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Tuesday, September 29, 2009
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- Unconscious Rafe is dreaming. Sami opens her door and he
begs her to hear what he wants to tell her. She slams the door
and shouts he is dead to her. Meredith tries to wake him up.
He eventually groans and opens his eyes. Meredith leers she has been doing her homework and following Rafe's illustrious career. She recounts with glee that he was suspended by the FBI, then admits it was sad baby Grace was lost, but he will not be reunited with her cos "Murderers go straight to hell!" She soon finds
Emily's mass card in his wallet, along with that of Grace. She
taunts he will never have a service as no one will find his body. People will merely assume he went somewhere else. And the
world will be a better place once he is gone! Meredith cleverly sends electronic messages to Sami and Ari, from Rafe, after deducing his password must be SAMI.
- Chez Sami, Ari shows up and asks her to work together. They
sit and start to sleuth. Ari lets her know this would not be the first time Rafe has vanished. For a while, she and Rafe had nothing to do with each other. Sami asks what happened. Ari admits she
made a mistake and Rafe stepped in, only to take a big hit. Sami points out he is forgiving. Ari notes her mistake is in the past and Rafe is no longer FBI, though he recently did something dangerous when he kept Sami's secret and lied to EJ DiMera! Furthermore, EJ, Nicole, and their baby left the country. She thinks they need to question both EJ and Nicole, given Rafe's recent suspicions.
Sami thinks he was wrong about Nicole. Ari alludes to the fact that he knows something about Nicole now, but cannot tell Sami about the miscarriage, so she does not. Sami decides they should get the cops involved and proceeds to call papa Roman. Beep! Sami stops to check her messages. One from Rafe! He needed to get away from it all for a while. Ari remarks the words sound like his. Now she gets a text message from Rafe. He is outta town and needs
time alone. She is dismayed all she got was a text as a goodbye. Something is not right! Sami is depressed. Ari insists Rafe loves Sami and he always comes back.
- Still in the kitchen, Chadman confronts Mia. She had HIS baby! He never would have let her go thru it alone, had he known. She implies he was a player at school, and would only have paid for an abortion. He does not deny it, but now things are different. What did she do with his kid? Where is his baby? She sadly reminds him they are only in high school and could never give her the life she deserves. He remarks Mia said SHE. A little girl. He wistfully asks for a pic. And he wants to see her. She states she gave her up for adoption and pretends not to know who they are, as it was a closed adoption. Chad is concerned how good her home is. She insists the agency promised it was a good family.Chad doesn't buy it. She has always been a freak for detail and would never hand her kid to a total stranger. Where is his kid and where are the papers and who was the lawyer? He adds she did not even have his signature! Mia is sorry and claims it is too late. Chadman announces he will get a lawyer to stop the phony adoption, and get his daughter back! She screams he gave up his rights when he never called. Chad tries to grab her computer to find deets. They struggle over it. Enter Will, who rushes Chadman and gets himself punched in the stomach. Will sticks out his chin and punches him right back! Mia pulls
them apart. Chad continues to lament about his baby and takes his leave. "I'm gonna go find my kid!" Will tries to make Mia feel better. He does not think Chad can undo the adoption. He walks
off to contact Uncle Mickey and check if Chad has rights. But he will not say his name. When he goes into the other room, Mia gets a determined look on her face and takes off. Will returns and no Mia. He stares at the open door.
- Mia has followed Chad down to the pier. She is sorry for lying about the baby. He wistfully says it is amazing they have a baby
out there. Mia laments she belongs to someone else now. "I have
a daughter," Chad marvels. Mia brings up the fact that with his minimum wage job at Java Cafe and school, what kind of a life could he give her? They sit and discuss. Mia points out she carried her for 9 months and dreamed about raising her. She loved her unborn baby as much as she loved Chadman, and she gave her to
a family for her needs. He should accept it and then maybe they will have a chance, too. Chad wonders if that means she wants to get back together again ...
- On the DiMera plane, Nicole says she will tell EJ the truth and
of course, she does not. She plays on his sense of importance by pointing out he is her life and he would know if there was a secret. Elvis frowns. He accuses her of playing him. Syd starts to cry. Nicole gets miffed when he suggests she have Mary take care of her, and warns him to never try and keep her from her little girl. She brings her back and keeps her on her lap, though she feels a
bit warm. Elvis becomes anxious that they have no doctor on the plane and she seems to have a fever. Nicole vows she will always protect her. Sydney is cranky. EJ gives her baby aspirin. She soon quiets down and Nicole recalls the beginning, after they brought
her home. She felt born to love and protect her little girl and loving both her and EJ has made her the person she always wanted to be. Does that not count for something? She will contact a doc when they land. Syd sleeps. Nicole asks where they go from here. EJ
still intends to speak with Brady, though he admits he wants to believe her.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Daniel scoffs at Vic. He is marrying the woman he loves! Vic will not give his blessing. He would rather die than see him marry that w*hore. Chloe listens outside the room. Dan the man growls at his powerful godfather. "You will never talk about her like that in my presence again!" And he is not joking!
Vic brings up Odysseus in the Iliad. On his way home, he had to pass by the sirens, tied to the ship's mast so that the siren's song would not lead him to jump to his death like the others. Dan is not interested in mythology. He snaps that unless he accepts Chloe, he is done with him and never coming back! Enter Chloe, who sides with Vic, as she thinks she is not worth it. Dan breathes she is worth it and always will be. Chloe understands Vic is protective
due to her poor track record with men. Dan calls him cruel and
they start to leave. The Greek tycoon stops them. He admits he
has made his share of mistakes. He was concerned about Daniel. When he was baptized, he swore he would protect him and watch over him as long as he lived. He announces he will not give his blessing, though he will at least keep an open mind. The couple thank him and Chloe assures him he will not regret it. She gives
the two guys a moment alone, kisses Dan, and gracefully strides away. The two men embrace and Vic states all he wants is for Daniel to be happy, though his eyes betray his emotions.
- Later, Dan and Chloe cuddle down at the pier. He is elated that she will be his wife someday soon. She can hardly wait and they kiss on it.
- Meanwhile, Victor drinks and recalls his warnings to his godson about what Chloe does to men, then how Dan defended her. Enter butler Henderson, who says he overheard his kind words to Dan
regarding his decision to wed Chloe. Vic agrees it was nice,snarkily adding "Not that the cheap sl*t deserved it!"
- Back in the dingy room, Meredith boasts to Rafe that Stefano DiMera was the one who brought her to Salem. He considers, She steps out for supplies. Rafe is to weak, however, to free himself.
- Still at home, Sami asks God to let Rafe be happy.
- Rafe dreams of knocking at Sami's door and telling her of the baby switch. Nicole switched the babies so her baby is still alive!
- Out in the alley where Meredith has gone, Ari suddenly walks
up, surprised to see her in town!
- Back on the plane, Elvis quietly muses that he loves Nicole very much, but if she has lied to him there will surely be hell to pay ...!

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