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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
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- Elvis and Nicole return home to the mansion, with baby Syd. Nicole asks if he will go find Brady at the Kiriakis house. EJ reminds her she said he was high. He steps away to attend to his phone and Nicole is alone, only to see her old nemesis Kate come down the stairs, with news. "We're roomies." After Syd is given to maid Mary, Nicole joins drinking Kate in the living room, assuming she was joking. Enter Stefano, chuckling that Nicole does not get
it. "Katherine is the new mistress of the house. My wife!" He
gives her a kiss and gloats he married her, so how about a big hug for the new mother-in-law? Nicole questions his sanity. Enter EJ, who congratulates the new couple. When they walk out of the room, Nicole is annoyed Elvis already knew about it. They later bicker. Nicole is displeased he did not forewarn her the rattlesnake would now be sleeping under the same roof as Sydney.
Nicole and EJ continue to bicker. EJ states the only reason he had to cut the honeymoon short was because she lied to him. Nicole announces that she no longer feels the house is safe for Syd so she is taking her and moving out! Elvis grabs her arm and dangerously warns she is not taking his daughta anywhere! She cringes he is hurting her. He coldly orders her to put on a happy face and wish the new couple well. They head back in and Nicole chides diabetic Stefano for having a piece of cake. A nice big dessert from his new wifey! Elvis goes off to speak with Kate. Stefano blasts Nicole for speaking ill of his new wife. Nicole does not comprehend why he wed her. He declares they are soul mates. "I would be very careful where I put my soul when she's around.," she warns the phoenix, Stefano insists she show his wife respect. Nicole talks her crimes. He alludes to the fact that she should know about crimes. He asks what cut her honeymoon short. One day? She glumly replies there was a disaster. She needs his help tonight. "Not yet," replies the phoenix, as he continues to eat the sweet cake from Kate. She
begs for his help now. He will come to her aid but first she must help him celebrate his marriage. She sighs she will stonewall EJ.
- In the grand hall, Elvis charmingly informs Kate they both know she only married Stefano for security so why did she need it? She talks of companionship. He talks of her as a suspect in the Jonas poisoning case. She innocently denies it. Elvis wonders how her sons and Victor are taking the news. Kate claims she may be the one to bring the families together. Elvis laughs and adds if she
hurts his fatha, there will be no warning and no forgiveness! Kate assures him that Stefano would not have married her if there was any sort of danger. She now calls him on his own decisions. "Marrying Nicole was a whopper!" He informs her that is his concern. She points out she is his stepmother and warns him
Nicole is complicated. She saw-first hand the damage she did to Lucas. Elvis quips she is more complicated. She says they are
both complicated and refers to their sordid past association, He grins and they decide to leave it in the past. And the less she says about Nicole, the better. Stefano appears and ushers them back
into the living room for a toast. Nicole excuses herself to check up on Syd. She stops in the front hall and places a frantic call on her cell to Brady. "We have to meet now!"
- In the alley, Ari asks what Meredith is doing back in town. Meredith says it is not her biz and spills what she has in her bag.
Ari asks what she was doing buying mortar! Meredith lies she is fixing up her parents' house. Ari acts friendly and offers to buy her a drink. Meredith considers and then accepts. At the bar, Arianna wonders if she still blames Rafe for Emily's death, cos he sure loved her. Has he not suffered enough? "No," Meredith smirks. "Not remotely." They disagree. Meredith announces Rafe not only killed Emily, but ruined her life as well. She then catches herself and makes nice, pretending she did not mean it  If Ari sees Rafe, please give him her best! Exit Meredith.
- Half-conscious  Rafe thinks of Sami and the fact that Sydney is hers! He tries to unchain himself but has no success. He spies a RUSTY nail on the floor and reaches for it with his foot. He stands up and reaches for it again, while still chained to a pipe in the wall. Meredith soon returns, mad he has managed to get rid of the chair. She bashes him in the temple with a heavy pipe and he is out cold again.
- Meanwhile, Sami is at home, staring at the goodbye email from Rafe. Enter Will, She updates him Rafe will likely not ever be coming back. She asks about Mia. Will laments things got worse. The dad of the baby she gave away found out about it. Sami wonders how he reacted. He was mad and feels Mia had no right
to give their baby away Will is anxious to help Mia and tells Sami
of Chad's intentions. Mickey assured him the law will protect her baby, but he is worried about Mia. How to get her thru this?
- Down at the pier, Mia tells Chad she will not reconcile with him
if he tries to find their baby. "No deal," says he. And where is his daughter? She gets miffed he now wants ownership. Chad just wants to see her and hold her. Mia says she understands he feels
left out, yet she is sure she did was best for her baby. She made sure she was in a good home. Now that part of her life is over.
She moved on and if Chad wishes to be with her, he must do the same. He remarks she sounds like she knows where the adoptive family is. Mia cries she is trying to believe they are good people. Chad repeats he wants to see his baby. Mia sadly informs him the baby is no longer theirs. He declares it would have been different had he known. He thinks they could have given her a good life.
Mia warns if he fights for the baby, he will lose both the baby and her - he needs to decide now! He lets her know first she must get rid of Will from her life. Only then will he enter into any kind of deal.
- Sami and Will are at Brady pub. Mickey calls with info so Will walks off to listen. Mia soon enters and sits with Sami. Sami starts to praise her for telling Will about her baby. Mia is not pleased to hear that Will told her but covers up. When he returns, she would like a word alone. Sami hastily excuses herself. Mia blasts him for telling his mother. "I never ever should have told you!Will Horton,
I mean this. It's over. We are over. I never want to see you again." She storms out of the pub. Will sighs.
- Ari places a call on her cell and summons Roman. They meet at the pub and she requests he run a background check on Meredith Hudson for her. Roman whispers to Ari that Sami too had wanted her checked out. He needs to know what is going on first. Ari admits she is not sure, but she senses it is not good!
- Will returns home and laments to Sami that Mia dumped him
cos he broke his promise to keep her secret. Sami is sorry. He would like her help. Mia no longer trusts him. How can he fix it? Sami admits getting someone's trust back is something she never got right.
- Mia calls Chad, and summons him to her place. She lets him know she has ended things with Will. They are over for good ...
- Meredith mixes cement, smiling like a madwoman, and proceeds to build a brick wall around sleeping Rafe. "You are finally going
to pay the way Emily had to pay ...!"

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