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Friday August 22, 2008     All rights reserved. Link Only


At the grand DiMera mansion, Stefano wants a word with Rolf.
They must attend to some urgent business. The phoenix believes he should go underground. He hands Dr. Rolf an important portfolio to look after during their journey. He then breaks the queen of his chess set, to leave an ominous message for Marlena. The phoenix orders
Dr. Rolf to move the lab. Rolf informs him that John had destroyed said lab. Stefano is enraged. He will destroy both John and Marlena with his new generation of DiMeras. The vendetta will continue!

- Meanwhile, Roman wants a word with Steve and Kayla. He needs
all the deets about Stefano, etc. They fill him in, but Kayla just really wants to be with her baby. Steve is mad as heck at Stefano.  Joe is returned to his parents after docs have given him a clean bill of health.
- Lexie attends to Marlena. Enter John. Marlena starts to wakes up. Sami tries to encourage her, nervously talks to John, and then leaves. John asks the big guy upstairs (God) to help Blondie. Marlena opens her eyes. Lexie wants to do more tests.
- In the stairwell, Tony talks to EJ about the fact that John has control of the DiMera empire. They need to get it back. EJ is reluctant to go against his father. Tony pushes. If they do not get back control of what Stefano built, it could be sabotaged. EJ agrees. Tony takes off
to get Anna. Enter Nicole. She tells EJ off and calls him a liar. He alludes to the fact that he has feelings for her. Nicole does not believe him and angrily waltzes off. She runs into Lucas, who announces that he and Sami are really finished. His daughter is his future. Chloe agrees with him but when Lucas takes off, she is dismayed. Nicole says they should go have coffee and a friendly chat. Men!
- Tony comes upon Roman and Steve discussing how Stefano snatched baby Joe. Tony curses the phoenix. Roman asks where Stefano is. Tony has no idea. Once he has found Anna, he informs
her of his plan to take back the empire and the DiMera name. Anna does not share his enthusiasm ...
- Over coffee, Chloe and Nicole decide that Sami is to blame for
their relationship woes.

- Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ and Sami have returned. Sami
finds the broken chess piece and notes it is the queen, like the queen
of the night! That means Stefano has been there and they should not remain as it is not safe. Enter Lucas. He is there to get his daughter and leave!

- Meanwhile, at the hospital, John fawns over Marlena, who stares at him and asks who he is ...!

Thursday August 21, 2008


- Downstairs at the hospital, the Salem P.D. are aware that the ventilation system is now functional but what the heck is going on? Enter Nicole, who spies EJ and Sami still getting hot and heavy on
the monitor! EJ thinks they should stop. They do. Downstairs, Abe
is now convinced that the whole fiasco is Stefano's doing and tells Lexie as much. Enter Kate, who wants answers from Roman. She
is in a state when she hears that Stefano is up there. Now he will
try to exact revenge on Lucas for shooting EJ!
- Meanwhile, Lucas manages to revive Chloe, who doesn't feel well. He fears that it ain't over yet. When they step into the hallway, there stands Stefano before them! Lucas is ready to protect Chloe. Stefano smugly shows them footage of Sami and EJ together, from his cell phone. They are not surprised. Lucas tells the phoenix to go to hell.
- Steve and Kayla pound on the locked door, calling out for help.
And where is their baby? Kayla cries that Stefano likely took him. Patch vows that if that is the case, he will kill him. Kayla is simply devastated. Moments later, a crying infant is heard. Patch tries to
open the door, but cannot. Lucas and Chloe hear the commotion
and make for the door. Kayla gives Lucas the code. He enters it and presto, everybody is free! Now it is time to locate that crying baby!  The couples head in different directions. Patch and Kayla find the baby in a storage room. He seems alright, but what is that strange mark on his wrist that wasn't there before?
- Abe and Roman finally get into the stairwell. EJ and Sami venture downstairs to safety, where Nicole awaits. Lexie is none too pleased
to see brother EJ with Sami and suggests Nicole go after him anyway. Nicole isn't sure. Sami leaves to be checked out by docs, leaving EJ and Nicole alone. He is happy to see her. She tells him what she saw on the not so candid camera. News also spreads about what Marlena had done to Stefano. Sami returns and suggests EJ get checked out
by docs as well.
- Upstairs, Abe and Roman burst into Stefano's empty room. His Phoenixness appears on the television as he welcomes them, though they are late. He goes on to state he wants Marlena arrested for his attempted murder, or else!
- Once Lucas and Chloe are safely downstairs, Kate brings up Sami and EJ. Lucas does not care. He and Sami are finished. He is moving forward with his life. Meanwhile Nicole stares at the monitor, as she considers what to do next ...

Wednesday August 20, 2008


At the hospital, John gets the ventilation going as Tony tends
to Anna, who is having trouble breathing. All of a sudden, Stefano's voice comes on the intercom and taunts John that it is too late! John turns his rage on the speaker it comes from and then races into
another room, where he encounters none other than young Stefano! He claims that John's mother Colleen ruined his life and runs away. John follows and soon encounters papa Santo. Santo says Stefano
was a nice boy until what happened with Colleen. Plus, Santo never even knew she was pregnant! Papa Santo does have a request. He wants John to stop leading his life the way he is now, so that he does not become cold like Santo and Stefano did. It is clear that John still has mother issues. Santo says Marlena can help him. John scowls he does not need Marlena. Cue Old John, who appears to tell him he
does need Marlena  and that's a fact! Old John also points out they
did not need the DiMera money, as they were already rich. New John should have walked away from it. Old John adds that Marlena will be able to make him the man he once was. He gives him a pep talk and disappears. Old John is moved ...

Anna is feeling better and she and Tony wonder where John went. Tony states he will make sure the dastardly phoenix gets what he deserves. Anna worries.

In her room, Marlena is stunned to see an apparition of her murdered sister Samantha. Marlena informs her of her dire situation but admits she felt that Stefano deserved what she gave to him. Samantha is surprised, considering that she was the bad twin, not Marlena. Blondie explains she has done it all for John. Samantha implies that John is the problem. Marlena remembers the happy times. She is determined to help John. Exit Samantha, after giving her a pep talk. Marlena feels
the strength to finally reach the antidote and injects herself with it!!

Meanwhile, Stefano is with baby Joe, and announces he has plans in store for him. He hands him over to Dr. Rolf, who is honored to be back in action with the phoenix and assures him he will indeed carry out all his instructions ...

Tuesday August 19, 2008


- Nicole continues to drink and daydream ...

- It is the 1940s again. She removes the pillow from Sami. They start to struggle and Nicole finishes Sami off for good! She hides the body as EJ is heard approaching. She begs him not to leave her. EJ  points out he leaves everyone sooner or later, cad that he is. Exit EJ. Nicole summons P.I. Lucas and comes clean about offing his missus. Lucas says he will not help her but gives her his untraceable gun, just in case she needs it. Lucas was already having a bad day, given how he saw seedy Phil kissing Chloe.

Meanwhile Chloe has quit her job at the club. She wants to be with Lucas! She returns to his dingy office, where he finds her. He is the only fella for her! They kiss and decide to leave together, for a fresh start. But first Lucas has to make an important call. He is gonna turn
in Nicole.

At the club, Enter EJ, who needs a drink. The club s technically
closed but businessman Phil lets him stay. EJ the cad laments his
gal is gone. Enter Nicole, who joins him and fesses up about killing
his latest tramp and dumping her in the trash. EJ says they must leave town. Nicole agrees. They head out from the club, where Nicole has left Lucas' gun.

Back at home packing, they prepare to flee but Roman and Abe are soon at the door, there to arrest Nicole for the murder of Samantha Horton! Nicole plays innocent. Besides, where is the proof? The cops have found the body in the trash behind the apartment and they also know EJ and Sami were running around together. They know they
will find evidence after they search the room. Nicole is led away in handcuffs. She begs EJ to wait for her. He says nope. The cops say she is gonna get the electric chair! Once alone, EJ counts all his cash. THE END.

Back to reality, Nicole is miffed about losing EJ even in her darn
daydream! Time to head for the hospital ...

Monday August 18, 2008


- At the DiMera mansion, Nicole slings back the drinks and wonders why EJ wants Sami over her ...
- It is the black and white 1940s. Welcome to Dreamworld Salem!  Lucas, P.I., is bored at his desk. He hopes his wifey ain't suffering
too much from the heat. He doesn't have a secretary anymore on account of his lack of clients.
- Meanwhile, tart Sami and EJ get it on in the sack. She compliments Junior on his technique. The naughty pair, as it turns out, are married
- she to Lucas, he to Nicole.  All of a sudden they hear a sound. Sami hides in the closet. Enter Junior's wife Nicole, who has just returned from a walk. She flirts with hubby and says he had better be true. Her daddy has a big bank account. Gigolo Junior oozes charm and claims to love her lips. Nicole steps out of the room to get ice. Junior ushers Sami out. One of her earrings falls on the floor. Nicole later finds it!
- Meanwhile, Sami shows up at her hubby P.I. Lucas' office. He says they have no money. She says they can sell her earrings.  She reaches up to remove them but one is missing! Lucas suggests they retrace her steps. She is elusive about her earlier whereabouts.
- At the nightclub, unhappy Chloe sits by herself. Phil slides up and offers to help if something is bothering her. She has no money. Phil smoothly tells her he's the boss at the club and it just so happens
there are a few jobs available. Chloe says she can sing. He wants a performance. She obliges and he offers her a job at his club. She accepts. He has one condition. He wants her to get all dolled up...
- Nicole sweeps into the P.I. office. Lucas is now alone. She wants
to hire him.They agree on a price. She wants him to find the tart that her husband's been fooling around with. Does she have any clues?
She hands him Sami's earring!  The tart left it in her husband's bedroom. Lucas solves the case. That tart just happens to be his wife! Later on, Lucas is alone, checking out his pistol. Enter ex-secretary Chloe, all dolled up. She is in love with him and says if he needs help, she can give him some money. Lucas doesn't accept cash from dames. And he is not about to leave his missus. Enter client Nicole, ready to go on a stakeout with P.I. Lucas. Exit Chloe, who goes back to her new job at the club.
- Meanwhile, Junior and Sami are at the nightclub together. When Sami heads for the ladies room, Phil warns him he is playing a deadly game with his two-timing. Junior isn't worried. When Sami returns, they smooch up a storm. Enter Lucas and Nicole, who see the two-timing pair together as Chloe the sultry songbird belts out a song
in the background. Lucas heads back to the car for his camera ...
- The next day, Sami returns to Lucas' P.I. office, having been out
all night. He tells her the jig is up. He is on to her. She retorts she is leaving him for Junior and gives him back her wedding ring.  Meanwhile, club owner Phil smoothly advises Chloe to give up on Lucas. He kisses her. Enter Lucas. At the same time, EJ tells Nicole
he is packing for a business trip, and when he gets back, they will be through. She tells him he ain't going anywhere! When Sami later arrives looking for him, she encounters Nicole. They argue, struggle, and Nicole holds a pillow over her face till she stops moving ...
- Back to reality. Nicole ponders why she always ends up the bad girl!
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