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Friday September 12, 2008 
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Abe is in his office on the phone, repeating that Stefano is dangerous. He hangs up and complains to Hope that no one cares. The phoenix has paid people off. Enter Bo. Abe is mad Stefano can work the system. They wonder why John never pressed charges. Abe laments he has spent almost his whole career trying to put the monster behind bars. He is quite obsessed with bringing him down. Bo and Hope
sense something else is bothering him. Abe admits he feels useless
due to Theo's condition. Enter Lexie for a visit. Exit Bo and Hope. Lexie tells Abe she overheard him say that he feels helpless. Abe is frustrated and not sure things are helping Theo. Maybe they need a vacation? Lexie  cannot. Her cell rings. Tis the hospital. She missed
a meeting again. She reschedules. She is under pressure, like Abe. They hug. She feels like a failure. What can they do? Lexis will try to balance things better. Her cell rings again. She has been summoned to appear before the hospital review board. Abe promises to support her.
- Bo and Hope are at their desks, trying a computer search. Hope
wins. She finds the name of Trent's wife. Misty Circle. Bo has heard that name before. She was a porn star in "Locker room Lolita." 
Misty Circle, Bo explains, is none other than Nicole Walker!
- Outside the pub, Trent leaves a cell message for Mel. He wants her
to return his call darn it! Nicole walks by. What is he still doing there? He is meeting John. She says again she will not give him a dime. She looks through the pub window, sees Marlena, says he should ask her
for the cash. Trent follows Nicole into the pub. He then sidles up to Marlena. May he join her? She is no in the mood for company. He pries. She admits she is getting a divorce. Trent brings up money. Marlena retorts she wants none of John's. Trent tries to bring her coffee. She brushes him off. He notes she is frosty. She brings up his son. He suggests she not cast stones. Outside, John sees them through the window, Trent still standing by Blondie's table, then sitting down. Nicole walks out, spies John, and asks if he followed up on the info
she gave him about Trent's gambling. He says no. She does not wish Marlena to get hurt, that man is more dangerous than Stefano! John vows to stop him. He saunters into the pub, grabs and slugs the mean dean! He also kicks him. The dean is down! John gets a strange look
in his eye and falls to his knees. Trent gets up and staggers off. Marlena is stunned by his behavior. She loves her husband but he has shown her again the man she loved is gone. She is not his possession. John appears tormented. Marlena says he is exactly like Stefano and tells him to stay away from her. John tosses money for the pub damage, tosses Trent some money, and leaves. Trent holds ice to his face. Marlena warns him to stay away from her or she will rearrange his face! The dean states he could press charges against John. Marlena warns him not to and to stay away from him and all the Bradys ...
- Tony and Anna enter DiMera mansion and disagree about biz. He says her presentation was boring. They then kiss and see fine wine set up for a special occasion. Enter a suited and spiffy Stefano. It is his home and his date will be there soon. He wants privacy to entertain
his lady! Tony and Anna are curious. Enter Kate. Stefano kisses her
on each cheek and then on the hand. Tony and Anna are nosy about their dinner. Was she forced to come? Stefano states they have catching up to do. Tony announces that he and Anna are not going anywhere! He wants a word with Stefano. What are his intentions
with Kate? Stefano laughs. Meanwhile, Anna talks to Kate, who was surprised by the invitation. Anna then drags Tony away. They listen
at the door, however! Inside, Stefano calls Kate beautiful. He hands her a goblet of wine and toasts to new beginnings. "To us!" Still at the door, Tony turns to Anna. "What kind of game is he playing?" Anna
is getting bored and she thinks Kate can look after herself. Tony is
very protective about Kate. Anna seems jealous. Tony insists Kate is their friend and needs their help. Anna has an idea!
Meanwhile, Stefano wonders why Kate appears to be on edge. She claims it is business. He flatters her. All of a sudden Tony and Anna enter via the kitchen entrance wearing aprons. They are there as cook had a problem! Anna offers hors d'oeuvres, Tony carries wine. They will attend to their every need! Stefano calls their antics idiotic. Kate doesn't mind. She will enjoy having Anna wait on her hand and foot! After dinner, Stefano kicks them out. They reluctantly leave. Tony's parting shot - "If you need our help, just scream!" Stefano apologizes. Kate says she adores Tony. Stefano has something important to discuss. He would like to make a proposal. Tony and Anna listen at
the door. Stefano goes on. "I am proposing that you and I should get married." Kate is speechless. He adores and respects her. "Shall we merge?" Kate replies it is unexpected. He pushes her to accept. Kate is uncomfortable. She is flattered but cannot give an answer right away. Stefano claims he came to realize recently that he wants her in his life. Is he in love with her? Stefano replies he wants her to be by his side. Kate acknowledges their connection yet what of Marlena, his queen
of the night? He cryptically replies he indeed has special plans for that one - and Tony and Anna hear him say so!
- Back at the pub, Nicole watches through the window and then suddenly runs off, holding her stomach. She gets sick (fascinating, considering the
Rumor DaysCafe recently broke). Marlena walks
off and wonders what is the matter with John nowadays. Meanwhile, John is at his firing range doing target practice, focused and ready to shoot ...!

Thursday September 11, 2008

In Marseilles, Max tells the gals Trent tried to pimp out Melanie. He deserves to die! Both Steph and Chels are stunned. They try to calm Max down. Chelsea still has harsh words for Melanie. She must have brought it on herself, putting herself out there as a party girl. Steph thinks she has a point. Mel has arrived at the room and overhears the nasty girls. She admits she has a rep. She is there to say goodbye and apologize again. Max is against her leaving. She will also say bye to Nick. Chelsea makes a catty comment. What makes her think Nick wants to see her? Mel ignores the jab. She later visits Nick, who is in bed and awake. She is sorry. He says it is not her fault. He has taken
a bullet for her. She looks at his gash and tells Nick he is sexy. Nick is pleased and gazes right back at her. He says he tends to be cautious in relationships, like with Chelsea. Mel says she was stupid to leave him and gives him a big kiss. Chelsea is in the doorway and sees. Mel bids Nick farewell, she is going to Milan. He says if she is in the U.S., she should look him up. Exit Mel. Enter Chelsea. Nick already knows about Daniel, via Steph, He is sorry. Chelsea thinks she deserved it
for breaking up with him and complains. Nick tries to reassure her
that it was not her fault. There is someone out there for her. She
tells him to be careful about Mel. He points out she is leaving anyway.
- Meanwhile, Mad Max packs and Steph tries to talk him out of getting revenge on Trent. They kiss and end up on the bed. Later, before they check out, Steph raises her voice. He simply cannot kill his own father. Melanie walks in and states he should listen to her! She adds maybe she should come back to Salem with him ...
- Back in Salem, Phil and Morgan smooch and gaze at each other. They  get a table at the pub. She orders a diet soda, he a coffee. She agrees to try again, provided he not push or keep secrets. Up front
and honest. He charmingly agrees and invites her to go away with him for a few days, taking the Kiriakis jet. She says she has stuff going on and lets him know she will be interning for Kate, who happens by and practically chokes at the idea! No one told her! Morgan says she was hired by Chris. Phil wants a word with mama Kate. He asks her not to interfere and to give his girl a break. Kate agrees, just for him! Morgan agrees to start Monday, though Phil is pushy about them going away. Vic arrives on scene and states he does not want Phil going anywhere! He requests the ladies leave them alone. They step outside, where the Greek tycoon blasts the prodigal son for wanting a break. It is a 24/7 commitment to run his empire. They need to clean up the mess in the shipping dept. Phil agrees. Vic wants him to immerse himself in Titan. Phil wonders if it is possible to have a family and career. He wishes
Vic and Kate were still together. He tells him Kate needs x-rays and then suggests he ask Daniel about Kate, too!
- Inside, Morgan talks biz with Kate, who is annoyed and then starts to cough. Morgan brings her water. Kate insists she is fine. Just then Vic enters and demands to speak with her alone! He confronts her about the Dan fling. How could she let it happen? Kate insists she did not intentionally hurt Chelsea, who is now in France. Victor is dismayed.
Phil and Morgan sit together again and chat some more. He wants to know the last guy she dated. She tells him Max. He tells her his last relationship, Chloe, is dating his bro now. They smile at each other.
- At another pub table, Trent puts the squeeze on Nicole for cash.
Vic is like Trump, and Nicole got a big payout. Trent needs her help. Nicole is rude. How much this time? Trent admits he needs $20,000. He will pay her back. She trashes him for gambling. He threatens to
tell Victor they are married. Trent stands up and walks up to Victor.
The dastardly dean smiles and introduces himself. Nicole jumps up
and pulls him away. Outside the pub, she names her price for giving him the money. First he needs to divorce her! Nicole leaves.
- Marlena drops by DiMera mansion. John opens the door. Stefano is in another room. John is glad to see Blondie. He claimed she forgot something. Enter Marlena. John compliments her outfit. He pretends she forgot her hair tie and then blurts out his real reason for having summoned her - he thinks it is best she not see Trent Robbins. Doc wants to know why he dislikes Trent. She thinks he just wants her to keep pursuing
him. John lights a cigar. He knows Trent is a bad man. Marlena thinks otherwise. "You don't want me to date." He toys with the chess set. He does not wish to see her get hurt. Marlena says their only chance was the disk he destroyed. But he does not want her to give up on them. He realizes he should have looked at the disk. It was a mistake. Marlena mentions Ava. John calls her insecure. She realizes they slept together. John reminds her that she was the one who told him to see others. He explored his options. They should throw out the past and start again. Marlena, who is clearly still hurt, says she does
not believe they are good together anymore, holds her head high, and walks out of the mansion, her pride intact.
Moments later, Trent's cell phone rings. It is John, who advises him to await him at the pub. They have issues to discuss ...

Wednesday September 10, 2008

In Marseilles, the French policewoman watches the paramedics help Nick and asks him what happened. He gasps he does not wish to talk about it. Melanie cringes. Max is mad. Chelsea flies at Melanie. It
is all her fault! The policewoman takes Mel away for an interview. Sympathetic Steph accompanies her. Nick is taken to the hospital. Chelsea senses there is something between Nick and Mel. Max asks her to lay off his sister. Chelsea realizes she had her chance with Nick and blew it. She admits to Max that she and Dr. Dan are over now. Later Steph returns. Chelsea is about to go to the hospital to see Nick, but first she wants to get changed at the hotel. They leave together.  Melanie rejoins Max. He tells her how sorry he is about terrible Trent the pimp. She is shaken up. They promise to keep in touch no matter how far apart they live. Mel is sorry for everything and worried about Nick. Once alone, Mel gets a text message from Trent and throws her phone down. Back at the hotel, Steph encourages Chelsea to discuss Dan. Chelsea tells her all. Steph wonders if she wants to reconcile
with Nick. She denies it. Enter Max. His sis is still at the police station. Mad Max states he is gonna go home and kill his father!
- At the pub, snooty Miss Morgan gives Phil the brush off.  He sits down anyway. Her pop is behind bars and as far as she is concerned, Phillip Kiriakis helped put him there! Phil disagrees. He blames John Black. Phil's cell rings. Dan asks him to come to the hospital for his mother. Phil begs Morgan to go with him. She softens and agrees. Once they are at the hospital together, Phil points out that Paul chose to ally himself with John. He was weak and made bad choices. Kate walks up and criticizes Phil for being with Morgan again! She thinks they are a bad idea. Morgan agrees and walks off. Phil is miffed at Kate. No one is good enough for her sons! Kate denies it. Dr. Dan shows up, hoping Phil can talk her into the x-ray. Kate coughs it isn't necessary. Phil talks to her alone. She is sorry she flew off the handle but Morgan does have problems. Phil would rather talk about Kate, however. She is not keen on discussing her health and laments she
has never done well with relationships. She glances at Daniel. Phil
does the math. He cannot handle it. Kate walks away. Phil confronts Dan and calls him disloyal. He is disgusted. What about Chelsea?!
The now nearby Morgan overhears. When Phil is once more alone,
she touches his hand and tells him she is sorry. They go for a walk.
He thinks they could be good together. They kiss.
- At the Horton cabin, Aly sleeps. Lucas and Chloe make out some more, this time in the outdoor shower. Aly wakes up and starts crying. Chloe cannot calm her down so Lucas holds her. They wonder why she keeps crying. Lucas says she probably misses her mom. She lies down and fusses a bit. Lucas heads out for firewood, leaving her with Chloe. She starts to cry. Chloe sings. She quiets down.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole slinks in, ready to talk to EJ, as her lawyer. He admits he is attracted to her. But Nicole has her dignity. Enter Sami, who tells off EJ for not fighting for their daughter. EJ is flippant and reminds her that Aly is Lucas' daughter. He will not be manipulated. Sami starts shouting about getting her daughter back home. Nicole insists she needs to speak to EJ alone for legal advice
and has no desire to hear Sami's custody woes. The gals trade insults. EJ snaps and orders them both out.  He was not put on this earth to solve all their problems! Sami lashes out. EJ pours himself a drink.
He has enough problems with Tony and John and Stefano! His point
is that he has no time to deal with their problems. "Leave me out!" Sami claims she must rescue her daughter, gets madder, and storms
out. Exit Nicole. EJ later enjoys his privacy at the mansion until he realizes Sami took Aly's teddy bear. Enter Nicole, who takes it all in. EJ is in a tizzy. Sami must be headed for the island! He rushes out to help avert disaster. Nicole smiles like a cheshire cat ...
- At the cabin, Chloe goes off for a moment to rinse some shampoo from her hair. That is when Sami arrives to give Aly her teddy bear. "Did they leave you here all alone?!" She picks up her daughter. Enter EJ, who is not amused. He orders Sami to put her down. She refuses. Meanwhile, still on the mainland, Nicole calls the cops, to report a possible kidnapping! Back at the cabin, Sami assures EJ she did not come to kidnap Aly, she just wanted to make sure she was okay.
Enter Lucas, who wants her gone or else! But Sami found her alone and refuses to put her down. Enter Chloe. The cops then arrive.
They were informed that someone was in violation of a court order. Sami is in big trouble! They order her away from the baby. Lucas announces he is now that much closer to getting full custody as a
horrified EJ looks on ...

Tuesday September 9, 2008

-At the pub, P.I. Steve is on the phone with Kayla. The dude has
coffee and pound cake. Kayla thanks him for starting his biz so she
will be able to spend more time with Joe. Steve fawns over baby Joe but wonders where Stephanie is. He is nervous about Trent. When is she comin home? He decides to give her another call. No answer.
He then calls Hope. He'd like any info she has on Trent ...
- After Kayla hangs up, coughing diva Kate is at the hospital for her appointment. Kayla wants more tests, She has heard crackling sounds. Kate wants antibiotics. Kayla wants a chest x-ray. Dan is also at the hospital. He misses Chelsea. He sees Kate when she walks away and asks Kayla why she is there. Kayla hands him her file and walks off. Maybe he can talk some sense into her.
- Doting daddy Lucas arrives at the Horton cabin with Aly. Enter big city Chloe with her luggage, a tad seasick from the boat ride. Lucas gives her the baby and goes to find her something to settle her stomach. Aly is later asleep, Chloe's stomach settled. They look at
an old photo album. Happy family members in happy poses. Good couples. They make out. After, Lucas heads out for firewood, to
make a romantic fire. Chloe is smiling, until Aly starts to cry. She
cannot get her to stop crying. Lucas returns and takes over. Chloe thinks it isn't gonna work. Lucas reassures her. Give it time.
- In nighttime Marseilles, Max laments to Steph that Mel skipped.
He cares about her. Steph points out it has only been a few hours. Max's cell rings. Tis Nick. He has found Mel. The line goes dead! Chels then arrives at Max and Steph's room. Surprise! She wants
to hear about Max's sis. Steph is harsh though Max is idealistic. He
heads off to look for Nick.  Steph complains to Chels about Mel
being trouble. Max returns with a police officer and announces he knows where Melanie is.
- Mel is staying at her pal's yacht for a few days. Trent calls her. He has bad news - again. He is strapped for cash. She wishes he would stop gambling! He needs a favor. His old friend Claude is attending a party at the Marchand's yacht. He will forgive Trent's debt if she has one drink with him. She is mad he never told her about her bro and also accuses him of pimping her out. It is not the first time! He calls
her a slut. She hangs up. Enter Nick. He has questions. Now enter a thug, who slugs Nick! Nick goes down, bleeding. Head thug pulls
a gun and orders Mel to get ready now! Two additional thugs come and cart a struggling Nick away.
- At the Brady pub, Trent now reads the paper. At another table,
Hope shows up and hands Steve his record. Not much bad stuff.
He has been at prestigious universities. Hope has nothing on his wife. Steve smells something. He wants a name. Hope will look into it. Nicole happens by and overhears! Steve tells Hope that Trent was tracking down Steph and Max. They discuss Max's adoption. Steve feels something is off. The wife is the key. Bo shows up and they continue their discussion. Steve reiterates that the dean has been
nosing around. Nicole later waltzes up to Trent and tells him all she heard! She cannot have the fact that they are married coming out in Salem. Trent says he needs money Nicole brushes him off. Bad move.
- Outside the pub, Morgan meets diva Chris, to talk about the internship. He is impressed with her beauty and high society deets.
She is hired! They then discuss her papa. Chris is understanding.
And she will be working for Kate Roberts. Kate? Morgan changes her mind. Kate must hate her. Chris gets a call from her highness. He tells her about the college intern and she gives him the go ahead to hire without having heard a name. Chris hires a surprised Morgan. They walks off together.
- Meanwhile, at the hospital, Dan takes Kate's cell away from her.
He insists she stay for a chest x-ray.
- Back in France, Mel must entertain creepy Claude. He calls her baby doll. She refuses to play. He has Nick brought in. If she does not go along, Nick is dead. He gets close to her. The thug holds Nick back. They have champagne. Claude starts to kiss a very frightened Melanie. All of a sudden, Nicks gets free and knocks out the thug. Next he slugs Claude, who then pulls a gun and shoots him! Max bursts in with the police. The situation is soon under their control. Max pounds on Claude while Nick is attended to by paramedics. He has lost a lot of blood. Enter the girls as Claude is taken away by the French police. Chelsea is shocked to see wounded Nick. Melanie is in tears ...

Monday September 8, 2008

- At the pub, Phil joins Lucas at his table. Lucas is pleased about the joint custody. They wonder what Sami will do.
- Also at the pub are Tony, Kate, Anna. Kate and Tony were talking biz but Anna starts to complain about the mansion! Lexie joins Tony, so Kate and Anna give them their privacy. Anna had called Lexie,
who also does not approve of this war with Stefano! Tony vows to
stay at the mansion and fight. Lexie learns there are architectural changes underway. He suspects the phoenix is rebuilding the sinister lab. Legally he is supposed to wait until the judge rules. Stefano thinks he is above the law, yet he is not. Tony tells her the whole empire is now up for grabs! He and EJ plan a legacy they can be proud of. Lexie, like Anna, wants him to walk away. He will not step aside.
He intends to wrangle power from both John and Stefano. Lexie is worried and soon takes her leave.
- Mopey Morgan joins Anna. Anna gives her a pep talk about going
for what you want. Morgan is looking for a fall internship. Anna has
an idea. She goes to Kate. How about Morgan as an intern? Coughing Kate is interested. Anna suggests she get that cough looked into. Phil sees an opening and approaches Morgan. He is sorry, he misses her. She says she loves her father. That threat is something she will never forget. Phil wonders if they ever would have made it as a couple. Exit Morgan. Coughing Kate also leaves.Tony joins Phil. He and EJ would like to align themselves with Phil! "John has got to go. When he is out, we will take care of my father." Phil smirks as he considers ...
- At DiMera manion, Sami has a bad feeling. EJ thinks the ruling is
fair. Sami is exasperated and trashes Chloe. EJ tries to assure her.
Sami is concerned for Aly. EJ pours himself a drink and says things would be better had she only stayed married to him! Sami is annoyed and dismisses the notion. She is unhappy that Lucas may take Aly to the primitive Horton cabin. EJ tries to reason with her. Lucas is the father. Sami says she feels a protective anger for her daughter and will not let her down. EJ cares about her, too. Sami lashes out about his past lies and calls him a control freak. He warns that if she acts crazy, he will put the best interests of his son before her!
- Outside, John is upset when Marlena tells him he is actually a waste of her time, the man she loved is gone. He is still her hubby. He
wants her to move back. She is so important to him but Blondie
has made up her mind. She will start dating. Trent has invited her for supper. John does not want her to see him! Marlena appears surprised. Is he jealous? She throws Ava in his face. He does not want to talk about it. They arrive at the mansion in time to hear EJ warning Sami that if she wants to contest the ruling, she needs to act normal.
Marlena thinks she should accept the joint custody. Sami tells them
to go to hell and storms off. John follows. She can count on him to help find a solution. Sami cries and they hug. He will not let EJ keep Johnny from her if it comes to that. Marlena and EJ now play with
the twins. EJ gets a call. Lucas is coming over to get Aly. Dingdong! Sami opens the door to Lucas. He wants Aly. Sami yells. EJ tells her the judge called and hands Sami the baby. Lucas gets her stuff and takes his daughter with him. Sami wimpers. John observes. She then shouts at EJ, she will not sit by and stand for it!
- At the park, Bo and Hope have a romantic picnic. Sandwiches and love are in the air. They discuss Chelsea. Hope knows she went to France cos of Daniel. She senses they had an argument. Bo decides
to talk to Dan. Hope does not think he will succeed where she hasn't. Then what can he do? Hope thinks they need to stay out of it. They then discuss how much they love each other. They are partners in everything. Bo hopes they will not lose their badges from that internal investigation of the Hollingsworth case. Hope is optimistic about the future. They promise to have more such romantic picnics in the park and make out on the blanket ...
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