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Down at the pier, Chloe eats the poisoned apple as wicked Kate approaches. Chloe thinks the apple tastes funny and decides to toss
it. Kate tries to make her feel badly about criticizing Daniel's gift, so Chloe continues to eat it. Kate suggests they go to Jave Cafe to talk about the show and get Aly a treat. Aly races up and Kate takes her
by the hand. Dan has a meeting and Chloe promised to meet Lucas. How about tomorrow? Kate implies they are not over if they refuse to meet with her as asked!
- The group head for the Java Cafe after all and Kate starts the mini-recorder in her purse. Aly is with a friend nearby. Kate announces she will do a segment on the truth about them. Enter Lucas. "What truth about them?" He came by to pick up Aly. Kate purrs she will do a leukemia segment on Dan and Chloe, to tell the incredible story of
how they saved her life. Chloe is hesitant. Lucas and Dan think it is a good idea. Chloe gets woozy. She insists she is fine. Lucas wants to take her home. Dan gives her aspirin. She says it is just a headache,
she is not dying. Demon Kate smiles an evil smile. Lucas eventually takes Aly home. Kate gets a call from assistant Chris and announces
she must leave. Chloe and Dan are now alone. He can give her a ride home and notes she looks a little pale. She has trouble standing and
he helps her. Once they arrive at her front door, Dr. Dan realizes she
is burning up. Without any warning. Chloe collapses into his arms!
- Kate privately listens to her recording and edits it until it sounds like Chloe saying "Daniel don't!"
- Later, Lucas joins mommy dearest on the Kiriakis terrace with some copies from Chris. He is a tad worried as Chloe's phone now seems to be turned off. She thinks he is overdoing it with his concern. He calls Kate on her apparent dislike of Chloe. Sometimes she is nasty about
his beloved! Kate questions her operatic talent, but claims to respect  her. Lucas tries to call her again. Kate adds her health is also precious
to her.
- Chez Maggie, the redhead is preparing cleaning supplies for the cabin. Enter Mel, who tries to talk her out of going and smiles impishly. She has two friends who are perrrfect for each other and wishes to play matchmaker. They should get stranded together on the island! Maggie asks what is in it for her. She wants to be a better person and hopes
that by helping true love along, she too will be lucky in love! Good karma. Maggie gives her a reassuring hug.
- Brady and Ari literally run into each other outside the pub. She has
an odd request. Can he convince Sami to stop seeing her brother? Brady is annoyed but she feels Sami is wrong for him. Brady advises her to try and be happy for them. Ari gets testy and walks away. Brady follows. Why is she so tense? He is worried about her. She should be less tense and try and let things roll off her. That is when he sees the real her and he likes her! Ari thinks he is a nice guy, but she is not ... "Me neither," says he. They are not ready for a relationship. They
insist they are each happy to be on their own, agree on it, and walk
their separate ways, stopping to cast a longing long back in spite of
their words.
- Inside the pub, Sami wonders why Rafe is so upset over her asking a simple question about his past. She does not understand his refusal to discuss Emily. He says she broke her promise. She points out she cares about him and would like to know about his life and past. He accuses her of reverting to her old ways of lying, sneaking around, and invading the privacy of others! Sami accuses him of overreacting and keeping secrets, though he always wants to know everything about her.
"How is that fair?" she finishes. She trusted and fell in love with him
at the safe house and now wants to share everything with him. That is what people do when they are in love. His keeping her in the dark makes her feel crummy and is more like HIM reverting back to his old ways! She gets upset, says she cannot live like that, and exits. Rafe sighs.
- Later at the pub, Brady has been summoned by Mel, who asks him to help her clean the Horton cabin.  Brady agrees to help as he could use the distraction. Mel then heads for the Java Cafe, only to ask Ari the same thing! She agrees. "Sure, why not!"
- Brady heads for Maggie's place, where the redhead awaits. They will go to the cabin together. He appears distracted and admits he cannot
get a certain woman off his mind. They are both a tad gun shy. Maggie thinks he should take his time as he has not been out of  recovery long. He decides she is right and he will keep his distance.
- Mad Sami marches home, with Rafe close behind. Will is not there. Rafe says he is sorry for hurting her feelings. Sami sticks out her chin. He wants to work thru their trust issue as he loves her. "You don't
even know me!" she yells, explaining she is impulsive. He thought it would be different. So did she! She tells him to go. If he cannot handle who she is, they have no future together! He refuses to leave but if that is what she wants ... He points out that fighting is part of life. It does not mean they should give up on each other. He loves her, including
the impulsive stuff, he just does not like the lying. And he is sorry she felt shut out. She loves him too. They kiss on it and all is well again in SAFE world. After their lovefest, Rafe promises he would never hurt her. Sami puts on her pink bathrobe and they return to the living room to pick up their clothes. Shirtless Rafe is hungry. They decide to order out. Chinese, her treat. He heads for the shower. Sami is out of cash so she looks inside his wallet, only to find a funeral card in memory of one Emily Hudson, who died in 2007 at the tender age of 20 ...!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Chloe arranges flowers and romantically daydreams that Daniel hands her one. Maggie calls her name and she blinks back to reality. What
was she thinking about, wonders Maggie. Of Daniel, like always, she admits! Maggie offers her a sympathetic ear. Chloe explains she is still in love with Daniel despite her promise to God. She gave him up, however, and remains committed to Lucas and Aly. The only way to make things work is if she and Daniel stay completely apart.
- On the Kiriakis terrace, Phil has summoned Dan and wants to know why Steph is taking these pills! The doc cannot say ... Phi is mad and he wants answers. Dan states he must talk to Stephanie. Phil realizes these are serious drugs, but Daniel's hands are tied due to doctor -patient confidentiality, although he was not the doc who prescribed them. He repeats Phil needs to talk to her and exits.
- Black widow Kate gets her gloved hands on the fruit basket at Chloe and Lucas' doorstep. She whips out a syringe and holds it up, only to slowly inject a green apple. Chloe arrives and picks up the basket.
Kate now pretends to have just arrived and compliments the basket. She is there for her first tour of the house. Kate remarks Daniel remembered Chloe's fav apples. She hands one to her and whispers
"Go ahead, take a bite." Chloe is about to and then recalls she must
pick up Aly at the pub. Apple still in hand, she heads for the pub, with smug Kate tagging along.
- At the hospital, Maggie runs into Daniel and he suspects she has something on her mind. Is it about Chloe? The redhead explains she believes more in free will than fate so he can make the painful situation between him and Chloe go away. She later walks back to continue, but he has had it with her advice! "I will never forget Chloe or stop loving her," he says, his voice filled with passion. Nothing will ever take away what is in his heart! Exit Daniel. Maggie sighs.
- At the church,  Steph decides to end it with Phil. Father Matt advises her to only end things if she truly means it, for this going back and forth will only make her suffer more. Her cell rings. Speak of the devil! Phil asks if she is alright. "No," she sighs. The connection is not good. He needs to see her. Steph is on her way. When she gets to the Kiriakis terrace, Phil shows her the pills he found. Do they have something to
do with her fall? Yes, but now she is done with it. She cries he gave
her everything except piece of mind. She can no longer live with him. He begs her not to throw their love away. She tells him goodbye. Phil thinks she will come around. "We can work this out." No. She now knows she cannot change him or herself and that is why she is leaving him for good this time. Steph rehashes what happened to her and also the feud. It is not over. She is lying to Bo and cannot even help cuz Sami! It is not his fault, though he disagrees. She admits she knew about his family from the beginning but now sees she cannot deal with it. Phil tries to stop her from removing her ring. She sniffles and does
so anyway, yelling that she benefited from the crimes of the Kiriakis clan. He insists he loves and can protect her. She cries she loves him too and is sorry she can no longer hide from the truth. Sniffle sniffle. She wants him to be happy and kisses him goodbye. Once she is gone, Phil takes the ring and glumly sits down.
- At DiMera mansion, suit-clad Elvis walks in on cheerful Johnny and Nicole. He tells her he heard that they are keeping secrets! Nicole looks nervous for a moment, and then regains her composure. The secret she shares with Johnny concerns ice cream before dinner. Elvis finds that charming and takes his son in his arms. He carries him off to maid
Mary for lunch. When he returns, he kisses Nicole on the head and expresses his approval that she is getting close to Johnny. They now
talk Judge Fitzpatrick. He thinks soon they will have sole full custody
of Johnny. She, however, does not agree that is good news! She loves Johnny. Nevertheless, she cannot replace his mother. Things are not that simple and she feels sorry for him when he cries for his mommy. Elvis believes it will stop when he becomes a little more independent. "Difficulty in life breeds character," he coldly adds. Nicole disagrees. Elvis gets annoyed and reminds her that he is her husband, not to mention that he is the one who lost a daughter, not her. She laments so did she. "You lost a daughta?" says he. She hastily explains she feels she lost a daughter with the passing of Grace, who was born the same day as Sydney. She cannot help but feel for Sami. Elvis snaps that Samantha lied to him about his own flesh and blood and there can be
no forgiveness! Enter Stefano. Elvis announces they are done and
walks out. Once alone with Nicole, the phoenix wonders if they were discussing that Rafael Hernandez. Nicole is surprised. He takes a step forward and asks why he dropped by earlier. She is not sure. Maybe to thank her for being understanding at the funeral and also to smooth things over between her and Sami. Perhaps he just snoops around out of habit. Stefano is of the opinion that even if he does not suspect Sydney is Sami's baby, he just might eventually hit oil! She disagrees. Stefano points out the man has an FBI background and s devoted to Samantha. Nicole suddenly panics he could already be onto her. What can they do? Stefano decides to take an active interest in one Rafael Hernandez, starting now! There are many things that can be done ...
- At the cemetery, Sami is shown once more joining Rafe and asking who Emily is. Just someone she knew, he stammers. "How?" Sami innocently wonders. It is a long story. She presses. His girlfriend? He asks her to leave it alone. She senses he is hiding things from her but says she is sorry she pushed. He states he wants only to focus on her. She will not bother him about Emily anymore, yet they need to discuss Nicole. She fills him in on Nicole sneaking Johnny over to see her.
Rafe is pleasantly surprised. Sami adds his digging around was brought up by Nicole. He makes light of it and reminds her they will get Johnny back. He says he must go and walks off after Sami smiles she does not know what she would do without him, though her eyes hold a flicker
of doubt.
- At Brady pub, Chloe and Kate arrive and await Aly. Kate would like
a coffee. When Chloe goes to order it, Kate takes the mini-recorder out of her purse, muttering she has much work to do today. All of a sudden Aly appears and reaches for the apple. Kate pulls it away and exclaims NO! Chloe, standing at the bar, has seen, and thinks Aly should be allowed to have the apple. Kate covers by pointing out it is too close to dinner-time. Chloe relents and decides to take Aly for a walk on the pier. Kate offers to join them. She watches Chloe place the apple in
her purse. Kate and Chloe are later at the pier, watching Aly. Kate calls her overprotective and suggests she eat her apple. Just as Chloe raises the apple to her lips, Daniel saunters over and their eyes lock. Chloe lowers the apple. Kate gleefully announces Chloe was about to eat the apple he thought to send her in his housewarming gift and slithers away to check on Aly. Chloe sighs her mother-in-law will never stop hating her! They sit and discuss. He is sorry and laments what he does just always seems to hurt her. Chloe insists the gift was a beautiful gesture and takes a bit of the apple. Ominous music is heard as Kate observes from a distance, her eyes narrowing like a cat ...
- Back at Brady pub, Arianna is hard at work. Sami approaches her
and asks after Aly but she has just missed her as Chloe already picked her up. Ari brings up Grace and offers her sympathy. Sami states Rafe was just at the cemetery, not only to see Grace but a girl named Emily. Does she know who she was? Rafe strides in and wants to know what the hell she is doing! Ari excuses herself. Rafe lectures Sami for not keeping her promise. He does not want her to talk about Emily ever again. Never ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
"I think the audience should know the truth about you," Kate tells Daniel and Chloe. Lucas comes along and asks "What truth about them?"
Ari has a request for Brady. "Is there any way you can talk to Sami, convince her to stop seeing my brother?"
Rafe angrily tells Sami that if she is going to revert to her old habits, then it is not going to work and they are done!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Replay of Mel joining Phil at his pub table. She wants to talk Steph.
She is worried about her. Phil gets impatient and barks at her to just
say what it is. Mel changes her mind, babbles she will tell him later,
and exits. She made a promise and Phil cannot know! Confrontational Phil follows her outside and wants to know what she does not want
him to know. Mel says she should keep her promise. Phil now realizes Steph told her a secret and made her promise not to tell him. He tries
to intimidate Mel, who quips he should ask her himself, and departs.
- At the church, Steph confides in Father Matt that she has serious doubts concerning Phil. She does not know what kind of a man he is and suspects he might be "a liar, a thief, and worse!" She gets neurotic so the priest advises her to take a deep breath and calm down. He promises to keep anything she tells him in the strictest confidence. She is confused about Phil and his family and life. She does not want to be
a part of it, the way it presently is! Knowing her family, he understands there might be concerns. He has heard of the Kiriakises but it is not for him to judge. Father Matt heard of what happened to her recently and
is worried how it might have affected her. Steph gets anxious as she recalls being at the morgue. Phil thinks he can shelter her, but always goes back to his powerful position in the Kiriakis family. The priest notes she is conflicted. She is a very moral person who is involved with people who are less so. Steph agrees and laments "I'm in love with a guy who's never gonna change. Not for me, not for anyone." The
priest recalls her mother coming to him for similar advice over 20 years ago. Steph adds papa Steve was indeed a bad boy but he changed. She now cries she is in love with a sinner. And he will never ever change. However, there is some good in him, as when he made a donation. Father Matt declares he does not think he can help her. He senses she has already made her decision. She thinks he is right ...
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano warmly welcomes Judge Fitzpatrick.
EJ thanks her for coming and hopes she can fix their problem. He has grave concerns about Samantha. Her lies, etc. prove she is an unfit parent. Stefano criticizes her for depriving Grace the child and EJ the father of time together. The judge wants to speak off the record. The case is solid, but will be complicated as such things are never black and white. Elvis' eyes cloud over and he disagrees. He feels it is completely black and white! The judge explains that if Sami does not agree with
the ruling, she could appeal and get another judge. The phoenix clears his throat and reminds her that the DiMeras have made contributions
to her political campaigns. Elvis notes she was more cooperative in the past. The judge retorts this time there are others involved and she has
a career to protect. EJ plays the bully. Stefano suggests an alternative strategy. Elvis grins. The judge excuses herself, but before she can
leave, is reminded that they are expecting her help. Stefano brings up concern for their future as well as hers. The judge considers for a spilt second. Well, what Samantha Brady did borders on the sociopathic. "Indeed!" coos the phoenix. Therefore, Johnny should be kept away from her influence! When the corrupt judge  leaves, Elvis complains about having deluded himself over Sami. Stefano advises him not to look back. Loyal Nicole would do anything for him.
- Rafe saunters along Salem Place, talking on his cell. He has called a center for info on one of their volunteers, Nicole Walker DiMera. "Is she still workin with the teens there?" No luck and no one seems to know of her. Rafe now spies Brady thru the window of the Java Cafe and connects the dots. Mia knows Brady who knows Nicole. This
could be his lucky day! Mr. F.B.I. opens the door and makes his grand entrance. He approaches Brady and brings up Mia. What was the name of the troubled teen program where she met Nicole? Brady appears uncomfortable and says he would not know. What is he investigating? "Nothin important," says Rafe. Enter Ari. Brady departs, so she takes
a seat. Rafe makes a comment on how they looked at each other. Ari complains Brady's ex-girlfriend Nicole keeps trying to push Brady to
ask her out. She suddenly decides she has to straighten something out and takes her leave. Rafe mulls over the info he was just given. Nicole DiMera is one busy woman!
- Sami opens her door to Nicole and Johnny. She grabs him in a bear hug as Nicole watches, teary-eyed. Sami promises to come play and sends him to the next room. Nicole assures her she was not followed,
as the DiMera/Kiriakis feud is over. Sami gasps she is grateful. And so the two most prolific blonde villainesses in Salem's history look at each other in mutual agreement. Sami thinks what she is doing is huge and kind. Nicole points out she is doing what is right. Sami is grateful and becomes teary-eyed, but she suspects Nicole has another reason for helping her see Johnny. Nicole states she simply doesn't agree with EJ. Sami asks if she can get him to change his mind. Nicole replies that sneaking Johnny over is all she can do - and only for now. She needs Sami to get Rafe to back off. He has been snooping around, likely for some dirt for the custody battle. He needs to cease and desist for these visits to continue. Sami is baffled. Nicole explains. If EJ notices Rafe playing Private Eye, he will beef up security and she will never be able to make it over. Nicole adds she is on her side. Sami quietly says she knows that. Nicole warns that if EJ finds out about Rafe and wins the court hearing, she will never see Johnny again and there is nothing she will be able to do to help her. Sami understands and thanks her again. Nicole states she is doing it for Johnny and sends her off to
spend her precious time with him in the next room. When the visit comes to an end. Johnny leaves with Nicole, and Sami cries alone, vowing she will not lose him!
- Chez Bo and Hope, Bo dreams of his Zack vision and wakes up with a start. "Ciara!" Hope shows him that Ciara is fine and in the bed with them. Bo still looks worried. Hope sees something is wrong. He tells
her of his Zack vision, how he said Ciara cannot lose tommybear or something bad will happen. He does not know what to make of it.
Hope praises him for opening up to her about this latest vision. They will both protect Ciara. Bo believes Zack will not let them down. He already helped them before, with Theo. The message was about tommybear so perhaps they should hide him. Ciara sleeps peacfully on.
- Brady walks along the pier, talking biz on his cell. The numbers are encouraging. Phil approaches. Has he seen Steph? No. Phil rushes off to find her. Ari comes down the stairs and she would like a word. They sit on a bench. She brings up the fact that Nicole trying to set them up made her uncomfortable. She hopes he does not think it was her idea, as she is not pushy or desperate. Along comes Mel, who teases she is both and she has it bad! Arianna blushes and takes off for work. First, however, she stops off at Java Cafe, where she forgot her purse. She chats some more with big bro Rafe, who is still there. He thinks Brady is an alright guy but she denies there is anything going on. He is soon going to leave flowers for Grace at the cemetery - and Emily. Ari is curious as to whether he has told Sami about Emily. No, and he does not expect he will ...
- Sami is later at the cemetery, where she gasps and mourns at the
grave of Grace. She had told Johnny his little sister was playing with
the angels. She cries she will always visit her and glances over, only to see Rafe walking to another grave! She is at his side in an instant and asks "Who is Emily?"
- Brady lets Mel know she should mind her own business and so does Ari when she sees her again, but Mel will not give up on her notion of playing Cupid for the pair ... At Java Cafe, she reads her horoscope online and wonders when she will be lucky in love, too. Meanwhile,
the mysterious stranger, seated nearby, circles Hope's picture in the Society page of the newspaper.
- Phil storms into the Kiriakis mansion, desperately seeking Stephanie, who is not there. He impatiently calls her cell to leave another message and then notices the bottle of pills she left behind on the terrace ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole returns with an excited Johnny and swears him to secrecy about their visit. Just then Elvis appears in the living room, a dark expression on his face ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
"I will never forget Chloe or stop loving her," says Dr. Dan.
"I'm never gonna leave Lucas. Never," Chloe assures Maggie.
Sami tells Rafe she needs to talk to him about Nicole.

I lost a daughta, not you.
I lost a daughter too!
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