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Friday September 5, 2008 
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At the pub, Lucas and Chloe get comfy at a table. He invites her to  Horton cabin. Kate overhears. Is he outta his mind? Before she can butt in, she has a coughing attack. Chloe gives her water. Diva Kate
recovers and then warns Lucas that Chloe would be yet another doomed relationship. Ouch! Insulted Chloe leaves after promising to get the keys from Maggie. Lucas wants to know what mama Kate's prob is. She accuses Chloe of making Brady a drug addict and using Phil. Lucas thinks she is way off base. Kate says he is just upset over Sami. Lucas is miffed. Kate warns the judge won't consider Chloe mother material. "Neither were you!" Lucas soon apologizes. Kate wants the best for him, yet he wishes to make his own decision.
- At another table, the still very dapper EJ joins Sami. He has just come from the courthouse. Her custody hearing is today but her presence is not required. The judge will likely rule at the end of the day. Sami wonders if Lucas knows. She is nervous. EJ tells her she
is a wonderful mother but asks if she is worried about losing Lucas. She has regrets, sure. EJ points out Lucas seems to be moving on with Chloe. Sami retorts it is a mistake, though all she cares about is Aly.
EJ worries. Regrets about what happened in the stairwell?She says no.
- At the hospital, stressed Lexie gets a sympathetic ear from Dr. Dan. How about a coffee break? She has an appointment with Abe. Dan wants to hear her woes. Lexie unburdens herself. Theo is in therapy, the hospital review board wants to meet with her about the lockdown. He offers to speak on her behalf. She is also down about her and Abe not getting along. Dan hugs her. Just then Abe happens by!  "I want you to stay away form my wife!" Dan states they are friends only. Lexie asks him to excuse them. Macho Abe is mad she confided in Dan. One more affair and he will not stand for it. He brings up her Brandon and Tek indiscretions. He is suspicious of her friendship
with Daniel. And so when Abe and Lexie go for their counseling session, the animosity continues. Lexie's affairs and Abe's recurring trust issues come up. Lexie is insulted, Abe is mad. And Lexie is devastated that Theo is not like other kids. She breaks down. The
doc ends the session. Abe tries to console his wife.
- Meanwhile, Hope sees Daniel on his own and wants a choppy chat. What happened between him and Chelsea that made the chit run off
to France? Dan is surprised about France. Hope wants to know why she was upset. Dan ain't telling and excuses himself.
- At the park, Chloe meets with Maggie, who cheerfully hands over
the boat keys, cabin keys, etc. Maggie knows Chloe will be joining Lucas. Chloe wishes Kate would leave them alone. She adds that
Sami was unhappy about them getting together, too. Maggie is most understanding. She has been there, with Don Craig and the presumed dead Mickey years ago. In the end, she realized that Mickey was the man for her, Don was the rebound guy who'd filled the void. Chloe thinks she means Lucas is her rebound. Maggie replies only Chloe can answer that.  Chloe cannot though she does care about Lucas. What about Brady? Chloe thinks she has moved on emotionally. What
about Sami? Is Lucas emotionally free from her? Maggie suggests she think long and hard about what she wants What if he gains custody of Aly? Meddling Maggie warns her of the difficulty of helping a single parent. She advises them both to spend their time at the Horton cabin deciding what they want. Sad music is heard. Exit Maggie. Enter Nicole. She gets nosy about Maggie. Chloe says she gave her relationship advice. Nicole frowns. In that case, they need to head for the pub and a drink!
- Back at the pub, enter Mickey, who goes to speak with Lucas about the custody. The judge will have his decision by the end of the day. Meanwhile, Sami is at her table alone, as EJ has headed back to the office. She stands up. So does Lucas. Mickey gets a call. Sami learns Chloe and Lucas will be at the Horton cabin together. She is annoyed. Mickey asks Kate to join him, to discuss her company, thus leaving Sami and Lucas alone. Sami is mad. If he gets visitation, her daughter will not be near Chloe! Lucas replies Chloe might be her stepmother
so get used to it! Enter Nicole and Chloe in time to hear the exchange. They later have a drink Chloe is subdued. What if she is not ready to be a mother to Aly? Nicole advises her to talk to Lucas about it. But Chloe does not want to lose him. Lucas comes up behind the drinking gals. He wants to talk to Chloe alone. Nicole flounces off. Lucas fills Chloe in on the custody decision coming soon. Chloe now thinks she should not go to the cabin with Lucas. He should spend time alone
with Aly. Meantime, Mickey tells Kate her company expansion plans look promising. Kate starts to cough some more. Lucas and Chloe
have settled down. Now EJ returns. Once she spies him alone at a table, Nicole sidles up to him. He kisses her hand.  He still cannot get her out of his system but it is complicated. Samantha is the mother of his child. Nicole is losing her patience. He'd better figure out what he wants sooner rather than later! She stands up and goes to the bar for
a martini. Sami returns and tells EJ she appreciates all he has done.
- Mickey then makes an announcement. They judge has decided to grant joint custody. Sami blurts out no way!

Thursday September 4, 2008


- Abe and Lexie are at the park with Theo. Lexie shows him how to play in the sandbox with toy trucks. Theo is quiet. Abe smiles and
tells her not to push it. At least he is content. Lexie is getting desperate. Enter Steve, Kayla, with their baby. Steve compliments Theo on his trucks. Theo is unresponsive. Lexie gets impatient. Kayla suggests Steve take Joe and Abe to feed the birds They leave the moms alone. Kayla gives Lexie a hug. Lexie is down. She and Abe do not see eye
to eye about Theo. She cries she is not a good mother. Kayla is understanding, as a fellow doc. Lexie is also stressed about Stefano coming back and all her work at the hospital. And what school should she send him to? Tough decisions. Kayla is supportive. The guys
return and sit on a bench. Abe has accepted their son is autistic. He admits he and Lexie often disagree. Steve lends a sympathetic ear. Theo plays in the sand, oblivious to all. The Johnsons depart. Abe
tells Theo it is time to go. Theo yells NO and makes a scene. Abe
calms him down. He will take Theo to Mark's. Lexie stays behind.
- At the DiMera mansion. Tony discovers that Stefano has workers
on site for what the phoenix calls a "minor construction project."  He pours over plans. How about a retractable room over the swimming pool? Palladium windows? He is going to have an art gallery, court, guest quarters, expansion of the wine cellar. Time for additions.
Stefano wants to make home as good as the Hearst castle! But he intends to evict the freeloading tenants. Spiffy EJ whips out an injunction. He and Tony are not going anywhere! Stefano warns it is not permanent. EJ claims it is a start for him and Tony to reclaim their birthright, so there! They wish to restore honor to the DiMera name. Tis their legacy. Stefano is cryptic. The DiMera legacy in is very good hands. EJ states he does not rule their family anymore. EJ and Tony support each other. The phoenix dismisses them. Tony stares him in
the eye. "Let's talk." They do just that, one-on-one. Stefano recalls his high hopes when he gave Anthony his first job. They were of one
mind. He could trust him. Tony points out it was years ago. He thinks Tony is weak, Tony says Stefano's idea of strong is ruthless, alone, arrogant. He adds, "Underestimating me will eventually lead to your downfall." Exit Tony. Now it is EJ's turn. The phoenix believes things are different with EJ, who retorts not anymore. He echoes Tony's sentiments. Stefano is disappointed, he felt closest to EJ. EJ calls him
a master of manipulation. He does not want to be like him. He is not adverse to power but he will do it his own way. Furthermore, he will prove he can achieve power on his own! Stefano summons Tony
back, to speak to both of them. He gives them a final chance to consider their future. The three of them could work together, with unlimited possibilities. He will share but he needs their unwavering loyalty. No, they will not be his puppets! Dark music is heard. The phoenix shouts this is their last chance to be with him. They turn him down and leave. Focus on the phoenix's ring whilst he appears deep in thought. He later drops a family album in the garbage ...
- At the pub, Marlena and Trent bump into each other. He wants to
buy her a drink. She says no thanks and then runs into John. He is dismayed she left the mansion. He insists she return home with him. She says NO, then joins Trent after all. Enter Nicole, who approaches John. She tells him who Trent is. New John does not like him. He stares. Trent thinks his jealousy is amusing. Marlena admits they are married, with different priorities. Trent lays on the charm. They get acquainted. Meanwhile, Nicole suggests John go talk to her. He says no, she will come around. Nicole pushes him to go after the woman he loves. She tells him Trent is a bastard who has a dark side. Meanwhile Trent asks Marlena on a dinner date. She is uncomfortable with how
he treated Max. Did he abandon him? Trent claims he has regrets. She reminds him she is married. He stands up, tells her to let him know if she wants to go out, and exits. Kayla and Steve are now at the pub as well. Kayla informs Marlena it is good to see her out and about. She returns to Steve. They discuss Lexie. Steve is concerned. They then talk about Stefano. Steve vows to protect Joe. Moments later, John joins Marlena at her table, ready to tell her something. However, she drops a bombshell - she thinks it is time she file for divorce. John
looks utterly devastated!
- Outside the pub, handsome EJ bumps into Nicole. He is sorry about him and Sami in the stairwell. Nicole understands, she is the mother of his child. He admits he is uncertain about the future. Nicole is cynical, though EJ appears to be wistful on some level as he walks away ...

Wednesday September 3, 2008


- Still in France, Mel tells Max she is starving. He wants to hear about her life. Steph is not around. Mel tells him they moved a lot when she was a kid. Small, dull college towns. They were later in Paris for a year. Then Michigan. She got into trouble for stealing in sixth grade,
so Trent sent her to boarding schools. She finally convinced him to let her return to France, to the all girls school. She has told her dad she is in summer school, but in reality she is not, just hanging out, partying. Trent means well. Max thinks it is ironic. Trent rejected Max and yet Mel, the one he wanted, rejects Trent. Mel wants to know his story.
He tells her about being put in foster care, getting recued by Frankie, and adopted by the Bradys. Mel had no idea she had a brother, her father never mentioned him. Just then Trent calls her cell phone. He wants to know what is going on. How could she max out her credit card? She cuts him off, hangs up, and then reminds Max she is not
18 so she has to tread lightly with Trent and pretend she is studying. Max suggests she return to Salem with him. She refuses, she does not want to be under her father's control. Max says he can help. They are family. He is now officially part of her life. He decides to go out for a while and tells her to think about what he said. He meets Nick at the cafe. Max feels his sis is hiding something. Meanwhile, Mel calls someone and asks for a car to pick her up, as things are too intense.
- At the hospital, Chelsea is with Theo. She tries to get him to use words. She is encouraging. He seems to understand her. Enter Dan. Mark arrives to take over. Exit Chels with Dan. He thinks she is wonderful with Theo. He never meant to hurt her but Chelsea cannot get over it. She cannot look at him the same way. What can he do? Nothing. Lexie arrives to pick up Theo.Dan's pager goes off. Chelsea offers to take Theo for ice cream after his session. Lexie is grateful,
she wants to find out what her father is up to. She leaves. Dan returns. Can they try again? Chelsea says no, it s over, and tells him to go.
She later informs Theo she soon has to go away for a little while ...
- At home, the now cheerful Stefano enjoys his plush mansion, most
of his art. Elvis joins him in a drink. Stefano wants to know if he is working for John Black. EJ replies he works for Mickey and John is a client. Tony makes a snide comment about John's plate being full nowadays. Stefano is confident John.s whole world is about to come tumbling down. He is now seated at his desk. EJ lazily asks him how
he pulled off his latest coup. Tony looks over his shoulder.Stefano claims he is exhausted and not in the mood for guessing games. His
help was from friends. He repeats his kids are a disgrace for having shipped him off. so they are now disowned. Finito! Tony quips that they were already disowned when he took them out of his will. Stefano wags his finger. Indeed. He is doing it again! He orders them to leave. Enter Chloe and Lucas. Stefano is annoyed to hear Lucas lives there now. "What the hell has John been running here, a damn hotel?!"
Lucas is moving out anyway. He exits with Chloe. Dingdong! Enter a suited Victor. Stefano is pleased to see his old associate. He asks EJ
and Tony to give them some privacy. The two men sit down. "Just like old times," the Greek tycoon says pleasantly. Stefano readily agrees. "Everything old is new again." Vic soon learns that John had been hiding Paul, who escaped. Vic thanks his old friend for the info. He owes him. The phoenix gives Rolf credit. Vic is curious why Stefano would go out on a limb for John. The answer is simple.  "It is all about CONTROL." After Vic is gone, EJ runs into Lucas and Chloe about to leave. He wants to know why he is taking Aly's stuff. Lucas states that once he wins custody, he is taking her outta that pit. Stefano applauds his departure. Exit Lucas and Chloe. Tony and EJ say they will not be moving out. Are they challenging him? EJ says yes. Stefano brings up John Black. Tony says he can be handled. EJ agrees. They have learned from watching the master. Stefano is rather amused. He knows he will win against John Black. He toasts his two sons. "Bring it on!" Tony later chides him for the hospital fiasco. Stefano pretends he was not there when it all happened. And now that he is back, he will be calling the shots!
- At the police station, Hope is with Roman and Abe, aghast that Stefano was freed. Roman knows what she means. Abe says the D.A. claims there are no solid charges, unless John wishes to file a civil suit. Roman points out the phoenix is highly connected. Also at the station, irate Morgan asks Bo when she can see her father. He suggests she
take a seat. Enter Phil. She is snarky and does not wish to speak with him. Bo takes him aside. Internal affairs is still investigating so they might not be off the hook. Enter sarcastic John, who has been summoned. Morgan tells him off. John plays innocent. What does
Paul being found have to do with him anyway? Bo wants to know all. But John wants to know why Stefano is not behind bars! Bo is blunt. He blames it on corruption, failed bureaucracy. John wants him out
of the mansion. Enter Abe. John is mad and says he sure will sue.
He later speaks with Roman. Roman admits Stefano must have found someone to pull strings but warns John he has problems of his own. Hollingsworth is brought in. His statement is simply that he left town
on his own and then came back to turn himself in. He is pleading
guilty to planting drugs on John's shipment and setting the warehouse fire. Roman asks John to leave so he can speak to Paul in private.
He brings up Morgan saying he had been threatened. Paul covers up. Roman is doubtful. He feels John kidnapped him. Paul denies it. Roman says if he cooperates, they can cut a deal. Did Phil buy the drugs and pay him to plant them on John's shipment? Paul says no,
just he did it, and he will face the consequences. Roman wonders
why he is covering. What of Morgan? Paul seems to be thinking of
her. He is led away. He tells Morgan goodbye. He is going to jail.
Exit Paul. His daughter begs Roman to help him, he is not guilty.
Phil follows her. Roman wants to know if Phil has something to
say. Silence ...
- John's cell phone rings. It is Stefano, who smokes a cigar while gleefully telling him he interceded on his behalf, to keep him free!
He wants something in return. John must remain silent about what happened in the lab and how he became the man he is. John wants
to know how he got Hollingsworth to take the fall. The phoenix had threatened his daughter. John accuses him of stealing his life. He
could have him put away. Stefano warns him that one wrong word
and he will make sure Hollingsworth reneges on his confession and
the truth comes out. Moments later, John is in Roman's office and states he will not be suing Stefano after all. Roman is suspicious.
John makes excuses. He has moved on. Meanwhile, Phil gets a call from Vic with the good news. Hollingsworth is taking the fall for the drugs. The prodigal son is in the clear. Phil then runs into John, who has just left Roman's office. John tells him he is going after Stefano!

Tuesday September 2, 2008


In Marseilles, Steph packs. Max says he cannot leave. Steph wants
to know why, so his sis can con him some more? But he will not give up on his newly found sister. Steph looks wistfully out the French window draped with flowers. She wants them to go home. Max insists Mel deserves another chance. He will convince her to return to Salem with him. Steph will stay. She loves him. He loves her, too.They kiss.
- At the hospital in Salem, Abe shows up. He wants to spend time
with Theo. He is surprised to see Lexie, who has switched shifts.
There has been tension between Abe and his wife. Abe is stressed about Theo. He does not have the right approach and is a tad bitter
that Lexie is doing a better job with him. Lexie points out Theo needs him. Abe is really down on himself. Soon Theo's session is over.
They consult with the expert. Theo was on the swing - a good sign.
Abe suggests they all head for the park, for ice-cream and the playground. Theo counts. Abe and Lexie hold hands. They are later happy at the park. Theo looks up and calls a plane a boat. Lexie
wants him to say plane. Abe tells him the difference between planes
and boats. They are optimistic. Both are transportation.
- At the police station, Steve talks to Hope about the Hollingsworth case. He has put feelers out on the street for a lead. She offers him
cop coffee and thanks him. She knows he has sources. Hope is anxious over the internal affairs investigation. They recall Stefano, the danger. Hope and her gorgeous curls are sympathetic. Suddenly she gets a call. There has been a Hollingsworth sighting!
- Still holding the phone at the DiMera mansion, Tony is shocked. Stefano is moving back. He is returning to reclaim what is rightfully
his! Tony tries to talk him out of it. EJ listens. Enter Bo. John and Marlena watch as well. The phoenix's return is imminent! Stefano continues to talk. He senses an enemy has entered the room. Bo puts him on speaker phone. Stefano taunts him and promises to see him
and Hope soon. Bo is hostile. The call ends. Tony chides Bo for antagonizing him. Bo is there to talk to John about Hollingsworth.
What happened to him? John's attention is elsewhere. Blondie is a wreck about Stefano. John assures her he will protect her. Bo echoes the cops will get the phoenix. He adds that John will soon be charged with murder. John says if Stefano returns, he just might commit murder! John reminds EJ that he needs his ownership of the house
and DiMera holdings to be official but is soon interrupted. In walks Stefano, wearing a dark suit, smiling triumphantly. "This house is
mine and always will be. It's good to be back again!" Bo reads him
his rights. Stefano chuckles. Bo calls him a crazy SOB. Tony urges they all be civil. John tells him to enjoy his new home, the state
prison, as Bo carts him off to the station.
- Phil has handed someone a payoff. He is smug about something. Morgan is at the park nearby when she sees Paul. They embrace.
He apologizes. She asks what happened. He alludes to bad people.
He is turning himself in, he just wanted to see her one more time, to
tell her he loves her. Her cell rings. It is Phillip. She answers. He tells her to give her da the phone. Paul accepts the call. Phil warns him not to run, he knows where he is. He is going down! Paul hangs up. Now here comes Hope with backup! Morgan cries as papa Paul is cuffed
and taken to the station. At the station, Phil pays him a visit
and tells him he made a big mistake changing alliances. Phil tells him
off for sending Morgan that tape. Paul claims his hand was forced. Hope returns and processes Paul. Also at the station, Bo has taken Stefano to Roman's office. Enter Steve and Hope.Steve tries to attack the phoenix but is held back by Bo. Steve says if he comes near his
kid again, he will kill him!  Exit Steve. Hope leaves to question Phil about Paul. Still at the station, Phil is now with Morgan, He is waiting for her apology. She calls him a liar.He says he never killed her father. Miffed Morgan wants to leave but Hope does not allow it. She might have questions. Phil stares at Morgan, a hurt look on his face. He then sits beside her, he wants her to believe he would never kill anyone.
She still thinks she was wrong about him, though she admits she fell
in love with him. Meanwhile, Bo and Roman are in Roman's office with the defiant, well dressed phoenix. Hope and Steve return.
Roman's phone rings. He appears stunned and then announces they must let Stefano go, as per the D.A.'s orders, with no charges! The phoenix has won this round. Enter Abe. He has been ordered by the mayor and governor to let Stefano go! He uncuffs the phoenix, who takes his leave. "So much to do, so little time ..."
- Back at the DiMera mansion, Marlena goes to lie down. Anna takes her. Tony is concerned. John asks EJ what Stefano's rights are. EJ
is elusive. Tony is on his side. John tells them to get outta his home pronto! Tony sarcastically challenges him. EJ supports him. Tony
says all bets are off as Stefano is alive. John reminds them he will be
in prison. EJ retorts that would leave the entire DiMera empire up for grabs! John senses they wish to phase him out. Nearby, Marlena
opens the front door, ready to flee the mansion and finds herself face
to face with Stefano DiMera! "Marlena, what a pleasant surprise.We have unfinished business." He waltzes in, pours himself a drink, and lashes out at John, Tony, and EJ for betraying him. He bellows they
are all worthless and tells them to get out of his mansion! John's cell phone sudenly rings. It is Roman. They have Hollingsworth. He better comes to the station to answer questions or uniformed cops will come and get him. John throws his cell phone to the ground in a rage and damns the day ...
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