Days of Our Lives Summary September 25, 2009
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Friday, September 25, 2009
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- In Paris. Elvis and Nicole returns to their hotel from shopping. Nicole is happy and still trying her painfully bad francais. The
pair embrace and she wishes their honeymoon could last forever. They state they love each other and kiss. EJ decides to give maid Mary a ring to check up on Sydney. When he leaves the room, Nicole sighs she has everything she wants and now, peace of
mind. There is no Sami, no Rafe here, or anyone who could ruin things for her. Elvis later sits at his computer and Nicole appears
in her purple negligee. How about they start to put the honey in honeymoon? They do just that on the French bed, with its red
satin sheets and covers.
- Dan and Chloe wake up in each other's arms, blissfully happy.
- In another part of town, Kate wakes up alone in the grand
DiMera bed, after having a fantasy about Daniel! She gasps,
sees a photo of smiling Mr. DiMera, and toys with her new ring.
She goes downstairs, dressed in black, and has a visitor. Philip,
who announces her schemes led Lucas to try and kill himself
last night! Kate is not sure what he means. "He got drunk!"
bellows the prodigal son. Enter Stefano, concerned. Kate goes upstairs to change, adding she will go to see him alone. Still downstairs, Phil warns Stefano he is not part of his family. The phoenix points out the last time "son" tried to go after him, it did
not work out too well, did it!
- Down at the pier, Kate later walks by Daniel, who grabs her arm. Why is she not in jail? He sees the big ring she is wearing and she boasts her new husband would do anything for her! She further boasts he is the very smart problem solver, Stefano DiMera! Dan calls her psycho. She warns he is powerful and has already moved heaven and earth for her. "See ya later, doc," and then she is gone.
- Lucas wakes up in a hospital bed and nurse Maxine gives him a look, telling him he had alcohol poisoning.
In the hall, Will is upset about his pop's drinking. Maggie knows what pushed him over the edge. Kate has married Stefano. Will is baffled.. "Were they even dating?" wonders the teen. Now he can join Lucas so he does. Lucas is feeling better and suggests they go home, move on. Will hates the expression. Lucas is sorry and he swears what happened will never happen again. Maggie doubts it. Lucas gets mad. Enter Sami, who declares he is going to listen to her! Her hair is pulled back, her face stern, and she sure means business! They have a moment alone. Sami informs him Will is worried and HE is self-destructing. He refuses her help, insisting
he does not need a sympathy act. Sami threatens if he does not
stop this downward spiral, she will make sure he does not see his daughter again! Lucas quips does that mean she will lie again and say he hit his kid? Sami quips he is an alcoholic and unless he gets help ... Lucas states he can be sober for years again. Sami replies that is not enough. He must go to rehab and check himself into a clinic pronto. His kids need him. Lucas feels badly for Aly, who
got attached to Chloe. Sami reasons he will only let her down if he does not get the help he needs. "Alright," he finally agrees. He will do something and it will start now. When Will and Maggie come back, Lucas apologizes. He is also so proud of the young
man Will has become and is sorry he let him down. Family hug! Sami tells the gang that Lucas has agreed to get help. Maggie has already found the best place for him to get treatment. It is not in Salem, however. Lucas asks for another moment with Sami. He points out she will have to watch Aly and Will if he goes to the clinic, so no more nun holidays. She agrees and also brings up Mia. Lucas becomes uncomfortable and now decides to tell her what Will shared. Mia is an addict. A recovering one. Sami is not at all pleased to hear it and will keep an eye on her, He need only focus on his recovery. Phil arrives in the hall, and Chloe walks by in
time to learn that Lucas fell off the wagon. Sami and Lucas now
see Chloe standing n the hall. Will wants her to scram. Sami, however, emerges and politely tells Chloe that Lucas would like
to see her. Chloe solemnly goes into his room. She is so sorry. Lucas states he too is sorry for the things he said, which he did
not mean. He understands people fall in love, it happens. He asks her to forgive him and promises he will work to forgive her. Then they are done. Chloe sheds a tear, tells him goodbye, and departs. Phil walks into Lucas' hospital room once he is up and about. Phil laments he actually attended their mother's wedding. Just as Kate walks near the room with its open door, Lucas angrily states he never wants to see that b*tch again! Kate stops in her tracks, her face filled with sadness. Phil thinks he is being hard on her. Lucas has decided after what she pulled with Chloe and now Stefano, their mother is dead to him! Kate walks away. Lucas' cab has arrived so he takes the elevator down with Maggie and Will.
Kate cries alone.
- At the pub, Troy deals with Ari talking too fast, insisting that she needs to meet the big boss.  She flirts she would find a way to
show Troy her gratitude if he helped. In saunters Brady. He glares at Troy and walks over like a cowboy. Sorry to interrupt but he ordered a breakfast. He convinces Ari to go get it for him and proceeds to interrogate Troy about his rehab. Exit nervous Troy. Ari returns with Brady's bag and coffee. Brady makes a snide remark about her looking like she was coming onto him. Ari says
he is her friend, like Nicole is his! They disagree,
but gee, Ari is babbling WAY too fast. Breathe, darlin'! No need to sputter, we'll listen. She gets the convo back to Nicole and lets it slip he
is helping her lie to her husband. Brady gets intense and stares.
Ari admits she found out exactly what the secret is. "Nicole had a miscarriage." He wants to know how she found out. She replies it
is not important. Ari pauses. Was the baby his? Brady is surprised she would even ask that. He adds she cannot tell anyone. If she does, she will ruin many lives! He then takes off. Ari removes her apron and also rushes out ...
- Back in Paris, Ring ring! Elvis takes the call. Tis fatha. Nicole
gets out of bed to fetch more bubbly. The phoenix has news.
"I got married last night." Elvis blinks and sits up. "WOT?!"
Stefano coos the bride was Katherine Roberts so they are both on their honeymoons. Elvis is exasperated. What is he really up to?
The son continues to loudly protest. Click goes the phoenix! 
Nicole comes back and wonders what he said. EJ sighs she would not believe him if he told her. He then pretends it was about a business merger of sorts and kisses her.
- Chloe joins Daniel at the pier, amazed that Lucas forgave her. Soon she will be a free woman. "Not for long," murmurs the doc. He gets down on a knee and takes her hand in his. He has been waiting for her all his life! He recalls the first time he held her in
his arms under the fireworks, then she survived a coma, only to
be with him here and now. He whips out a ring box and opens it. "Will you be my wife? Will you marry me?" he breathes. Chloe blinks romantically ...
- At DiMera mansion, Brady is at the door and he would like to know if Nicole is around. Stefano replies he is not at liberty to say and hastily closes said door! Brady appears stressed.
- Meanwhile, Ari rushes over to Sami's place and exclaims she needs to talk to Rafe so where is he!
- Desperate Brady now calls Nicole's cell. In Paris, EJ picks up,
as his beloved is in the shower. He says nothing, but lets Brady speak. When she has a chance and the connection is better, she needs to call him back, Brady nervously explains. "The secret is out!" he finishes. Elvis' eyes widen, though he remains cautiously silent, taking it all in ...!.

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"I don't care even if I die," Meredith leers at Rafe. "You die first!"
EJ grabs Nicole's face in his hands and roars "You are LYING to me!"