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Sami and Rafe are kissing on the blanket. She repeats it feels right. Moments later, a light is shone on shirtless Rafe. "Restricted area. You're under arrest!" Sami hides her face behind her hands. They hastily get dressed and Rafe says it was not protected parkland back in the day. Sami still thinks it was the most perfect first date ever. 'Right," chuckles bemused Rafe. Sami says it was an unpredictable and heart stopping adventure. Rafe teases that is the way she likes
it. They kiss again. Later on Rafe yells "Thanks, officer" as the cop leaves. He thinks they should cut the date short. "No way," says she.
- Replay of Steph asking Phil to tell her the plan. He wonders if she
is ready to sell her soul. She wonders what he means and he says it was a joke. She is not amused. Phil states he and papa were merely taking care of the family, which now includes her. She still wants to know the plan. To appreciate the plan, muses Phil, there are two  things she should know. "One, I do have a conscience.Tony's death, the nightmares still haunt me." The prodigal son feels responsible even though it was an accident. However. the DiMeras do not see it this way and they are the ones who started the war. She asks about the other thing. Phil claims what Vic and himself are planning is for the greater good. The world would be a better place without the DiMeras. Stephanie looks nervous. She rubs the back of her neck with a hand and then puts her hand on her hip. She advises Phil he does not get to decide who lives and who dies. Phil senses she is afraid. She trusts him, but she does not trust Stefano and Victor and EJ. She reminds him he was almost killed. Next time ... Philip arrogantly insists there will not be a next time. She thinks she can
do what she has to, to make him safe, even if she goes back to EJ. Phil tries to explain to her that she should never go to EJ ever again and if he ever laid a hand on her .... Steph thinks he means he would kill him. She wants to know. Why does he not answer her? Phil does not think she wants to know the answer and has another drink. He turns around. "Stay with me," he says suddenly. He loves her, he wants to wake up with her, etc. He looks deeply into her eyes and asks her if she will move in with him. She smiles it is a big step. He states he needs her with him. They kiss. "Yes, I'll move in with
you." Phil welcomes her home. She asks if he has consulted with Victor. He will tell him how important it is to him to have her there. They are family now. She now says she is proud to be a part of his family and they kiss again. Phil thinks they should celebrate with champagne. She walks off to get the glasses. Phil now whips out his cell. "Is it done? Good." Steph has just walked back and overhears his mysterious message. She hands him a glass of champagne and asks if that phone call was about the DiMeras. Phil grins. He will show her what that phone call was about. He takes their champagne glasses and leads her outside, where a romantic table has just been
set up by Owen the gardener. Owen politely tells them to enjoy and leaves. Steph is beside herself. They kiss again and sit at the table drinking champagne. Phil admits his only regret is that he has not always been there for her. Perhaps she does not approve of all his actions or words, but the important thing is that she stood by him. Steph says she wants to be with him. He says this could be the beginning of a new life for him and dramatically kneels down, calling her beautiful. He then shows her the ring. "Stephanie Johnson will you do me the honor of being my wife?" Stephanie cries with joy. "Yes! Yes!" He slips the flashy engagement ring on her finger and they seal the deal with a kiss.
- Down at the pier, EJ hears that Victor and his henchmen have Stefano in their clutches. He states he thinks it is a bluff. Vic asks if he is willing to bet his life on such a foolish assumption and then
provides proof in the form of Stefano's ring. EJ calls him scum and demands to know where his father is. Victor gloats that the Phoenix will not be rising from the ashes this time. "Not without the help of a mere mortal, a son." EJ slowly nods. He puts the ring on and tries to regain his composure. "So what do you want from me?" Victor announces that the war ends right now and he should stay away
from his son. EJ brings up Tony and adds if Victor harms his fatha... The Greek tycoon offers to take him to the phoenix now. Elvis suspects he plans to murder them both. The Greek tycoon gives his word he will be safe and orders him to get rid of his guards. Elvis laughs. He becomes sarcastic about his word. Victor taunts does he want to see Papa DiMera or not?
- When Dr. Baker falls to the bottom of the stairs in a heap, Nicole
is shocked and rushes down to his side. Baker is unconscious so she feels for a pulse. "Oh my God. Did I kill you?" She tells herself she did not do it, it was an accident, and then starts to hope he does not have evidence that she switched the babies. Where would he hide
her deepest darkest secrets? Nicole now starts to pat him down. Baker grabs her arm, then loses consciousness again. She gasps in horror and tries to pull her arm away. She finally succeeds and then Syd starts to cry. Nicole apparently decides to leave Baker exactly where he is and starts to walk up the stairs to attend to Sydney. Just then Maid Mary comes around the corner so Nicole has to pretend she was going to help. She exclaims he fell and does not seem to be breathing. Made Mary starts CPR and asks for her help. Later, when the paramedics and a cop are on scene, Nicole gives her statement, pretending that he tripped. The cop asks if there were any witnesses. Loyal Maid Mary steps forward and declares she saw the entire thing and it happened exactly as Mrs. DiMera said. Nicole smiles at her in gratitude. The cop wonders why he was there. Nicole says he stops by all the time as he delivered Sydney. She says she prays he will make it. Exit the cop. Nicole approaches the paramedics and asks how he is. Turns out the CPR might have broken a rib, but it saved his life. Nicole looks nervous.
- At Java Cafe, Maggie runs into Will, who is trying to stop little Grace from crying. He gives her her milk bottle and she stops for a moment. He admits he is not very good at this. Maggie smiles and encourages him. Sami is lucky to have him as a babysitter. Will laments that one of his friends bailed on him. She was probably upset. Maggie wonders why. Will brings her up to speed on the kids saying things about her. Maggie asks if his friend is in trouble. He does not know. They seemed to be getting along well and then some kids came in and started saying stuff about her that made him think about her a whole other way. He was hoping she would say it was a lie but she did not. Maggie is sorry. The girl sounds like an important friend. She offers to help him with Grace, but Will thinks it is past
her bedtime so he should get her home. Maggie bends down and tells Grace she is a cutie. Then they are ready to go. Exit Will. Moments later, Mia returns. Maggie watches the glum girl put her sweater on and offers her a tissue. Is she okay? Mia says yes. They introduce themselves. Maggie says her daughters used to go to Salem High a long time ago. She invites Mia to have hot chocolate with her, her treat. Mia says she is not herself tonight. Maggie thinks it would be good to talk about it. Mia explains she saw kids from her old school and they were saying bad things about her. She allowed a friend to believe it was true even though it wasn't. Maggie asks why she did that. Mia explains the gossip was better than what really happened. "No one can ever know the truth."  Maggie soon sits at a table with Mia, offering her hot chocolate as well as chocolate chip cookies.
Mia asks her about her daughters. There are two of them. Melissa and Sarah and they are now grown up with their own families. They moved away a long time ago. Mia realizes Maggie misses them. Maggie smiles they do email a lot and talk on the phone. She and Mickey will be visiting them in the summer. Meantime she has a young lady who lives with her and is almost like a daughter. What about Mia? Is she close with her parents? Mia says not really. In
fact, they have nothing to do with why she is there. There is only
one reason she remains in Salem, she says mysteriously.
- Back at Sami's again, Rafe and soaked Sami stagger in, making
out. Will walks into the living room with Grace. She had been crying a bit. Earth mother Sami takes her in her arms and notes her cheeks are red. Rafe gets her to giggle. Sami feels her head and thinks she is getting a fever. She is concerned. Grace has a temperature of 101. She will need to call the pediatrician. She remarks this is more than teething and sighs this did not happen with any of her other kids.
Will points out Grace is adopted. Sami gets uncomfortable and says she knows. She is worried as Grace did not have proper medical
care when she was born. She will call the doctor to find out more. Sami later asks Will to watch Grace while she runs to the pharmacy. He offers to go to the pharmacy for her. Exit Will. Rafe has just gotten Grace to fall asleep and Sami is impressed. She wonders how he made her baby laugh. He teases and tickles her. They start to make out on the sofa, but wind up being interrupted by noisy Grace. Twice.
- Will runs into Maggie at Java Cafe. He is killing time until Grace's prescription is ready. She has a fever. Maggie offers to help if Sami needs it. She then bids him goodnight and leaves. Will opens his cell phone and leaves a message for Mia. He wishes to apologize for
what happened earlier and he is sorry she ran out like that. He asks her to call him. Mia returns from the ladies room, sees Will, and slips out the door unnoticed. Will then returns home, only to find Sami
and Rafe playing scrabble. They ask if he would like to join them.
He declines and goes to his room to get to his Spanish homework. Sami spells the word date. Rafe spells the word first. First date. He
is in the lead with points. Sami is sorry about falling in the river and Grace getting sick. He went to so much effort to put together a very special night and now they are playing scrabble. Rafe grins he loves scrabble and promises they will have many more perfect nights. He takes off her baseball cap and gives her a kiss.
- Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nicole asks the doctor on duty about Baker. There are no serious injuries but he is concerned about how long it is taking him to regain consciousness. Nicole wonders if that could be a memory problem. The doc replies it is possible. Nicole now becomes hopeful that he might not remember what happened. She leaves a message for EJ on his cell that there has been an accident. She needs him to call her back. Baker is in the hospital.
- Back at the foggy pier, EJ asks what will happen after Victor takes him to Stefano. Vic points out a little diplomacy might benefit everyone. He adds that Tony was the first one to turn on his family, so Elvis really does not owe him any loyalty. "Your father, on the other hand, that's a different matter." Elvis now dismisses his thugs. They exit and Victor's thugs suddenly grab him. Victor smirks. Elvis reminds him he gave him his word. Vic retorts he intends to honor it. He will have him blindfolded and taken to Stefano. He relieves him
of his cell phone. Moments later, Elvis, his face covered, is unceremoniously shoved into a dark room, the door closed behind him. He removes the mask from his face and takes in his new surroundings. "Where is my father? Where am I?"
- Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nicole tells Sidney goodnight on her phone. She then tells Mary she has just one more thing to take care of before returning home. When Baker's doctor walks out, she asks how the patient is. He is stable and she may see him if she wishes. Nicole smiles, braces herself, and slowly enters the room. The latest Salem patient is slowly waking up. Nicole stands before him. He wonders where he is. She replies he has had an accident, though Baker thinks otherwise. "You tried to kill me, b*tch!"
- Alone in the dark, EJ manages to turn on the light switch in the room he has been taken to. He turns around, shocked to see a body with a sheet covering it ...

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"Tell me what went down between you and Chloe," Lucas
demands of Kate.
"Does your marriage make you happy?!" exasperated Daniel
asks Chloe.
Nicole faces Baker. "You go to the cops and you're going to
wish you didn't wake up right now!"
EJ asks Victor "What exactly is it that you want?"
"Everything, Elvis. EVERYTHING."

Thursday, May 7, 2009


At the hospital, the Greek tycoon sweeps in with two of his big bodyguards like he owns the place. Baker watches. Victor enters Phil's room. The handsome prodigal son is dressed. Papa Vic now informs him that the car is out front, and all is as it should be. Phil smirks. He is ready to go home.
They soon arrive at Kiriakis mansion.  Phil gives dutifully waiting Steph a kiss. Victor wants a word with him. Steph moans she has been waiting all day to see Phillip so why should they talk business now. Vic overrides her. Steph gets miffed and makes a comment about him planning to kill people. She becomes sanctimonious. Vic wonders if she is drunk and then calls her a spoiled brat. Simple Steph complains again she has been waiting for Phil all day, so why should she have to wait more to spend time with him. Phil smoothly intervenes. She finally agrees to give them two minutes and walks
off in her red mini. Vic is not impressed. Phil points out she almost took a bullet. The Greek tycoon pours himself a drink. Phil asks
him to cut Steph some slack. "I suppose," says he. Phil is ready to talk. Vic points out phase one of the plan is complete. Phil retorts
that it is time for him to strike. First, however, Victor must make
sure that phase 2  is completely prepared. He tells Phil he can go
back with Stephanie and heads out to take care of business. Steph marches back and asks how their talk was. Phil wonders if she was listening in. It wouldn't be the first time, he teases. Steph is miffed. She was not spying on him, she was fixing her hair, and wants him
to take that back. He does. They kiss. She unbuttons his shirt and sees the bandage where he had the bullet wound, which causes her
to flash back to the time she was screaming that he had been shot. She apologizes for disagreeing with his father and wonders if he said mean things about her after she left. Phil says no. Steph now claims she does not like being treated like she is dumb or fragile. She sits down and continues to talk about herself. Sometimes she thinks Phillip also thinks she is like that because he keeps things from her. She boasts she is keeping something from him, as well. He wonders what. When he got shot and almost died, she took action. She went to see EJ and gave him hell. Phil's face falls. Steph looks pleased
with herself. Phil explodes she should not have done that! Steph tells him not to shout. Phil states he loves her but it is unsafe and reckless of her to have done that. Given possible future events ... Simple Steph demands to know what he is planning. He advises her to stop romanticizing as her idea of things is not how it works. She asks how it does work and insists she will not stand on the sidelines. Phil does not want her to get hurt. She insists he not keep her in the dark. She is entitled to know everything and she knows that something is in the works. What is the plan?
- At Sam''s place, Mia is with Will to help him babysit Grace. Sami walks out in a blue and black dress. She is going on a date. Willl and Mia are taking Grace to Java Cafe. Sami gasps her thanks as they leave. Sami thinks her dress is not right and gasps and gestures nervously. Knock knock. Tis Rafe. They are going somewhere he thinks his romantic. He is dressed casual. He gives her a yellow flower as a hint of where they are going and suggests she bring a sweater. He takes her to a nice secluded, parklike spot on the south side of the city, where he has planned a romantic nighttime picnic. Food wth wine has been spread on a blanket, surrounded by candles. Sami is pleased. He used to go there to think. Sami wonders how many girls he has brought up there. Rafe clears his throat, makes a joke, and then says she is the only one he would ever want to bring up there anyway. They kiss on it. They drink wine as he tells her about the stars. His dream was to become an astronaut, though he gave up on it as it seemed unreachable. She thinks he would have been a great astronaut. He thinks it is fate that they are supposed to be there right now. All of a sudden a crash is heard. He points out it
is probably fish jumping in the river. Sami wants to go have a look. He will pour more wine and meet her there. He warns her to be careful because the bank of the river is slippery ... All of a sudden Sami screams. Rafe rushes off to get her and brings back a drenched and shivering Sami, whom he has had to pluck from the river. He puts a blanket over her and she takes off her dress. He is soon under the blanket with her as they cuddle. Sami thinks it is not a disaster after all and they start to kiss. He had not planned for this to happen but she thinks it is right and so they continue getting closer under the blanket and the stars ...
- At Java Cafe, Will and Mia are at a table.They await their study group. Grace is smiling. Will notes she has very big eyes. And she is mellow. Mia smiles she is beautiful. Will loves his little sister a lot.
He says he owes Mia. She has inspired him to appreciate his little sis. Enter Tad and mean girl Kinsey. Tad takes her aside and the mean
girl positively identifies Mia as the popular girl from Salem West. Meanwhile, Mia tells Will she appreciates his friendship at her new high school. Will's pal Tad now walks up with the girl from Salem West. Kinsey nastily says she went to school with Mia. Mia hesitates but then admits she does remember Kinsey, who asks what Mia has been up to. “School, studying.” Kinsey says they had classes together at Salem West. English and drama. Mia says she did not take drama at Salem West. Kinsey declares she sure caused a lot of drama! Mia excuses herself to go to the ladies room. Kinsey sits down. Mia, she explains, dropped out of school midterm and never came back. The real reason, they all figured, was that she must have been doing drugs. So she must have been in rehab. Tad tells Kinsey that is not cool. Kinsey thinks Will should know before he gets involved with her. What else could it be? Why, the girl disappeared suddenly and then showed up in a different high school. There was definitely something. Will has heard quite enough and defends his friend. Kinsey says she is 95%  sure she is right. Will hits back by saying
she is also 95% b*tch! Tad ushers Kinsey out. Mia soon returns and wonders where the study group has gone. Will starts to talk about Shakespeare. Mia notes something is wrong. He tells her what
Kinsey said, that she dropped out midterm. Mia asks what else she said. He tells her about the girl's accusation that she went to rehab
for drugs. He asks if that is why she left Salem West or if there is another reason. Mia flashes back to giving birth and then fibs that
yes indeed, she was in rehab. Will asks what kind of drugs she was doing. Everything and she understands if he does not want her
around his sister. Mia stands up and walks out, much to Will's dismay. Before she leaves, she casts Grace a soulful look.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ calls Dr. Baker. His announces his shift is sending in three minutes, so he summons him to the mansion. The doc is confused. How does he know his shift? EJ says he knows everything about people who are interesting to him and ends the call. Nicole is behind EJ,
like usual, asking why he has called Dr. Baker
to the house. EJ says he is a charming man. Nicole is not pleased he did not tell her. She accuses EJ of lying to her. He points out he told her his father is investigating Baker. She reminds him he promised to put it off for now. Elvis laments that his father is missing. He pours himself a drink and admits he has been unable to reach him. Nicole wonders if something has happened to him. Elvis snaps at her not to say that. He is a bundle of nerves. Nicole asks if he believes Baker
is connected to Stefano's sudden disappearance. EJ thinks it is possible. Baker is a lowlife, the kind of person who could be turned by the Kiriaks family. "I am going to grill that man so hard!" He
vows that by the time Baker leaves, he will know everything. Nicole looks mortified. Ding dong! Nicole rushes to the door and opens it
to Dr. Baker. EJ asks her to go upstairs and check on Syd. Nicole says she wants to be a good hostess, in case Baker needs something. Elvis shakes his head and replies he needs nothing! Nicole walks away uncomfortably. Elvis leads the doctor into the living room. He refuses to sit down and asks what it is about. Elvis gets straight to
the point. "It is about you not being who you say you are." He elaborates. His father did research on him. He demands to know
why he used to come to the house to see Nicole. He knows the answer. His father learned about his gambling debts and every
crime he ever committed and now he has disappeared. EJ adds
that Stefano fell off the radar just as Baker popped onto it in town.
Baker states he has nothing to do with Stefano's disappearance, though he thinks he knows someone who might. Nervous Nicole returns. Elvis does not wish to be interrupted with his private conversation. Baker says he just knows what he read in the paper about the Kiriakis family. EJ wonders how well he knows them. It is essential to cover the obvious as well as the opaque, he expains, and that leads him to Baker. His cell rings. It is Victor. He is at the pier behind the third warehouse and summons him to a meeting  - now! EJ tells Baker not to leave and heads off for his meeting. When he is gone, Nicole again warns Baker he needs to leave town.  He suggests she stop panicking as he did not give her up. She laments if he had, they would both be dead. He thinks he might be able to use this to
his advantage. Nicole warns that these people play for keeps and gasps that when they want information they get it, so they will find out about the baby switch. He advises her to keep her voice down. They will find out everything, she sighs. "The writing is on the wall." Stefano's interest in him is a very bad thing. Baker considers. She sees she is getting through to him. He admits he does not have enough money to pay everything off. She has money,as she married into it, and says he should follow her. He does and after they are halfway up the stairs, asks for a number. 15,000 cash. He says he would need 50,000 or he will take his chances on EJ. Nicole now complains she does not have that kind of money and she could not give him that without arousing suspicion. Baker turns and tells her to forget it. Nicole gives him a slight push with her hand and tells him not to walk away. The result is that Humpty Dumpty Baker goes falling down the stairs and lands at the bottom in a heap!
- Down at the pier, Elvis faces off with the Greek tycoon. The thugs dutifully stand behind their respective bosses. "We have him." Vic states. "Who?" asks EJ. "Guess," says Victor. All of a sudden, Elvis realizes. "Fatha!"

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"Where is he?! Where is he?!" shouts EJ. Victor grins."The
phoenix is not going to rise from the ashes. Not this time!"
"Call an ambulance!" Nicole exclaims as Maid Mary approaches Baker. Maid Mary asks what happened. "He fell!" Nicole cries.
"I don't think he's breathing!"
A bright light is shone on shirtless EJ and Sami. "Restricted area. You're under arrest!"
Phil is livid. "That son of a bitch ever laid a finger on you, I’d ..." "You'd kill him, is that what you were going to say," says Steph,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Victor storms into the hospital and calls the cop guarding Phil an incompetent moron. His son was nearly killed! He demands for security to be doubled and enters the room of the prodigal son.
He sits and notes he looks better. Phil feels strong. However, he needs answers. The nurse was an assassin, explains Vic, but they have not been able to trace her back to the DiMeras. He assures
Phil he will not let them get away with it. He has his word. Phil
nods. "No negotiations, no deals, no nothing.” He wants the
DiMeras to pay! Enter Brady, who wonders if they were trying to decide which DiMera to kill next. Victor had assumed he was in a meeting. Brady asks Phil how he is feeling. He is holding up.
Brady predicts the whole thing will escalate. He gets sarcastic and would like to know when it is going to end on the Kiriakis side. Vic
is not impressed. "What the hell is the matter with you!" He calls Brady sanctimonious and does not want to hear anymore. Brady
gets hotter under the collar, Vic wonders if he is on drugs again.
Brady tells him to go to hell and starts to leave. Phil asks Brady to stay. Vic admits he was hard on him and he respects his strong opinions. Brady sighs and asks what the plan is. Phil informs him
that even if there was a plan, he would not need to know about it. Brady points out the DiMeras have now attacked the family, which includes him too. Victor wants him to say whether he is IN or not. Brady retorts revenge is not the answer. Victor is not interested
unless he has the answers. "In the meantime, shut up and stay out
of it!" Brady refuses. Vic refuses to be chastised by a recovering
drug addict. He tells him to go back to work and do something
useful. Brady appeals to him to examine his own life and better himself instead of causing more pain. How about kindness instead
of revenge? Vic retorts now he is quoting Shakespeare. Brady
hopes Phil will make things better and rise above it all. He then exits. Phillip appears to consider. Moments later, the Greek tycoon talks
on his cell and then informs Phil  "Everything is going just as planned!"
- At Java Cafe, Nicole remembers her conversation with Baker. She blinks back to reality and realizes Baker has left his keys on the
table. Nicole puts them away and laments the doc will just not go away. Her day gets even worse when Rafe and Sami enter, happily talking about Grace. Salem's newest couple kiss and she is thankful he agreed to spend the day with her and her kids. They rehash how he almost left town, she convinced him to stay, etc. He grins there is nowhere else he would rather be. They kiss again. Nicole sidles up and makes a snarky comment about the adorable couple. "Sami and the cable guy!" She implies that they are both liars and schemers, sticking to their own kind. "A match made in heaven," she smiles. Rafe tells her to get lost. Sami agrees. Nicole says she is in the Java Cafe, which is a public place. She trashes Sami for showing up at
her wedding. Rafe starts to say something so Nicole cuts him off
and says they have not been properly introduced anyway. Sami
notes Nicole is in a foul mood especially for a newlywed. Nicole boasts that  she and EJ are blissfully happy. She calls Sami a shallow airhead. Rafe thinks they should go outside. Sami insists Nicole does not bother her and walks off to get the table as Rafe places their coffee order. Nicole just will not go away and stands beside Rafe, as she is not thru with him yet.. He suggests she get a life. Nicole brings up the fact that he was the one who broke into her home and spied on her family. Furthermore, did he find what he was looking for? "Yes, actually I did," grins the Rafester. He adds she is acting like a total b*tch! Nicole decides to ask politely why Sami sent him to
break into her place. He replies he was doing it of his own accord
and that is clearly his final answer.
Sami approaches baby Sydney. Thug Marco stands up. Sami asks if it is okay. Marco says so long as she does not make her cry. Sami proceeds to fuss over Sydney. When Nicole spies Sami holding Sydney, she snatches her daughter back and warns Sami to keep a mile away from her. She then lashes out at Marco for letting Sami hold her baby. Marco thought she was a friend. Wrong! Nicole
states the only thing that woman wishes on her is harm. She tells Sami to stay out of her life. When she looks out the window however, sees none other than Dr. Baker on his cell phone!
Moments later, Baker opens the door ... Nicole creates a distraction by yelling she lost her keys. Marco and Sami are indeed distracted. When Baker sees Sami, he quickly exits before anyone sees he was about to enter. Nicole finds her keys and leaves with Marco. Sami thinks she is certifiable. Rafe calls her a laugh a minute. They sip
their coffee and agree that EJ and Nicole are certainly compatible. Sami laments Nicole is always around the corner, in her face. Rafe understands why he would not want her near her children. They are later happily together with Johnny and Aly. Enter Arianna. Rafe says he will introduce them. Arianne replies she knows who she is. The famous Sami Brady. She heard she is a firecracker and an amazing mom. She compliments her on the adorable twins. Rafe proudly
says there are two other kids too. Arianna would like a word with him. What is he doing? He cannot be with her!Is he out of his mind! Sami approaches so Arianna is unable to continue. Rafe then rejoins Sami and the kids. He thinks they should plan a date. Sami would love that. What did he have in mind? The most romantic place he knows and it is a secret. "I cannot wait," says she and they depart with the twins. Arianna watches in dismay.
- Nicole now sees Baker outside at the pier, pretends she is just running into him accidentally, and hands him his keys. She mutters that was cutting it close. Sami almost saw him! Baker points out it
is a small town so eventually he will be running into the mother of
her child. She should just deal with it! He gets sarcastic about the truth coming out. She thinks he is hoping it will happen. He informs her if she acts like something is wrong, people will notice. She should live her life. Nicole thinks he is an idiot. Baker starts to leave. Nicole stops him. Perhaps they are the only two who know about the miscarriage and the baby switch, but there are other people out there who know pieces of the puzzle. His being in town raises suspicion. She appeals to him to go. Baker refuses to leave again. Nicole does not think he gets it. She fears that the people who know a little might get together, talk, and connect the dots. She will not let that happen! Marco continues to watch them at a distance. Nicole laments her life is about to go up in smoke. Baker says it again one last time for her benefit that if they keep their mouths shut, they have nothing to worry about. Nicole is convinced it will be figured out. Sami is smart enough to question the coincidence of Baker delivering both their babies on the same day, should she discover as much. "You are out of options, Baker." He suggests she keep smiling so the guard does not think she is a lunatic. She warns that when Stefano returns, both EJ and Stefano will be doing investigations on him. They will know everything, she concludes. Baker quips it is up to her to make sure they do not know everything. It is her job to stop the investigation. HER job.
- At the airport, Chelsea is nervously waiting with Max. Bo rushes up and gives her a hug. She brings him up to date on Billie's condition. He reminds her Billie is a fighter. She is doing the right thing. Chels agrees, though she is sad to leave her loved ones. Bo is sure she will be back as this is her home. She has made a good life for herself in Salem. And her mom would want her to get back to it when possible. Chelsea gets teary-eyed and says she will focus on coming back. Bo is proud of her and she is happy to hear this because all she ever wanted was to make him proud. They hug on it. They have come a long way, they decide. Moments later, Max hands Chelsea some magazines and water he got her. How did it go with her dad? She says it went well. The family might come visit her this summer.
Max was thinking that perhaps Billie will recover quickly. Chelsea explains she will have to be gone long, for more than a few weeks,
as her mother is not even mobile at this point. They both need to accept that. "I can't," says Max. "I don't want you to go." However, he understands that she must leave and take care of her mom. How can he say goodbye, he wonders. Now comes the final boarding call for Salem to Heathrow. Chelsea is crying. They kiss. Max vows
he will be waiting for her when she gets back. They both get weepy and then she is gone. Max is wistful.
- On the pier, Bo has been summoned by Brady. It is about Phillip and Victor. There is something Bo needs to know. Bo is all ears. Brady has the impression from Victor and Phillip that they are set
on taking matters into their own hands. Bo asks if he has anything concrete. No, as they are freezing him out. Bo thinks he should consider himself lucky. Brady is concerned due to the escalation of violence. Bo thanks him for the little talk, says he will take care of it, and saunters off.
- Bo now heads for the hospital and joins Victor and Philip. Vic asks how the investigation is going. They have the assassin in custody and if the DiMeras were connected, they will find proof. Philip doubts it. Bo promises they will find out who was responsible and put them away for the rest of their lives. Vic wonders if he came there to lecture them. Bo says he would like to talk some sense into them. Brady's words exactly, notes Vic, who deduces they must have been conferring. Bo appeals to the father and son to stop the insanity now. Phil complains he is a marked man so what else can they do? Vic wonders if Bo would think the same for his children. Would he want them to be at risk as the police tried unsuccessfully to protect them? Would he not do something?  Bo warns he cannot protect them if they go out on their own. Vic says he is not scared and did not ask for his protection. His cell rings so he walks out to answer it. Bo appeals to Phillip to listen to reason. He has already survived two attempts on his life. If he goes after the DiMeras again ... Phil says
he knows. The DiMeras already tried twice. It is worth the risk to avoid a repeat. Bo points out when it comes to police matters, he is indeed the Commissioner, not his brother. Exit Commissioner Bo. Meanwhile, Victor finishes getting mad at someone on the phone. Brady approaches him. He has just closed a deal. "Well done," says the Greek tycoon. He also wonders how his chat with his son the police commissioner went!
- Back at the pier, Baker repeats to Nicole he is not leaving town. Eerie music is heard. She thinks her life is at stake. Baker suggests she relax and walks away. Nicole lifts up baby Syd and whispers that Dr. Baker is wrong. Sydney answers with a baby sound. Nicole resolves that if Baker does not tie up their loose ends, then she most certainly will ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Will asks Mia "She said you went to rehab for drugs. I want the
truth. Is that really why you left Salem West?"
Rafe tells Sami "You're the only person I've ever brought up here,
or would ever want to."
Vic faces Phil. "Part of our plan is complete. Everything is as it should be. "
Baker informs EJ as Nicole watches, "I had nothing to do with your father's disappearance but I think I know someone who might."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


At the hospital, Melanie runs into cop on duty Hope. Mel complains she was supposed to give Philip his pillow an hour ago but then the new nurse showed up ... Hope suddenly gets serious. "What do you mean
new nurse? How new?" Inside the Salem patient's room,
replay of evil nurse knocking him out with antibiotic and covering
his face with a pillow. Hope enters with another cop, both pointing their guns. "Police!" she exclaims and orders evil nurse to put her hands over her head. Mel is right behind them. "Cuff her!" says
Hope of the killer nurse. Mel remarks Phil is not breathing. Hope wants to know what evil nurse gave him, but evil nurse wants her lawyer. Mel starts CPR on the Salem patient. Phil opens his eyes
and grins. "Are you enjoying yourself? Any excuse to kiss me!"
Enter Dr. Baker and the real nurse. Phil is conscious. Blushing Mel says she was not kissing him, she was giving him the breath of life. Phil is still grinning and teases "Is that what you call it!" Hope later discusses the fiasco with Phil. He asks what happened. She informs him that the woman had stolen a nurse's ID to thus gain access to
his room. They are still unaware of her true identity. "Who cares," drawls Phil. He knows the DiMeras were once again responsible. Hope states she does not have a lot of facts and proof. Phil gets sarcastic. Hope hopes she will not have to arrest him because he
goes after revenge. As long as he is in hospital, there will be a new protocol for people entering his room. There will be photo IDs checked at the door and no more surprises. Phil sarcastically says
he feels safe. Hope advises him to get some rest and exits.
- On the pier, Kate tells Chloe she has had an interesting talk with Daniel. She owes him but she does not owe Chloe a damn thing. Chloe does not understand. "Don't you!" Kate snaps. She recalls
how selfless Chloe was when she donated her bone marrow. But
then she showed herself to be the selfish b*tch she has always
been! Why, she has no feelings, no morals. and  no values! "What
did I do?" Chloe asks. Perhaps they can talk about it. Kate implies she is phony. Chloe has no idea what happened. Kate instructs her
to think hard about her life and then tell her. Chloe still has no idea. Kate states she knows the truth and starts to scream. "I am talking about your affair with Daniel!" Chloe stares at her in disbelief. Kate explains she has already confronted Daniel, who did not deny it, and she saw them kissing in the park a while back. "Oh God," whispers Chloe. Kate bitterly rages that she even married Lucas as if she
actually loved him. Chloe says she does love him. Kate becomes angrier and wonders if  Chloe cried out Lucas' name while in bed with the doc!  Chloe begs her not to tell Lucas. Kate has no intention of telling him, as it would hurt him and he would probably fall off the wagon. He will never know because Kate loves him. Furthermore, she is disgusted that Chloe had saved her life and it is her marrow flowing through her bloodstream. "Consider yourself fired!" finishes the mad mother-in-law. Just then Lucas happens
along and wants to know what the hell is going on! Kate asks Chloe
if she will tell him or should she? Chloe turns to Lucas and tells him she never really wanted to take that job anyway. Her on camera
tests have not been good and she always wanted the Vancouver job. Lucas retorts he never saw those tests. Kate claims she erased them and Chloe did a terrible job, posing for the camera, sounding so insincere. Lucas thinks Kate is harsh, but Chloe claims she would have been a disaster. "Something is not right," notes Lucas. Chloe says her singing career will be her focus now. Kate makes a remark about Chloe putting herself first. Lucas senses the tension between the two women and wonders what has changed. Kate pretends she just noticed she was not interested in the job. Furthermore, she was unprepared, came late, was never focused. Lucas does not buy it. Chloe worked hard. Kate disagrees. She was the one working hard. Chloe stammers Kate is right. Kate points out they agree on that, quips she must find a replacement, and departs. Lucas and Chloe sit on a bench and discuss. Chloe repeats Kate was right to fire her. Lucas wonders what is the reason for Kate's sudden nastiness.
Chloe fibs she just thinks she chose the wrong words. She is happy
to get her life back anyway. Lucas grins they will be able to spend more time together, which will be nice. He likes Chloe's positive attitude. He will meet her at the pub after he makes a few calls, to wrap up some business. Chloe agrees and walks off to the pub.
Lucas now whips out his cell and dials Kate, leaving a message.
"You call me as soon as you get this and you tell me the real reason why you fired Chloe!" he damands.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ is on the phone talking about gambling
sites. He wants to know if Dr. Baker has lost more money recently. Nicole walks into the room, having overheard. EJ tells his contact
on the phone to be quick. "Why are you investigating Dr. Baker?" Nicole wants to know. Elvis turns around, claims it was actually business, and suggests dahling forget what she heard. She pretends
to be surprised he is investigating the doctor who delivered Sydney. He says it is business. She wants to know what kind of business
and snatches the report he has been studying, of all Baker's debts. The mafia wife plays innocent and wonders why he would want
that info. He dismisses her. She persists. He suggests she go for a walk. EJ now claims that fatha is investigating Baker, not him. He
is just following through for Papa. Nicole wonders why Stefano would give a damn about the doc. Elvis states he is sure father had his reasons. Nicole says someone must have had to say something.
EJ has no idea. Nicole goes on and on with more wasted dialogue. She fired Dr. Baker as Sydney's doctor anyway blah blah blah.
EJ's eyes narrow and he stands up "Why did you fire him?" Is there something he is not aware of? Nicole lies she fired him because she knew that EJ did not like him and calls him a nobody. Why not
forget about him. Elvis is suspicious. Is she suggesting he cancel the investigation? Why? Nicole gets flippant and pretends she thinks Stefano just wanted to do that earlier. EJ brings up that Stefano had wanted to investigate the clinic earlier as well. Nicole reminds him
the clinic is closed so it is not important. EJ replies it is probably not. Nicole asks again why keep investigating. EJ claims he will cancel
the investigation for now. But if father wishes to have it reinstated when he returns home, so be it. Nicole now asks when that will be. EJ has no idea, as has not heard from him in a while. Syd starts to
cry upstairs so Nicole heads up. EJ shuts the living room doors after her. Ominous music is heard. Elvis walks and considers. He sits
down and thinks some more. "Why are you so determined to stop this investigation?" Baker could be useful to them!
Nicole soon strolls thru the hall with her jacket on, pushing Syd.
She opens her cell to place a call. Baker answers. She wants him to meet her at the Java Cafe in 10 minutes. Absence is not an option. Before Nicole heads out, she yells to Marco that she is leaving, so
he appears and is a few steps behind her.
Meanwhile, Elvis is on his cell again,, losing his patience, wiseguy style. He is livid about what happened in Phillip's hospital room. He explodes at Masi like a wild animal. "YOU WAIT UNTIL I FIND YOU MASI! YOU'RE GONNA DEAL WITH ME!" He now punches the furniture in a rage, then gets dangerously calm again, taking the report on Baker in hand.
- Chelsea is at home, feeling sorry for herself on the sofa when
Steph enters and asks what is wrong. Chelsea sniffles and sniffles
and admits she had a breakdown. She is upset about Billie. Steph thinks she will be fine. Chelsea says it will be a long recovery.
Steph thinks she will feel better when she joins her in London. Chelsea moans about leaving her life and her friends behind and she has no idea how long she will be gone. A lot can happen. Steph says it will be lonely there without her. Chelsea points out once Phil is
out of the hospital, they can have the place to themselves. Still,
Steph will miss her roommate. Her cell rings. It is Melanie, letting
her know someone tried to kill Phillip again. Stephanie races off, Chelsea in pursuit.
- Once at the hospital, Steph rushes in to her boyfriend's room,
only to find Mel and Phil with their arms around each other. Turns out Phil was trying to get out of bed and leave, at which time he staggered, and Mel helped support him. Steph frowns. Smiling Mel helps Phillip back to bed. Mel starts to babble. The nurse who tried
to kill him drugged him before trying to smother him. Phil is clearly dismayed that Mel called Stephanie, while Steph is not pleased he was trying to protect her from bad news. Before Mel leaves, Steph reluctantly thanks her for everything. She sits on Phil's bed and asks him how he is feeling. Fine, then again maybe not. He feels helpless lying there day and night. He feels like a sitting duck. Steph thinks it was her fault because she was not there to protect him. He assures her the attempted hit was not her fault. Even the cop outside did not see it coming. Steph gives him a kiss. She sighs they just have to sit around and wait for the next shoe to drop. And she does not think anything will be okay unless ... Steph suddenly gets an idea and rushes off, without telling him where she is going ...
Chelsea approaches Hope in the hallway and commends her for saving Phillip's life. They still do not know who the killer nurse
really is, but she got paid and had instructions to do the job. Hope tells her they have a hot lead on an envelope the cash was in. Bo is on his way to Chicago now. "What if I don't get a chance to say goodbye!" Chelsea laments. She must leave for London tonight.
Hope suggests they call Bo and tell him to hurry home. Bo was so impressed that her therapy training will be such a big help to her mom. Chelsea feels better. She is glad she got a chance to say goodbye to Hope and thanks her for everything. She is sorry for all the hurtful things she did to her in the past and thanks her for being understanding. Hope knew she was just going through a tough time. She is so proud of her. She is so proud of the person she has grown to be. They hug. Chels decides that saying goodbye to Hope is the hardest thing she has ever had to do. Hope thinks she has inherited Bo's goodness. "You are my daughter," she decides. They hug
again. Chelsea says she loves her.
Mel returns to Phillip's room, to check on him. He is fine. His only goal is to get the hell out of there to do what needs to be done ...
- At DiMera mansion, there is frantic ringing at the door so EJ opens it. Tis teary-eyed simple Steph who yells "It stops now!" She storms in and insists Tony's death was an accident, so "Stop sending people after Phillip!" Elvis acts surprised about the latest attempt on his life. Sanctimonious Steph informs him that revenge only causes more revenge so he should leave Philip alone. Elvis politely informs her
she has no business coming into his house and accusing him of attempted murder. "Just stop!" she shouts childishly. He cuts her
off. She should stop and leave before he calls security. That is his final order. Simple Steph sighs, grabs her purse, and marches out
the door. Elvis returns to the living room, sits down, and places an anxious call to father, dismayed that he has not returned his calls.
The attempt to deliver the package again has failed. "Call me." He picks up Tony's picture and stares at it.
- At Java Cafe, thug Marco is sitting at a table, observing Nicole,
who is at another table with Syd. When Baker enters, Nicole jumps up and pretends they have just run into each other, then mutters to Baker to act natural. He joins her at her table. She informs him that the man sitting a few tables away is packing heat to protect her, due to the feud between the Kiriakis and DiMera clan. If said thug sees she has asked Baker to come, he will report it to her husband.
Baker still wants to know why he is there. He adds he will not leave town as she had previously suggested. Nicole smiles and suggests he change his mind. "That is, if you want to live!" He would like an explanation. Stefano knows he was a gambler and is having him investigated. Nicole says he  has not yet found out he was a baby broker. Luckily Stefano is presently away with health issues and she convinced EJ to kill this investigation until his return. That means Baker has a little time. He has a chance to make his getaway. Baker retorts he cannot leave town. He needs the job. Nicole warns that when Stefano returns, he will find out he was a baby broker. He
will own him once he has something on him. Baker gets sarcastic. Nicole does not want the doc to tell him about Sami's baby and ruin what she has worked for. Baker chuckles. And he actually thought she was worried about him! She is only worried about herself. Of course she is worried about herself, though he is in danger too, says she. Baker clarifies that his only option is to run like hell and never look back. Nicole agrees. He informs her that unfortunately, in this era of technology, there is no such thing as disappearing anymore.
If Stefano wishes to find him, he will find him. Nicole points out at least he will not run into Sami if he is gone. "There is always Sami," Baker muses. In fact, he does not see what the problem is, but
Nicole fears Sami will do the math. She tells the doc to shut up
when he refers to her baby as Sami's baby. She warns him not to chance it with Stefano. "I'm not leaving town," the doctor finishes, adding that she needs to keep EJ away from the truth. "Remember, he finds out about me, he finds out about you." Exit Baker. Nicole closes her eyes for a moment as Marco remains in the background, staring impassively ahead ...

Next on Days of Our Lives

"You're my daughter, part of my heart. I love you," Bo tells
Chelsea, who also says "I love you."
Brady snarls as Vic and Phil look at him. "Killing more people is
not the answer here." The Greek tycoon tells him to shut up and
stay out of it!
Nicole holds Sydney in her arms and addresses Sami. "I don't want you within a mile of my daughter, do you understand me!"
"You cannot be with that woman," Arianna says to Rafe.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Stephanie turns off the TV while next to Philip in his bed. All of
a sudden, he flat lines "Philip wake up!" she cries. Stephanie now wakes up from her nightmare. Philip is awake and well. She hopes
he is okay. He is. She gets back in bed with him and they cuddle (though she does seem to be hogging more than half the bed from
the poor guy!) She wants him to promise he will never leave her.
He promises. He reassures her that when he gets out, everything
will be fine. She asks what he is going to do. Phil gets a dangerous look in his eye. He thinks it is best she not know his next move ... Steph realizes it is just beginning. She stands up, lamenting he will always do what he wants regardless. He says it was appealing to
think about going away with her. However, running away would
not end the war. It would simply move it to another location. Steph says then she is sorry. "I love you but I can't live like this." Steph walks out of the room. Phil jumps out of bed and staggers after
her, getting as far as the door.
- Replay of Kate accusing Dan of being the man whom Chloe was wh*ring around with. Dan sighs and asks what she is going to do now. "Wouldn't you like to know!" Kate taunts. Dan says if she knows all about it, then she knows it is over. She certainly hopes it
is. He assumes she has been watching them so she does indeed
know it is over.  Dan points out Chloe risked her life to save Kate. She wonders if she did that to get on her good side. Dan defends Chloe and reminds her that Chloe did not tell her son the truth because Lucas in fact cannot handle the truth. Kate is dismayed he
is defending Chloe. Dan has had enough of Kate's taking the moral high road. She is not exactly virginal! Chloe is trying very hard to
do what is best. Kate loses her cool and accuses Chloe of lying and betraying her son. Dan tells her to hate him instead. If she goes after Chloe, he warns he will make her regret it. "Ohhh, Daniel’s still in love with Chloe!" Kate concludes. Moments later, Dr. Dan informs Kate that Steph is presently with Phillip, so she can go home. She assumes he wants her to leave because she knows what he is like now. He is just worried she might hurt Chloe. "The way Chloe hurt Lucas?" Kate quips. Dan points out they are together and Lucas is happy. Therefore, she would only make things worse. It would be impossible for her to punish Chloe while Lucas floats around on a cloud. "She hurts, he hurts. Trust me on that," explains the doc.
Dan and Kate are later in Phillip's room together. Kate wonders
what Stephanie must have done something to make her son upset. Phil stops her from going to talk to his girlfriend. Dr. Dan reattaches his IV. He will be just outside. Phil asks him to keep Kate away
from his girlfriend. Kate disagrees. Dan thinks they should let the Salem patient rest and ushers Kate out the door.
- Lucas comes around the corner just in time to hear Chloe say
some secrets should be kept, even from husbands. Father Matt feels it is not quite that simple. Lucas presents himself and asks if she is right or wrong. Father Matt and Chloe look a tad uncomfortable.
Lucas presses, asking the priest if it is right or wrong for a wife to keep secrets from her husband. He presumes she was talking about Nicole and EJ. Matt now covers for Chloe and asks if she has told Lucas about their idea. He talks about them getting married in the church, with him officiating. How about it? Lucas is flashes a smile. What a great idea! "Right," mutters Chloe. Lucas wonders if he
spoke too soon. Chloe just thinks they should discuss it first. The priest agrees that is a good idea and excuses himself to go to a parish council meeting, after wishing them both well. "Cool guy,"” says Lucas. He notes that Chloe does not seem wild about the idea of a church wedding. Chloe states they are already married and she is happy the way things are. "Are you really?" She insists she is. He
is just worried because the last time, when she broke off their engagement, she was unhappy and he did not even realize it. She promises she now keeps nothing from him. She is happy happy happy in her life with him and gives him a kiss to prove it.
- After Rafe finishes telling Arianna he loves her and no one will replace her in his heart, she gives him a hug. Sami stands there,
taking it all in! When Arianna takes her leave, Sami waltzes on
over to Rafe. "Fancy meeting you here!" She sits down and starts to rant about trusting him. He told her he was staying in Salem because of her. And she believed him when he said he left to think about things, until she walked in here and saw him with HER. Yes, she is pretty and he loves her and she was all over him ...! Rafe tries to interrupt. Sami gets herself worked up into a frenzy. Last night she was up all night thinking about him! She accuses him of spending
the night with that woman and of being in love with her, too. Rafe looks bemused. Sami tries to find out when he met her. He points
out he has known her forever and he told her about Sami. She does have reservations about her. And she blames Sami for him losing his job. Sami gets miffed. How dare that woman give him advice! Rafe explains his sister is a little overprotective. Sami stops. His sister?
Yes and he hopes they will be able to have a good relationship, though he is now not holding his breath on it. Sami backtracks. She thinks it is his fault for not telling her he had a sister anyway. He admits they had a falling out a while back. They were up all night talking last night, though. Sami is glad that he is not all alone. Now
it is onto another topic. She criticizes him for believing what EJ said about her having feelings for him. Rafe wants to know one thing. Honestly, is she really through with EJ? Sami blinks. He says it is a simple question. She replies the answer is certainly not simple. He wants to know if when she was at EJ's wedding, she was hoping or wishing at any time that she could take Nicole's place. Yes, she reluctantly admits. Rafe stands up to leave. Sami wants him to hear her complex explanation. She asks him to do her the courtesy of hearing her out. He sits back down, all ears. Sami begins. She has always wanted to give her kids the perfect fantasy with two parents who love each other and live together and raise them together.Sadly she has not been able to do that. With Grace, she could not help but want that for her. Luckily, reality came calling moments before she did something stupid - and she saw EJ for what he really was. At the same time, it made her realize something else. "I don't want my past to ruin my future." She is so into her new great guy. He is smart and strong and sometimes kind of funny and every time she sees him her heart skips a beat. He makes her feel safe. Rafe thought they were talking about EJ, not him. Sami gets back to EJ. She cannot say she hates him and will never be able to do that. Rafe admits he does not like the fact that despite everything the guy has done, she still sticks up for him, and takes a sip of his coffee. Sami knows what he has done and she knows what his family has done, but she also knows that he tries to be a good father. Rafe gets sarcastic. Sami says she will not hate him. They have kids together. She knows what he is capable of, but her son is indeed part of his family and has to live there half the time. Therefore, she wants to try and see the best in
his father for him. Bottom line is because of her son, she will never be through with EJ. And that's that. She thanks Rafe for listening
and tells him he is free to go."I'm not going anyplace," says Mr. FBI. He would have to be crazy to leave anyone as wonderful as her.
Sami asks him to say that again. "You heard me," he teases and suggests she pass the butter. They then enjoy breakfast together and she teases she never thought she would hook up with a guy who eats croissants. Rafe says it must be the real deal. She says it is not
a rebound. He realizes that now, too. She has one more thing to say  - about Grace. He insists no matter what, he will always be in
Grace's life as she is his goddaughter. Sami smiles at her guy. Rafe tells her his next mission is to make her forget about EJ. She thinks his chances are extremely high. He sure hopes so and gives his girl
a long kiss ...!
- At the pub, Chloe and Lucas place their order with new waitress Arianna. Lucas now talks secrets with Chloe. He does not want any secrets between them. He admits he has been keeping some things from her. Chloe concludes it must have to do with Sami. Arianna brings their beverages and cutlery. She then walks away and Chloe says she would rather do this than talk about Sami, giving Lucas a kiss.
- Max arrives at Chelsea's place. He got her message and gives her
a hug. She sounded upset. He spies her suitcase and realizes she is really going to London. Chelsea thinks there's something else she needs to tell him. The doctor said that Billie must undergo extensive operations to recover. She has no idea how long she will be gone.
She hopes he will understand. He does. She says leaving him is the worst thing. He points out perhaps she does not have to deal with
the worst. He will go with her! What about med school, she asks.
He could defer if he gets accepted. What about Melanie? He does
not think Melanie even listens to his advice so why should he stay
in town to keep an eye on her? Chelsea sighs and Max wonders if
she even wants him to go. She is not sure it would be a good idea
for him to give up everything and come and be with her. If it did not work out, she would have made him put his life on hold for nothing. Max now appears offended. Chelsea asks him to wait until she has picked up her last paycheck at the hospital. He says he has work. Chelsea wonders what comes next. "It's your call," says Max. Later, Steph arrives at the apartment, looking for Chelsea. She is surprised to see Max there. She sees the suitcase and finds out Chelsea just went to pick up her paycheck and will be going to London to be
with Billie. Steph is a bundle of nerves. Max asks what happened at the hospital to upset her so. Steph complains someone wants to kill her boyfriend and he does not want to go to Greece with her. She wants to get out of there. She wishes to run away. Max points out
she could go on her own.
- Back in his hospital room, Phil has just gotten off the phone with Billie. Chelsea is visiting him. He senses Max did not take the news
of her leaving very well. She decides to change the subject and asks where Steph has gone. Phil has no idea. He does not know if she
will ever be back.
- When Chelsea returns to her apartment, she is surprised that Max
is still there. As a friend, he wants to say it is good she is going to
visit mom Billie in her time of need. He is no longer upset and apologizes for not being as understanding earlier. Chelsea hugs him and says she will miss him much. He promises to wait for her until she gets back. She has been thinking, however, and does not know
if it is fair for her to ask him to wait for her. Max says that is not her call. He is going to wait for her until she returns. They kiss on it.
- At the nurse's station, Dr. Dan is distracted. Kate sidles up and informs him he played a dangerous game today. She was going to
tell him that as long as it was over between him and Chloe, she
would put the whole thing behind them. But that was before Dan
put down her son. That having been said, she feels she owes him
for her sons' lives and she is losing her taste for vengeance, so they
have indeed dodged a bullet this time. "Don't let there be a next
time, Daniel." Dan sincerely says that Chloe is doing everything she can to make her son happy. Plus Kate is alive because of her. So
she should not feel virtuous for not screwing up her life because Chloe is way better than the both of them. Dan walks away. "We'll see," Kate says softly and heads outside. Down at the pier, she runs into Chloe, who is trying to call Dan, as he had left her a message. Kate says he is in surgery at the hospital and his cell is turned off. Chloe says it was nothing important. Kate announces they just had
an interesting conversation. Her eyes flashing, she says she owes Daniel for what he has done for her family, "but you I don't owe a damn thing!"
- Back in Phil's hospital room, he is relieved when Steph walks in. She admits she does not like living like this, but it is surely better
than living without him. "I love you, Phillip." He grins that is the
best thing that has ever happened to him. She gets under the covers with him and gives him a kiss. Enter a new nurse, who asks her
to leave so the Salem patient can get his meds and rest. Exit Steph. New nurse suddenly puts a stronger antibiotic in Phil's IV. He tries
to stop her as Dr. Jonas said that .... then the Salem patient closes
his eyes and appears to lose consciousness. "Good night, sweet prince," leers evil nurse. She then puts a pillow over his face and proceeds to suffocate him!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Kate flies at Chloe. "You know your best quality? Your best
quality is lying convincingly!"
Chelsea gives stepmom Hope a hug. "Saying goodbye to you is
the hardest thing I've ever had to do."
Master EJ rages on his cell phone. "YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT
Nicole smiles sweetly at Baker. "I suggest you change her mind.
That is, if you want to live!"

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