Days of Our Lives Daily Update!
Days of Our Lives Daily Update
Friday, March 7, 2008
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At Chez Rouge, Kate and Chelsea run into each other. Kate
gloats about how the man she was meeting with will be good
business for her. Enter Dr. Jonas, whom Chelsea just has to
introduce to grandma Kate. Chelsea wants to know how long
he will be in town.  He misses the surf, so after he has saved
Bo, t’would seem that all bets are off. Kate notices a spark. She
finds out he is not married and encourages Chelsea to go for it!

On the docks, Stephanie runs into Max, who is working there for
his community service. Steph feels badly about it and offers to
cover for him at his next pub shift. She then flounces off to the
pub and boasts to Caroline about her new internship. Max is late
getting to the pub, as he has gone to place flowers on Shawn Sr.’s grave. Once she finds out he is there, Steph heads over, in time to overhear Max telling pop Shawn how much he cares about someone. He also laments about not being a real Brady. Steph shows herself
and assures him he is a real Brady. They share a tender moment. Stephanie thinks she is falling in love. Should she tell him …?

Shawn and Belle meet at the pub, and breeze by without stopping
to talk to Chloe and Philip. Chloe feels slighted. She brings up Brady. That gives Phil the opening he has been waiting for. He attacks with
the smooth aggression befitting a Kiriakis, and rehashes her translated telephone convo, about saying she’d wanted to kill Brady! Chloe retorts that he misunderstood what she meant. He admits ok, maybe he did misunderstand. Phil also alludes to the fact that he wouldn’t mind “moving on” with her, but she is still annoyed with him for spying.
He implies she couldn’t handle a real man and she gets angry, tells him where to go, and storms off. Moments later, she is back for her coat. Phil reminds her he’s the only friend she’s got and leaves. Chloe wonders - would he still want to be her friend if he knew what really happened …? Meanwhile, Shawn leads Belle to a gazebo and asks
her to marry him again. She is delighted and says yes! They proceed to renew their wedding vows. And when Bo is better, they will sail around the world …

Thursday, March 6, 2008
Sami, EJ, and the twins visit the pub. Caroline babysits so they can have lunch. A snippety immigration agent who identifies himself as
Mr. Burke presents himself to Elvis. Sami leaves them to “talk.” Burke wants to run the DiMeras out of the U.S.A.  He questions the validity of EJ and Sami’s marriage. Sami marches back to help EJ. Burke now wants to talk to her alone, so EJ walks off, though he listens in on their convo. The agent wants to know if their marriage is one of love. Sami
is uncomfortable. Burke zooms in for the kill. He says he knows EJ forced himself on her, not to mention that he also forced her into marriage. Sami rages that her husband loves her. She tells Mr. Burke
to leave her family’s restaurant now. He does, but insists it isn’t over. EJ returns to Sami with high praise for how she handled the guy. He promises to find a job, thereby solving any immigration problem.

Patch shows up at Abe’s office, seeking answers on Ava’s whereabouts. No news just yet. Kayla later senses something is
amiss when Patch tries to stop her from returning to work at the hospital. He then calls to have a guard secretly assigned to his wife! Meanwhile, obsesed Ava is still locked in her room. Her daddy’s henchman Eddie brings her the necessities. Ava laments she was
only trying to prevent the plane from taking off and starts to cry,
saying she feels like a caged animal.  Eddie is about to help …

Bo is at the hospital with stomach pains. Meanwhile, Hope and
Chelsea run into each other at the docks. Chelsea is filled with guilt
over the past. Dr. Jonas arrives and promises to help Bo. At the hospital, Bo asks Lexie to call Abe to give him something (files, etc)
to work on. Enter Dr. Jonas, Chelsea, and Hope. Dr. Jonas is ready
to review some test results with Lexie. Abe arrives, with a police file
to keep Bo busy. Victor pops in, dead set against Bo working on stuff.
All of a sudden, Bo takes a turn for the worst. The docs attend to
him. Bo soon sleeps, with Hope at his side. The clock is ticking ...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008
As the new day begins, Victor shows up at the pub for a coffee
and a chat with Caroline. He laments about losing Isabella to
pancreatic cancer, and the thought of losing Bo has made him
stressed, unable to sleep. Enter Marlena, who gets a tea and
mentions her practice. Victor agrees to a therapy session ...

Chelsea, Morgan, and Stephanie are out for a run. Cell phones
ring, internship interviews are confirmed ...
Tony waltzes into Anna’s office. Charming Anna gets a business
call from a possible client who’d also approached Tony’s firm.
Tony offers Anna a job and she turns him down flat. Later, Steph
is interviewed by Anna, and the pair click. Anna offers her the internship, which she accepts. Meanwhile, savvy Morgan impresses Tony and he offers her an internship, which she accepts. Anna goes
to see Tony, and his minion assistant claims he is busy. Tony tells
Anna he can step aside from the account she is vying for, but  Anna
is not about to accept a most perplexed Tony’s “charity” …

At the Java cafe, Nick asks Max about ripping a page from his grant proposal.  Blue collar Max pretends he needed it to write something on and gives it back, adding that Nick’s advisors should really look over it carefully. Nick’s advisor later examines the page, which contains a formula error. Nick calls Max and again asks about his interest in that page, though Max acts clueless.

Marlena visits power hungry John at the DiMera mansion. Dr. Rolf drops by, at John’s invitation. Unable to tolerate the sight of Rolf, against whom John has decided to drop all charges, Marlena invites John to a family dinner and departs. John orders Rolf to become his butler, drop the accent, and shut down the lab. Rolf agrees, but once John is out of the room, searches for and finds the secret disc of all his memories, which he hides in the safe behind Stefano’s portrait ...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Chelsea weeps at the park, where she accidentally wipes her
hand on the jeans of a handsome stranger, who listens to her
tale of woe, but then gets an important phone call and departs …

Patch and Kayla reminisce at the docks. Their wedding
flashbacks abound. However, Patch also remembers Ava
trying to get him to marry her and join her mob family, back
when he was a dude with few scruples and fewer memories.
Kayla snaps him out of that daydream and he vows not to
dwell on the past. They spend some quality time together at
the park. Patch, however, cannot forget the image of Ava,
claiming she wants him to suffer, and he is on high alert.
Meanwhile, temporarily locked in her room, psycho Ava has
daddy’s men provide her with a list of all women passengers
on the flight from Ireland to Salem. The she-devil zeroes in
on Kayla Johnson’s name and mistakenly matches it with
Hope’s photograph, believing she now has the wife. "Gotcha."

EJ, now a legal eagle, pops by Sami’s apartment to present
her with annulment papers. Sami is suspicious, though EJ
appears to be sincere and says he has plans to find a job
after they are divorced. His recent letter accidentally falls
out so he finally reads it and is stunned to learn that his
visa has expired. EJ be illegal! Sami tells him to protest.
She agrees to help him and thus the annulment is on hold.

Bo reads a magazine about boating Shaw has given him
and laments he is not on the Fancy Face. Hope tries to be
positive. Vic the Greek tycoon shows up and announces he
has summoned a specialist who will be able to help Bo.
Dr. Lexie shows up and so does Chelsea’s handsome stranger
from the park. He is the specialist, Dr. Daniel Jonas, who also happens to be Vic’s godson! Dr. Dan and Dr. Lexie confer and
he asks to see Bo alone. Lexie is miffed. Hope feels that things
are now looking up. Little does she know that a madwoman is
about to target her bigtime  …

Monday, March 3, 2008
An Inconvenient Truth
At the Brady pub, Nick says he is applying for a grant to do
pro-environment scientific research. Mad Max arrives and
announces the judge gave him community service for hiding
Ford’s corpse. Stephanie listens. Chelsea is glum. Morgan is
in career mode, announcing she has applied for an internship,
and advises Nick to focus on his grant, not Chelsea’s problems.
Max seems to think Morgan is flirting with Nick, which she
denies, y'all! Morgan sees mad Max rip a page from Nick’s
grant proposal, and she proceeds to tell Nick about it!

The Interpreter
Chloe asks Phillip to let her stay at the Kiriakis mansion. Phil
grandly agrees, but then secretly records her German telephone conversation! Moments later, Phil’s interpreter pal tells him that
the black widow was basically asking her agent for money and
also asking him to stay silent about her having threatened to kill Brady, as she really didn’t mean it. Now enter Chloe, who wants
to know what Phil is up to …

No Country for Crazy Women

Patch and Abe meet secretly in the hall outside Patch and
Kayla’s door and later go inside. Patch admits to Abe that
he was once involved with crazy Ava, suspects she is responsible
for the plane sabotage, and hears from Abe that her dangerous
papa is around, not to mention that she is a felonista with quite
the recorded past. Abe admits it will be tough to find her. He will
give her rap sheet to Patch. He suggests police protection, but Patchman will have none of that. Abe departs. Kayla notices
Patch is being overly attentive towards her. Meanwhile, the demented Ava sorts through photographs of her potential targets …
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