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Monday, September 28, 2009
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- Replay of EJ hearing Brady say THE SECRET IS OUT!
Elvis now asks what secret would that be! And he wants an
answer. WOT SECRET! Brady would like to speak with Nicole.
EJ wants an answer. Brady pretends there is static and hangs up.
EJ considers. Here comes Nicole, who is ready for a restaurant, wearing a red dress. Elvis frowns he got a phone call for her
from Brady Black. "He said - and I quote - the secret is out.
Would you care to tell me what secret he is referring to?" he asks, his voice dangerously low. She pretends she has no idea. Elvis suggests she call him now, in that case, and he will listen! Nicole pretends not to remember his number. EJ points out it is in her address book.  Nicole admits she has been in contact with Brady and lies she fears he has had a relapse and is using cocaine again. He has been making no sense lately and you can't believe what he says. Elvis quips it sounds like someone he knows, who spews story after story after story. He suddenly grabs her face in his
hands and growls YOU ARE LYING TO ME! She denies it and
he acts calm again. He knows her history and has therefore been sensitive to her dishonest ways. Nicole insists she is not doing that now. Elvis exclaims Brady was sober as hell! Nicole thinks his behavior is erratic. Elvis points out she never before mentioned Brady falling off the wagon and orders her to call him. She
reminds him they are on their honeymoon. Elvis vows to find out the truth. Nicole says then he should call him. Elvis has a better idea. He will see him in person and they leave within the hour!
- At the pier, Chloe is speechless. Daniel understands if she needs time. She smiles a beautiful smile and says YES. They kiss. He places the pretty ring on her finger. She has never been so happy! He admits just a few days ago he was going out of his mind that he might never have her again, but here they are. "Now and forever." He would like to tell someone of their engagement. Someone who has been like a father to him. He is hoping Victor's cruel attitude toward his beloved will change. Chloe replies she will believe that too. Daniel is grateful. Victor was the one who stood by his side, paid his bail, and got Justin to represent him. "I owe him a lot." Chloe concludes they both do and they kiss. Daniel is looking forward to telling him. Chloe too has someone to share her news with. She later meets with Father Matt on the pier and asks for his help. They sit and discuss. She took his advice to follow her heart and realizes she never should have been with Lucas. The priest  is perplexed. Chloe announces her marriage to Lucas was out of an obligation she felt. He senses she wants an annulment. She does indeed, as she just got engaged. Chloe would like Father Matt  to bless her and Daniel's union in church.
- Meanwhile, at the house of Kiriakis, Vic is pleased as punch that Daniel was reinstated at the hospital and cleared of all charges.The Greek tycoon had no idea of the lengths Kate would go to. Daniel believes he owes him his life. And he has other news. "Chloe and
I are getting married." The Greek tycoon's face darkens. His godson cannot be serious! He helps himself to a good stiff drink.
He is sure Chloe has her charms, "but look at the track record, man. Good God!" She destroys every man she touches and he will be damned if he lets her destroy Dan too! Dan insists he will marry the woman he loves. Vic refuses to give his blessing, Loving Chloe will be his downfall. "I would rather die than see you marry that wh*re!"
- Mia is in the kitchen studying. Chad calls her from the hospital, where he went to see Will's dad. Mia says he already checked out for rehab. Chad now talks about her supposedly doing drugs, then rehab. It cannot be true. She cares not what he believes. He insists she did not go to rehab. She is not like that. Mia warns him to stay away from her and ends the call. Knock knock. Tis Will. He is doing a bit better, but feels his parents both act crazy sometimes. He adds he respects what Mia did. She did not make her baby endure too young parents like he did. Mia looks sad. Will admires her for the sacrifice she made. Mia confides she almost changed
her mind, but knew the adoptive parents could give her baby
more. They have it all and they are good people. Will is confused,
as she had said it was a closed adoption, yet she sounds like she knows them. She claims all she saw was the report the agency
gave her. She knows not their names. Will continues to praise her and they hug. Ring ring! An unrecognizable number. Mia answers. Tis Brady. He insists she drop what she is doing. "I need to see
you right now!" He will be there in 5 minutes. Mia tells Will that Maggie wishes to speak with her. Will departs after Mia calls him the best person she ever met. Moments later, Mia is with Brady, who informs her he screwed up and he is not so sure that EJ and Nicole will give her baby a happy life. He is not certain anymore. EJ is suspicious and Brady has not been able to reach Nicole. Mia panics. Brady advises her to remain calm He will be in touch.
- Chez Sami, nervous Ari snaps she had better not have done anything to her brother! Sami lets her in and admits she doesn't know where he is either. Ari persists. Sami reminds her she and Rafe broke up. Ari states Rafe is in love with her, crazy in love
with her. Something must be terribly wrong if he does not return her calls! Sami wonders if they should get Roman involved. Ari accuses her of not caring enough and cries she does not deserve him anyway! Sami says she loves him. Ari is sorry, she just feels badly for the tough time of it Rafe has had and was looking for someone to blame. She will let Sami know if she hears from him. Sami promises she will do the same. Exit Ari. Enter Will. Sami would like to talk about Mia. She knows about rehab. Will comes clean. It was a cover story, cos what really happened was she had
a baby and gave her up for adoption! Sami is stunned. She agrees not to tell anyone and feels for Mia, who was so young. Ring ring! Tis Mia. She warns Will something awful could be happening involving her baby, so he should not tell anyone her baby secret! Will sheepishly says he will come see her, hastily excuses himself, and departs.
- Rafe slowly wakes up, tied and chained to the chair and facing madwoman Meredith, who declares she is doing what she should have done years ago, when he killed her sister! He replies he loved Emily and did not kill her. She is mad he replaced her with Sami.
He explains it took him a long time to fall in love again and adds
he never forgot Emily. He tells Meredith this is wrong. He knows that she is a good person ... She refuses to hear reason. Rafe
warns her she will not get away with whatever she intends to do. Mad Meredith laughs she doesn't care. After the last time she saw Rafe, the hospital fired her, calling her unstable. Rafe tries to be understanding. She can still be happy. Meredith disagrees. Only
her sister could get her out of her depression. She is just living day to day and she does not care if she even dies, but Rafe will die
first! Rafe tries to talk her out of it. She proceeds to recite Shakespeare and then whacks him on the head with an old brick. She continues to address unconscious Rafe, who now has blood trickling down his temple. She read the police report and knows Emily suffered greatly before she died, "and that's why your death will be slow and painful ...!"
- Back at Maggie's, Chad enters the kitchen, having overheard Mia's conversation with Brady while standing at the door. He has done the math. "The baby you gave away was mine, wasn't it?"
the teen laments to his old girlfriend.
- On the DiMera plane, Nicole declares to EJ that she is ready to tell him the truth ...
- Back in Salem, Sami leaves another unanswered voice mail for Rafe, her face filled with worry. Meanwhile, Meredith leers at unconscious Rafe that when he wakes up, he will be sorry for
what he did to her sister and sorry he is alive ...!

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I'm gonna stop this phony adoption and I'm gonna get my
daughter back!" Chad declares to Mia.
"What caused the two of you not to speak for so long?"
Sami asks Ari.
"The world will be a better place once you're gone!" Meredith
leers to Rafe, who is still tied up,