Days of Our Lives Summary September 18, 2009
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Friday, September 18, 2009
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- At Java Cafe, Nicole insists she wants to leave town. Elvis calls
it a dream. She pushes. How about tonight? He tells sweetheart it cannot happen. Nicole sulks he will not even leave Salem for her. He explains his fatha and son are here and he cannot leave them. She talks visits. He mentions the allure of escaping for a romantic getaway, in lieu of an actual move. How about their honeymoon
for a few weeks? She smiles and makes plans for their trip to France. Ring ring! Elvis kisses his wife and takes the call. He later comes back from also speaking to the family travel coordinator. They will take the DiMera plane tonight, Europe bound. Nicole is ecstatic.
- At the convent, Sister Claire is with sad Sami. The nun speaks
of miracles and angels walking among us. Why, her life could be about to change any minute! She suggests meditation at the chapel and departs. Sami accidentally drops some items and picks up a snapshot of happier times, staring at it with longing.
- In the park, Rafe considers the logical theory he just came up with. Until he has proof, he can say nothing, however! Time for
a new approach. He whips out his phone and summons an old pal
for a favor. They will rendezvous at the Brady pub.Our hero walks off with determined strides. He heads for the pub, where he meets his cool contact and talks DNA testing. His pal perceives he needs to do the tests under the radar and recommends getting saliva off a glass or envelope and hair from a hairbrush. Meanwhile, Rafe is being watched thru the window ...
- At the hospital, Lucas berates Chloe for wanting Daniel around, after he tried to kill her. Tired Chloe insists Daniel loves and would not hurt her. She loves him too. "And nothing can change that." Lucas looks tense. She explains she never meant to hurt him and swears they were not together after her wedding. Lucas wants to know why she went thru with their wedding in the first place. She tells him of her promise to God. He calls her divine intervention a crock and sarcastically asks if she thought the explosion was the booming voice of God. No. She believes it was her praying that brought him back. "Yeah, a walking, talking miracle, that's me," says he. He did not believe Daniel when he recited the same story and he does not believe her either! But what really irks him is that she keeps defending her loverboy, who tried to kill her.Chloe states he is wrong. Lucas points out someone poisoned her. Chloe flashes back to the tainted apple, the appetizers, and announces the master poisoner was Kate! Lucas refuses to hear such talk of his mother.
Chloe reminds him that every time she ate something and got sick, Kate was there, somehow linked to the tainted food or trays. All
of a sudden, she worries that Daniel is not visiting her yet. Where
is he? What if Kate has done something? Lucas has had enough.
He thinks Daniel will go to prison for attempted murder. He brings up the phone call she made to Maggie,when she was afraid of him. Chloe exclaims it never happened. She adds she has given in to her true feelings. Lucas says he will be true to his feelings as well and make sure Daniel goes to prison. Chloe feebly interrupts that he is innocent. Daniel loves her, but Kate ... Lucas gets sarcastic. Chloe now wants to go and save Dan from the wrath of Kate. Lucas thinks she needs to stay in bed. Chloe becomes frantic that Kate will kill him!
- At the motel from hell, Daniel gets the gag off and starts to yell
for help. "Ahhhhhhh!" he roars, ripping the rope from the bed.
He then gets dizzy and passes out.
- At DiMera mansion, Kate faces Stefano. "I need your help. I mean it. You're my only hope." The phoenix is visibly pleased. They enter and he pours her a scotch. Now he talks chess. She is not in the mood. He insists Katherine (Kate) join him for a match. As they play, he asks her to tell him all. She worries her life will become hell. He knows she poisoned his son's wife, then set up Jonas. "Your move." She moves a piece and he advises her to protect her knight. What happened? He was under the impression she had gotten away with it. Kate laments she got sloppy. Daniel cannot stay tied up forever. Kate gets the bishop. The phoenix is delighted. He points out sometimes even an accomplished player can make a mistake. Kate admits things are difficult for her at present. He questions why she did not go to Victor. She complains he will not lift a finger for her anymore. She repeats she needs his help. Will he help her?  "Check," states the phoenix as ominous music is heard. He declares he is deeply moved, given their last
meeting. She points out he tried to have her son killed. He warns
he cannot discuss DiMera business with her. In addition, anything she tells him is none of Victor's business. Kate is relieved about that. Stefano announces there will be non-negotiable conditions, should he help her, as requested. The phoenix now chuckles and holds up the black queen. "I captured her!" Kate looks a tad uncomfortable. She soon accepts. He makes no secret of how he has long felt about her. Kate repeats Daniel can only stay tied up
so long. She needs things cleaned up. "Checkmate, my dear," coos the phoenix, adding they will go and take care of her little problem.
- EJ and Nicole return home, He assumes fatha has gone to bed early and goes upstairs to tell him of their trip. Meanwhile, Nicole lifts up Sydney and boasts she will make sure they never come
back! She is later packed with lots of luggage and gleefully goes
out to the car.
- Back at the pub, Rafe's pal provides him with a number to call once he has the samples, wishes him luck, and leaves. Rafe puts
the number away and sees a picture of Sami. He decides to get in touch. Sister Claire answers. Sami is in seclusion. Rafe passes on
a message. Tell her he called and it is very important. Moments later, Sami is back from the chapel. The nun gives her Rafe's message. Meanwhile, Rafe exits the pub, unaware that he is being followed ...
- Kate panics when she and Stefano enter the motel room only to disover that Daniel is gone. The phoenix assumes he did not get far and proceeds to make a call, promising to take care of Dr, Jonas
for his beloved ...
- Having arrived at Sami's apartment, Rafe lets himself in by using the key hidden above the door. Time to collect what he needs. He soon pulls a hairbrush from Sami's handbag, then gets distracted when he finds Grace's pink bib. All of a sudden, he hears a noise and turns around. Tis Meredith, who is staring at him, a strange look in her eye. "I came here to apologize."
- Back at the convent, Sami wonders what she is doing there and thinks aloud. Rafe was there when he needed her. She looks at his picture and wonders if the nun is right, and there is indeed an angel walking beside her. She makes the call ...
- Meanwhile, Meredith apologizes for breaking up Sami and Rafe. Rafe points out they did have issues over that Emily story, but
there was more to it than that. He suggests they all move on with their lives. Creepy music is heard as she coldly replies she cannot do that! He patiently explains he is in the middle of something and will call her later. She leers she needs closure because he killed Emily. Ring ring! Rafe wants to take the call as it is Sami. He turns around to do just that.Mad Meredith swiftly grabs a fireplace poker and bashes him over the head. Rafe goes down, as does his phone, which continues to ring and ring and ring. Meredith glares ...!

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