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- Lexie and nervous Theo are at hospital. Enter John. What the hel*
is goin on, Blondie is missing! Lexie checks it out. A search is underway. Marlena's clothes are gone, she may have left the hospital. John is livid. What might happen to her now? Lexie is impatient. John reminds her that Marlena is in danger! He is worried that Stefano might have made his move. John resolves to find her himself.
- Meanwhile, Marlena has just showed up at her office. She is ready
to work so as to avoid going home, which holds memories of her recent attack. The receptionist says Andora, a new patient, is in her office. Neurotic Andora (Eve Plumb, ex-Jan Brady of Brady Bunch)
is falling apart. Everyone is mean. What if she ends up alone? She feels almost paralyzed. How can she face each new day? Marlena can relate on some level and tells her to take charge of her life. Folks are responsible for their own destiny. One can look inside oneself and
find strength. All of a sudden John barges in. Marlena tells him to leave. He wants her to return to her room pronto! Exit Andora. Marlena and John argue. She wants to keep living her life. He insists she needs a bodyguard due to Stefano. She is not sure she even needs John anymore. He is baffled. What changed? Almost dying made her realize she wasted months of her life living in the past. Now she is for the future! He does not want to lose her. He cares so much for her, even though he does not recall their past. Marlena is moved. John assures her he is here for her, she is not alone. They kiss and make love in the office!  Afterwards, Marlena thinks she was no more than
a challenge for new John. But he insists she come home with him.
- At the pub, Kate and Dan continue to lament over Chelsea. Dan
feels like a dog. Enter Chelsea. They are ready for their talk. Chelsea is uncomfortable. Kate is deeply sorry. Dan is too. Chelsea sees that she and Dan were not yet together when it happened but how can she get past her boyfriend sleeping with her grandma! Did Daniel take himself off her case cos of Kate? Dan insists no, it was cos he had feelings for Chelsea. Then he drank too much and met up with Kate. They turned to each other. It just happened. Dan thought he should not get involved with Chelsea and Kate assumed she was in love with Nick. Chelsea is suspicious. Why did they keep it a secret from her?  Kate leaves to answer her cell. Dan does not want to lose Chelsea.
She calls him a player. She cannot forgive them. They both knew how she felt about Dan but did it anyway. Exit Chelsea. She returns to the hospital and tells Lexie that she and Daniel are over …
- At the DiMera mansion, EJ is on the phone. Enter Tony and Anna. They are moving in! Anna feels it is a mistake. Tony says John is a con artist and should not be allowed to call the shots. EJ reminds him they have no choice. Tony points out Stefano is now awake, on the lam, so John's claim to the family fortune is void. EJ says he will take care of it by getting close to John. Then they can get the goods on him. Tony is skeptical. He wants an assertive approach. Anna reminds him that John is a monster. She calls the family fortune blood money. Tony will not back down. EJ seems to think John will take him into
his confidence. He and Tony want the same thing. To restore the family name and empire, the way they wish it to be. Tony thinks the time is right to make their move. EJ wonders, what about fatha? He must be biding his time. Tony thinks he will never return. Neva. The doorbell rings. Tis a delivery. Cases of Stefano’s favorite champagne, cigars, opera music, and a dvd collection of the Sopranos! Anna wonders what it means as EJ and Tony glumly examine the stuff. A joke to unnerve them? EJ thinks it is more than that. Tony suggests they prepare themselves. Anna runs off and starts to cry.Tony follows and insists Stefano cannot waltz in there. Furthermore, John has made the situation unbearable. He is a ruthless android! And what of EJ, Anna asks? One thing at a time, Tony promises. One thing at a time. Anna is spooked. Tony promises a major house cleaning, with John the first to go. Just then Marlena and John arrive outside the DiMera mansion. She says she will stay only one night. They enter and see Stefano's boxes. Enter EJ who advises them Tony is here. John announces that over his dead body will anyone reclaim his new empire! Elsewhere, the phone rings Tony answers. It is Stefano. He wants his room made ready. He is coming home!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


- Caroline comes across Steve working on his website from the pub. He is ready to go legit, having already done loads of work for the Salem P.D.  She is impressed. They discuss family, babies, etc. She thinks he is one terrific dad. She misses Max. Steve says Steph also has not called much. He is concerned.
- Trent has been in phone contact with Nick, pretending he will send him some notes, so where is he? Nick gets off that phone but quick!  Moments later, Trent enters the pub. He wants to hire Steve to do some private investigation work. He wants him to find Professor Nick. P.I. Patchman’s antennae go up. Sure he has heard of Nick. Smart dude. Trent pretends he is troubled by his sudden disappearance. Cancelled meetings and such. Trent says he could be in Europe. France, to be exact. Patchman says he will look into it. $250 a day, plus expenses. Trent agrees. Patch looks solemn when Trent says he also knows his daughter Stephanie, via Max. Trent wants to know if Steph and Max are still dating. P.I. Patchman pretends he doesn't
care for Max. Trent says maybe they know where Nick is. Patch pretends to take the bait. He will find out from Steph. Exit Trent. Caroline wants to know what Trent wanted. Patchman believes he
is trying to find out if Max and Steph have made contact with his daughter. But he is gonna keep his eye on that dean!
- In Marseilles, Max puts the squeeze on Mel. She better help him or else he will call papa Trent! She realizes Maxman does not like Trent and wonders how come. Mel's friend arrives. What does she want? Mel points out Max is a famous race car driver. Mel's old pal Tiffany is impressed. She will help them get out, if Max agrees to a date, and will drop the charges, seeing as she was the one Mel stole from. Mel agrees!  They get out of jail. Max and the flirty Tiffany dine together while Steph and Nick eat in the same restaurant. Enter Mel. She wants to talk to Nick. Exit Steph. Mel thanks Nick for advising her to do the right thing. Outside, Steph gets a call from papa Patch. He warns her that Trent is looking for them. Steph looks in the window and sees Tiffany kissing Max! Steph is thus distracted. She tells Patch she is coming home anyway, and heads back in. Exit Tiff. Max is happy to see Steph. The feeling is mutual!
- Meanwhile, Trent has a mysterious phone call. He assures the
person he will take care of things. Sinister music is heard ...
- At the hospital, Lexie is stressed over Theo and takes him to his appointment, leaving Chelsea and Dan and Kate alone to continue
their intense discussion. Chelsea wants to know how they could do it! Dan says it was only a fling, before they got together. She is grossed out. Kate is sorry. Chelsea is insulted. She does not want to speak to either one of them. Later, Lexie asks Dan what is going on. He tells her the whole ugly truth about him and Kate. He laments he does not wish to lose Chelsea. She advises him to talk to Chelsea, and give her time. Lexie then talks to Chelsea, who is there for her schedule. Lexie gives her some advice. Remember there are two sides to a story. Chelsea decides to confront Dan and Kate. After her meeting, she wants them to tell her everything that happened between them ...

Wednesday August 27, 2008


- Bo and Hope are now inside the pub. Bo ponders what Phil told
him about not letting him take the fall. What did he mean? Now approaching the pub is Phil, who spies Morgan. Miss Morgan is curt with him and accuses him of killing her papa. Phil assures her his feelings were sincere with her and she does not seem to get him. He enters the pub for his meeting with Bo and Hope. Phil gets straight to the point with his bro. He is ready to take the fall, even if it means he gets in trouble with the cops. He does not think Victor has done the right thing. Just then a woman approaches and hands Phil a summons! Meanwhile, Hope saunters over to Morgan's table. Phil is no killer,
she says. Morgan glances out the window and is sure she sees Paul there. She jump up, races outside, but no papa Hollingsworth in sight. Bo, who is now updating Abe, hears about Morgan's claim. He
follows her out with Abe, yet no one sees Paul, who is hiding nearby!
- At the hospital, Chelsea would like to know why Kate and Dan the man are embracing! Kate pretends it was about Stefano etc etc etc. Chelsea wants Dan to go someplace with her. Exit Kate. Chelsea wants to go to Dan's apartment. He gives her the key. Love struck Chelsea heads for the apartment. She is soon in a negligee, waiting on the bed. Enter Dan. He tells her to wait just a sec so she does. When he gets a text message on his cell, of course she reads it. It is from Kate, saying they should never mention what happened between them. Chelsea gets dressed. Dan returns. She calls him names and angrily leaves. When she later sees Kate, she informs her she knows! Dan rushes after Chelsea. Kate does not deny she and Dan slept together.
- Meanwhile, John tries unsuccessfully to convince Blondie to return home to the DiMera mansion with him. She will not budge. No way!  He says he will protect her but she does not believe he will ever be the man she married. John wonders if se has been affected by the fumes. Enter Roman. Marlena continues to give John the brush off. She reminds him that she and Roman were once an item. Roman agrees she should not go to the mansion, John wants to talk to him outside  and accuses him of trying to muscle in on his girl. He soon settles down and they go back to Marlena's room. John tells her he is sorry for being rude. Maybe they can get Old John back? She points out
that is next to impossible, now that Stefano has the disc. John vows
to get the disc back from the evil Phoenix. Marlena is skeptical but John really wants Old John back now, so he will not lose her. She replies she needs time. Exit John. Roman offers to go back to her
place with her and stay there as her police guard. Meanwhile, John's cell rings. He gets word that someone has escaped and that is very
bad news for him ...!

Tuesday August 26, 2008


- At the Marseilles jail, Melanie says she is unable to help angry
Steph and Max. Perhaps Nick can help his friends? But Nick does
not have much money at his disposal. He takes Mel aside and asks
her to use one of her local contacts to help. She claims she cannot.
- Phil is at the hospital in Salem.Kate and Dan are with him. Kate leaves to take a call. Dan  has a nurse attend to Phil's bandages.
Dan follows Kate into the hall. He is concerned she is stressed.
Once his bandages are re-done, Phil goes into the hall and runs into  happy Chelsea, who wonders where Daniel is. He says he saw her with Kate. Chelsea then asks Phil if he knew what went on with Bo and Vic and what the evidence was. He admits it was about him.
- At that moment, Kate and Dan discuss their fling, that Chelsea must not find out. Dan thinks that Kate is bitter he moved on. She calls him egotistical. They disagree some more and then make nice. They care about each other. Kate has no regrets about what they did. They embrace. Chelsea walks by and sees!
- At the pub, Caroline is miffed with Victor and accuses him of
putting Bo at risk. She wants answers. He invites her to sit down.
Vic tells her what the evidence was and that he destroyed it. Caroline says she will never forgive him for manipulating Bo. He says he was protecting Phil. She is still mad and accuses him of using Bo to do
his criminal bidding. She tells him to get out!
- Still at the pub, Trent tells Nicole his son and daughter are none of her business. He is threatening and reminds her she defrauded Vic
out of a huge divorce settlement. Nicole is rude, too. Trent gets a phone call about daughter Melanie's expenditures. Nicole rubs it in. When Nicole steps away for a moment, Trent overhears Caroline speaking on the phone with Max. Max pretends all is well and says
that Nick is with them. Trent listens. Spooky music is heard. Once
off the phone, Max gets bad news. Their bail is way too high. Max tells Mel that unless she helps them out, he will call papa and tell all!
- Meanwhile, Bo is outside the pub with Hope and he wants a word with Roman, not as a cop, but as his bro. He wants Roman to get off his moral high horses and just listen to him. Bo tells him everything. He hands Roman the original tape. Bo only destroyed a copy. Roman is baffled. Bo and Hope feel that John was the one trying to set Phil and then Bo up! Roman listens and then points out they withheld evidence. Bad move. Bo and Hope want time to crack the case. Roman is tough yet gives them 48 hours. Roman walks off. Vic saunters out of the pub. He wants to speak to Bo privately. He apologizes and departs. Bo is skeptical. He and Hope prepare to get
to work. Just then Phil calls Bo, as he has come to a decision. He
does not want to let Bo take the fall for what he has done ...

Monday August 25, 2008


In a French jail, Max and Stephanie are annoyed his newly found
sis has all but abandoned them. Steph has a plan. She flirts with one
of the French guards, who lets her have her cell phone. She leaves a message on her parents' voice mail. She also discovers that Nick has sent her a text message - and he is in France! She starts to call him ...
- Meanwhile, at the cafe, Nick sees Melanie and her friend. Mel has
no money and needs someone new, therefore. Nick listens intently, then whips out his cell phone, and pretends to be mega-rich. Bingo!  He ends up seated with the now eager Melanie. They are talking
when his cell phone rings with the call from Steph. She brings him
up to speed on their jail problem and the fact that Miss Mel is a no good con artist. Nick tells Mel a story about losing his passport and convinces her to head to the police station with him. They do just
that and, much to Mel's unhappy surprise, end up visiting Max and Stephanie, who sure are glad to see good old reliable Nick ...

- Back in Salem, Trent puts the squeeze on Nicole for info, or he
will tell Victor they are still married! He wants her to find out if his daughter has met Max in France but will not explain why.

- In Marlena's hospital room, Marlena clears her head and realizes
who John is. He comforts her as she recalls the horror of what
Stefano has just put her through. When she worries about the
welfare of Sami and Johnny, he tells her they are safe. Marlena, however, knows that no one is safe now that madman Stefano is
back in action. Lexie is pleased with Marlena's condition, though
she advises John not to give her stress. John later tells Blondie he would like her to come home with him. She says no thanx ...!

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas demands his daughter. He is leaving with her! Sami calls it kidnapping and lets him know that will get him thrown in jail fast. Lucas then decides his best bet is lawyer Uncle Mickey. He summons Mickey and Maggie. Mickey's assessment - Lucas could have a case. Stefano might pose a danger. EJ disagrees. Meanwhile, Maggie chats with Lucas and soon realizes that he intends to move on with Chloe. Lucas is still cynical. He then drops a bombshell on Sami. He is ready to take her to court for his daughter
- and win!
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