vic has already contacted his lawyer Gene. Enter Morgan, who is carrying Vic’s ringing phone.
Vic goes off with Kate, to return the call. Phil and the previously lovey-dovey Morgan are left alone. Phil naively fesses up about the tape, which recorded him threatening to kill Hollingsworth, but points out he is completely innocent in his disappearance. Morgan tells him
to go to hell, and storms off! Kate thinks it’s all for the best, but love struck Phil heads after his southern spitfire …
- In Stefano’s hospital room, the phoenix reminds sons Tony and EJ that they too have betrayed him in the past, though only the others
will have to pay. He is aware of the fact that John stole his empire,
due to John’s earlier taunts. He heard everything! Stefano shall make John his pawn all over again. He pauses to think of poor Marlena,
who presently lies drugged on her floor, unable to get up!
Stefano reminds EJ that he betrayed him by divulging where he was holding John prisoner, after EJ says that he and Tony care about him. He is planning the biggest revenge of all on the one who put him in a coma. Tony wonders who that is. Stefano announces it was Marlena! EJ and Tony are doubtful she would do such a thing. Stefano explains she wanted to ruin his life, yet now he is about to return the favor …!
- At a police station in Marseilles, a friend has accused Melanie of stealing her diamond bracelet. Well meaning Max arrives and hands
the girl the bracelet, which Mel had given him earlier. The girl still intends to press charges so the police put both Max and Melanie in
jail! Stephanie shows up and announces she will bail out Max, but
not his bratty sis! As it turns out, however, she does not have enough cash to bail out even Max.  Enter Georges, who puts up bail for Melanie. Steph moans she wants to be with Max so the French police oblige and put her in jail, too. Two Americans for the price of one!

Thursday August 7, 2008


- Bo and Hope enjoy their most scenic romantic carriage ride as viewers are treated to flashbacks of their past. They stop at the St. Luke’s church, where family and friends await. Bo remembers how
he rescued Hope from marrying Larry Welch - and so much more! Steve teases that this isn’t the first time his good friends Bo and
Hope have gotten married. More flashbacks of their exciting and romantic history follow …

- At the hospital, John appears ready to kill Stefano with a pillow
but then gets a call from Marlena, who is returning his call. John
takes the call and says he knows she told the cops all about Ava
and her letter. Marlena admits she did, so as to protect John from getting in even more trouble. John is annoyed. He scowls and hangs up. He decides to leave the hospital. Lexie soon summons EJ and Tony to the hospital and demands to know why they are acting so strange. Why, ‘tis merely because Stefano might be able to hear
them! Lexie departs for Bo and Hope’s wedding, not knowing any more than she did before. EJ decides he wants a word with fatha. Suave Tony overhears. The two soon realize that they both know Stefano is actually conscious. They are mad. Together they confront him and insist he had better fill them in on his latest plan, else they won’t keep his secret any longer! The phoenix’s eyes open and he observes his sons …

- John heads for the church where Bo and Hope are renewing their vows and hides in the back, though Kayla has seen him. He is clearly up to no good.  Once the poignant ceremony is over, the guests are
all invited to a New Orleans style barbeque at Bo and Hope’s place. They proceed to stream out when all of a sudden a reporter shows up. He accuses Bo Brady of shameful behavior as an officer of the Salem P.D. and says he is a liar …!

- Meanwhile, Marlena is home alone, about to go out. She senses something and turns around. The masked man approaches her with a needle. Oh oh! Doc is about to get drugged! She grabs a letter opener and attempts to flee, but the evil masked one has grabbed her in an instant and tackles her onto the bed. The needle is raised…!

Wednesday August 6, 2008


- Chez Bo and Hope, Bo’s surprise for Hope is underway, with Bo and Chelsea eager to get the party started. Maggie, Julie, Kayla, and Steve show up to help. Enter Hope, who wonders what is gong on. The gals inform her it is a surprise and make sure she is kept away from Bo! The hair stylist arrives on scene to make her hair fancy. When she overhears the girls talking about New Orleans type food, Hope suddenly realizes that she is getting married all over again!
Fancy Face is all misty-eyed. Then she gets something old (Maggie’s handkerchief), something new (bracelet from Kayla), something borrowed (pendant via Julie), and something blue (blue garter from Chelsea). Then it’s off the see the groom! Bo has been updating
Steve on the Hollingsworth case. After his lady joins him, he takes her outside, where a romantic horse-drawn carriage awaits. Love is in the air as they ride off …
- At the hospital, John wants to talk about Stefano with EJ, but EJ wants to talk Ava, who has apparently jumped bail. John tells him about the note. He is certain Ava will succeed in vanishing for good, but what was the point of bribing Judge Fitzpatrick? EJ reminds him the judge could be useful in his case and tells him he should be focusing on that. John wonders whose side EJ will choose when Stefano wakes up - John or Stefano. EJ retorts that he intends to choose himself!
- Inside Stefano’s room, Lexie leaves Tony alone with the sleeping phoenix. Tony cannot shake the feeling that Fatha is up to something. And he’s right! Stefano speaks to him. If he keeps his secret that he is really awake, all will be forgiven between them. Tony isn’t so sure. Stefano tells him that he needs to pretend to still be comatose so he can be safe from the person who put him in that coma. Tony is shocked. Who did this to him? Enter Anna. Tony pretends he was
just talking to sleeping Stefano as the docs said it might help. Anna
has a cross with her and makes a snarky comment about putting it in the phoenix’s black heart. Tony ushers her out of the room. and tells her that Stefano is actually awake. Lexie overhears. Tony covers up.  Back in Stefano’s room, enter EJ. It is not easy for him to see Stefano like this and he tells him so. He says he is sorry and alludes to the fact that they are indeed family. As he prepares to leave, Stefano calls out
to him. EJ wants to summon Lexie. Stefano does not allow him to.
He feels invigorated! He wants EJ to later help him and keep his
secret for the time being. Loyal EJ goes along. Later, Tony, EJ, and John converge in the room of the phoenix. Lexie insists on testing
him. His eyes fly open. John ain’t surprised. Lexie informs them it
was just a muscle spasm, they need to do more. She mentions electrotherapy. The gang soon leave the room. Lexie wonders if EJ and Tony are keeping something from her …
- Meanwhile, Marlena is at home chatting on the phone with Sami
and cuts the convo short as she wants to head back to the hospital. She strolls into another room, unaware that a masked man has just entered through the front door…
- Back in his hospital bed, Stefano DiMera laughs with evil intent!

Tuesday August 5, 2008


- In Marseilles, Melanie is suspicious of Max’s claim that he is her
long lost brother via papa Trent. She wishes to call Trent to verify. Max says mais NON! Mel eventually goes along, realizing her new
big bro has helped her out and could continue to do so. Enter Steph, who introduces herself. All of a sudden, Max is charged by fans who want his autograph. Sis is pleased to discover he is a race car driver! How come he doesn’t race anymore? Steph tries to get a word in edgewise but Mel is rude! Max steps away to take a call from mama Caroline. Just then Trent calls Mel. She asks for money, He says ok and wants to know has she met anyone new lately …? She says no and Max later thanks her for that. The mood changes, however, when the cops show up and drag Melanie away! Max and Steph follow ...
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope drops by to see a reposing Phil. Would she care for a glass of lemonade? Hope says no, and she has concerns about what Bo has done. She gets mad. Phil assures her the tape was destroyed and anyhow, John is the guilty party. Once mad Hope is gone, Miss Morgan attends to her new honey on the patio ...
- At the DiMera mansion, John finds Ava’s letter, which tells him
she has gone far far away. He feels she has made a mistake. Ding dong, Marlena calling! She bears news that Stefano could be moments away from coming outta his coma. Seems she underestimated his power when she gave him that injection. John points out that as they are still man and wife, they will not have to testify against one another so it doesn’t matter that she drugged him and he stole the phoenix’s empire! Exit John, who claims he is gonna kill Stefano. Marlena sees Ava’s letter and calls Roman, to advise him that the felonista has fled.
- Meanwhile, at the hospital, Tony and EJ hold vigil in Stefano’s
room, where our beloved phoenix sleeps. Doc Kayla hovers. Tony
has a bad feeling about Stefano exacting revenge on all those who
have angered him!  He compares him to Dracula. And what will he
say about EJ working for John? EJ believes Stefano might think it
wise to have him keeping an eye on John, who does not deserve
their birthright anyway! Enter John, who taunts the phoenix and
wants to know what he is plotting. Tony walks out for a moment to telephone Anna. Nicole arrives on scene, to offer EJ her support.
EJ admits it might not be good for him if his papa does regain consciousness. Marlena arrives and tries to talk John out of his crazy idea to kill Stefano. Also at the hospital now is Trent. He speaks privately with Nicole and tells her, in no uncertain terms, that she had better find out about Max or else he’ll tell Victor Kiriakis she was never married to him and no more juicy settlement! Nicole is horrified. But EJ soon gets her the info she needs about Max in France. According to a message from Steph, he is with his old racing pals.
- Back in Stefano’s now empty room, Marlena goes close to the patient and tells him she would do it all over again! He opens his eyes and thinks to himself that revenge will soon be his. The phoenix is really awake …!

Monday August 4, 2008


- Nick tries to get hold of Max on the phone in Marseilles but the connection dies. Still at the Brady pub, Nick’s attention then returns
to Premiere Party Girl.. La vie (life) is all about clubs and beaches
for her!  Enter Chelsea, who wants to know what Nick is up to.
She glances at his computer and teases him about the party girl he
has been watching on the internet. Enter Lexie with autistic Theo. Chelsea’s attention is diverted. Once alone again, nervous Nick
decides he must to go to la France, to help Max …
- In Marseilles, Max is still hanging around the café, waiting. Enter Mademoiselle Melanie but before Monsieur Max has a chance to
speak with her, a gal pal complains that her boyfriend is at a club
with another girl. Quel scandale! They rush off to the club together. When Melanie later returns, she is approached by the dude who claimed she owes him money, Max tells him to back off and pays
her debt. She hands him a bracelet to pay him back and demands
to know who the heck he is. Max blurts it out. He is no weirdo, he
is her brother!
- At the DiMera mansion, Ava rushes in, complaining to John that
she is certain she is being tailed, maybe by an undercover cop. Someone knows! John is blasé. The cops have nothing on them
and besides, there is the matter of that tape. Ava is less optimistic. Enter EJ. As John’s lawyer, he senses John has been withholding something. John is elusive. EJ then wishes to speak privately with
Ava. He has bad news. Judge Fitzpatrick has been replaced by
another judge, who wants to throw the book at the mafia princess.
In addition, the cops know about her email. Ava realizes her case
is hopeless. Down in the basement, Paul is growing impatient in captivity. John updates him on the status of the tape. Once it appears to the cops, he will get Paul out of town and Morgan can go with
him. John is confident of his plan. When John comes back upstairs, Ava goes to his room for some romance. Afterwards, she quietly
slips out of the mansion, leaving behind a note …
- At the hospital, Miss Morgan visits Phil. They lock lips and talk about their feelings. Meanwhile, Kate and Victor discuss Phillip.
She tells him about the anonymous note. Vic thinks John has lost
his mind. From now on, he will have to deal with the Greek tycoon!
Lexie arrives at the hospital, where Theo and Chelsea go off for his therapy. Lexie soon sees Tony, who bears news. Stefano is en route
to the hospital, as he has had a seizure - and he just might wake up!
EJ arrives as the stage is set for the phoenix to rise again …!
- At the Brady house, Hope gives Bo a piece of her mind. He insists Phil is innocent. Hope thinks Bo has gone all Kiriakis all of a sudden! But Bo has a plan to nail John once and for all. Hope declares she will stand by her man …
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