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Outside, Sami walks and talks to Nicole on her cell. She thanks her for being there for her. Here comes Rafe, who notes they sound like best buddies. What gives? Sami appears annoyed that Rafe is so suspicious of her new friend. Mr. FBI suggests she err on the side of caution. She used to loathe Nicole. Sami explains that her losing Grace changed everything. So he sees. He is sorry if he upset her, though. Sami quips he made it clear he wanted no part of her life, asks him to steer clear
of her, and sadly walks away.
- At the hospital, Nicole is nervous that Baker keeps calling. He leaves
a threatening message that he will tell all if she does not pay up!  Nicole then listens and sighs she will let Stefano deal with the likes of him! EJ enters with smiling Sydney, who has had her footprint taken. They are all done. And she is in excellent health, so there is no possibility that Sydney could be taken away from them. Nicole cringes slightly.
- Hope raises her voice at Bo again, and he tells her his belief that the ransom would only lead to the death of their child. They need to be a team. If not, there is no way home for their little girl. Hope does not wish to argue anymore. Bo admits he is terrified of losing Ciara as well as her. Hope criticizes him for not consulting with her before making
the ransom a reward. She fears the kidnappers have no reason to keep Ciara alive. Bo patiently points out he did what he thought was best.
He assures her things will fall into place. Can she stick with him on
this? She flat out refuses!
- At the cabin, Dean has something to say to Ciara, though he believes she cannot hear him. This will end for her very soon. He touches her head again. Enter Kyle and Brenda, who asks what he is doing. Just making sure things are secure. The pair could not go far as there were checkpoints. Cops are everywhere. Brenda is anxious. What if they get caught? Dean tells her to relax. Kyle points out the ransom will have a lot of eyes watching. Brenda thinks it is time to cut their losses and get out now. Officer Dean looks at Ciara for a moment.
- At the teen party, Will approaches Mia, who had been staring at
Chad. He cannot stay because of his cousin. She is sorry. Can he stay long enough to dance with her? They slow dance as Chad unhappily stares from across the room. Chadman is glum that his playing their song did not work. A vey drunken Kinsey staggers in. After the song, Will is about to kiss Mia, who pushes him away. Kinsey slurs she can make Chad feel better and offers him a swig of her booze. Chad says no thanks and continues to watch Will and Mia. Will departs.
- At the pub, Rafe laments to sister Ari that Sami does not want him near her. The talk turns to Doc Baker. Rafe senses there is something he needs Sami to know and Baker holds the key. He whips out some brochures of the Caribbean, which he had found at the clinic. A perfect place to get lost and gamble, though it would be hard to find out which island the doc was on. Ari wonders what he would do if he discovered Nicole tried to do something to Sami's baby. Rafe drawls then she will have to answer to him. Ari thinks Sami will not appreciate losing her new pal. Why does he not just drop it? Rafe will not. He has long known Nicole DiMera is dangerous. Ari says it is a pity there is no one else he could ask for help. Rafe now remembers there was someone else present that night and makes a call. He tries unsuccessfully to
reach Sister Theresa, who is away on a retreat. He will keep digging. There is still Nicole as well as Baker. Ari advises him to use his old contacts at the Bureau to track down Baker. The Rafester pauses.
"I just thought of someone who knows exactly where he is!"
- At the teen party, Chad alludes to the fact that he was hurt by Mia dancing with Will when he played their old song. She reminds him
they are not together anymore. He asks if he did something wrong because if so, he would try and make it up to her! She would rather
not discuss the past. Chad insists he still loves her. She starts to tell
him something but his cell rings with a call from mom, so he must
step away briefly. Mia decides to leave and runs into Kinsey, whom
she does not notice is drunk. Kinsey offers her a ride She accepts. When Chad hears that Mia has gone with Kinsey, he races outside to stop her!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole comes across EJ working, having
put Sydney to bed. She puts her arms around him and suggests they go to bed early. Elvis smiles and they kiss. He declares he has a surprise. How about taking their honeymoon and heading to the Caribbean? Nicole's face falls and she says NO. Not the Caribbean! Why not? Everyone honeymoons there. Too common. He boasts he had planned for an exclusive resort. She points out it is hurricane season. Elvis asks her real reason for not wanting to go to the Caribbean. She claims she wishes to take their daughter somewhere safer. He is not sure where that could be. She talks Paris, where there are no natural disasters.
"Just a lot of romance." He agrees and they kiss on it. All of a sudden, Syd is heard crying. EJ will take her for a walk in her stroller. Nicole smiles she will start her shopping list. Once alone, she glances at the brochures of the Caribbean, her eyes filled with worry ...
- In his tropical suite, Dr. Baker drowns his sorrows. Nicole is not answering her cell, and he vows to bring her down if she does not cooperate!
- Outside, Sami walks alone, sadly flashing back to Grace dying. She sits on a bench, cries, and then tries to be strong, standing back up.
Just then Elvis arrives, pushing Sydney in her stroller. He asks if she is alright. Fine. He stops her from leaving and brings up Rafe moving out. He would like to know if Johnny is upset about it. Sami retorts he only cares how he feels and her guess is that he is thrilled. He does not wish to make this personal. Sami angrily thinks he means to gloat that Rafe was a poor choice. Elvis still believes he was indeed, as he broke into his house and kept his daughta from him. Thus, he does not mind that
he will no longer be a part of his son's life. Sami bitterly wonders if he had anything to do with them breaking up. He replies she needs no help from him in alienating men. She laments he has it all and wants him to admit he is glad she is free. Elvis states he is actually happy with his
life, his wonderful wife, and great family. He and Nicole will be taking their glorious honeymoon in Paris. Sami wonders who he is trying to convince - her or himself. He quietly says he is not trying to convince anyone, bids her goodnight and departs. Moments later, Sami receives
a call from none other than Baker! He identifies who he is and hopes she remembers him! Sami looks surprised ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole is dismayed to open the door to Rafe. "What in the world are you doing here?" He is there to see her and it is important!
- At the police station, Abe and Lexie enter with Theo, who again tells Roman "Angel!" He grabs his arm and the super detective realizes the suspect had an angel on his arm. They show Theo a book of tattoos
and the lad points at the right one. "Angel! Angel!"
Bo, Hope, and Roman now check databases for all felons with such
an angel tattoo. "Oh my God!" cries Hope when she gets a match.
Kyle Simons at the Crestview Motel in Salem, and he is a registered
sex offender. Bo advises Hope to hang in there and rushes out.
- At the cabin, Dean gets a call about the angel tattoo, promises to be
on the lookout for it, and then updates Kyle and Brenda. He declares everything is off. He will get their stuff and be back in an hour. Before leaving, he implies Hope Brady will be sorry now!
He later has on gloves and removes photos of himself from Brenda's wallet in the nearby motel room where her and Kyle's belongings were left.
The siblings await the return of Dean. Brenda covers Ciara with a blanket. Kyle is a wreck. The freak offers to take Ciara into the woods and leave her where no one will find her. Ominous music is heard.
- Bo, Hope, and Roman are later at Kyle's deserted motel room, searching. Roman finds a newspaper clipping of Hope. Looks like
they have got their man. Bo comes across a map of the nearby woods. There are three points encircled ...
- Back at the cabin. Kyle tells Brenda he will take Ciara deep into the woods, where no one will be able to sneak up on them. Enter Dean, nervously playing with his lighter. He pulls his gun and they assume he is going to shoot Ciara. He appears to point the weapon in Ciara's direction. Brenda is heard screaming NOOOOO as seconds later, the trigger is pulled by the dirty cop ...

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Mia gets Mad at Chad, assuming he wants her to go with him.
"Never again! Not after what happened the first time!"
Lucas exclaims "Nicole is your friend? Sami, what are you thinking?!"
"Sami trusted you and what did you do to her? You abandoned her!" Nicole accuses Rafe. He stares her down.

Monday, August 24, 2009


At the hospital, Nicole holds baby Syd as nurse Maxine prepares for
the tests and suggests Nicole leave the room when they draw blood. Nicole protests. Maxine promises it will not be long and takes baby
Syd, who starts to cry. Nicole leaves the room. Along comes Stefano, who assures her he will not let her down. No one will find out she is
not Sydney's biological mother. Ring ring! The phoenix must now step away to take a call. Nicole vows she will not lose her baby. Enter Mia. "Is there something wrong with Sydney?" Nicole forces a smile. She is fine, just having blood work to make sure she is healthy. They are all getting tested. Mia demands to know why. Nicole admits they are getting DNA samples, but she has it covered. Mia chides Nicole for not calling her. She could have given blood so the hospital would have the right information in case anything went wrong. Nicole reminds her she gave Sydney up and has also said she did not feel a connection. Mia says that was because she did not allow herself to. She felt so close to Grace when she babysat for her. She knew if she bonded with Sydney too, it would be harder to let go. However, that does not mean she
does not care! What if she gets sick like Grace? She begs Nicole to let her give blood. Nicole thanks her for the offer, though she is handling this her way. The best thing for Mia to do is to keep her distance. The teary-eyed teen walks away.
- At the closed clinic, replay of the nurse telling Rafe that Sami had
her baby the same night the British guy showed up. He asks if Sami
was scheduled to be there the same day Nicole had her baby. The
nurse discovers no patient called Brady is listed, though Baker did not always go by the book. And she has no recollection of seeing Nicole there. Rafe finds it odd that Nicole appears in the records, yet Sami does not. Nurse Sara has to leave. Rafe thanks her for her assistance. She thinks he should ask his friends Sami and Nicole to explain what happened that night. Once alone, the ex FBI agent murmurs "I may
just have to do that."
- At the police station, Bo and Hope have just made a pledge to work together. She points out that his visions do not always happen and they need to get their daughter back. They go on to disagree on whether or not to give the kidnappers the money. Hope yells they will kill her without the ransom. Focused Bo, however, plans to get to them first. Bo gets word the TV guys have arrived. He asks if she is with him on this. She glares. "No." Enter Justin Kiriakis and a man to carry the case of cash. Justin wishes Bo luck and remains with Hope. Is she okay? Hope cries that Bo going on the air will only put Ciara in more danger so no, she is not okay. Justin explains he believes he is doing what is right. She insists he is wrong!
- At the cabin, Kyle wonders why they should even trust Dean now. Kyle's sister Brenda thinks they should hear him out. Kyle complains the reward makes them targets. Officer Dean thinks he can use Bo's weakness to make him change his mind. And he is referring to that
b*tch he calls his wife! Kyle thinks he is nuts to think he can do that
to the police commissioner. Dean warns that no one can leave until he says so. Brenda states they are not running yet, but what if his plan does not work? Officer Dean insists it will.
- Back at the station, Bo stands before a camera to address the public about his daughter's kidnapping. He is offering a 5 million dollar reward for help on finding those who took her! Hope and Justin now emerge and watch as Bo implores the public to help find Ciara.
- Back at the cabin, Dean and his flunkies watch the Bo live broadcast online. Bo opens the case to show the reward money. He adds this is what the kidnappers wanted as their ransom, but now it is the reward! Bo now asks Hope to say something. She reluctantly stands before the camera. "Help our little girl, please. Help us," she whispers.
- Outside the pub, Will turns down a friend on his cell whole standing by a posted notice of the missing Ciara.  He glances at a photo of Mia he has saved on his phone and flashes back to kissing her.Along comes his pal and Will lets him know he cannot make the party tonight. His little cousin is missing. His pal is sorry. Will, who helped organize the party, starts to say that because he will not be able to attend ... Enter Chadman, who says whatever they need, they got it! Will says thanks but no thanks and walks away. Chadman wonders what Mia will do for company at the party, given that Will is not going, and grins.
- In his tropical hotel room, Baker is on his cell, desperately trying to hold off his dangerous creditor. He just needs time to get the money. The creditor hangs up. Baker looks nervous.
- Rafe saunters into the pub and has a seat at a table. Ari joins him.
She asks for an update. He tells her about what he learned. Nicole supposedly gave birth at the clinic on January 28, yet the nurse does
not recall seeing her, though she remembers seeing EJ there. She also remembers assisting Sami in the delivery. Seems too coincidental that Sami and Nicole gave birth at the same place on the same night. Ari quips something does not add up. "You got that right!" says he. He
is focused on Nicole. Perhaps she found out Sami was giving birth at Baker's clinic and showed up to do something  - and she hopes no one will ever find out what that something is! Perhaps she found out EJ
was the father of Grace and wanted to eliminate the competition. Ari thinks that is too cold. Perhaps. But if EJ found out Sami was having his baby, that would have made them closer. Nicole would have done anything to prevent that. Ari brings up that Nicole has befriended Sami. Rafe calls it guilt. And he recalls how Nicole fell apart when Grace died. More guilt. He would not put anything past Nicole. Ari points out he
has no proof against her, unless there is something he is not telling her. He just knows she did something. Ari reminds him the DMeras will not approve of him nosing around. Rafe insists he must do this for Grace and for Sami, whom he still loves. He later stares at the computer and mutters he will figure out this Nicole thing for Sami, before he says goodbye ...
- Back at the hospital, Nicole unhappily wonders if the day could get any worse. Ring ring! Tis Dr. Baker. He states he thought he would give her a courtesy call before contacting Sami, to enlighten her on
what really happened at the clinic that fateful night! She doubts Sami would believe it. He replies he could give proof. Nicole gloats she and Sami are now friends so Sami trusts her. Baker laughs. She reminds
him the blackmailing was supposed to have ended. What gives? He has overextended his gambling credit and owes two hundred thousand. He needs a new deal. She will get back to him and hangs up, assuring herself that he is not going to say a word! She later walks around with Sydney. Nurse Maxine approaches and takes the baby for a palm print and footprint. Stefano comes back and lets Nicole  know the tests are complete. She and Elvis are now forever connected to Sydney's DNA! Nicole appears distracted. He asks what is wrong now. She updates
him on Dr. Baker's latest demand. The phoenix sighs he warned her about trying to appease a chronic gambler whose word is not worth anything. She fears he will go to Sami. He is desperate and frightened
of the men he owes money. Stefano promises to deal with Dr. Baker, so that her secret will remain safe ...
- Mia sits on a park bench and continues her journal, lamenting she could not have been a good mother to Sydney. She should stay away like Nicole said. She thinks of Will and then remembers the last time
she really cared for a guy. She flashes back to Chad kissing her at her locker as a love song played. She then blinks back to reality. Even though he left and she had her baby all alone, she does not hate Chad.
- At the police station, when Bo and Hope are alone, she flies at him
for dragging her in front of the camera and calls him a son of a b*tch. He tries to calm her down. She shouts and cries it will not work. He
will only get Ciara killed! Bo disagrees. Hope takes off and Bo must take a call from the governor.
- Mia arrives at the teen party. Will is not there and she is sorry to hear about his cousin. She goes off to call him. Enter Chadman. Will's pal leaves him to watch over things for a moment. Mia and Chad's love song soon starts to play and they stare at each other with longing.
Enter Will, who makes a strange face.
- Still at the cabin, Kyle is a wreck now that a 5 million dollar reward has been offered. Ciara sits up. Dean nervously sticks a cigarette in his mouth and yells he is trying to think. Brenda thinks she and Kyle need to leave town and ditch the kid. Dean refuses to give up. He insists
they will get that money and nervously opens and shuts his lighter.
Ciara moves her head slightly from side to side as she LISTENS!
Kyle points at the fallen earplug. Brenda puts it back in the child's ear. Dean suggests they go out for sandwiches. He will watch the little girl. Once they are gone, he touches Ciara's head. She shakes his hand off.
- Hope heads for the park and sits on a bench. Justin catches up to her and tells her he is sorry. He puts an arm around her and suggests she not give up hope. Along comes Bo, who asks his cousin to step back as he is becoming too involved. Justin understands. He tells Hope to take care and departs. Bo implores Hope not to make her anger personal. She disagrees. They should have paid the ransom instead of making it
a war between them and the kidnappers, with their daughter stuck in
the middle. Furthermore, if something happens to Ciara, the blood will be on both of their hands and she will never forgive him ...!

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"You're not my lover, you're not my hero. Stay out of my life, if you don't mind," Sami tells Rafe.
"So why didn't you tell me the truth, Nicole?" asks EJ.
"I think we should just call it quits now," Brenda advises her partners
in crime.

Can you find it in your heart to stick with me on this?

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